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Spec Ops Guide

by aldecide

MMMMM       MMMMM                DD
MMMMMM     MMMMMM                DD
MMM MMM   MMM MMM                DD  
MMM     M     MMM  OO   OO   DD  DD EEEEEEEEE RR        NN     NN
MMM           MMM  OO   OO  DD   DD EE        RR        NN     NN
MMM           MMM   OO OO    DD  DD  EE    EE RR        NN     NN
MMM           MMM    OOO      DDDDD   EEEEEE  RR        NN     NN

WW                       WW                    FFFF
 WW                     WW                    FF  FF 
  WW                   WW                    FF
   WW                 WW    AA    RR RRRR    FF         AA    RR RRRR    EEEEE
    WW               WW   AAAAAA  RRRR  RR FFFFFF     AAAAAA  RRRR  RR  EE   EE
     WW    WWWWW    WW   AA   AA  RR         FF      AA   AA  RR       EEEEEEEE
      WW  WWW WWW  WW   AA    AA  RR         FF     AA    AA  RR       EE
       WWWWW   WWWWW    AA   AAA  RR         FF     AA   AAA  RR        EE   EE
        WWW     WWW      AAAAA A  RR         FF      AAAAA A  RR         EEEEE

                           2222222222  2222222222
                         222222222222  222222222222
                       222222222222      222222222222
                     2222222222              2222222222
                     2222222222              2222222222
                                   22  2222  
                                 2222  22
                             22222222   Written by
                           22222222       aldecide
                       22222222222222  2222222222222222
                     2222222222222222  2222222222222222
                     2222222222222222  2222222222222222
                     2222222222222222  2222222222222222

             SSS   PPPP  EEEEEE   CCCC        OOOO   PPPP   SSS
            S   S  P  PP E       C   CC      O    O  P  PP S   S
            S      P  PP E      C           O      O P  PP S
             SSS   PPPP  EEEEEE C           O      O PPPP   SSS
                S  P     E      C           O      O P         S
            S   S  P     E       C   CC      O    O  P     S   S
             SSS   P     EEEEEE   CCCC        OOOO   P      SSS

                       Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

                       $           Spec  Ops           $
                       $             Guide             $
                       $         Version: 1.20         $
                       $      Written by: aldecide     $
                       $ Email: [email protected] $ 
                       $                               $


*Table of Contents                                                             *

I. Introduction                                                           [1-1 ]
II. Version History                                                       [2-1 ]
III. General Tips for Survival                                            [3-1 ]
    A. Mission type                                                       [3-2 ]
    B. Solo/cooperative                                                   [3-3 ]
    C. Juggernaut Strategy                                                [3-4 ]
IV. Main Walkthrough
    A. Alpha                                                              [4-1 ]
        1. The Pit                                                        [4-1A]
        2. Sniper Fi                                                      [4-1B]
        3. O Cristo Redentor                                              [4-1C]
        4. Evasion                                                        [4-1D]
        5. Suspension                                                     [4-1E]
    B. Bravo
        1. Overwatch*                                                     [4-2A]
        2. Body Count                                                     [4-2B]
        3. Bomb Squad                                                     [4-2C]
        4. Race                                                           [4-2D]
        5. Big Brother*                                                   [4-2E]
    C. Charlie
        1. Hidden                                                         [4-3A]
        2. Breach & Clear**                                               [4-3B]
        3. Time Trial                                                     [4-3C]
        4. Homeland Security**                                            [4-3D]
        5. Snatch & Grab                                                  [4-3E]
    D. Delta
        1. Wardriving                                                     [4-4A]
        2. Wreckage                                                       [4-4B]
        3. Acceptable Losses                                              [4-4C]
        4. Terminal**                                                     [4-4D]
        5. Estate Takedown                                                [4-4E]
    E. Echo
        1. Wetwork                                                        [4-5A]
        2. High Explosive**                                               [4-5B]
        3. Armor Piercing                                                 [4-5C]
V. About the Author                                                       [5-1 ]
VI. Contact Information                                                   [6-1 ]
VII. Credits                                                              [CRD1]
VIII. Copyright Information                                               [7-1 ]

*Mission requires 2 players to complete
**Mission is difficult to complete without 2 players

*                               -=Introduction=-                               *
                                   [1-1 ]  

As a side note prior to writing the remainder of this, this will be my first
guide written, and as I will later mention, it is being written exclusively for Anyone wishing to use my guide for any reason should contact me 
via my listed information. In regards to my first guide, however, I hope I do 
not disappoint. Any and all feedback is welcome and GREATLY appreciated, and I 
encourage any data/improvement submissions to be made without hesitation. As 
previously posted, my email address is [email protected]. Now, on with the

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (henceforth known as Modern Warfare 2 or MW2) is
your basic first person shooter. It has exquisite controls, a decent storyline,
great competitive online multiplayer, and a special mode, known as Special 
Operations (Spec Ops). That mode is the focus of this guide. 

Spec Ops is Modern Warfare 2's "special" gameplay mode. It brings something 
different to the game's overall experience. It is a series of missions, with 
varying objectives, that you are required to complete alone or with a teammate.
Each mission's completion can give you between one and three 'stars,' based on
how well you did in the mission, or the difficulty you chose before the 
mission was started. Obviously the more stars you're trying to get, the 
harder it is going to be to get them. You have to play, and play well to beat 
this mode 100%. It is essentially a skill-building and testing mode, used to 
train your solo and cooperative skills, your reaction time, and your overall 
abilities at almost any aspect of Modern Warfare 2. (With the exception of 
player vs. player) In solo, it strains the player's abilities to the limit, 
providing him with limitless challenges of different varieties, from having 
to fend off juggernauts to sneaking through the arctic wilderness. For 
obvious reasons, solo mode is MUCH more difficult than split screen or 
Xbox Live co-op modes. Strategies differ greatly, and so the layout of 
this guide is going to be affected on that basis. 

With the exception of having another teammate, there are a few key points that 
will change your strategy on Spec Ops based on whether you are playing solo or 
co-op. These include, but are not limited to:

-The ability to revive incapacitated teammates, continuing the game even 
after a mistake is made. 
-Tactical teamwork strategies-riot shields will be far more useful, 
supporting fire with a long range rifle, etc.
-More firepower means you can take down groups of enemies that would 
otherwise need to be avoided or handled with extreme care.

Because of these details, the format for each of the mission guides will be 
similar to the following example:

Alpha Section                          (Mission phonetic designation)
The Pit                                (Mission name)

Regular:  */*                          (Difficulty level based
Hardened: */*                           on difficulty choice/
Veteran:  **/*                          difficulty on co-op)

(General Information on Mission here)

(Available mission equipment here/usefulness of equipment on a 5 star scale)

(Single Player Strategies/walkthrough)

(Split-Screen/Live co-op Strategies/walkthrough)

(Alternative Strategies submitted by readers)

After these have been completed, it will move onto the next mission. 
Other than that, I hope the guide helps you with what you need, so on with 
the useful stuff!

*                               Version History                                *

11/27/09-Version 0.20 complete-basic overview for all contents created, 
beginning information filled out. Small work done on general tips, specifics & 
further info to come. 

11/29/09-Version 0.30 complete-finished the majority of Alpha tier missions. 
Updated mission format. Included equipment listings for convenience. 

11/30/09-Version 0.35 complete. Final Alpha tier mission written. Still need to 
locate assistance for cooperative portions. 

11/30/09-Version 0.40 complete. Most Bravo tier missions written. More updates 
on walkthrough format complete. 

11/31/09-Version 1.00 complete. After one rejection and many painstaking hours, 
everything's done. Awaiting data submission and feedback. 

12/03/09-Version 1.01 complete. Additional information added to missions Body
Count, Breach & clear and Hidden. Weapons list from Estate Takedown formed. 

12/04/09-Version 1.10 complete. Additional strategy added to Snatch & Grab. 
New strategies to come.

12/07/09-Version 1.15 complete. Multiple additional strategies and credits 

12/16/09-Version 1.18 complete. Multiple strategies added since V1.15. 
Multiple typographical errors fixed.

12/16/09-Version 1.19 complete. Added details to Hidden.

12/24/09-Version 1.20 complete. Yes, I did this on Christmas eve...details 
added to Hidden, new strategy added. About the Author segment updated.

*                              Tips for Survival                               *
                                   [3-1 ]

The following is a segment with some general, usually common sense tips for 
survival in the various game types that you will encounter during your play 
through Special Operations. The first segment will be for general information 
regarding spec ops. Afterwards, a series of paragraphs will describe different
Spec Ops types, and give information on how to better deal with the challenge 
they provide. At the top of each small segment will be the type of match that 
is detailed. 

-=MISSION TYPES=-                                                         [3-2 ]

-When playing a Special Operations mission for the first time, don't overlook 
the objectives. Make sure you understand the requirements to nab the 3 star 
ranking. Know what you have to do, how long you have to do it, and what might 
get in the way en route to that objective.

