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Follow the dark path or use the light


by doctorofwho

Mass Effect 2
by Stuart Gannon aka doctorofwho
copyright (c) 2010 Stuart Gannon

Table of Contents:

Note: To quickly find the section you need, hit Ctrl+F and type in whatever is
in the square brackets

I. Introduction [ME2-Intro]
     1. Version History [ME2-Ver]
     2. About this Guide [ME2-About]
II. Walkthrough [ME2-Walk]
     1. Prologue [ME2-Prolo]
     2. Lazarus Research Station [ME2-LRStat]
     3. Freedom's Progress [ME2-FreeP]
     4. Omega [ME2-Omega]
     5. Dossier: Archangel [ME2-DAngel]
III. Contact Me [ME2-Con]
IV. Legal [ME2-Legal]
V. Credit [ME2-Cred]


I. Introduction [ME2-Intro]

   1. Version History [ME2-Ver]

Version 0.10 - Started the walkthrough

   2. About this Guide [ME2-About]

Ok, first thanks for reading my walkthrough, this is my second guide I've
done with the first being my Dragon Age: Origins in-depth origin story guide.

The way I am doing this walkthrough is that I will concentrate on the main
walkthrough itself and afterwards put other stuff such as Information on the
game (ie controls, info on each class, etc) and what differs if you choose to
import a save from Mass Effect 1. Keep checking back, the version history and
the contents should tell you what is different each time this walkthrough
is updated.

Until I have completed the majority of the walkthrough (ie completed it and
have it marked as Completed/Version 1.0 or above then please do NOT send me
e-mails about anything I've missed or not done. I won't respond to suggestions
or put them in until this walkthrough is completed mostly.

Feel free to send me e-mails with feedback and e-mails asking for permission
to put my guide on your website though.

WARNING: This guide will contain spoilers, if you do not wish to see spoilers
then don't read it.


II. Walkthrough [ME2-Walk]

   1. Prologue [ME2-Prolo]

After the opening cutscenes and some talking with a member of the crew, you
will be in control of Shepard aboard a fiery Normandy. Head forward through
the ship and head up the stairs at the end of this pathway. From here just
head towards the cockpit in front of you (it is more or less a straight line)
and you will find Joker who is rather hesitant to leave the Normandy and thus
ends the prologue.

   2. Lazarus Research Station [ME2-LRStat]

(note from me: Find out if people who make new character change their facial
appearance and class after the prologue, if it's done before prologue then
change paragraph below to reflect the difference between imported character
and new character)

After the next cutscene you will be able to decide on the appearance and
class of Shepard. Now you will be in control of shepard, waking up and being
told to pick up a pistol by Miranda. Better not keep her waiting so pick up the
the pistol from the nearby locker, Miranda will say somemore stuff and then you
get told to get behind cover (it should be marked with an arrow to the right
of the locker where you got the pistol). The door explodes and you get told to
get a thermal clip which is marked just behind the door that exploded.

Head through the door in front of you, take cover and vault over it which the
instructions on screen will tell you how to do. After vaulting over shoot the
guy to the right of you on the stairs, then go up the stairs and through the
door. Here take cover at the marked area in front of you and take out the
mechs that enter the room.

Check out the room to the left of the middle door for a clip and then head
back out and through the middle door past some windows to another door
Through here you get told to pick up the nearby grenade launcher, do so and
then fire at the mechs that come through the door in front of you.

Take the nearby lift to the right of you down and continue on through the door
that the mechs you shot came out of, making sure to follow any on screen
instructions. Head through the next door after this and continue straight on
through another door to an office like area.

Here you can access some data logs from the desk in front of you, to the right
of that in the middle of the room you can try to bypass the wall safe security
and there is another data log to the right of the wall safe.

To bypass the wall safe, you have to find two matching nodes before time runs
out and do this for each circuit. It's mainly about looking for which line
connects which node.

After finishing in the office, head out left down the corridor to reach some
stairs and head up them. Here there is a data log you can access to the left
of the window and then you can continue through the door just opposite the

In this next area you will find Jacob, help him dispatch the enemies here and
then he will say some stuff which you can reply to however you want. You can
also ask him what's been going on and he will tell you the quick version
of what happened after the stuff in the prologue.

You will now have your first party member of the game, Jacob. Take care of the
rest of the enemies now, you can also use Jacobs Biotic powers (following the
on screen instructions to do so) to help dispatch the enemies.

Now you get the chance to ask Jacob questions, I suggest doing so to find out
what happened and the aftermath of the prologue such as who was killed, your
injuries and what is going on at present with the attack on the station.

After talking with Jacob, head through the only door that you can open and down
the corridor to another door. Head through this one and take out the mechs
here then head through the next door in this room. Continue on and up the
stairs that you come to. Go left first and you can view the log on the
computer here, afterwards head back and through the door next to the stairs.

Speak to Wilson who is on the floor in front of you, you will then be told to
get the medi-gel from the first aid station on the wall. Do so and then
follow the on screen instructions to help wilson.

After the following discussion, follow the on screen instructions to use
overload on the canisters. After doing this Jacob will tell you who he works
for and you can respond in whatever way you want to.

