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[PROTOYPE] Walkthrough


Table of Contents:

Part 1
- Basic Battle Techniques
- Basic Evasion Techniques
- Important Skills To Get
- Gaining Evolution Points

Part 2
- The Beginning
- Escape The Gentek Facility
- Look For Clues About Your Past
- Find Out Who Tried To Kill You
- Evade or Kill The Military

Part 3
- Behind The Glass - Upgrade Time
- Rescue Elizabeth Greene
- Escape The Hunters
- Defeat The Hunters
- The Wheels of Chance - Upgrade Time
- Contact Karen Parker
- Acquire an APC to Transport Karen Parker
- Test Out the APC
- Rescue Karen Parker

Part 4
- A New Order - Upgrade Time
- Collect Genetic Material
- Open Conspiracy
- Investigate The Base
- Stop The Military From Discovering Dana's Safe House

Part 5
- In The Web
- Stop The Military From Discovering The Safe House
- Draw Military Attention Away From The Safe House
- The Altered World
- Locate McMullen
- Bring McMullen To The Site
- Evade The Military
- Errand Boy
- Karen Parker Has Betrayed You
- Defeat The Specialist
- Evade Blackwatch
- Confessions
- Under The Knife
- Locate Patient Zero

Part 6
- The Stolen Body
- Get Transport For Ragland
- Collect Samples From Penn Station Corpses
- Biological Imperative
- Find a Suitable Hunter To Inject
- Inject The Parasite Into The Hunter
- Allow The Hunter's Antibodies To Build Up
- A Door in The Wall
- Rescue Dana
- Defeat the Leader Hunter's Reinforcements

Part 7
- First and Last Things
- Find Dana
- Trap the Leader Hunter for Ragland
- Defeat the Leader to Subdue Him
- The First Monster
- Consume the Leader Hunter
- Consume an Infected Carrier
- Hook Into the Hive Mind
- Find Out Where Dana is Being Held
- Defeat the Leader Hunter
- Making The Future
- Rescue Dana From the Core Hive
- Defeat the Supreme Hunter
- Men Like Gods
- Inflitrate the Blackwatch Air Wing
- Assist The Military Until Called Back to Base
- Head to the Special Briefing
- Escape

Part 8
- A Dream of Armageddon
- Halt the Deployment of Bloodtox
- The World Set Free
- Deploy the Bloodtox Pumper to Times Square
- Things to Come
- Force Elizabeth Greene Out Into the Open
- Defeat Elizabeth Greene
- Shock and Awe
- Destroy the Bloodtox Production Facility
- The Last Man
- Prevent Taggart from Escaping the Area

Part 9
- Two Tickets
- Force Taggart Out Into the Open
- Defeat the Supreme Hunter

Part 10
- Unlockables

       Part 1

Basic Battle Techniques:

Hit and Run - useful in the early parts of the game. This involves simply
hitting an enemy or throwing something at him, and then running away. It
might seem cowardly at first, but it is effective in 1 vs 1 situations.

Snipe - there are times when you have to destroy certain equipment in order
to help you get something done easier. Most of the time, these items are
inside bases or well protected areas. If you rush in, you'll most likely 
get killed by heavy gunfire. The best method to deal with this is to snipe.

Sniping might take a little while to do, but it's one of the safest methods
of destroying stuff in the early to middle parts of the game. The basic
method is to consume an enemy who is holding a weapon. The more powerful the
weapon (such as a bazooka), the better.

Find a nearby building where you can see your target. Lock on to your target
and if you have a clear shot, fire away! If you don't have a clear shot,
then you will have to reposition yourself or charge your jump and try to
reach as high as you can, then fire!

Be careful when sniping. The moment you fire and hit the target, whether it
has been destroyed or not, the guards will of course become alerted. Run
to a safe zone as quickly as possible and use a disguise. Once everything
is cool, go back and fire a few more shots or grab another weapon. Slow
but sure!

Rooftop Fighting - there will be a lot of times when monsters, especially
hunters, will go after you. The best place to fight them is on the 
rooftops. The reason is, if you fight on the streets, you will attract
the attention of the military too quickly! You don't want that, especially
if you don't have much available powers yet.

Fighting on the rooftops won't nearly get as much attention as when you're
fighting on the ground. It will also be a lot easier to escape if ever
you're in a bad position because all you have to do is jump to the next
few buildings, instead of having to wall run while avoiding rockets from
the military.

Basic Evasion Techniques:

Alley Run and Change - when the military is after you, it's best to run
into an alley and then disguise yourself as another person. There is no
use disguising yourself in front of them because they're pretty smart.

Helicopter Jacking - one of the easiest ways to avoid getting caught is
by riding a helicopter and flying to safety. Helicopters in the early parts
of the game aren't much of a threat, just annoying. 

In order to use a helicopter to successfully evade, make sure that you are
on a rooftop and you already have the helicopter jacking skill. Take out
all the other helicopters and only leave one. Jump and hijack the 
helicopter. This way, no other helicopters will follow you around and try
to kill you and you will lose their attention a lot quicker.

Imporant Skills To Get:

There are a few essential skills that you need to get, because they are
so useful in the game that you would just consider the other skills as
optional or just for fun. Here's a brief rundown of the skills that you
have to save some Evolution Points for, which are used for upgrading and
"buying" them.

1. All Movement Skills - when upgrading or buying skills using Evolution
Points, try to prioritize getting all the available Movement Skills to you
first. The game is set in an open world type of environment, so being able
to move at top speed, being able to jump at maximum height, and being able
to airdash and glide to the maximum distance will help you greatly in

2. Groundspike - one of the basic moves used when you have claws. This is
very handy in dispatching multiple "zombies" and humans at once. Later on
you can upgrade it to have better effect.