-Study the pre-game description of the level. Most players tend to ignore it, 
but every level gives you a detailed run-down on the mission's objectives, your 
estimated opposition, the mission's classification, how long it estimates you 
should take to complete the mission, and how long you've taken in the past to 
complete it. 

-As a fun side note, each mission also details Infinity Ward's best times on 
all of the missions. This allows you to see how well you can do compared to the 
people who developed the game! In my book, beating their times is a HUGE 
bragging right-they do just as good of a job playing the game as they did making


Assault missions include The Pit, Suspension, Breach & Clear, Snatch & Grab, 
Wardriving, Terminal, Wetwork, and for the sake of strategy, wreckage. They are
generally missions that require you to break through enemy defenses to reach an
objective. Alternatively, they can also require you to reach several 
objectives, and possibly hold them for a time. Either way, this mission type 
involves a lot of 'frontlines fighting' and will also involve you taking a lot
of cover just 
to stay alive. 

Recommended equipment ranges primarily between LMG's and Assault Rifles as 
your primary weapons, with the potential for sniper rifles or riot shields 
on co-op mode, and shotguns or machine pistols as a secondary, with launchers 
being potentially useful if the mission involves vehicles. Specifically, the 
FAMAS, AK-47, ACR and M4A1 Carbine are decent assault rifle choices-you need 
a decent sized magazine with automatic or semi-automatic firing options. 
Accuracy is also a plus, so I'd recommend an ACOG scope or red dot sight with 
each of them. The RPD or M240 are good LMG choices, and the red dot sight is 
a good attachment for them as well. ACOG scopes are not recommended as a 
resultof the recoil. Remember that these are general recommendations, and 
each level has specific requirements. Further detail will be explained in 
the Walkthrough segment. 

-When in co-op, remember to work together here. Keeping at least one person 
alive to revive the other is a MUST at all times. 

-On spec ops, more than anywhere else, you can use teamwork and the riot 
shield together to achieve amazing results. Your enemies will have a habit
of shooting whoever is closer, or easier to see, regardless of whether or not
their bullets are having any effect. Picking up a riot shield and crouching 
down, while your partner stands behind you and does the shooting can give you
a one-two combo that is hard for them to beat. 

-I love snipers as much as the next guy. Nothing beats taking down almost 
anyone in one shot. Unfortunately, unless you are playing cooperatively, or 
know where ALL of your enemies are, and have good distance between you and 
them, snipers are not a viable option in assault game types. You will be 
overrun quickly by enemies who seem to pop out of nowhere and begin shooting
you from five feet away. 


Stealth missions include Evasion, Hidden and Acceptable Losses. They are
similar to the assault missions in that they require you to reach an 
objective. The means you get there, however, differ entirely. Instead 
of charging head on into enemy lines, your objective is now to avoid 
being seen or detected entirely. Take down enemies ONLY if you know you 
can do so without alerting them to your presence and ensure that you are
aware of your surroundings at all times. Being detected means that you 
will be hunted briefly by any nearby opposition, and any opposition the
game's AI deems fit to send your way. On higher difficulties, this 
often means death, especially if you're playing solo. 

Recommended equipment for the stealth missions is limited to what you start 
with, and possibly what you can pick up on the ground in the beginning. You 
will only be using silenced weapons-to do otherwise is suicide. This limits 
you to a few weapons. Obviously, a sniper rifle is practically a necessity. 
It allows youto take down your opponents from a reasonable distance quickly,
without risking detection. Make sure you take rate of fire and damage into 
consideration if and when you get the chance to choose your rifle. For the 
most part, your starting equipment will do you fine, but you will want to 
change your items out on a couple of these missions. Remember that these 
are general recommendations, and each level has specific requirements. 
Further detail will be explained in the Walkthrough segment.

-I know I've already mentioned this, but I cannot stress enough how important
it is for you to make sure that if you're about to kill somebody, make sure
there is nobody else around who will be aware of it, or at the very least if 

there is, make sure you take them out too. If you are playing on veteran, you
cannot afford to be spotted. 

-Most of the enemies you encounter will either be huddled in a large group, or
on patrol. Either way, you can maneuver yourself, or wait for them to get 
into position, so that you can shoot through one enemy, and into another. 
Especially in the large groups, this makes your job of neutralization without 
detection MUCH easier. 

-Two attachments will be your priceless allies here, if you can acquire them. 
These two are the heartbeat sensor, and the thermal scope. 

-You don't HAVE to kill everyone. Your objective remains to reach the goal. 
If killing someone might expose you, simply slip past them, or if that is 
not an option, wait until they are in a better position for you to take 
them out. 


Elimination missions include O Cristo Redentor, Body Count, Estate Takedown,
High Explosive and Armor Piercing. These missions are some of the easiest, 
and hardest missions you will find. These are the big ones where you face 
off against the Juggernauts, Spec Ops' own elite force. For more information
on fighting these behemoths, see the last section of the general strategies 
and tips, Juggernaut Strategy. Anyways, Elimination is quite simple-it is 
your goal to find and eliminate all of your opponents. This is actually a 
little bit easier than assault in that you don't necessarily have to seek 
your opponent out. Often you can set up a defensive perimeter, and your 
enemies will come to you. 

Equipment recommendation for Elimination modes vary drastically. LMG's are 
nearly always a good call, however, and sniper rifles are decent as well. 
For juggernauts, you will want high caliber weapons-the Barrett .50 cal and 
Desert Eagles work well, and the intervention is not bad either. Using their
own M240's against them can work, too. The only equipment that is universal 
for the Elimination modes is the claymore mine. You will be on the defense 
a LOT, and this is your first line against any who would invade your 
fortress. C4 is a decent alternative, but not as good, as it must be 
monitored and detonated remotely. If you can acquire turrets, these are 
also decent at holding certain areas for a time. Remember that these are 
general recommendations, and each level has specific requirements. 
Further detail will be explained in the Walkthrough segment.

-As I said, when you get the chance, lay out your claymore mine defense 
grid, find yourself a good sniper position, lay a trap for the 
juggernauts. For once, YOU have the advantage of defense-take that advantage!

-Equipment options vary more greatly here than anywhere. This is your 
chance to use the weapons you are good with, not the ones the situation 
calls for. Unless a juggernaut is coming, you can essentially use whatever 
weapon you wish for each of these levels, provided you're in the right 
part of the level. 

-If you are caught in an area where defense is hard to maintain, remember to 
always seek out corners or objects to put your back against-never stand in 
open space to defend an area! If there's any chance that anything but brick, 
wood, etc. will be behind you, find a new place to go. 

-Camping is okay here! There are a few important chokepoints that you can 
hold, killing anyone that comes by. You have to have a quick trigger finger 
to do this, however, as higher difficulties invite your enemies to shoot 
you faster, and do more damage when they do. 

-=Timed Escort=-*

These missions require 2 players to complete, and include Big Brother and 
Overwatch. One player takes over an aerial vehicle and weapon, and provides 
covering fire while the other player attempts to make his way to a goal. 
It is essentially an assault match, only you have an eye in the sky 
watching out for you. While it might make you feel invincible to have a 
10mm minigun or an AC-130 watching your back, these missions are anything 
but easy. There are a lot more enemies to worry about at a time, and if your
support gunner can't keep up with taking them down, it's your problem, and 
quite a big one it will prove to be. 

There is no recommended equipment set for these levels. You start off with 
what you need, and if you need to switch, you have to scavenge the corpses 
of your fallen enemies. You will likely be using the starting assault rifle 
for the entire round for both of these maps. 

-Your support gunner is there to help you-let them. They have a weapon 
(or weapons) that can take out vast amounts of enemies quickly. Give them a 
minute to take down that chopper, truck or squad of hostiles. No need to 
expose yourself if it's not necessary.

-While it can be advantageous to take cover and wait while your support gunner
takes out all of the opposition, you will have a time limit you have to 
fight as well. Waiting in one spot for too long can make you miss it entirely.

-Communication is key here. If you come under fire, make sure your partner 
knows it, and that they know where the fire is coming from. On Overwatch, 
turning your laser designator on helps as well. 


This mission type involves 2 missions, Time trial and Race. They are 
essentially the same mission, with different details. They require you to 
race down a mountain, making it to the finish line before a set amount of 

Equipment setting here is nonexistent. 

-It's not a bad thing to slow down to make a sharper turn. Better to lose 
a couple dozen milliseconds to hit a ramp head on than to hit it at an angle 
and flip over, crashing into the brush. 

-Unless they continue to shoot, kill and harass you, there is no need to 
worry too much about the other riders around you. Your job is to concentrate 
on making it to that goal within your time limit-ensure that you do so. 

-Keep an eye out for shortcuts. Some are not obvious, but they do exist. 

-=Timed Assault=-

Bomb Squad is the only timed assault mission. Your objective is to disarm 3
bombs before they detonate, fighting your way through tangos to reach them.
It's fairly basic, and similar to the standard assault missions.