Head through the door in front of you and you will see a datapad on the floor
that you can hack datapad. To hack the datapad you will need to select the
code segments that appear at the top next to Target Code Segment and do this
without touching the segments with a red X on it.

Now head down the stairs, through the corridor to another door. Here you have
somemore enemies to face, once they are dead go down the stairs and through
the left corridor. Continue down the path to get to a ramp, at the top of the
ramp there is enemies from both the left and right sides for you to take care

Head through the left door for another log at the computer, a datapad on the
floor for you to hack and a wall safe to bypass. Afterwards, head through
the door opposite of the room you're currently in. Here you will find
Miranda who shoots wilson as soon as the door opens. Reply however you
like, you can also ask Miranda questions and then you will be done
with this area.

   3. Freedom's Progress [ME2-FreeP]

After the scene, you will be asked some questions that you can respond to.
For the most part you should be able to tell what is a paragon response and
what is a renegade response so choose whatever you like. This goes for every
other response that gives paragon and renegade points throughout the game.

Afterwards head past Miranda and go down the stairs to the right to speak to
the Illusive Man. You can ask him about some stuff and tell him whatever
you want. Afterwards head up and speak to Miranda about everything and then
speak to Jacob about everything.

Before leaving, you can go to the back near where the stairs were behind
Miranda and customize both your casual appearance and your Armor. If you
have any special promotion armor such as the Blood Dragon Armor you can
change into it here.

Afterwards, head to the door at the other end of the room for the mission
complete screen. Here you can look over everything and then close report to

You can talk to Miranda and Jacob now, afterwards you will be at Freedom's
Progress. Head through the door in front of you, nothing is here so head
through the next door and continue down the path. Head right as you go
down the stairs and go towards the door at the end.

Open this door and you will be attacked, take these enemies out and watch
out for enemies towards the right as well. After taking them out, head up
the stairs to the right and through the open door. Here you will find some
medi-gel and a wall safe to bypass.

Outside the door here, you will have some more enemies to kill. Afterwards
check out the Salvage parts and then head up the stairs and open the door
where you will meet one of your old crew members from Mass Effect 1.

After speaking with Tali, head through the nearby door and Tali warns you
that security drones are up ahead. Continue on to the nearby building and
in here you will see a mech to the left in front of a wall safe. Kill the
mech and then you can feel free to bypass the wall safe.

Head through the next door now to find a bunch of rocket drones. Take cover
and use overload on them along with shooting while you wait on overload
recharging. Head into the building marked 56 that is just ahead of you to
find a medi-kit and then head through the next door opposite the building
you're in.

Continue through the next door after this and down the stairs to find
more drones to kill. Before going to the big door with the markers, you
can check the nearby medi-kit and salvage parts at the back.

Now use the D-pad to send your squad members to the markers that are
showing. Now we have a big mech to deal with, oh joy for us.

To defeat the big Mech use overload to hurt it's shield and shoot it
while you wait for overload to recharge. It shouldn't take too long to
defeat it although Miranda died on me a few times so you may have to use
unity if that happens. Make sure to utilize cover the best you can since
it has rockets that can really hurt you.

Now look around here, you can find a Damaged YMIR Mech to scan, and some
refined Iridium to take. Go into the building that has 95 on it and
bypass the wall safe. It also has a Power Cell that you can check.

Outside again, you can go into the building with 25 on it where Tali is.
The only thing here though is a Medi-kit. When you're ready, head into
the building that has 79 on it to find Veetor.

It is here that you can perform the first interupt. If you choose a
paragon response, you can perform a paragon interupt but if you choose
a renegade then you can perform a renegade interupt. Talking to Veetor
will reveal what happened and even show you some security footage of
what happened. Tali will storm into the room, you can ask her to work
with you like old times but she won't. In any case you can decide if
you will let Veetor go or not.

You will not be brought back to the Illusive man and will be able to
talk to him about everything. If you tell him "I had a good team"
you will be able to ask about your previous team members.

In any case, finish up the conversation to meet Joker again and you
will get the new normandy. This concludes the mission and you will
get the mission complete sceen.

   4. Omega [ME2-Omega]

You will now be on the Normandy and be introduced to EDI, the AI on the ship.
You will also be given several missions and if you have the Normandy Crash
Site which you can download off the Cerberus Network (you should have a
code for that if you bought the game new) then you will also have an
assignment which is essentially the games side quests. You can either follow
the guide in order, go to whichever section for the mission you want to do or
go to the Assignment Section and look at whatever Assignment you're on.

You can now explore the ship, talk to everyone. Yeoman is a good person to
talk to about everything. Also talk to your party members and joker at
the very least. Also check your private terminal for messages. Also it is
good to note that when you use the elevator, it will tell you which floor
your party members are on.

After doing everything you wish on the Normandy, go to the galaxy map and
pilot your way to Omega and enter it.

After the opening scene, head straight ahead and speak to Zaeed to recruit
him (this only happens if you bought the game new and got the cerberus
network code).

