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Power Stones

There are four types of Power Stones or Crystals in Boom Beach. These are Life, Ice, Magma and Dark. They allow you to build carious statues. When raiding and once unlocked, you have a certain chance of getting a Power Stone. Some are more common than others. You have a 85% chance of receiving a Fragment when raiding, a 12% chance of getting a Shard, and a 3% chance of Crystal. Each of these types allows for more powerful statues to be created depending on their rarity.

A special note is required on Dark crystals, as these are not obtainable from raiding regular bases. Instead, you can only get them from the dr.terror events, once you have completed hammerman's level 10 base.



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Added 28th Mar 2015, ID #534078

How do I defeat l defeat hamerman lv 10 when i am lv 9

Added 24th Mar 2015, ID #532447

You use fragments to make statues, which you need a sculptor for(sculptors are unlocked @ hq lvl 5)

Added 26th Feb 2015, ID #521613

So, im a noob and I was wondering, how do u make the statues or whatever they are because I looked in three different places before this and none of them say how to, plz tell me?!?

Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #517064

You guys are all noobs legit besides the nice comment about boom beach.

Added 14th Feb 2015, ID #515769

With Extra Power Stones You buy a sculptor to make statues with the stones

Added 8th Feb 2015, ID #513330

Is there a way to get dark power stones without attacking Dr.Terror because he left my map and I cant attack him now

Added 7th Feb 2015, ID #512807

What do you do with dark fragments

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509941

I got Alice fragment and I don't know what to do with them

Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506577

You need 7 fragments, shards, or crystals to make a statue. All of the fragment statues are called idols. My magma fragments made a +6% troop damage statue.. It varies a lot to what the statue will give you.

Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #502802

Where are the fragments kept

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #498996

How do you get dark power stones?[color=red][/color]

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487663

What are statues for?

Added 3rd Dec 2014, ID #480025

How do I actually get the statues and stuff? I got a dark fragment but nothing happened

Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458328

If i get to many little frangments can i trade them or swap the for bigger ones can anyone tell me

Added 24th Sep 2014, ID #451363


Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #448208

What do I do with extra power stones? I have a lot if them

Added 4th Sep 2014, ID #444470

I think that boom beach is a great game and it is so fun to get diamonds gold wood iron stone and to destroy people

Added 3rd Sep 2014, ID #444232


Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436331


Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #415279

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