Your best bet here is an assault rifle, LMG or a shotgun, and a grenade 
launcher. Ditch your M1014 in the beginning for the AA-12, and switch out 
your akimbo G18's for a P90 or a Thumper. You will need to kill as many 
enemies as possible as fast as you can. Bear that in mind when choosing your
equipment. Remember that these are general recommendations, and each level 
has specific requirements. Further detail will be explained in the 
Walkthrough segment.

-The timed assault segment consists of only one mission, and so the 
strategies for it will be covered in the walkthrough section. 

-=Wave Defense=-

The Wave Defense mission type consists of the Sniper Fi and Homeland 
Security missions. Your objective is to hold out through several waves of
enemies, using every tool at your disposal to defeat each wave. Similar 
to elimination, only the enemies come at you faster, and the strategies 
for victory will differ slightly. 

For equipment, one sniper rifle or thermal scope rifle will be a necessity. 
Regardless of the mission, you will have more than enough distance between you 
and each wave to hit them before they get close. Do so. Claymores, turrets and 
the predator drone will also be available, and so should be put to use. You may

or may not need an RPG, AT-4 or stinger missile, depending on your strategy, 
but they are good to have on hand nonetheless. Remember that these are general
recommendations, and each level has specific requirements. Further detail 
will be explained in the Walkthrough segment.

-When you get close to the end of a wave, and only a chopper or single hostile
remains, use this as an opportunity to set up your defenses. Once that 
individual is taken out, you only have 8 or so seconds until the next wave 
comes, where as leaving him alive poses only a minor threat to you, and 
allows you infinite time to prepare for the next wave. You will have access 
to many claymores, and possible turrets. You can also rearrange equipment for 
better access during this time. 

-Once again, you have the advantage of the defense. Use it. Same rules apply 
here as in elimination, only now you don't have to worry about juggernauts. 

-Stay behind cover when possible. Unless the wave is just starting, odds are 
someone is ready to shoot you at all times.

-=SOLO/COOPERATIVE STRATEGY=-                                             [3-3 ]

The following is a listing of general strategies that can be employed during 
most Spec Ops missions. The first segment will cover general tactics for solo 
gameplay, while the second will cover tactics for cooperative gameplay. 


-Remember that you have only one life; use it well, and be careful. 

-Always have your back to a solid surface

-You only have enough room for 2 weapons. Make sure that the ones you're using 
match the situation you're in. 

-You don't have anybody to help you except for you. Claymores, turrets, and 
other automated defenses are immensely useful as they take a small portion of 
the load off of your shoulders. 

-You have every weapon at the start of the level, along with every weapon your 
enemies drop at your disposal. Don't hesitate to unload your magazines on 
everything in sight-if they can't shoot you, it won't cause you any harm to 
shoot everything that looks like it might be penetrable. 

-Grenades are your friends. Use them often. Remember though, once the pin is 
pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend. Don't keep him close for too 
long-the enemy isn't as good at returning thrown grenades as a player is. 

-Take your time. Unless it's a timed mission, the estimated completion time 
means nothing. Your first run through, you're going for the stars. You can 
concentrate on completion time later-for now, don't be afraid to spend twenty 
minutes ensuring your success on a level that should have taken seven. 


-You now have an invaluable ally-you cannot die as easily, and you have 
more firepower to back you up, at little to no cost. If you want to go 
out to make sure an area is clear, it isn't as big of a deal, provided 
your ally is nearby for you to crawl to. 

-While you do have a revive tool, and the bleed-out timer is VERY long, 
you should still stick close to your ally. You crawl incredibly slowly, 
and there's a chance that him running to you could get him killed as well, 
forcing you to restart the mission. 

-You can now set up even more effective ambushes. You can combine a C4 trap 
with sniper support, position yourselves in adjacent rooms to set up a 
pincer attack, draw the fire of one hostile while your ally takes him out 
from relative safety. The tactical possibilities are endless.

-Riot shields, sniper rifles and shotguns are infinitely more useful now 
that you can use your combined efforts to take down your enemies. 

-=JUGGERNAUT STRATEGY=-                                                   [3-4 ]

After browsing the Modern Warfare 2 forums, it has become apparent that a 
definitive method of taking down a juggernaut is absent. Everybody has their 
own strategies, but there is minimal sharing to make sure that everybody can 
accomplish the feat of taking down one, two, or even three juggernauts at 
once. This section is for my strategy of taking down these leviathans, and for 

anybody who cares to contribute to post their suggestions as well. 

The strategy to take one of these monsters down varies from solo to cooperative

Facing a juggernaut alone is hard to do. Facing 2 juggernauts is harder. There
are ways to go about it however. While the knife is awful when it comes to 
killing them or doing damage, it is useful in one respect. If you don't have 
any other high caliber weapons, you can use the knife to attack the 
juggernaut, which will stun them briefly, giving you time to lay into them 
with your weapons. You can do the same thing with grenade launchers, RPG's, 
etc. However, the best weapon for taking them down is the Barrett .50 Cal. 
2/3 of a magazine or so will take them out without a problem, and it is even 
easier if you can get them from a distance. An LMG does good damage as well. 
Desert Eagles do a decent job, and the Intervention sniper rifle does good 
damage too, though the bolt action makes it difficult. If you cannot snipe 
them from a distance, use cover to your advantage. No matter the difficulty, 
you can survive long enough to sprint from cover to cover. Use that to stay 
hidden. Playing 'ring around the rosie' in buildings with them works as well. 
REMEMBER: They can't climb through windows!

For split screen or online co-op, I've found the best way is to have one player
slowly lure the juggernaut into a trap. Get his attention, then lead him into 
claymores or C4 for damage, or just into the other player. The "bait" (P1) uses
an LMG or a Desert Eagle for damage, but does not attack until the 
juggernaut's focus is on the other player. The other player (P2) uses a sniper 
or similar high caliber weapon to take down his health as much as possible 
before having to take cover. As the juggernaut approaches P2, the bait (P1) 
comes out of hiding and hits the juggernaut with his weapons from behind.

Note that shotguns, most akimbo weapons, assault rifles and riot shields do 
very little against juggernauts. LMG's and snipers are the only real way, with 
the occasional stun-stab.

SIDE NOTE: Any and ALL strategies are welcome for defeating the juggernauts. 

* IV. Main Walkthrough                                                         *

The following section is the bulk of this guide. It goes into depth on specific
strategies to beat each level, what equipment to use for each mission, and 
overall how difficult a mission should be to beat. 

* Alpha                                                                 [4-1 ] *

-=The Pit=-                                                               [4-1A]


Regular:  */*
Hardened: */*
Veteran:  **/*

-General information-
The Pit is the exact same thing as it is in the campaign. The only difference 
is that now you are required to beat it in a specific time to get said stars. 
A very easy mission overall, and any player with a reasonable amount of skill 
or practice could beat this on veteran without the aid of a partner. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

USP .45/***: Decent, but magazine is smaller than the M9. Definitely switch out.
M4A1/***: Also decent, but a better sight makes it easier in my book. Switch out
Desert Eagle/*: Unless you're going for flare, this is not useful at all. A 7 
round magazine is ridiculously small. 
SCAR-H Foregrip/****: Decent-sights are better for me, but the lack of recoil 
makes this weapon a good choice for a player that doesn't mind the ironsights.
MP5K Holographic/****: My favorite for use. Good magazine size & accuracy, 
decent sight. Recommended. 
ACR Holographic/***: Also decent, though more recoil than I like. 
M9/*****: Perfect handgun for this mission. Good reload speed and mag size, 
good accuracy. Must-have secondary. Recommended. 

Remember to choose your weapons in the beginning. You 'kill' your targets in 
1 hit, so accuracy and magazine size is essential. I personally recommend 
using the MP5K w/holographic sight and the M9. As an alternative, you can
also just go with the USP and M9. Their reload speed is decent.

*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Always remain moving forward in this level! Unless you 
missed a target, never let the left thumbstick stray from the forward 

*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Remember that accuracy does NOT help your time like it did
in the campaign. If it helps, spray bullets as much as you want without 
hitting a civilian. 

Immediately after entering the pit, 3 enemy targets appear, one behind each of
the nearest obstacles. Take them out down your iron sights, snapping to each 
one. Killing all 3 should take less than a second. After this, another target 
will appear on the right hand side, a little farther down the yard, and another
one will appear directly to the front of you, hiding behind a civilian target. 
Both of these will be moving. Carefully take them both out without hitting the 
civilian. The next group of 'hostiles' will consist of a civilian in the right 
doorway of the building, and another civilian in the center of it, moving left 
to right and back. There will also be a target closer to you, as well as another
hostile target behind the mobile civilian. Take them out, along with the 2 
hostiles on the second story, and the enemy in the left doorway, then enter 
that doorway into the room. If you still have some space between you and the 
building, reload as you go. If not, switch to your M9. Right in front of you 
will be a civilian with a mobile target behind him. Shoot around the civilian, 
and switch to the 2 targets on your right. A civilian will be on the left, with
2 hostiles in front of you. Take them down firing from the hip-just flick the 
thumbstick from one target to the next. You should have them both down and be 
moving within a half a second. If you are low on MP5 ammo at this point, or if 
you have not done so, switch to the M9-it is good here. Knife the hostile at the
top of the staircase. Kill the tango to the right of the civilian in front of 
you, and take out the target behind him as well, with the same bullet if 
possible. To the right will be a mobile target on the left wall, and a target 
right in front of you. Taking these 2 out with the same bullet should not be 
hard either. If you used your M9 for this part, reload while you move to go down
to the next area. If not, switch to the M9 now. There will be a rabble of 
civilians and targets. Be VERY CAREFUL when shooting a target that there is 
no civilian behind it. There are 2 stationary civilians in front, and one moving
in the back. The one in the back is the one you are most likely to hit through 
another target. Take down all 4 tangos here. The one closest to you and the one 
on the far left can easily be taken down with one bullet. The last 2 tangos will
be right in front of you. Take them both out with one shot, and begin sprinting
to the finish. You should have made it in about 27-28 seconds.