3. All Whipfist Moves - Whipfist gives you the ability to use your arm like
a whip to punish enemies from afar. It also enables you to grab onto the
helicopters from below and that pull yourself up to them for you to hijack!
It is also very useful in taking out strike forces because you don't have 
to jump around just trying to hit a helicopter. You will also be able to
grab vehicles and other equipment from afar.

4. Critical Mass Ability - this lets you use "Devastator" moves, which are
the special last resort moves that you can do which really destroys hundreds
of enemies on screen at once and does heavy damage to the major enemies.

5. Land and Air Groundspike Graveyard Devastator - you will get the land
version first, and then the air version later. They are very good in dealing
damage to most ground based enemies such as hunters and zombies.

6. Land and Air Critical Pain Devastator - this is the most powerful 
devastator move of all, but it can only hit those that are directly in 
front of it. It's a concentrated attack useful for major boss battles that
involve epic battles. Before using this, it is very important to lock onto
your target.

7. Stealth Consume - one of the basic things you need. Instead of simply
consuming someone where they have the chance to ask for help, the Stealth
Consume ability will let you consume anyone without attracting attention,
even while you're in the middle of an entire base! Very useful for stealing
tanks, helicopters, or sabotaging equipment and getting inside bases.

Gaining Evolution Points:

Evolution Points are your "money" in the game that you spend to upgrade or
obtain skills. There are a variety of ways to earn EP. You can consume
enemies or people for EP, blow up bases, hives, or even participate in
little events in the game which involve killing or having a race against
time and breaking records.

The best way to earn EP is of course by finishing missions. If you want to
maximize your EP earning, then I suggest that you try to maximize as much
as possible all of your Movement related skills, and then do the events
as they appear on the map. 

Events range from having to kill a certain number of people or monsters
within a time limit, racing on the rooftops, consuming people and more! 
They're actually quite addicting but are only optional to do.

There are also glowing floating orbs that you can gather to earn some EP.
They are usually located on top of buildings or on the sides of buildings.
There's a lot of them so always keep an eye out for glowing orbs.

       Part 2

The Beginning:

The game first introduces you to Alex Mercer. We find out what's been 
going on in the past few days. Later on, we see a girl running and screaming
for help as a group of military people are trying to secure areas. The
girl runs towards the military and we see what's been scaring her: Mutants,
or zombies/ghouls/monsters.

The military quickly takes care of the zombies (let's just call them that
for now until we figure out what they are), but decides to kill the girl 
as well! Suddenly, they spot Alex and start attacking him. Alex kills them
off Wolverine style with claws and even blocks off a bazooka blast. He
then disguises himself as one of the soldiers and then stabs the last one.

Night turns into day and Alex is placed in the middle of a chaotic 
situation. Here, you finally get to test out your controls! Your first
objective is to kill the military people who are trying to kill you. Try
some combos and moves. Now is the best time to get familiar with running,
gliding, and doing other moves so that you won't have problems later on.

When you're done familiarizing yourself, follow the blue marker on your
map for your next objective. Alex will suddenly grow some claws on both
his arms. Time to rip the military to shreds! Follow the marker on your
map to the next destination.

This time you'll meet some tanks and Alex will grow some hammer weapons
on his arms. Try to jump and use an elbow drop to crush tanks easily. Go
to the next marker point.

There will be huge monsters this time and they are stronger and more agile
than your normal "zombie". Alex will grow a giant blade out of his right
arm. Slash those giant monsters till they are dead and go to the next

You will find that on the marker is some military guy. Get rid of him in
your own special way (use your imagination!) and then Alex will perform
a special move to "end it all", which is basically a thousand tentacles
coming out of his body to stab everything in the area.

Alex then goes to the roof and talks to somebody about finishing things
up. The introduction is now done and we get sent back to play at the
beginning of Alex's "resurrection" at the morgue, 18 days before.

Escape The Gentec Facility:

We begin with Alex on a morgue table while scientists are discussing about
him. They try to begin the autopsy, but suddenly Alex wakes up! One of the
scientists yells out for the "Killteam". Alex walks out and sees the two
scientist get killed by the Killteam. Unfortunately for him, he also gets
spotted and shot on sight! Alex gets back on his feet as if unaffected,
and out of instinct, he jumps over a dumpster and a gate.

We now have control over Alex again. Follow the marker and a helicopter
will show up chasing you. Just run towards the next marker and Alex will
finally have enough of the helicopter. After experimenting with the 
targetting system, throw the vehicle to the helicopter to destroy it.

Follow the next marker and get to the top of a building. A few helicopters
will show up. Throw the equipment that you can find from the roof of the
building to crush those pesky helicopters!

Alex will be trapped and shot by a military guy. Alex will get back up and 
then consume the soldier, taking his form. One more soldier will arrive. 
Grab him and consume him and you will also take his memories.

Go to the next marker and you'll find out that the military is waiting for
you. Use your soldier disguise so that they won't shoot you on sight, but
be sure to drop down where there won't be much witnesses. By this time,
you'll know that the white dots represent enemies who don't know you're
there, yellow dots represent enemies who are just observing, and red dots
are those who have seen you and will kill you. Make your way to the marker
and click the right mouse button (or whatever it says) to enter the

Alex will find his sister Dana being captured by a soldier, but thanks to
Alex's super powers, it's very easy for him to punch a hole through the
captor. The siblings then have a short chat, except that Alex doesn't 
remember much. Dana takes him to a safe house.

Look For Clues About Your Past:

Now it's time to look for clues! You start out on the roof. Just follow
the marker on your map and Alex will arrive at his apartment. Go inside
and Alex will get a short flashback involving a girl. Meanwhile, the
military seems to have set up the apartment to trap Alex and blows it
up, sending Alex flying out to the street. Tanks, helicopters, and soldiers
suddenly show up.

Find Out Who Tried To Kill You:

Kill the soldier who just radioed in for the strike force. Shortly, some
helicopters will arrive trying to kill you. Grab a vehicle and climb the 
nearby bridge or one of the buildings, lock on to the helicopter, then
blow it up by throwing a vehicle at it.

