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Boom Beach Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Zookas have incredibly high damage statistics, dealing out large amounts of damage per second. However, to make up for this, they have very low health, meaning you need to keep them well away from enemy turrets and use the likes of Heavies to draw enemy fire away from them.

Production Cost

Unit Size: 2
Training Time: 4 minutes
Movement Speed: Slow/180
Attack Range: Long/720
Damage Radius: 20
HQ Level Required: 5

Tips and Tactics

The key thing to remember with Zookas is that they are incredibly easy to destroy. If a Sniper Tower, Mortar or Machine Gun has them in their sights, you are likely to lose your Zooka units. With that being the case, be sure to deploy the likes of Heavies in front of your Zookas to soak up the shots so that they can get to their targets without being destroyed.

If you don't have Heavies, try to use your Gunboat artillery to take out any defenses that your Zookas will encounter before deploying them. You can then use Flares to direct the Zookas around any difficult defenses that remain and allow them to rain down their high damage attacks on the enemy HQ.

Upgrade Cost

Level 1

Health: 50
Damage per second: 80
Training Cost: 220 Gold


Research Cost: None
Armory Level Required: None
Research Time: None

Level 2

Health: 54
Damage per second: 88
Training Cost: 330 Gold


Research Cost: 17,100 Gold
Armory Level Required: 2
Research Time: 4 hours

Level 3

Health: 59
Damage per second: 97
Training Cost: 450 Gold


Research Cost: 46,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 3
Research Time: 9 hours

Level 4

Health: 67
Damage per second: 106
Training Cost: 600 Gold


Research Cost: 99,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 4
Research Time: 12 hours

Level 5

Health: 70
Damage per second: 117
Training Cost: 800 Gold


Research Cost: 168,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 5
Research Time: 18 hours

Level 6

Health: 76
Damage per second: 129
Training Cost: 1,000 Gold


Research Cost: 284,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 6
Research Time: 1 day 1 hour

Level 7

Health: 83
Damage per second: 142
Training Cost: 1,200 Gold


Research Cost: 450,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 7
Research Time: 1 day 9 hours

Level 8

Health: 90
Damage per second: 156
Training Cost: 1,400 Gold


Research Cost: 650,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 8
Research Time: 1 day 13 hours

Level 9

Health: 98
Damage per second: 171
Training Cost: 1,600 Gold


Research Cost: 760,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 9
Research Time: 1 day 13 hours

The Zooka is a high damage, low health unit

Level 10

Health: 107
Damage per second: 189
Training Cost: 1,800 Gold


Research Cost: 850,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 10
Research Time: 1 day 17 hours

Level 11

Health: 116
Damage per second: 207
Training Cost: 2,000 Gold


Research Cost: 1,160,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 11
Research Time: 2 days 3 hours

Level 12

Health: 126
Damage per second: 228
Training Cost: 2,200 Gold


Research Cost: 1,540,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 12
Research Time: 2 days 12 hours

Level 13

Health: 138
Damage per second: 251
Training Cost: 2,400 Gold


Research Cost: 1,800,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 13
Research Time: 2 days 12 hours

Level 14

Health: 150
Damage per second: 276
Training Cost: 2,600 Gold


Research Cost: 2,160,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 14
Research Time: 3 days 3 hours

Level 15

Health: 163
Damage per second: 304
Training Cost: 2,800 Gold


Research Cost: 2,970,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 15
Research Time: 3 days 11 hours

Level 16

Health: 177
Damage per second: 334
Training Cost: 3,000 Gold


Research Cost: 3,400,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 16
Research Time: 3 days 11 hours

Level 17

Health: 193
Damage per second: 368
Training Cost: 3,300 Gold


Research Cost: 3,800,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 17
Research Time: 3 days 21 hours

Level 18

Health: 210
Damage per second: 404
Training Cost: 3,600 Gold


Research Cost: 4,500,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 18
Research Time: 4 days

Level 19

Health: 228
Damage per second: 445
Training Cost: 3,900 Gold


Research Cost: 5,300,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 19
Research Time: 4 days 6 hours

Level 20

Health: 248
Damage per second: 489
Training Cost: 4,200 Gold


Research Cost: 6,100,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 20
Research Time: 4 days 8 hours

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