-=Sniper Fi=-                                                             [4-1B]

Regular:  */*
Hardened: **/*
Veteran:  **/*

-General Information-
This level is incredibly easy. You are placed in a very defensible position, 
with 2 points of entry, a lot of claymores and a predator missile. To make 
things better, you also have access to a powerful sniper, RPG, and a couple 
of decent LMG's and a P90. Just hole up and kill 'em all. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

Barrett .50 Cal/****: Great for long range take-downs. Less useful once the 
enemy gets in close. Good for this level, especially if you're playing co-op. 
Desert Eagle/*: Again, useless. Switch out. 
RPG-7/**: Only get this if a truck gets to you before the predator gets it. 
M240 Heartbeat/***: Good as a weapon, though most enemies stay far enough away 
so the heartbeat is almost useless. Still best as a switch-out for the deagle 
though. Recommended secondary. 
P90 Holographic/***: Again, decent as a switchout for the deagle. Just a matter
of preference here. 
M1014/**: Useless. Most fighting will be at long range. 
AK-47 Grenadier/**: Decent. The grenade launcher can be useful if used properly.
Claymore Mines/****: No reason not to set them. Keeps the enemy from sneaking 
up on you. Put around 6 or 7 around the back stairwell for the sneaky tangos, 
and keep a few to set at the top of the ladder for those that sneak up. 
Predator Drone/*****: EXTREMELY useful. You should get most of your kills from
this, and all of your vehicle kills from it. Just take cover, open up your 
laptop, and take out a good half dozen of them. 


Remember to switch out your deagle, and begin to take position to snipe your 
enemy. Pick up the Predator Drone (if on Veteran, it won't appear until your 
2nd wave) and get ready. Snipe off as many as you can in the beginning. Once 
you have 1 or 2 left, ignore them and use this time to lay your claymores. 
Lay about a half a dozen on and around the staircase behind you, and lay one 
at the top of the ladder. Take out the last of the hostiles and get your UAV 
ready. Most of the enemies will appear in the same place, so just send your 
AGM towards the jeep, and hope to take out as many as possible. You should 
get about 5 kills. Use the ensuing chaos to take out another half a dozen 
tangos. At this point your next AGM should be ready. Do NOT use it. Take out 
the rest of the enemies, and once they are dead, get your AGM ready. Take 
out the Troop Transport ASAP. Again, use the chaos to pick off eight or so 
enemies with your sniper before they get close enough to shoot you. This 
may be more difficult with more tangos. If you have a hard time, remember 
that survival takes precedence. Take cover and wait for the next AGM. Use 
it, and take the enemy down to 1 or 2 hostiles again. Replace any blown 
claymores, then take out the stragglers. From here on out you can 
essentially repeat this strategy. Use up all your claymores before wave 
5 though. 

-Cooperative Strategies-

*Thanks to Dragon239 for the following strategy*

This makes the mission easy. After sniping everyone in the beginning, one 
player can pick up the Predator, lay claymore mines on the roof, and 
continue to snipe and use the predator, while the other player takes the 
M240 or P90 and covers the back entrance by the stairway. 

*Thanks to dji435 for the following strategy*
-Strategy has been re-worded for convenience-

This strategy works for co-op OR solo. After the first wave, quickly grab the
predator laptop, and rush down the ladder, across the level to the second 
roof/helipad. It has one entrance, and is easily defended. Plant claymores by 
the stairs, and if playing solo, kill everyone that comes up. If you are 
playing co-op, have one player cover the stairs while the other uses the 
predator. Simple and effective. Recommended equipment for this is the M240 
heartbeat and the M1014/P90. 

-=O Cristo Redentor=-                                                     [4-1C]


Regular: */*
Hardened: **/*
Veteran: ***/**

-General Information-

Your basic objective here is to take out the favela gang while minimizing 
civilian casualties. Your overall strategy will be to remain behind cover 
and in buildings as much as possible while avoiding the "deathtrap" buildings.
These buildings have 2-3 entrances and more than 2 windows, and will involve 
you getting shot at many times by people who exist in a direction other than 
the one you are looking in. Much easier to do on co-op, but possible going 
solo. Use grenades and cover to your advantage. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

TAR-21 Holographic/***: Decent weapon, good range. Makes for a good primary 
as an AR. Recommended.
Ranger/**: Not great. Only chambers 2 shells at once, but good stopping 
power. Switch out recommended. 
AA-12 w/heartbeat sensor/****: Great secondary weapon. Heartbeat sensor 
makes your job much easier while the power of an automatic shotgun gives 
you good stopping power. Recommended.
Claymore Mines/**: Unless you plan on spending a lot of time in one 
spot, not good. Decent however, for laying as you go. Favela members 
tend to run across streets and buildings where you've been, so lay them at 
chokepoints for easy kills. 
Akimbo Mini-Uzi's/***: Also a decent secondary, if you don't like the 
heartbeat sensor. Makes for a good suppressing weapon in co-op. They are 
located 10 yards or so down the left alley. 
Akimbo Desert Eagles/**: Not as good as the uzi's for practical use, but 
VERY fun to use. They are located behind the building with the clothesline 
in front of the doorway. 


Start out by switching your ranger out for the AA-12 in the pickup and 
picking up the claymores. Take up a position behind the vehicle or the ammo 
box and be ready to take out hostiles coming in from the left building, left 
alley, right alley and the rooftops. After taking out the better part of a 
dozen tangos, enemy traffic will slow down. Once you go about 15 seconds
without seeing an enemy, slowly advance into the building on the left via the
large window. Peek out through each of the smaller windows, killing any 
tangos you see. Once it's clear, move up the alleyway into the corner with 
the small propane tank in it. Use the cover in the area to take down anyone 
who comes by. I would also recommend leaving a claymore or 2 to cover the 
alley behind you so that nobody sneaks up on you. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Practice taking out the dogs in the little action sequence.
You WILL be attacked by them and you will inevitably be knocked over by one 
before you can gun it down. 
At this point, you can more or less take cover in a nearby building, take out
the tangos, then start retreating to one of your previous positions. Continue
rotating between these 3 areas (the corner, the building and the starting 
point) while taking out tangos and laying your claymores. You will thin the 
enemy enough so that you can take them out without difficulty. Remember that 
there is no time limit, so make sure that you are thorough. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Remember to stay against the edge of the level-the enemy will
flank you often. Take it slow. 

-=Evasion=-                                                               [4-1D]

Regular:  */*
Hardened: **/*
Veteran: **/**

-General Information-

This mission is essentially a repeat of the campaign segment where Roach 
and Price work together to make it through the woods into the town. Fairly 
easy with patience, and very easy with co-op. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

USP .45 Silenced/**: You have to have it; you cannot change equipment on this 
one. Awful damage, not worth using unless you are for some reason running 
low on sniper ammo. 
M14 EBR Scoped Silenced/****: Not as good of a sniper as it could be, but your 
only option. Your primary weapon, and main source of kills. 


*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Remember that you do not have to kill everyone, and if you 
want to, you have plenty of time. Make sure that taking a shot will not reveal
you to the enemy. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Remember, when you shoot an enemy, if his flashlight does 
not turn off, he is not dead. Just because he falls over doesn't mean he's 
out of the fight. Shoot again, just to be sure. 
Immediately after starting, head all the way to the right, and sprint 
forward until you see the first patrol's flashlights. You can take them all 
out at once with a few attempts, or wait until they separate a bit, and pick 
them off. There should be 4 of them. Once they are all dead, continue forward
while staying to the left. If you took the enemy down quickly, you will see 
a one man patrol with his dog in front of a stationary group of 3 hostiles. 
If you took your time with the first group, the dog patrol has already passed,
and will be a ways back while the group stands there. Either way, make sure 
the dog patrol is out of sight, then take out the 3 man group. You can line 
the 2 tangos closest to you up for a double headshot with 1 round, then take 
the 3rd out without issue. Afterwards, you will be able to look ahead and see
2 hostiles talking near each other on the left, as the dog patrol passed by. 
The dog patrol comes to a rest and stops patrolling on the far right path, 
behind a tree. Seek it out, and take them out quietly. Return to the group 
of 2, and take them down. Move up the path on the far right a ways until you 
see flashlights dead ahead. There should be a group of 2 straight in front, 
with a man and a dog on the left side. It is difficult to neutralize one 
group of them without alerting the other, however if you go back a ways, so 
that you're a good hundred yards or so from the 2 man group, and take them 
out quickly, you should keep it quiet without the dog patrol being any the 
wiser. Take the dog patrol out next, and move farther up the right flank. 
You should come to a large clearing. Stay out of it. After a second, a 3 man,
2 dog patrol should come up from the left on the other side of the clearing. 
I personally recommend waiting for them to move on, however if you feel 
obligated to take them out, it is possible to shoot them one by one, starting 
with the back end, and there is a chance the others won't notice. Difficult to
accomplish, but possible. The rest of this guide is written assuming you let 
them pass. If you killed them, kudos to you, there are only a few tangos left.
Easy picking. Anyways, if you don't want to take out the entire patrol yet, 
go to the left, and climb the hill a bit. Wait until the patrol is leaving 
the clearing, and a little space should come up between the front dog/man 
and the last 3. At this point take out the back 3 tangos. The other 2 should 
stop shortly up ahead. Continue on the right path and take them out. There 
should be another group of 2 ahead, with a dog/man patrol to the left. Take 
out the dog patrol first, then the group of 2. Continue on to the exit and 
you're pretty much home free. 