Also, try to be in the lookout for blue glowing orbs. Those give you extra
Evolution Points that you can use to upgrade.

The enemy will try to escape and go to an extraction point. Follow your 
marker and beat the helicopter to the extraction point. Just keep running
and jumping to get there faster.

Upon arrival, you'll be met by a tank and more soldiers with bazookas. Get
one bazooka and use it to blow up the tank. 

An agent will try to escape. Hurry up, chase him, grab him, then consume
him so that his memories will be transferred to you. You'll learn about
replaying memories in this part. 

Evade or Kill The Military:

After viewing the agent's memory, escape the area or kill the military.
They should pose no problem to you anyway so do as you wish, or simply
kill them like I did.

Once the mission is complete, Alex will be thinking to himself again. After
that, we will start on the 3rd day of the "infection".

       Part 3

Behind The Glass:

Before anything else, it's time to go check your upgrades. You'll notice
that we now have around 55,000+ EP (Evolution Points). There are different
aspects of your character that you could upgrade. At this point in time,
I upgraded:

1. Airdash
2. Glide
3. Sprint Speed 1
4. Jump Upgrade 1

1. Critical Mass

These upgrades should be enough for now. If somehow you don't have enough
points to get all of the ones I listed there, just upgrade those in the
Movement section, since if we can evade enemies and attacks, then we won't
get hurt much at all.

You might also notice that there are now two green icons on your map. These
are events that let you earn extra Evolution Points by doing certain things.
They are optional, but try to earn the extra EP to make upgrading a lot
easier for us. Also, if you check on the map, you will see how much total
EP you can earn from a specific event. Each medal gives awards you with a
specific amount of EP. The amount of EP you get depends on how high you
finish. For example, if you finish with a Silver Medal, you would have 
gotten the rewards for both Bronze and Silver medals, so the only way to
earn EP from that event is by beating Gold. If you get the Gold medal the
first time, then you would have won the maximum amount of EP for that event
so you don't have to do it again.

Go back to Dana's safe house by following the marker after you're done
playing around with the events or if you decide to get straight into 
business. You'll be required to buy the Diveroll move which is just 100 EP.
Start the mission once you have it.

Alex will find out from his sister Dana that there's one more girl being
held captive by Gentek named Elizabeth Greene. Meanwhile, the General
wants the everything to be contained and taken care of.

Rescue Elizabeth Greene:

Go to the marker on your map. You'll notice that Gentek is full of soldiers.
There will be a soldier on the other side of the street on top of the roof.
Go glide there and then consume him so that you can disguise as him.

There is a good chance that you'll get detected and a helicopter will show
up. Quickly consume the soldier and get rid of the helicopter if it's 
following you. Once you have destroyed the helicopter, find a safe place
and transform into the soldier. You'll see his memories, but you'll need
a high ranking officer to be able to get inside Gentek. 

Follow the little icon that suddenly appeared. You'll notice that there are
some viral detectors in the base that will detect you no matter what your
disguise is. Their area of detection is shown in your little map as 
circles. There's a variety of ways you can deal with them. You can shoot
them, or punch them to destroy them and then quickly escape the area to 
make the soldiers lose you. Come back again and destroy the other one and
escape again. You might also try throwing vehicles on those detectors, do
anything you need to destroy them, or you can even be fast enough to grab
and consume the officer before the detectors go off. The choice is yours.

Anyway, since they are pretty easy to evade, go ahead and destroy the 
detectors first using the hit and run tactic discussed above and then
consume the officer in a safe area once you're ready.

Alex will discover that inside, everybody's dead, and there seems to be
an organic lining on the walls. Elizabeth Greene is just kneeling down
waiting for Alex. She hits him then shows him something through the
mind. She then says she's Alex's mother!

After that, a bunch of big monsters will burst out of the organic stuff
and attack Alex. Alex will fall right in the middle of the entire military
group, followed by the "Hunters", those big monsters, causing panic to

Escape The Hunters:

Quickly escape the area and go to the next marker, which is a military
base. Alex still has no power to beat the hunters so he'll make the 
military help him beat those things. Upon arrival, Alex will notice some
bazookas nearby. Quickly grab them while avoiding gunfire from the 
surprised soldiers, and the hunters will follow. Blast the hunters with 
the bazooka and you'll be prompted to grab and consume one.

Defeat The Hunters:

More hunters will drop into the base, but this time, Alex will suddenly
have the ability to grow claws out of his arms! Now Alex has a fighting
chance against the hunters! Beat up a few hunters and then consume them.

After a while, you will be prompted to blow up a few fuel tanks inside the
base. Attack the tanks, but be careful about the hunters that hound you
non-stop! Blow up all of the fuel tanks and the entire base will go down,
along with the hunters.

The Wheels of Chance:

By this time, we'll have around 119,000 EP. It's time to make give ourselves
some good upgrades. One of the things that you might want to get right 
away is Stealth Consume. It's useful for consuming people without being
noticed, and it only costs 3,000 EP.

Try to get Ground Spike in the Powers section as well, which costs 40,000.
It may be pricey, but it's one of the more useful skills that we'll need.

Get Sprinting Grab because it's useful to be able to grab vehicles and 
other things you can use as weapons while you're running around, and it's
very cheap too at only 5,000 EP.

If you still have enough EP to spare, get Hammer Fist power. This is good
against tanks as well as dealing damage to monsters. Don't forget to
save your game when you're ready.

Go follow your marker back to Dana's house and activate the mission.

Dana will tell Alex that his ex-girlfriend, Karen Parker might be in
trouble. Alex decides to go find her.

Contact Karen Parker:

Quickly go to the marker and Alex will notice that something bad is going
on. There will be "zombies" on the ground attacking people and soldiers,
as well as hunters! Go to the marker and go inside the building.

