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Prototype Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Prototype

Prototype Guide
This guide contains a walkthrough covering every mission, including comprehensive strategies for defeating every boss character encountered, as well..
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We have a large collection of cheats that includes destroying the infected water towers, defeating the Supreme Hunter before the bomb detonates and unlocking Hard mode. We'll also tell you how to unlock the body surfing ability and New Game+.

More Prototype Cheats and Tips

We have 15 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Prototype please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Prototype Questions & Answers page.

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Guide to Prototype

Our complete guide to Prototype is now online. It includes a complete walkthrough of the main game, and location maps for all collectibles. The guide contains videos to help explain some parts and is printable.
To check out our Prototype Guide, click here.

Unlock Body Surfing Ability

This ability becomes available by selecting 'Extras' at the 'Main' menu and then going to 'Cheats' and pressing Right(2), Left, Down, Up(3), Down.

Finding Infected Water Towers

An easy way to locate the infected water towers is to look for squawking crows which circle above them.

Behind the Glass Chapter - Escape the Hunters Strategy

This video shows a good strategy for the Escape the Hunters section in the Behind the Glass Chapter.
More details can be found on our Behind the Glass page from our Prototype guide, click here.

Behind the Glass - Mission Objective: Defeat the Hunters

Defeat the Supreme Hunter Before the Bomb Detonates

This is the final part of the game. At this point, you have two minutes to deplete the rest of the creature's health bar. If you fail in this and the timer reaches zero, you'll have to retry from the start of the mission. Not fun.
Finish the Supreme Hunter before the timer reaches zero!
The Critical Pain Devastator is just as effective here, so by all means use it. If you are still in Critical Mass, hit the Supreme Hunter with a Critical Pain Devastator right off the bat. The number of soldiers on the platform becomes sparse as the military works to evacuate it's troops. Quickly Grab and Consume these soldiers to max-out Critical Mass, and then get into a position to perform the Critical Pain Devastator again.
The Supreme Hunter should fall after being hi..

Collectible Locations Map

You can view our collectible locations map here:Collectible Locations Map.
The map is accompanied by a set of 50 images which give you a pin-point exact location in case you are having difficulty spotting exactly where it should be on the map.

Unlock Hard Mode

This feature becomes an available opton when you beat the game in Normal mode. This difficulty setting is a lot more tougher to complete.

Unlock New Game+

When you complete Story mode the New Game+ option will become available. This feature allows you to replay story mode with ALL of the powers and upgrades that you obtained in the completed game.

Get Platinum on All Events

Prototype has a number of events which you can try to achieve a Platinum rank on... To do this for some events usually requires a lot of patience and practise.
Thankfully, if you are stuck and need some extra help, our collection of Platinum Videos for all movement events, glide events and kill events should offer some ideas and assistance to achieve a complete set of Platinum ranks.
Below is one of those videos, this one deals with the corners movement event.

Corners Platinum

All video..

Landmark Collectible Locations Map

You can view our Landmark Collectible Locations Map here:Landmark Collectible Locations Map.
We also have a set of 200 images which will zero in on each location in case you need extra hints for each one.

Body Surfing

This ability becomes available by selecting 'Extras' at the 'Main' menu and then going to 'Cheats' and pressing Right(2), Left, Down, Up(3), Down.

Destroy Infected Towers Easy.

To destroy Infected Towers Easy is by Aiming at one, and pull out the whip and charge it all the way, and let lose. The Infected Tower should of exploaded. If not do the same thing, but you don't have to charge all the way.

Easy EXP.

To get easy EXP, you beat up the zombies on the streets. Use a disguise to it. Try not to use your powers.

The Weapon Uses.

These are the weapons your hands turn into.
Hammerfest: This is where your hands turn into big round hands. You use these for heavy damage. Also easy to take out Tanks with. But the downside is you don't have speed.
Blade: The most effective of the game. You should use these when your battling. They have the speed and damage you need. This is for ALL battling. It takes out Hunters really easy.
The Whip: The most effective for long-range attacks. Usefull for taking out enemeys from a distence. Like Viral Dectors, Helicoptors, and the Military. Also infected Towers.
Claws:The fastest,but not effective. Not usefull for anything.
Muscle Mass: Mainly for throwing things really far. NOT useful for battles.
There you go.

Infected Towers

An easy way to locate these Infected Water Towers is to look for squawking crows which circle above them.

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