-=Suspension=-                                                            [4-1E]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: ***/*
Veteran:  ***/**

-General Information-

Your objective in this mission is to traverse a long bridge, battling hostiles 
all the way across, and to get to a green flare lying about 300 meters from 
the start point. It's fairly straightforward, and moderately difficult. As 
long as you can fend them off and stay behind cover, you should be fine. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

SCAR-H Red Dot/****: Good for this level. Decent stopping power-a solid choice
 as your primary. 
Desert Eagle/*: Again, essentially useless. Why they give it to you is beyond 
TAR-21 Holographic/***: Not as good stopping power as the SCAR, but decent 
nonetheless. A semi-decent choice if you prefer the holographic sight. 
ACR Grenadier ACOG sight/*****: The best primary weapon choice. The ACOG 
gives you the sight and range you need, while the grenadier is especially 
good when combined with vehicle explosions to take out your foes. Recommended. 
SCAR-H w/Shotgun/**: Not great. Lack of a sight makes it useless, and the 
shotgun won't be used if you can help it. You don't want them getting close 
M14 EBR Scoped/****: Good choice as a secondary. Snipers are a good pick on 
this level. Recommended.
P90 Holographic/***: Decent for a primary if you prefer submachine guns. Not 


Immediately after the mission starts, get your weapon choices and go to the 
left or right side of the street and wait. In a moment, several hostiles 
will rappel down on either side, and essentially land in one straight line. 
Easy pickings. Take cover behind a vehicle and pick off the rest of them 
one by one. Once you've advanced close to the tanker ahead, the same thing 
will happen again-enemies will rappel down on either side. Take out one side 
or the other as they come in, and pick off the stragglers again. After passing 
the tanker, the bridge will be hit by a missile. Be careful not to let the 
cars slide and run you over. After reaching the ramp going up, a helicopter 
will begin its approach. Grab an RPG and go downhill. Take out the chopper 
when you get the chance. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* RPG's and grenades are usually not useful, but once the 
chopper's dead, use them up at this point. There are a lot of vehicles here, 
so chain explosions to take out your enemies. 
Head up the hill again, but wait close to the top, using the incline as 
cover while you pick off the hostiles. There are good two dozen here, so be 
careful. Don't let them get close to you. Once they're down, simply head 
towards the flare. You're in the clear!

*Thanks to Dragon239 for the following strategy*

-Cooperative Strategy-

Similar to what I had in mind, but helpful nonetheless. Just keep one player 
to the left, and one to the right. Stay behind cover, and be careful. Once 
you get to the ramp leading up, have one person take cover and hold off the 
swarms of infantry while the other player takes out the chopper. 

* Bravo                                                                        *

-=Overwatch=-                                                             [4-2A]


Regular:  *
Hardened: **
Veteran:  ****

-General Information-

This mission is essentially a repeat of the AC-130 mission from the first 
Modern Warfare. This time, however, it's a tad more difficult. Your job is 
to help your partner get to the end of the level while protecting him from 
hostiles. Believe me, on Veteran, it's harder than it sounds. Without a good 
strategy, you'll be done for in no time. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

SCAR-H w/red dot sight/***: Your initial assault rifle. Good for the job, not 
great. Recommended. 
M9/**: Decent if you like using handguns when you run out of ammo. 
SCAR-H Thermal sight/****: Good as a secondary. Helps you know when to go and 
when not to. 
MP5K/**: Good for the close quarters parts of the level. Not great. SCAR is 
M4A1 Grenadier w/Holographic/**: The grenade launcher is not too useful here.
Most fighting will be close quarters. 
M240/**: Decent if you don�t want to have to reload, otherwise no. Lack of a 
sight makes it useless. 
M1014 Red dot sight/***: Decent as a secondary. Recommended.

-Cooperative Walkthrough-

Start by choosing whatever weapons suit your palette. After that, immediately 
run by the chopper and through the level until you get under the bridge. Stay 
there and have your gunner take down any opposition that comes by. There 
should be a small squad of hostiles coming out of a house to the right of the 
path almost immediately. Another group will spawn by the houses up ahead 
(where the runner should be headed) and they will split into 2 groups. Take 
the 15 or so tangos out quickly, and watch for a chopper headed to the field. 
Take it out as quick as you can (this is something the AC-130's machine gun 
is good for) and then take the other chopper coming up over the field behind 
the bridge. Once all of the opposition is down, have the runner head straight 
for the building ahead of him. Have him move out front of the first building 
a bit, and then head back in. This should lure 3 hostiles out of the house in 
front of him, so that he or the gunner can take out without too much problem. 
The gunner should then turn his focus to the field ahead of the house, where 
quite a few tangos will be lining up at the field edge to gun down the runner 
when they see him. They will keep coming for a moment. Take out the chopper 
(again) that flies in, and once the field is clear, the runner should be 
running across the field towards the basement in the next house. Once he is 
in the basement, a few hostiles will spawn at the ground level of the house. 
The gunner can take a few shots at the roof and around the house in hopes of 
taking them out, but odds are the runner will have to deal with it himself. 
Head up the stairs, and on your left AND right there should be some hostiles. 
(unless the gunner DID take them out) While this happens, the gunner should 
be taking out any opposition that forms outside of the house. This includes 
the tangos coming out of the house next door, the ones coming out down the 
road a bit, and the chopper that will be flying in. The runner should run up 
the courtyard a bit until the next group of hostiles spawn (and he should be 
careful, as they'll be coming out of the big house on your left) and take 
those out. A chopper and several jeeps will come towards the runner as he 
heads towards the goal. Take cover, and let the AC-130 gunner do his job. At 
this point all hell's going to break loose. There will be enemies in the 
greenhouse, coming from the objective, and coming from the nearby fields. 
The runner needs to find a safe place ASAP while the gunner takes out the 
opposition. After this is done, you're good-again, just make sure the 
opposition coming out of the objective building is taken care of. 

-=Body Count=-                                                            [4-2B]


Regular:  */*
Hardened: **/*
Veteran: **/**

-General Information-

This mission takes place in the plaza from the single player campaign where 
you had to defend Nate's restaurant and wait for the convoy to arrive. Your 
objective is simple. Kill all of the enemies you see. You get points for solid 
kills, killing downed enemies, killing vehicles, double kills, etc. Anything 
you do gets you points. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

SCAR-H Red dot sight/***: Seems like a popular starting weapon. It suffices 
for the job at hand. Recommended as secondary.
M9/**: Trade out-you have better alternatives. 
AK-47 grenadier/***: Decent at close range and the grenade launcher makes it 
a good secondary, but not great. Lack of a sight ruins it a bit. 
M14 EBR Thermal/*****: The best secondary you can choose. One hit kills are 
no problem, and neither is the smoke they try to protect themselves with. 
Intervention/***: Good for co-op as the other player's secondary. Long range, 
but slow kills and no thermal. 
AA-12 red dot sight/***: Good as a secondary or primary for the other guy. 
Co-op will involve one person doing the short range fighting, so it's a good 
M1014 holographic/*: One word: No.
RPG-7/**: Good for the purpose of taking out vehicles. Little else.


This is a tad tricky. The building you start in has virtually no defensible 
areas. Start by running over to the banking building North of your location. 
Take out the opposition on the way, and once you're there, the far north part 
of the building has a small area next to the bathrooms where you can lie in 
wait for your enemies to come to you. Stay here, rack up points. It's that 
simple. The cooperative fragment gives you more options though. 

Nick Holland claims that you can hide behind the bar in the first building 
for cover. I tried this a few times, but unless you have a partner watching
your back, you will be overrun from behind at the 10,000 point mark or so. 
With a partner, however, this is a sound strategy. 