Alex will find Karen who is still ok. She tells him that they need a 
military vehicle to get out. 

Acquire an APC To Transport Karen Parker:

Once outside, you'll notice there's an icon again that shows the soldier
that you need to consume. The hunters will also be going after you so be
careful be quick about it.

After consuming the marked soldier, you'll see more memories about Karen.
Now it's time to get the APC. You can kill some hunters if you feel like
it for additional EP, or you can just rush to the next marker.

When you reach the area, you'll need to get another high ranking officer
to be able to get an APC. Use the Stealth Consume move that we got 
earlier to make things easy. Head to the marker and enter the place.

Upon entering, you'll need to find someone who knows how to drive an APC
(aka a Tank). Follow the icon on your screen and use Stealth Consume to
get the guy. You'll suddenly see the stuff he's learned. Go outside and
get inside the tank.

Test Out The APC:

Try to get the feel with driving the tank, especially when turning. When
you're done, go to the marker and you'll have to blast the "infected" to
shreds. Try out the normal fire and the missile fire. Once you're done,
it will be time to rescue Karen.

Rescue Karen Parker:

Move to the marker. You'll suddenly arrive at a scene with lots of monsters,
"infected" (but I love calling them zombies), and hunters causing all sorts
of trouble. 

Blast the gates open with your normal shots. Your target is the big building
with pulsating organic matter known as a hive. It's called a hive because 
it seems to spread the infection that causes people to act like zombies and
also creates those hunters.

Aim your turrets at the dome shaped organic matters and blast them until 
they explode. Don't forget to move around the building because there
are also organic domes on the sides of the building. After destroying
them, move your tank to the blue marker (which is nearby) to pick up

Move your tank away from the area to escape.

       Part 4

A New Order:

Before we proceed, it's time for some more upgrades. As of now, you will
most likely have around 190,000 EP. That should be enough for a few good
upgrades. Try getting Sprint Speed 2 and Jump Upgrade 2. The faster we 
move and the higher we jump, the better we can evade enemies and recover.

If you still have a lot of points left, it's time for some upgrades to our
arsenal. Get Hammerfist Smackdown so that we can damage the more powerful
monsters and tanks. Try to also get Charged Throw and Sprinting Throw 
because the will be useful when we want to throw vehicles and other stuff
at enemies while we're evading them. As of now we are fine. If you have
any more points left, you might want to upgrade for some health, it's up
to you.

Once you're done upgrading, you might want to check out the new unlocked
events and try to get some extra Evolution Points for us to use. Once you
are done playing around with the events, we can begin the mission. Go
to where the marker is and go inside the building.

Karen will tell you that you need to take some samples.

Collect Genetic Material:

Follow the marker nearest you and you'll find an infected water tower. If
you stand near it, monsters will keep coming, so it's best to take it out
from far away. Go down to the street, grab a car, then go back up to the
roof where you saw the water tower. Throw the car to the water tower! The
water tower will get destroyed and you can now grab the genetic material
from it (they're the yellow glowing stuff).

You'll see a red skull on your map. Follow it and it will lead to another
water tower. Just do the same. Grab a car and throw it to the water tower
and collect the yellow stuff.

Keep following the red skulls on your map and keep destroying the water
towers with cars and collect the yellow stuff. You will then complete
the first objective, and now it's time to collect more genetic material
from the hive itself.

Follow the marker to arrive at a hive. The military will be busy battling
the monsters. Just concentrate on collecting the yellow glowing stuff
that the hive spews out. Don't forget to avoid the rockets that are being
fired at you as well! Once the gauge fills up after you have collected
enough yellow stuff, the mission will end. Get out of the zone!

Open Conspiracy:

Follow the marker to the next area, be sure to check out which upgrades
you can afford, upgrades are up to you now. Go to the marker and enter
the building. You'll find something very interesting and you will have 
to investigate a base.

Investigate The Base:

Alex will start out on a nearby place overlooking the base. It's time to
find a way in. Grab a soldier and use him as a disguise. Go inside the base
and find the high ranking officer. Consume him and you'll find out more

Stop The Military From Discovering Dana's Safe House:

Unfortunately, the military is looking for Dana again! Go follow the red
skull markers and destroy the military. There will be lots of them, so
you should make sure that you have upgraded a few of your skills, most
especially the combat related ones.

You might want to take advantage of those Devastator moves. Just be quick
to replenish your health with nearby humans when you use them. Your 
enemies will mostly be tanks and ground troops.

After successfully destroying the military that has been trying to hunt
Dana, Alex will continue talking to the other man during the 18th day of
the infection about what he found out about himself, Elizabeth Greene, and
the monsters.

       Part 5

In The Web:

Go to the house and activate the mission. Unfortunately, the military has
brought more viral detectors this time and Dana and Alex are in trouble!

Stop The Military From Discovering The Safe House:

Go destroy the viral detector using any means! Be careful of the helicopter
and the soldiers protecting the detector.

Draw Military Attention Away From The Safe House:

After the destruction of the viral detector, it's time to lead the
military away from your safe house. Rush towards the next marker and then
destroy the other viral detector that you can find there.

After that, more viral detectors will appear on your map. Go to them all
and destroy them. Be careful because there will be lots of soldiers, 
helicopters, and even tanks who will fire at you! Your evasion skills will
really be tested here. Use cars and throw them on the viral detectors to
destroy them faster.

After destroying them all, you'll see that the military seems to have some
more plans about Alex. Alex is being referred to as an IT, and not a human.
After the scene, escape or destroy the remaining enemies to finish the

The Altered World:

You should've earned a lot of EP by now so go ahead and upgrade what you 
want. Go do some events for extra EP if you feel like it. Head to the
marker once you're ready to start the mission.

Dana will tell you that the only way to get to McMullen is by baiting him
in. It's time to get to work.

