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The Tank is arguably the best unit in the game. It has high damage, high health, and long range. Its only downsides are that it it very slow to move, and the fact that it takes 2 Energy from your Gunboat to be able to deploy it to the field of battle.

Production Cost

Unit Size: 38
Training Time: 36 minutes
Movement Speed: Slow/150
Attack Range: Long/850
HQ Level Required: 11

Tips and Tactics

The Tank is expensive in both resources and Gunboat energy to deploy, and as such, you will probably find yourself having to use it sparingly. When combined with Heavies, and if deployed in any great numbers, your armies should be basically unstoppable.

Bear in mind that Tanks are weak against Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines. Each of these three defensive structures receives a bonus when facing Tanks. Against everything else, you should find the Tanks vastly superior.

You should also consider using Medics in conjunction with Tanks - due to the incredibly high health that they boast, your Medics should be able to follow behind the Tanks healing them as they go without suffering many losses.

In short, an army with lots of Tanks shouldn't come up against too many difficult enemies.

Upgrade Cost

Level 1

Health: 2,300
Damage per second: 130
Training Cost: 10,000 Gold


Research Cost: None
Armory Level Required: None
Research Time: None

Level 2

Health: 2,300
Damage per second: 142
Training Cost: 11,000 Gold


Research Cost: 620,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 9
Research Time: 1 day 23 hours

Level 3

Health: 2,683
Damage per second: 154
Training Cost: 12,000 Gold


Research Cost: 1,030,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 10
Research Time: 2 days 4 hours

Level 4

Health: 2,897
Damage per second: 168
Training Cost: 13,000 Gold


Research Cost: 1,890,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 11
Research Time: 2 days 16 hours

Level 5

Health: 3,129
Damage per second: 184
Training Cost: 14,500 Gold


Research Cost: 2,540,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 12
Research Time: 3 days 4 hours

Level 6

Health: 3,379
Damage per second: 200
Training Cost: 16,000 Gold


Research Cost: 2,570,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 13
Research Time: 3 days 4 hours

Level 7

Health: 3,650
Damage per second: 218
Training Cost: 17,500 Gold


Research Cost: 3,900,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 14
Research Time: 3 days 22 hours

Level 8

Health: 3,942
Damage per second: 238
Training Cost: 19,000 Gold


Research Cost: 5,300,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 15
Research Time: 4 days 7 hours

Level 9

Health: 4,257
Damage per second: 259
Training Cost: 20,500 Gold


Research Cost: 5,300,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 15
Research Time: 4 days 7 hours

Level 10

Health: 4,598
Damage per second: 282
Training Cost: 22,000 Gold


Research Cost: 5,400,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 16
Research Time: 4 days 7 hours

Tanks are the best offensive unit in the game, but are expensive to train and deploy

Level 11

Health: 4,966
Damage per second: 308
Training Cost: 23,500 Gold


Research Cost: 6,300,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 17
Research Time: 4 days 20 hours

Level 12

Health: 5,363
Damage per second: 335
Training Cost: 25,000 Gold


Research Cost: 7,300,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 18
Research Time: 5 days

Level 13

Health: 5,792
Damage per second: 366
Training Cost: 26,500 Gold


Research Cost: 7,400,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 19
Research Time: 5 days 7 hours

Level 14

Health: 6,255
Damage per second: 399
Training Cost: 28,000 Gold


Research Cost: 7,500,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 20
Research Time: 5 days 10 hours

Level 15

Health: 6,756
Damage per second: 434
Training Cost: 30,000 Gold


Research Cost: 7,600,000 Gold
Armory Level Required: 20
Research Time: 5 days 10 hours

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