-Cooperative Walkthrough-

This part is your choice. There are several areas you can defend with relative 
ease. Either way, I recommend one player grabs the EBR thermal and the AK-47,
 while the other grabs the AA-12 and the SCAR-H. From here, you can go to the 
same spot as in the solo campaign, you can go to the conference room of the 
banking building and each cover a doorway. You can stay in Nate's as well, 
go to the kitchen, and have one player camp in back by the mop and bucket 
while the other one stays closer to the front, covering the entrance and 
the ladder to the roof. How you do it is up to you, but this level is 
surprisingly easy on co-op. 

-Alternative cooperative Strategy-

*Again, thanks to Dragon239 for the following*

Ignore the BTR entirely, grab the thermal EBR and have your partner grab the 
intervention QUICKLY. Sprint across the parking lot to the burger town, and 
camp there, with one person in the freezer/back, while the other sits near 
the main door window, sniping enemies. 

You can also sprint to the Taco place, where there is only one entrance, and 
camp here. Fighting your way to the banking building conference room or 
restroom area is also an option. 

*Thanks to DeLoreanfan for the following*

Another good spot to hide out is the downed chopper. It has only one entrance, 
and with a good reaction speed allows you to take anyone out who tries to come 
in. Just get an automatic weapon or shotgun and be ready to toss back the 
occasional grenade. 

-=Bomb Squad=-                                                            [4-2C]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: **/**
Veteran:  ****/**

-General Information-

This mission takes place near the Favela from the single player campaign. 
Your objective is to fight through the market and disarm 3 bombs. You are 
on a strict time limit, so be careful, and have a partner for this one. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

G18 Akimbo/****: Surprisingly good for going after the first bomb on the 
right. Makes a good weapon for just spraying the obstacles to suppress the 
enemy. Good secondary. Recommended. 
M1014 Holographic/**: Not quite as useful. 
Thumper/***: Decent if you like grenade launchers. Not partial to them 
myself, but a good weapon to have, or for your friend to have. 
AA-12 Shotgun w/heartbeat sensor/****: Very good to have. The heartbeat 
sensor is, and will always be invaluable to spec ops missions. Recommended.
P90 Red Dot Sight/***: A good alternative to the akimbo G18's if you like to 
be able to aim down your sights. 
M240/***: Also a good alternative to the G18's for the same job. Suppressing 
fire is key on this level. 

-Solo Walkthrough-

Start by choosing your weapons and heading right. Use your automatic weapon 
(M240, P90 or G18's) to take down nearby opposition, then spray the 
marketplace with bullet fire. Keep firing on anyone who pops up. You should 
be able to take them all down before they begin shooting you. Disarm the 
first bomb then RUN LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL back to the starting area. This 
was a one way deal, there's nothing here to connect this area to the other 
bombs. If you used the G18's, switch them out for the M240 or the P90, as 
you're likely low on ammo by now. Run down the central alleyway until you 
turn left. Be careful here, as there is likely a tango or 2 waiting to gun 
you down as you head to the next street. Take out any unwanted company, 
then sprint to the building directly across the street. The window in it, 
and the small concrete wall out front will serve as decent cover while you 
take down anyone else nearby. After this is done, run to the house by the 
white truck. Again, use the building as cover while you take down your 
opposition. Head through these buildings to the bomb, being careful as 
opposition will be heavy. Disarm the bomb, and head outside towards the 
East. Head down the eastern staircase, and use this building as cover (yet 
again) to take anyone leftover out. Run towards the next bomb to the north, 
staying to the right side. If you have a partner, this would be a good time 
to send him West to flank their forces while you attack the next bomb's 
position. There will be a good dozen or so enemies hiding behind the furniture 
in the yard, so work together to take them all out. Disarm the bomb, and 
you're home free. 

-=Race=-                                                                  [4-2D]


Regular:  */*
Hardened: */*
Veteran:  **/**

-General Information-

Your objective here is to get from the starting line to the finish line within 
70 seconds. With practice, this is fairly easy. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

G18/***: As if you had a choice of anything else�

- Walkthrough-

Hard to give a walkthrough for a race, so general tips will be given here.
-About 15 seconds into the race, after the ramp is passed, you will have the 
option of going right, or hitting the trees head on. Hit the trees here, 
being careful. With proper maneuvering, you can make it through these trees 
to the other side, and shave a good 3 seconds off your final time in the 
-You can take out your enemies if you REALLY want to, but your concentration 
and attention should be focused on driving. 
-When on the final stretch, minimize turns. It takes about 18 seconds to 
complete this part of the race, so for your sake I hope you've made good time 
so far. 

-=Big Brother=-                                                           [4-2E]


Regular:  **
Hardened: ***
Veteran: *** and a half

-General Information-

Your mission here is to rush through yards, streets, an alley and the local 
plaza to get to the roof of Nate's for dustoff. You are on a (fairly) rigid 
time limit, so don't dilly dally more than necessary. The chopper gunner has 
a bit of a limited view, so remember that unlike on Overwatch, it is your 
job as the runner to take down any opposition the gunner can't take care of. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

UMP45 Holographic/***: You're stuck with it-find a way to deal. Good SMG though.
Desert Eagle/*: Switch it out for enemy equipment when you can. 

- Walkthrough-

This one is more than a tad challenging because of the time limit. Were it not 
for that, it'd be one of the easiest levels you can play. However, that is not 
the case, so taking your time is not an option here. Shortly after starting, 
enemies will start coming in down the road to the left, as well as by the 
green house in front of you. Let the gunner take down as many as he can, 
but be aware that he will not be able to get all of them. Take out the 
stragglers, and continue through the backyard, around the alley into the 
next street. Both of you take down any opposition directly in front of you, 
then sprint across the road to the small area on the left of the yellow house 
for cover. Sit here looking across the street for cover, shooting anyone that 
comes into view while your gunner takes out anyone who comes by. After 
everyone's taken care of, sprint down the road about 2 houses, then take 
cover behind a house on the right. Take out anyone approaching you with the 
gunner's help, but bear in mind that the gunner's primary responsibility is 
taking out the sizeable force lying in wait behind the barricade. Once they're 
all down, the gunner will do a strafing run along the buildings here. Try to 
take down as many of the hostiles as you can. The runner should be carefully 
moving through the alleyway at this point. At the first intersection, you 
will likely be ambushed by a few tangos. Take them out, and toss a cooked 
grenade in the window on the left fork. Go back around the alley, and come 
out by the gas station. Take cover in the building while the gunner takes 
out everyone left over outside. Once he's taken out what hostiles he can from 
this point, and hopefully the trucks as well, slowly advance across the 
street, running from cover to cover. Have the gunner lay down fire on Nate's, 
both in the building and on the roof, as well as the surrounding area. It 
will be difficult for him to see the enemy, but he will likely get lucky and 
land a few solid kills before you have to go there. Again, stay behind cover, 
and approach Nate's from the front. If you couldn't clear enough of the 
opposition for this, go to Burger Town, and move around to the back of Nate's. 
Go in slowly, making sure nobody's going to shoot you in your pretty little 
face, and get to the roof. Keep an eye out here, and have the gunner do the 
same, as the enemy likes to come up the ladders and shoot you in the ass as 
you get ready to do your victory dance. Are you in the chopper yet? Yes? Then 
you and the gunner both can have fun shooting up the remnants of your enemies 
as you laugh at their inability to shoot you. Objective complete, NOW you 
can do your victory dance. I, myself, enjoy the monkey for this purpose. 

* Charlie                                                                      *

-=Hidden=-                                                                [4-3A]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: **/**
Veteran:  ***/**

-General Information-

A repeat of CoD4's "Ghillies in the Mist" mission, where Price has a flashback 
to him working with Captain MacMillan. Much harder this time around though. 
For the most part it's fairly easy; the only challenge is finding and taking 
out the other snipers. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

Intervention Silenced/****: You'll need this-a .50 cal or W2000 would be 
better, but beggars can't be choosers, and you're stuck with what you got 
here. Recommended.
USP .45 Silenced/**: Switch this out-there's a good chance you'll have to do 
some close range fighting and this is NOT the tool for the job. 
M1014 Silenced/**: Not great as a secondary. Too limited. 
Mini-Uzi Silenced/***: Decent second choice, but you have better. 
Striker Silenced/**: Same as the M1014; maybe a little more useful. 
MP5KSD/***: Not the best you COULD get, but it IS the best secondary that you 
have available to you. Recommended. 

- Walkthrough-

Start by switching your pistol for the MP5. Turn right after exiting the 
equipment crate and knife the bad guy. (it's getting old saying hostile and 
tango at this point, so I'm going to try new things) Turn around and go 
through the opening by the crooked crate on your right. Take out the turd 
standing there walking around, and move up. Turn left almost immediately and 
snipe the 2 jerks standing right there smokin' and jokin' or rush up to them 
and gun them down with your MP5. I find that the latter takes out my 
aggression a bit more, which is good considering this level doesn't give you 
many chances to do that. Move up until you can see the field, and stay close 
to the crates on your left for cover. One sniper will be right in front of 
you by the crate on the right. He's shy, so give it time. Move up slowly, and 
the second you can see the burned out tank on your left, you'll see a sniper 
right past it shoot at you. If he doesn't rear his ugly head again, move up 
to the tank, stand behind it, pull out your MP5 and use the snap-in auto aim 
function to target him directly (even though you can't see him) and take him 
down. Problem solved. Move carefully to the left side of the tank, and another 
tango will be right past it, a bit behind and to the right of the tree. 
Easy pickings on him. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Crouching makes you significantly less visible to the enemy.
If you have a problem with being seen, just try crouching to make it easier. 
This part is especially true when trying to one shot the baddie duo in the 
start of the mission, or when trying to get into position to take down the
3 man patrol team on the road. 