Locate McMullen:

Go to the marker and see that the entire place is full of monsters. You'll
have to find a commander and use him as a disguise. Go look around and
find one on the battleground.

Bring McMullen To The Site:

After you have transformed yourself into a commander, follow the marker. 
You will notice that there are a few viral detectors on the ground. You'll
need to trick McMullen into thinking that it's safe to come out, so you 
have to disable them one by one.

The detectors are inside the white circle on your map. Go to one and then
right-click (or whatever your screen tells you). You will notice that there
are keys/buttons that you'll have to press that shows up on top. Press them
correctly and you'll disable the detectors.

After successfully disarming the detectors, quickly go to the next marker
and activate it to call McMullen. Unfortunately, the hive's dome will
begin spitting out monsters and will scare McMullen away!

Evade The Military:

Simply get out of the area or destroy all enemies to finish the mission.
When you're done, go upgrade some of your skills and then go to the next

Errand Boy:

Karen will tell you that she still doesn't have enough genetic material, so
she needs you to go inside a hive and get the stuff from the center of it.
Alex simply agrees.

Follow the marker into the hive. It's all organic inside! Grab the yellow
stuff. Unfortunately for you, Specialist Cross will drop by to get rid of
you. It seems that Alex's ex-girlfriend Karen has sold him out!

Karen Parker Has Betrayed You:

Be careful of Cross' weapon because it tracks you pretty well. Run around
the room until he stops shooting for a while. That's when you jump and 
then kick him! If you have the Whipfist power, now's the time to use it.
After you disorient Cross with a jump kick, load up your long range
Whipfist attacks and beat him up a bit. Repeat the process and Cross will
escape because a lot of monsters will be popping up!

Defeat The Specialist:

Be careful since there's really a lot of them! You'll have to kill them
all. Use devastator moves when necessary. Cross will come back down to 
fight you after you get rid of the monsters. Do the same strategy against
him, jump kick and then Whipfist attacks.

Beware that monsters will pop up again while you're fighting Cross. Get
rid of them if you have to and then damage Cross some more. He will
eventually call in the entire strikeforce on you!

Avoid the rockets and gunfire by running around the room. Only attack
when you see an opening. More monsters will show up, go ahead and kill
any that gets in your way and then concentrate on Cross.

If you have the Shield upgrade, use that because it can stop Cross'
rockets. Just use it, then rush to Cross as fast as you can and then hit

Cross will try to escape but you will jump up and grab him. Too bad that
he says something to Alex that makes his head hurt. Cross then injects
Alex with something that weakens him and removes his power!

Evade Blackwatch:

Your powers are gone! At least you still have the ability to run, jump,
and use disguises! You might want to evade the Blackwatch for now because
you don't have enough abilities to help you deal with them, as well as
the random monsters that may join in the fight.


Go back to Dana's house by following the marker. Dana will show you some
information about McMullen and a Dr. Ragland. She also shows you what
happened in Hope, Idaho a long time ago, and one of the people in the
old picture is Elizabeth Greene, who's supposed to be around 55 years old
now! Alex then decides to find Dr. Ragland.

Under The Knife:

When you get out, Alex will feel terrible pain and a huge parasite will
show up on his back! Nothing can be done about it for now, so just go
find Dr. Ragland.

Alex will find him operating on a corpse that was infected. After a little
chat, Ragland asks Alex to find Patient Zero.

Locate Patient Zero:

Go to where the marker points. You will then be asked to hijack a tank. Get
one. After reading the memory of one of the tank drivers, you'll now have
to find Captain Lin.

Find the designated area pointed by the marker. You'll now suddenly have 
to destroy a few of Blackwatch Specter Vehicles, which are actually tanks.
The best way to do this is to hijack one of the tanks and then shoot the

An alternative way is to steal some bazookas from those soldiers nearby 
and start jumping and shooting at the tanks. Also, be careful of the 
hunters! You don't have enough strength to beat them up right now.

After blowing up a bunch of tanks after each reinforcement, it's now
time to consume Captain Lin! Grab him and eat him!

Alex will then learn what the Blackwatch is planning to do. 

Back to the future, Alex tells the other guy about how he needed Dr. 
Ragland to cure him of the parasite that was eating him.

       Part 6

The Stolen Body:

Go to Dr. Ragland by following the marker. Alex will suddenly feel too much
pain and collapse. Fortunately, Dr. Ragland is capable of helping him a 
little, but now he asks you to steal a tank!

Get Transport For Ragland:

There is a military base nearby. Just use a soldier disguise and get into
one of the tanks. Drive it back near Ragland as pointed out by the marker.

Get Samples From Penn Station Corpses:

After picking up Dr. Ragland, drive to the next destination, which is an
abandoned base. While Ragland's operating, a bunch of monsters suddenly
appear! You have to survive this for 4 minutes. Don't let the monsters
break the lab wall behind you! 

The small monsters are easy, what you really have to watch out for are
the hunters. If you'll notice in front of you, there are some weapons.
Save the bazooka for the hunters and try to lure them away from the lab.

After 4 minutes have passed, all you have to do now is kill all of the
monsters who are still around so that Dr. Ragland can come out. After
getting rid of them, a giant monster tentacle will appear!

You'll be back inside your tank. Make your way back to the morgue! Along
the way, more giant tentacles will pop up! You don't have to kill them
because your main goal is to get to the morgue. Let the real military
deal with them.

Biological Imperative:

Talk to Dr. Ragland. He'll give you something to inject into a hunter, which
you will later consume to cure you.

Find a Suitable Hunter To Inject:

Before anything else, you have to consume a pilot so that you'll know
how to fly a plane. Fortunately, there is one nearby, and after consuming
him, you'll find out that he's "just that damn good". Ride the helicopter.