Now go through the nearby door and head straight up to the entrance to
Afterlife. (You can feel free to explore around but make sure you know
where you are so you can continue the guide) Continue on, around the
circle and up the nearby steps. You should see Aria looking at the place
where you just came from. Approaching her will initiate a conversation,
you can ask her about both Archangel and Mordin and you can of course
investigate for extra bits of info on things.

   5. Dossier: Archangel [ME2-DAngel]

Lets take care of Archangel first, head back down the stairs and you will
see the Merc recruiter on the left hand side when your facing the door
you originally came from. Talk to him and you will be allowed inside.
Talk to this guy about everything, just as you leave someone comes in
and you can ask him how old he is and if you feel like it, interupt him.

Head back the way you came now out of Afterlife, turn right just as you
come out to go to the transport depot where you will meet a Blue Suns
Driver who will take you to your destination.

Once you arrive, you will be briefed a little on the situation. From here
head up the stairs and along the only path available to you and then go
through the door. In here you can read a Message to Tarak and you can
also talk to Jaroth.

Now head through the next door and then through the left door here to
find something to hack and a few other things including something to
bypass. I recommend bypassing it as it will help you out later on.
Afterwards go back out and through the other door next to the room
your in.

Head straight ahead of you to the next room, here you can speak to
Garm, a Krogan. After you speak to him, you can head through the
door right next to this room. In here you will see a protection
money accounts on the floor that you can hack. Head up to the
door on the right and bypass it. Get everything you see in here
then head across to the opposite side of the room to see Cathka.

After you finish talking with him, you can choose to do a renegade
interupt otherwise that's it for talking to him.

At this part, you have to make sure Archangel survives. Clear the
downstairs area taking any items you come across and then go upstairs
and kill the guy in front of the currently closed down. Once he is
dead the door sign will turn from red to green and you can go
through it.

Here you finally meet Archangel who turns out to be Garrus, a former
party member from Mass Effect 1. After talking with him, it is time
for some action against those mercs.

You have a good vantage point from where you are after the scene
with Garrus. I suggest trying to take as many of them out as you
can from where you are. Any that make it inside can be taken out
when they try to go up the stairs.

If you bypassed the YMIR mech from earlier like I recommended then
you won't have to worry about him here when you see him, infact
he will help you. Continue taking out the other mercs now and
once Jaroth is dead, that should be it. Search around in the room
where Garrus is for anything and then talk to Garrus.

While talking with Garrus, make sure to say that you're not
leaving him alone, this way you will be able to leave one
of your team members here just incase.

Now head downstairs and head around to the back of the stairs
where a door is, go through here. Continue on down the stairs
here and go straight forward to the green switch. Use it to
close the shutters, it will take 10 seconds so be sure no
enemies make it through the shutters.

Afterwards, turn around and go left to where it says Garage on
the wall. You will face a few enemies when you open the door
and more will come. Push forward to where the shutter switch
is and use it to close the shutters. Same deal as before,
make sure no one gets through the shutters before it closes.

Once that's done, head across from the garage to the door
with the sign next to it that says Utility. Go forward
taking cover and then vaulting when possible.

After going over all of them you will be near the shutter
doors however you still have to fight as you close just
like the other two shutters.

Once done Garrus will contact you and tell you that he
needs help. After the quite scene you will have another big
battle with Garm and the blood pack. There is quite a few enemies
so make good use of any cover you can find.

Head up stairs once the enemies below are dead to help Garrus
fight Garm, afterwards talk to Garrus. Just as you finish
speaking with him a gunship drops somemore mercs off for you to
fight. You know the drill, cover and shoot them when you see
an opening.

After taking out those mercs, Garrus will get injured by the
Gunship who you now have to take out. It is advisable to use
any heavy weapons and ammo you may have. If you do not have
any heavy ammo or if you run out then you will have to be a
bit more tactical and use the cover to your advantage the best
you can.

The gunship may also drop off more Blue Sun mercs for you to
deal with so be ready. If you haven't used your grenade launcher
much and have heavy ammo for it then you shouldn't have too much

Afterwards you will have the Mission Complete Screen.


III. Contact Me [ME2-Con]

If you have anything to add that I may have missed then e-mail me with the
subject heading: "Mass Effect 2 - Suggestion"

Please also note that if you're giving me a suggestion and I use it, give me
a name that you wish me to credit you by otherwise I'll use whatever the name
is that it shows when I see the e-mail (and if no name is shown, I'll use
the first bit of the e-mail before the @ sign).

And if you wish to give me feedback on this guide
then e-mail me with the subject heading: "Mass Effect 2 - Feedback"

Finally if you wish to use my guide for your own website, then please
e-mail me with the subject heading: "Mass Effect 2 - permission"

e-mail: [email protected]


IV. Legal [ME2-Legal]

This document is copyrighted and may not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal and private use only. It may not be placed on any website
without my permission, do not copy or alter any information in this guide.

These websites are authorized to host this guide:

The latest version will always be found on Gamefaqs.


V. Credit [ME2-Cred]

Thanks to the following people:

My girlfriend: For supporting me and helping me when she could with this guide

Bioware: For creating this fantastic game

And finally thanks to anyone who reads this guide.