Total snipers in this area: 3

Move up the left and get behind the large "wall" of torn up vehicles ASAP.

After counting the tanks (and being shot by a sniper far out on the 
North-Northwest area many times) I found that the position you need to go 
to next is behind the sixth tank from the treeline, counting from the left. 
It's the one with its rear facing you, with the doors open, and oddly enough 
it looks like a cross between a tank and an LAV. Anyways, get behind it 
(CROUCHING) and look South-Southwest. The second you stand up, you'll see 
a sniper or 2, one close to you, one a ways back. Taking down the one close 
to you isn't a problem. Just quickly stand up and crouch again before they 
can shoot you. Do this repeatedly until you KNOW that the second you stand 
up, you'll be aiming at him. Do it again, and shoot him. Repeat for the one 
in the distance. After this is done, crouch again, and slowly creep around 
the right of the vehicle you're taking cover by. It's a tad difficult to spot 
the next hostile. He'll be directly between you and the "double tree" to the 
Northwest. Once you take him out, move up SLOWLY. There will be another enemy 
a ways away to the west-southwest. I'm not sure of his exact location, 
because every time I've tried to locate him, he's shot me without any 
indication of his position. He does this, I take cover again, and repeat 3 
or 4 times before he moves up to the edge of the "wall" of tanks. There is 
one last sniper behind the tank out in the open to the Southwest as well. That 
should be the last of them. 

Total snipers in this section: 5

Move up and over the fence now. Stay against the fence until you see the 3 
man patrol on the road. Make sure you can see the ground where they're 
standing, too. Line up a shot to kill 2 at once, then take the third out 
before (or after) he drops to the ground. (I'll give 'em one thing-at least 
in the stealth missions the AI is semi-intelligent. Except for the snipers, 
who, if you're close to them, take one shot then lay prone, and they will stay 
laying prone until you run up to them and knife them) Move up on the right, 
and take out the hostile in the tower as soon as you can see it. You will see 
a lone tango in the backyard of the church. Do NOT be fooled-there are 
actually 3 there. Maneuver so that you can see the one to the left of the 
tree. After a moment, the third one should pass by, making a 1-shot 2 kill 
easy. Take out the third one and you're good. If you can't take them out 
without being seen, no big deal. Take out the tango that you can see. 
This will alert the others. Kill them as they approach the archway, until 
the scary music stops. Move into the building and plant a few claymores, 
just in case. Go to the window and you'll see 3 enemies right out front. 
Take 2 out with one shot after you position yourself to do so, then take 
the third one out. Climb up into the tower. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* For some unknown reason, the claymores are "silenced." If 
an enemy steps on one, and another enemy is not nearby, death by claymore 
does not alert the enemy. 
Once in the tower, look at the house across the way. There are 2 baddies 
right out front of it. Take them down. 
By my count, there were Nine tangos in this area. Three in the backyard, one 
in the tower, five out front. Take what you can down from the sniper tower. 
Once they are alerted, you can go prone up there, and let your claymores take 
effect, or you can jump down and take them out as they come in the doorway. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* You are barely damaged at all by falls. Use this. 
Slowly move up to the next house. Lay some claymores at chokepoints on the 
way, as this will be the last point where you *Might* have the chance to use 
them. Hopefully you won't have to. After exiting the other door to the house, 
there will be a hostile behind the fence on your left. Give him some 
unlicensed plastic surgery to shrink the size of his face, and continue 
slowly. If you are spotted here, which you likely will be, I recommend 
immediately hauling ass back to the church building for cover, as this house 
is not an easily defensible spot. By my count, once you've taken them all 
out, there were 6 tangos in that area, including the new and improved one who 
got the honor of being shot in the face while he hopped the fence over there. 
After this is done, move back to the building again, then advance to the next 
area. Go in the building on the right, and stay low. Crouch or crawl to the 
window in the back room on the right. It's the one on the south wall. Look 
through the window (but stay away from it) and take down the hostile out 
there. As you get closer to the window, look out towards the flare which is 
your objective. You will see another sniper in that area. Give it time, and 
another one will walk that way as well. That's 3 down. Leave the building via 
the way you came in, and go around the house. Get behind the wooden fence for 
cover, and stay low. Go prone behind the first fence, and slowly move around 
it until you see the sniper. Take him down. Move quickly behind the double 
tree to your front, and take cover. (prone) Crouch, and slowly move to the 
left of the tree until either A. You get shot or B. you see him in the tall 
grass to the south-southwest. Sprint to the shed, then to the smoke. 

Total snipers in this area: 5. You're good.

-=Breach & Clear=-                                                        [4-3B]


Regular:  */*
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ****/***

-General Information-

One of the more difficult timed missions. It's actually possible (though 
highly unlikely) that you can start by breaching, shooting a grenade, and 
sprinting straight to the exit. Youtube it. Nonetheless, this is overall a 
difficult mission with minimal safe cover for you to use, and a rigid time 

-Available Starting Equipment-

M4A1 Grenadier w/RDS/****: Decent as a primary. Solid choice & power, and the 
grenadier is useful. Recommended
M1014/**: A shotgun will be useful this time, but this one is not the best 
M14 EBR/**: Would be better with a scope, but alas, it has none. 
G18/**: Decent, not great. You will need a scope and more stopping power than 
the G18 can offer for this mission. 
Striker/***: Better than the M1014, but still not the best. Too long to 
reload. Take this or the AA-12. 
Vector/**: Again, same as the G18. 
AA-12 Shotgun/***: This is my personal preference on the secondary side. Fully 
automatic shotgun with a good reload time. Recommended. 
AK-47 ACOG sight/***: Would be the best primary if it weren't for the 
grenadier attachment on your M4A1. 

- Walkthrough-

Dragon239 suggests that the default equipment is better. Blow the wall, fire 
the M203, and if you have a partner, have him shoot the closest hostile, and 
any stragglers. Rush into the first room, clear it to the second wall. Take 
cover behind it. Ignore the enemies on the second floor unless they're being 
a real hassle. The next room spawns six riot shield enemies and five or so 
shotgunners. As you can imagine, this is a nightmare. Grenade the hell out of 
the area, and knife the riot shields when they get close. At this point, your 
best bet to save yourself from running out of time is to grab a riot shield, 
toss it on your back, flash the room and sprint for the finish line. Ignore 
everyone else. Thanks to Dragon239 for this idea-I have a habit myself of 
taking out everyone just for the sake of being thorough. 

Yankeefan1226 has the following to say regarding a strategy on this level:

At the start, grab a striker and breach the room. Shoot the one guy on your
left, then fire constantly on everyone in front of you. Then throw flashbangs 
in the next room and run and jump over the riot shield guys. This is fairly
Easy to do, and you can get a great time with it.

-=Time Trial=-                                                            [4-3C]


Regular:  */*
Hardened: **/*
Veteran:  *****/**

-General Information-

Incredibly difficult going solo, and incredibly easy on cooperative mode, your
objective is to race to the finish with 8 seconds on the clock (veteran) and 
hit as many flags as you can along the way, each adding 3 seconds to the 

-Available Starting Equipment-

G18/***: Deal with it. 

- Walkthrough-

Beating Time Trial is quite simple. All you have to do is have one player gun
it for the finish line, hitting what flags he can along the way. The other 
player simply goes a bit more slowly, hitting any flags that the other guy 
might have missed. 

-=Homeland Security=-                                                     [4-3D]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ****/***

-General Information-

Yet another mission at Nate's Plaza. This time you must hold off against wave 
after wave of hostiles. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

This portion of the guide will list the equipment near your starting point, as 
well as equipment located in buildings throughout the level. 

SCAR-H Red dot sight/****: Decent weapon. Recommended.
M9/**: Not as decent. 
Intervention/***: Not great, given the lack of thermal optics, but decent. 
Also one on top of Nate's. 
RPG-7/**: Not worth getting until you need it to take down armor and choppers. 
They are located in almost every building in the mission.  
M14 EBR Thermal/****: VERY good considering the smoke as a secondary. If 
playing co-op, you can both get one-there is a second on a table in the diner 
north of the start point. Another at the top of Nate's, as well. Recommended.
AK-47 Grenadier/***: 
Claymore Mines/***: 
Turret/**: Not great, as they die quickly. One at the start point, one in the 
diner north of the start point, one in the banking building, one on top of 
M240 ACOG Sight/***: Located in the diner north of the start point. Decent, 
not great. 
AT-4/***: Not good to hold onto as a secondary, but your best bet for taking 
down enemy vehicles. One on the roof of Nate's.