Test the controls and you'll be required to destroy three viral detectors.
When it asks you to switch between targets, choose one viral detector first.
Next, face the other viral detector you want to be targeted next and then
hold your lock on button and move your mouse. This should make it easier
to pass this section of the testing (it requires you to flick your mouse
but sometimes it's hard).

After that, you'll have to find the water tower that is infected. Follow
the sound of the signal. The faster it beeps, the higher the gauge goes.
You'll find the infected water tower sooner or later.

You'll then be required to scan it. To scan, lock on the water tower and
press the corresponding key that shows up on the screen.

Inject The Parasite Into The Hunter:

A hunter will burst out of the water tank after you scan it! In order to
inject the parasite into the hunter, you have to weaken it first! You don't
have much powers, so it's better to go get some cars and throw it to him.
After he gets a little weak, you will be able to grab him and inject by
pressing the consume button.

Allow The Hunter's Antibodies To Build Up:

The hunter will run away, but you have to stay with him. Sooner or later,
the hunter will get stuck somewhere. Wait for a little while and you'll
get a new notice and it's time to consume the hunter!

Beat him up a little or throw cars at him. When his health goes down, you'll
be able to consume him.

Instead of just removing the parasite from your back, you actually gain
a body armor type of power! 

A Door in The Wall:

After a long and tiring fight, it's time to go back to Dana. Follow the
marker and go in. As Alex and Dana begin to chat, a hunter suddenly 
busts through the wall and kidnaps Dana!!!

Rescue Dana:

Follow the hunter closely. No matter how many times you hit it, it won't
get hurt so just keep track of it for now.

Defeat the Leader Hunter's Reinforcements:

After being able to keep up with the hunter, his allies will show up!
Kill all hunters, you have all of your powers back now, as well as new

After killing them all, go back to chasing the hunter and Dana. Sadly for
Alex, he'll get distracted and the hunter gets away with Dana.

       Part 7

First and Last Things:

Go to the marker to meet Dr. Ragland. He'll tell you that you need to
consume a leader type of hunter to know more about them. Maybe it will
lead to Dana? Without a choice, Alex simply goes.

Find Dana:

Proceed to the hive. You'll see a leader hunter. Fight him and weaken
him. Make sure you lure him away from tanks and other explosives because
it will be very hard to consume him with exploding stuff all around you.

When you see him stunned, go ahead and consume him. 

Surprise!!! Alex can't eat the leader! Something's not working right!

Trap the Leader Hunter for Ragland:

Go to the next place with the marker, which is a hive. A few hunters will
show up. Kill them all and the leader will appear. The next part of this
mission gets really tricky.

You have to bait the leader hunter into chasing you back to the base, as
denoted by the marker on your map. The problem is, there will also be other
hunters tagging along. The military doesn't help as well because they will
freely blast the leader and his hunters without hesitation.

Each time the leader is attacked by the military, his interest in you is
lowered. If he loses interest, then he won't follow you back to the base!
The best tactic to use in order to bait the leader into following you is
to always keep him at most one building away from you. Also, don't do your
chase on the streets because that's where the military is active.

Jump from one building to another. If the leader's interest in you drops
below 50%, then go attack him with a jump kick, and then quickly lure him
again into following you. Do this until you reach the area where you need
to lure him to.

Defeat The Leader to Subdue Him:

After successfully leading the leader to the base, you will have to beat
him up so that Dr. Ragland can work on him. Use the things around you that
you can use as weapons against the leader. Just keep jumping around to
avoid his attacks. Use devastor moves when possible.

The leader will fall and the mission will finally end.

The First Monster:

Go to Dr. Ragland and he'll tell you how to eat the leader. It seems that
the monsters are adapting to Alex's attacks! Now that you know what to
do, go back to the base where the leader is.

Consume the Leader Hunter:

The leader hunter will wake up and get angry. Fight him and throw things
at him to damage him quickly. Use devastator moves when possible. After
you hurt him real bad, he'll be stunned, ready to be consumed. Grab him
and finally eat him. Surprisingly, he also has memories!

Consume an Infected Carrier:

Alex suddenly gains the Infected Vision power. He'll be able to see who
has been infected and who hasn't. It's time to eat some more infected
humans. Some soldiers will barge in. Use your Infected Vision and then 
quickly eat the soldier who is shown as white.

Hook Into the Hive Mind:

To gather more clues as to where Dana is, Alex needs to consume more people
who are infected. Go use your Infected Vision and find some military
people who are infected. Consume as much as you can. Be careful of viral
detectors, get rid of them first either by sabotaging them or by going full
force into a base first, then destroying them all, and then coming back to
consume the infected soldiers.

Find Out Where Dana is Being Held:

After gaining the "hive mind" of those who were infected, Alex now has an
idea of where to go next to find Dana. Follow the marker to the next

Defeat the Leader Hunter:

Alex finally finds the leader hunter that kidnapped Dana. Beat him and
his gang of ugly hunters and then consume him. You will see in his memories
that Dana is inside the hive!

Meanwhile, the Blackwatch is planning to attack the hive with something 
that can penetrate the organic material.

Making The Future:

Head to the next marker and then start the mission. A Thermobaric Tank
will arrive, but there are too many monsters around!

Rescue Dana From the Core Hive:

You will need the help of the Thermobaric Tank in order to bust a hole into
the hive. Protect it from monsters! The only real threat to the tank are
the hunters. Once you see hunters, go lock on them and kill them off as
fast as you can!

Escort the T-Tank to the first hive building and they'll blow it up. Just
be careful, the other military people will still shoot at you, only the
T-Tank won't.

Once you reach the second hive, you'll have to kill a few more hunters. The
T-Tank will also blow the place up. Escort it to the third.

When you arrive, there are more hunters here for you to kill. When the
T-Tank positions itself in front of the hive, a giant tentacle will appear
and hit the tank! You'll now have to go inside the tank and fire on the
building yourself!

