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The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles


We have 14 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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the adoring fan is like a rabbit

Ok this is not really a cheat but if you leave the adoring fan in the shivering isles delete the updates and go to the arena save it get the update go back to the shivering isles there will be like 4 of him
I did this by accident
P.s it did not work the second time it takes a few hundred tries

unlimited madness armor (better than the ebony armor)

This is rather easy to do all you got to do is go find the ruins of xedilian and kill some grummites. These drop madness ore and rarely matrixes. You only need 1 madness ore, travel to Crucible and go find cutter's shop. Get two sets of scrolls, 2 of one kind and 1 of the other. Double-tap A on the scroll with 2 then drop the other scroll. Pick them up then drop 1 of the scrolls then double-tap A on the scroll with a higher number then drop the other scroll, keep repeating until about 100 then double-tap A on the scroll with about 100 then drop your madness ore. Pick them all up (might go a bit slow but it'll pick up eventually) then voilá! Then get her to make you 1 of each armor and weapons. The arrows get made 25 per madness ore =] Good luck. Hope this helped, Sargi001.

shortened item dupe glitch & gatekeeper glitch

I know everyone says that for the dupe glitch you have to swing a weapon or launch an arrow first but I did that it worked but there is a shortened version of the glitch ill write down the instructions for it:
(the longer glitch is the same but with attacking before it)
(posted for x-box360 controls)
1. Double tap A on any scroll that you have 2 or more of.
2. Go to any item(except weapons and armour(except robes and rings and amulets and certain helmets))
3.drop that item.
Now the amount of scrolls you had of the one you clicked will have the same amount of that in the item that you dropped.(can be used on scroll aswell)
This is used after you have rebuilt thte gatekeeper for sheogorath's quests in the shivvering isle..

Unlimited Magicka for Sheagorath's Staff

First you need to complete the shivering Isles then when you get Sheagorath's staff and waste all of its energy, go to the fountain behind the main throne room and activate it. It will then trade your staff for another one and it will have full magicka

How to keep the Vitharan ghost helmet

First you need to get to the part of the Vitharan Ghost quest to where the count of Vitharan gives you his helmet, then kill the ghost it says to and before the count comes back to get his helm(make sure your helm is damaged so you can repair it or if your armorer is expert repair it to 125) drop the helm, then he'll give you another version. Go back and pick up the original version and it will still have the Vitharan ghost on self for the enchantment
P.S. Vitharan is in the very southwest close to the tip of the madgod's boot

How to get on fire without casting a spell

Here's a cool glitch I found
First when you get to the part in the Shivering Isles where you transport th Flame of Agnon, your on fire when you transport it. Well I thought that it would be beast if I could keep it, so after you beat the shivering Isles go to Chapel of ardun-sul (sorry forgot the name of it)where you put the flame, then walk in the flame and you will be on fire and if you dont want it after you get bored or aggrivated by it, go to the area and put it back in the chapel place


To obtain the ability to complete the Shivering Isles achievements, you must download the V1.2 Patch for Oblivion. Connect to Xbox Live, start Oblivion, and you'll be prompted to download.

Gate keeper hints

When making a gate keeper choose the parts that suit your playing style. Cause after the gate keeper is made you can click on him for one spell(click on him agian for a different spell). You can attack the gate keeper to increase your skills, the gate keeper will not die so you can keep attacking him. When attacking make sure you either have good chameleon equipment or a really good chameleon spell so you can attack him without getting hurt.


If you want a helment that can let you breath under water, have night eye, and detect life. Then you need to go to shivering isles. After you kill the big guard go through the left door to the other part of shivering isles, then you go to the town near the bottom right coner some where on one of the roofs is a ring of light then fast travel to the light house in anvil on the map there should be a little island have the ring of light equipted search under water for the helment it's on a skeleton half way so don't bump it or it will fall down in deeper water hope I helped. Please rate it this is my first submision

working post-patch money duplication glitch

Step 1: have both: Skull of Corruption and Staff of Worms (risen flesh works too, but you can only use it once a day).
Step 2: get to the point of the story when you go fight yourself and can get shadowrend.
Step 3: kill your clone.
Step 4: reanimate your clone.
Step 5: use the skull of corruption on your clone.
Step 6: here's where it gets tricky. Kill your clone's clone, look at his body so it says "Search corrupted clone". And save while it says that & before the corrupted clone dissapears.
Step 7: load that save. During the loading screen, keep tapping A.
Step 8: final step. Scroll down to misc. And take the gold.
*reccomendation: have lots of gold while doing this trick. 100k or above would work ..

Easy Armor, a bit of Money and some Potential Training.

This is for you greedy little children that don't mind (or enjoy) stealing. :]
When you arrive in the Shivering Isles for the first time(I don't know how it is exactly; I have the expansion pack for Oblivion), go to the city "Passwall".
Make sure you have the difficulty setting on the easiest possible (Hit Start, Gameplay, and put the slider to the far left. It's like magic.)
Talk to the people as you see fit, and get the information you need for the mission.
For the Armor:
Go to where the Gatekeeper is surrounded by the dead guards.
You can sneak up to them and take their armor, just make sure you can run fast enough if the Gatekeeper sees you.
There you have it!

For the Money:
Go into the inn, ..

easy leveling up

Armorer:Do the Quest Shajaries Paronoia keep or pick pocket the armor disentergrateing neckless put it on and continuesly repair your armor till you run out then buy more and repeat till you reach the level you want

Gate keeper magic

Okay guys I've been playing on oblivion and I'm almost done with the shivering isles which by the way is awesome I completly recomende. Back to the poin I think I am the first one 2 discover this.
In the shivering isles later in the game you will make another gate keeper to protect the doors from jiggalag and the high priests of order well once you finish making him attack him and if you beat him you will see a note at the top of your screen saying a magic spell and in parenthases( ) it will say a (gate keeper gift ) and it is a spell that you are able to use.
Oh by the way the gate keeper won't die he will be uncocious and will come back to his state of being. Another thing every time you fight the gatekeeper U GET A NEW SPELL. ( caution the new spell will take p..


Need help can't duplicate with the bow not to fear slayernater 96 is here
Ok I will talk you step by step to duplicate with the shivering isles update
1:get a scroll of anything like 2 fire scrolls
2:make sure you equip it swing your sword as soon as you have done that press b to go to your invintory
3:press twice on the fire scrolls have any thing like health potion make sure it is under 2 so just on drop it and it's been duplicated
Hope it's helped more from slayernater soon

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