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Wood is the basic resource in Boom Beach. Along with Gold, it is necessary to construct and upgrade the buildings in the game, and it is absolutely essential to have a constant supply coming in. Other than buildings and upgrades, you shouldn't be spending Wood on much else, but the cost of upgrading certain buildings like your Headquarters is very significant.

Generating Wood

Wood is produced in the Sawmill. You are given one of these when you start the game and can only have one in your base. You need to upgrade it to increase your Wood output, with the details below showing how much you can expect from each level:

Wood is required for most buildings and upgrades

Sawmill statistics

Level 1

Health: 1,500
Maximum Wood Capacity: 1,500
Wood per hour: 120


Free at game start
Build Time: Instant
Build Capacity: 1
HQ Level Required: Level 1 HQ

INFO: The sawmill produces wood, a construction material for building simple structures. Upgrade the Sawmill to increase its production rate.

Level 2

Health: 1,800
Maximum Wood Capacity: 1,450
Wood per hour: 210


Gems: 4
Wood: 200
Upgrade Time: 5 minutes
HQ Level Required: 1

Level 3

Health: 2,200
Maximum Wood Capacity: 3,500
Wood per hour: 360


Gems: 15
Wood: 600
Upgrade Time: 30 minutes
HQ Level Required: 2

Level 4

Health: 2,600
Maximum Wood Capacity: 7,500
Wood per hour: 580


Wood: 3,500
Upgrade Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
HQ Level Required: 3

Upgrade your Sawmill to increase the supply of Wood you have coming in

Level 5

Health: 3,100
Maximum Wood Capacity: 14,700
Wood per hour: 900


Wood: 10,000
Upgrade Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
HQ Level Required: 5

Level 6

Health: 3,700
Maximum Wood Capacity: 26,800
Wood per hour: 1,320


Wood: 0
Stone: 9,300
Upgrade Time: 6 hours
HQ Level Required: 7

You can also earn Wood by removing Mangrove Trees

Level 7

Health: 4,400
Maximum Wood Capacity: 45,000
Wood per hour: 1,800


Wood: 0
Stone: 21,000
Iron: 5,600
Upgrade Time: 8 hours
HQ Level Required: 9

Level 8

Health: 5,300
Maximum Wood Capacity: 70,000
Wood per hour: 2,400


Wood: 0
Stone: 95,000
Iron: 24,800
Upgrade Time: 10 hours
HQ Level Required: 12

Level 9

Health: 6,300
Maximum Wood Capacity: 100,000
Wood per hour: 3,000


Wood: 0
Stone: 410,000
Iron: 149,000
Upgrade Time: 12 hours
HQ Level Required: 15

Level 10

Health: 7,500
Maximum Wood Capacity: 130,000
Wood per hour: 3,500


Wood: 0
Stone: 670,000
Iron: 420,000
Upgrade Time: 14 hours
HQ Level Required: 17

How to generate more Wood

There are a few other techniques for gaining extra Wood. For starters, you can chop down the Mangrove trees that surround your base for a fee in Gold. This essentially works out like trading Gold for Wood, though the older trees you cannot chop down until later levels. This is to stop your base from expanding too quickly. Once you have chopped down all of your possible trees, the only way to get more Wood is from the Sawmill and other bases.

You also receive Wood when you successfully attack enemy bases. This is similar to chopping down trees as you have to pay a Coin cost to attack, and obviously risk losing units too. You do receive a very substantial amount of Wood if your attack is successful, however.

Finally, you will encounter resource bases every so often while exploring on the map screen. If you defeat these bases, then as well as the Gold that you receive for liberating villages, you will also have a boat with Wood on from the resource base.

Liberate resource bases to get other resources than Gold coming into your base by boat



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