The last hive is where Dana is being kept! Drive the T-Tank towards it. 
Blow anything away that tries to come from the front. You don't really have
to bother with anything behind you. Just rush forward and position yourself
in front of the last hive building. Fire away!

A hole will be made and you'll go inside. Elizabeth Greene is there! Alex
and Greene erupt in a ferocious battle, and Alex ends up injecting her
with the same concoction made by Dr. Ragland.

Greene starts throwing up, and her vomit becomes a Supreme Hunter!

Defeat the Supreme Hunter:

This is one tough battle that you might end up dying a lot in. First of all,
the supreme hunter has his own version of the ground spike devastator! When
you notice him charging up, run away!

There will also be lots of other monsters around which can get quite 
annoying. Concentrate your attacks on the supreme hunter, and try to use
your armor form if possible to reduce damage.

When you can use devastator moves, use it! Even your devastator moves do
small damage to it!

As if to mock your chances even more, some tentacles suddenly show up to
help the supreme hunter, and more monsters appear as well! Continue the
battle and damage him some more.

The military will finally bust through the walls and actually help you 
somehow by fighting with the tentacles and the other monsters. Continue
beating up on the supreme hunter and it will die eventually, after maybe
15 to 30 minutes of attacking and trying to survive!

When it dies, Alex finally saves Dana and brings her to Dr. Ragland. The
situation has gotten worse and Alex needs to do a lot of stuff again.

Men Like Gods:

Head to the marker. Alex will find a phone stuck under a payphone. A
man will tell him about a virus and what it did to Idaho. He also told
Alex that the name of the virus is Blacklight, and it's intended for
re-writing the human genetics! He also calls Alex the virus itself.

Inflitrate the Blackwatch Air Wing:

Go to your next destination. You'll see on the other building that there's
a helicopter and it's full of soldiers. You'll need to get a Blackwatch
soldier disguise.

Be careful of the helicopter flying around nearby, it might spot you. When
you're sure you're clear, watch the Blackwatch soldier behind the 3 big
equipment. Time your jump and glide while he's turned away, and do a wall
run up. If you do it right, he should still be looking the other way. It
would also help if you're using a military disguise since they won't shoot
at you if you're from the military.

Anyway, use your Stealth Consume on the man and learn a few things. Ride
the helicopter to your next destination.

Assist The Military Until Called Back to Base:

You'll find out that the military needs some help from you. Go ahead and
use your rockets to destroy the hive, just lock on it and fire away! After
the hive gets destroyed, more monsters will appear. The important ones
to kill are those marked with the red skull. Kill them. Go ahead and kill
the little monsters marked with a red triangle. 

After helping the military, you have to land your helicopter to drop off
some Blackwatch soldiers on the battlefield. A bunch of giant tentacles will
burst from the ground! Quickly increase the altitude of your helicopter and
fight them from a safe distance. Keep killing them since there will be a 
few that will pop up. After that, it will be safe to land again.

Go to two more locations to save some Blackwatch soldiers. Be careful of
the tentacles that will show up because they'll still be hurling cars
towards you! 

Head to the Special Briefing:

Fly the helicopter to the next destination.


As Alex goes into briefing, a special type of gas is released which only
hurts certain people. His cover is blown and he has to escape! Kill the
soldiers and a Supersoldier will drop down! Get rid of him and continue
killing the rest.

You'll end up outside of the base. Don't stop running! Just rush as far 
away as possible and use a disguise to throw them off. The mission will
end then.

Alex talks with the "contact" in the present day. He finally found out 
that he wasn't human, and he's been living a fake life all along!

       Part 8

A Dream of Armageddon:

Go find the phone book to talk to your contact. He'll tell you that
Blackwatch is going to release more of the gas that hurt you back at 
the base. You'll have to stop them.

Halt the Deployment of Bloodtox:

Go to your destination. There will be some red skull marks on your map.
Those are the Bloodtox Blowers. You have to destroy them all but you
have to be quick about it.

You can highjack a helicopter and just blast away. Be careful since both
the monsters and the Blackwatch will attack you.

When you're done, just escape or kill all of the military to end the

The World Set Free:

Go to the next destination to talk with your contact. You will be briefed
about helping the Bloodtax pumper to get to Times Square. 

Deploy the Bloodtox Pumper in Times Square:

You'll have to get another high ranking officer for this. Be careful of
the supersoldiers since they will be able to detect you even if you're
in disguise.

Once you're inside the base, be careful of the Bloodtox blowers. Quickly
use Stealth Consume on the high ranking officer and start the convoy.

Ride the tank near where you started the convoy. Try to stay to the side of
the Bloodtox Pumper. A lot of those giant tentacles will burst out of the
ground, so get ready!

The hardest part of this journey is the final part. There will be 4 of
those ugly tentacles that will burst out of the ground at the same time!
The trick here is to move directly in front of the Bloodtox Pumper to
cover it from damage, it's ok for your own tank to get destroyed or 
damaged, as long as the Bloodtox Pumper survives the trip.

Concentrate on one giant tentacle at a time and the mission will be over.

Things to Come:

You might want to make some more upgrades, especially more devastator
moves. When you're ready, drop down from the roof and go to the marker
to start the mission.

Force Elizabeth Greene Out Into the Open:

Alex activates the Bloodtox Pumper, but suddenly there's a very strong
earthquake. It's time to defend the pumper! This will be a really really
tough mission. A ton of hunters will pop up from all sides without giving
you a chance to rest, and you have to protect the pumper!

Use your strongest and most powerful attacks now because you have to 
quickly kill all of the hunters. Wave after wave, just keep killing them!

The final part of this mission is probably the most horrible! Two giant
tentacles will appear from both sides, and then two huge monsters will
be wailing away at the pumper. If you have the Critical Pain devastator
move, now is the time to use it! That's the most powerful attack you have.

Try to quickly finish off the two hunters and then quickly dispose of the
tentacles. It might take a few tries though since it's really tough.

Defeat Elizabeth Greene:

After beating her minions and saving the pump, Elizabeth Greene finally
shows up, but not in the way you're used to seeing her! Gone are her
beautiful girly features, all that remains is a giant fat looking tentacle
with horrible teeth.

She has a few really scary attacks. The first one is her own version of
shockwave. You'll see her charging up something red, when she releases it,
the shockwave will slowly widen and blast anything in its path away! She
also has the ability to generate green glowing projectiles that will home 
in on you so be careful!

To make matters worse, there's a ton of hunters who will be joining in 
to kill you. Go run around and grab some cars. Make sure you have locked
on to Greene and then throw it at her. 

There will be lots of zombies to consume so don't worry too much. Just
evade her homing projectiles and the shockwave attack. If possible, hit
her with the Critical Pain devastator, that's the thing that will really
do damage to her.

After she feels enough pain from you, she'll go back under the ground. Get
rid of the hunters and the military will come in. Greene will also appear,
but this time, with more tentacles!

Try to hijack some tanks and shoot at the tentacles and Greene. When the
tentacles disappear, Greene will "pass out" for a little while. Go ahead
and do some real damage to that huge blob of organic mass!

Shock and Awe:

After the extremely hard but epic battle with Greene, it's time to make
contact again with your anonymous friend. Go to the destination marked
on your map. Your contact will tell you that you'll be able to get to
McMullen if you charge directly into their facility and make them believe
they got you.

Destroy the Bloodtox Production Facility:

Head on to your marked destination. There will be a few things that you
will need to destroy. You can try to be discrete, but it's going to be
hard to pull off. Might as well go in with all the artillery.

Destroy all the red skull marked blowers and items and Alex will fool the
soldiers into thinking he's on the retreat. A soldier fires his bazooka
on a tanker, sending Alex back. Alex is now "captured".

After being brought to where Dr. McMullen is, Alex then talks to him. The
doctor tells him he really tried to release the virus, and he really got
killed before, but the virus got into him and that's how he came to be.

Alex wanted to know more, but Dr. McMullen didn't want to talk. Instead,
he shoots himself in the head.

The Last Man:

Head to your next destination. If you don't want too much attention, just
use a soldier disguise. As soon as Alex tries to pick up the phone, Cross,
the enemy from before, appears! He reveals that he's the secret contact
who's been telling Alex about what to do and what's going on.

They need to stop Manhattan from being nuked! 

Prevent Taggart from Escaping the Area:

Go to the marked destination. You will see red skull marks again. Get to
the first one. It would be a lot easier if you had the Air Dash upgrades.
Alex will need to destroy the helicopters that are trying to escape. To
make things easier, go ahead and borrow some bazookas from the soldiers!

Chase the helicopters marked with the red skull, aid dash towards them
and lock on them as well, then fire the rockets! Two shots should destroy
one helicopter. Do the same for the rest.

Keep following the markers and keep destroying the red skull marked
helicopters. You might also want to use the Whipfist moves because it will
reach the helicopters even when at a far away distance.

After all the helicopters have been destroyed, Alex talks to Cross. It is
revealed that it's true that Alex was very bad before and he actually
caused the virus to spread when he died the first time. 

       Part 9

Two Tickets:

Meet Cross at your destination. He'll tell you that you need to consume
someone so that you'll be able to get on the Reagan. He also tells you 
that you'll need to force him out, meaning you have to cause destruction!

Force Taggart Out Into the Open:

Go to your destination. You'll have to literally blow up his entire base
just to make him come out! You can start out quietly by disguising yourself
as one of the soldiers and then stealing a tank. What do you do with the
tank? You shoot the main base's building! You'll see that the health of
the base will go down. By now tanks and others will be shooting at you,
just keep stealing tanks as you need and then continue shooting the base.

After the base explodes, Taggart will be riding in a tank. You won't be able
to open the hatch so just follow him for now. Enemy tanks will appear. Make
them all blow up and keep following Taggart. Be careful as one of the
supersoldiers will keep following you. 

During the travelling segments of this mission, I found that you can simply
just stand in on the lower portion of the tank's front and you won't get 
hit that much by rockets. This is also a good way of avoiding fights that
are not needed.

When you reach the area near the bridge, you will be prompted to consume
Taggart. Go on top of the tank and get inside. You'll consume Taggart!

You will then meet up with Cross, who will now take you as a prisoner (in 
the guise of Taggart) to the Reagan ship where the guy who wants to nuke
the entire place is waiting. 

More will be revealed, but suddenly Cross will betray you! He transforms
into a Supreme Hunter, and now you have to fight again!

Defeat the Supreme Hunter:

You'll be fighting on top of the ship. At the opening, he will use a lot of
spikes coming out of his body to kill the soldiers, much like one of your
devastor moves.

This fight shouldn't be too hard. Use Armor mode and your choice of power.
Run around the ship and grab helicopters and whatever else you can get your
hands on. Lock on to the Supreme Hunter (Formerly Known as Cross) and grab
something to throw at him. If you'll notice, there are missiles on the
ship as well as helicopters!

Keep throwing stuff at the supreme hunter and he'll get stunned eventually.
When this happens, grab him and then keep pounding on him for extra damage.
Be careful because he can also do your devastator moves! The moment you
see him stop moving and charge something, immediately find cover! You 
don't want to be stabbed by a million spikes!

You'll also notice that a time limit will appear and will tell you to kill
him off before the nuclear bomb goes off! I recommend using the Critical
Pain devastator for maximum damage.

After he's dead, Alex will save the entire place by throwing the nuke into
the ocean. Unfortunately, he'll get caught by the blast and will get
pulverized to smitherines.

I won't spoil the ending, just go watch it yourself.

       Part 10


New Game+ Mode - finish the non-plus mode of a game such a Normal to enable
Normal+ mode and the like. In Game+ mode, Alex's skills are unlocked at the