If I missed any equipment hiding in the buildings of this level, let me know. 
Contact information is at the end of the FAQ. 

- Walkthrough-

There is no real walkthrough for this mission. Only camping points and 
strategic advice. 
Camping points:
-Inside the banking building conference room. Best for cooperative so that you 
can both cover one of the doorways, but using the turret as backup, you can 
survive the first 2 rounds holding out in here. 
-Inside Nate's; only works on co-op. One person hides in the back by the 
kitchen, watching the 3 back exits from the corner with the mop bucket, while 
the other takes up a position watching the rooftop entrance and the front. 
-If you have trouble surviving the first round, you can set the first turret 
up by the start point outside, and hold up in the gas station in the corner. 
This will let you be for the first round, but it is unlikely to get you any 
further than that. Once the first wave has only 1 hostile left, leave, move 
the turret and run to your permanent campground, set up all the other turrets 
and claymores you can before the last guy dies. Set up defense. You can also 
run to the diner to the north right off the bat, grab the turret there, run 
back and use that in conjunction with the starting turret. This makes them 
live longer and helps your defense. 
-The alleyway behind the diner and gas station makes a good defense spot as 
well. Set up the 2 turrets behind the alleyway, covering the back exit to the 
diner, and they'll take care of most of the problem. I'm pretty sure enemies 
won't use this way to get to you, but I lay a claymore covering the window on 
the north wall of the diner just in case, then hide out by the dumpster back 
there. Once the first wave has one or two enemies remaining, use this as your 
chance to sprint across the road to Nate's and the banking building and grab 
the other 2 turrets. I set up my grid like this.


The 3x4 group of O's is the diner, with the back door in the center on the 
right. The group of 2 T's is a set of 3 turrets, all facing forward, covering 
the alley's only two entrances; the dining room and the gas station. The other 
turret faces the fence on the north end of the diner. It dies more easily, but 
it keeps you covered. Stay behind a wall or dumpster and you're good for the 
most part. 

*TIP FOR SUCCESS* The predator drone, despite being controlled by your enemy, 
is your friend. Whoever is piloting the damn thing is a failure at life in 
general. If you let the drone spot you for a brief moment, but take cover 
again, it will fire several times. Not on your position, mind you. More often 
than not it will just take out half a dozen enemies for you. It even took out 
a chopper for me once. However, if you're in the alley, keep your distance 
from your turrets, as it DOES tend to shoot fairly close to you. 

-=Snatch & Grab=-                                                         [4-3E]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ****/***

-General Information-

I hope you're good at sniping, and doing so quickly, because this mission 
involves a lot of that, ESPECIALLY going solo. Your objective here is to run 
through the level, and reach the flare. Again. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

M4A1 Grenadier w/RDS/****: Good for the job, the grenadier makes it better. 
Just make sure your secondary can deal with Juggernauts. Recommended. 
Intervention/***: Looks like your starting setup is decent. This sniper can 
take care of your heavily armored foes with little effort. Recommended. 
M1014 Red Dot/**: Not great. Useless against Juggernauts, and your enemies 
will be too far away to make it useful. 
M240 Red Dot/***: Decent alternative to the Intervention. Not great against 
juggernauts, but decent, and good for all around take-downs. 
SCAR-H Thermal Sight/***: Decent Alternative to the M4A1, if you like thermal 

- Walkthrough-

Grab your equipment and head left immediately. Climb over the plane and go 
straight into the broken piece's underside. Hide here with your intervention 
in wait to take out the juggernaut. Take cover inside broken plane parts until 
most of your opposition is cleared out. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* The key to beating this level alone is being thorough, slow 
and careful. There is no time limit, and the enemy's movement is different 
every time you play the level. Move slow, be careful, and if you're given the 
chance, trade your secondary out for the ACOG M240 your enemies like to carry.
Once you make it to the first "wall" you'll find 2 ways through. The open area 
shown on the map, and the crate on the left. Take the crate after clearing 
the area, and slowly move forward with your scope at the ready. Take down the 
guys that shoot you (or don't-your choice) and take cover behind the crate in 
front of you. Keep moving forward slowly-there are multiple paths to your 
objective. A good habit is to move part of the way down one path, take out a 
few enemies, go back, take another path, and repeat until you can be sure 
nobody will flank you. Once you get the laptop, go to the top of the plane 
towards your objective. DO NOT jump down yet. Wait up there, pick off a few of 
the distant enemies with your sniper, but conserve its ammo. Your intervention 
will be your primary means of taking down juggernauts. Once you take down 
most of the opposition there, odds are you will hear some music. Bad music. 
Music that you will soon come to associate it with your untimely demise. 
Unfortunately, you do not have the best in horrific death and dismemberment 
insurance here. Turn around, and go prone close to the chairs. Aim down your 
sights, and the second that bastard comes into view, blast his face with your 
rifle. Four or five shots will take him out. I had to kill three before I 
exited this broken plane and went downhill, so watch it. Move up slowly, and 
watch for enemies. Use the 240 you should have to take them down. At this 
point, you should be able to repeat the strategy from the beginning of the 
level, and move forward slowly. You shouldn't have any more trouble with 
juggernauts, but if you do, hopefully you have at least 10 or so bullets left 
for your intervention. Finish up, rush for the smoke, and you're home free. 

*TIP FROM Dragon239*
Once you grab the intel and clear the area in front of the plane a bit, head 
downhill, hugging the wall to the left. You will see a plane piece half 
sticking out. You can "sort of" hide in it, and the juggernauts cannot get you 
in there. Maybe they're too fat. (Haven't tested this for myself. Need 

*Alternative Solo Walkthrough from ViktorK*

I found this one quite useful, if a bit aggravating to accomplish. In the 
beginning, grab the shotgun right in front of you and start sprinting towards
the juggernaut's right spawn spot. If he does spawn there, throw a flash, 
quickly look away, and continue running past him and all the enemies. Always
run zigzag and shoot any enemies that are in front of you. When you get to the
intel, hide behind it and capture it. The best part comes after you drop down
from the plane into the second area where you need to go to get the flare. 
There will be almost no enemies here, so just run to the flare and you're 

* Delta                                                                        *

-=Wardriving=-                                                            [4-4A]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: **/**
Veteran: ****/***.

-General Information-

This mission can be quite difficult to play solo without a good deal of 
knowledge about the level. Turret placement is key to success.I found it hard to
hold the defense when I can only cover one entrance. There's usually at least 
3 or more. Anyways, your mission here is to fight house to house, clearing 
the area and downloading intel from three different areas. Your job is to set 
up the uplink and download the data. This takes time-you have to defend the 
uplink while it downloads. It is similar to the estate mission on the campaign.

-Available Starting Equipment-

SCAR-H Red Dot/***: Your only starting weapon. Deal with it, or switch out for 
an enemy AK. Recommended.
M9/**: Don't deal with it. Just switch out for an AK. 

- Walkthrough-

Obviously, my strategy didn't work too well-As I told you, I played through 20 
times before I got it, so obviously I just got lucky. However, Dragon239 has 
the following advice:

Walk through the map, clearing everybody [out]. Get to the last house, clear 
that. It's quite big, [so] be sure it's clear. Get to the bottom, claymore the 
entire house; use 'em all up. (I don't recommend this on solo, as you will 
need as many claymores as you can get for EVERY download) Don't put them too 
close to you/each other because of friendly fire. Hide behind the counter, 
hopefully the [turrets] will get most of them. Also, once each wave starts, 
have one guy outside and have him aim the stryker at enemies, and run back 
inside. Take the [turrets] to the next house and repeat until all are done. 
The last house (closest to where you start) was in my opinion the hardest, 
since there's no cover. Once we got the info, we ran into the garage and snuck 
along through it, and ended up sprinting from the car outside the garage to 
the stryker. Be careful, you are in the open here; use frag/flash/stun 
grenades. Take it slow. 

Basically, just work your way backwards from the last house to the first. 
Optimal turret placing is as follows:

Big house: Place one behind the counter where you found them, facing the back
entries, one out back next to the barbeque behind the pool, and one on the 
side of the house closest to the mission start point, against the fence, facing
outwards with plenty of space in front of it. Claymore it up, have one person
hide next to the staircase/wine cellar, and have one person in the wine cellar

For the house on opposite side of the street to the big house, set up one 
turret facing outward on either side of the house, and set the third one 
out in the street, behind the barrier in front of the big house, facing the
majority of the road. Have one person go prone by the pool table, where he
can see the download area, and have the other person go to the upstairs
level in the OTHER house, where there is a window overlooking the street
up top. That window is the perfect vantage point for this download and 
the next.

For the last house, again, just set one up on either side of the house,
and set the third turret up behind the kitchen counter. Have one person 
behind the counter, and the other upstairs at the window, taking down 
the enemies across the street and lazing targets. 

*TIP FOR SUCCESS* It might not seem useful because you rarely see it actually 
kill an enemy, but the stryker is a valuable ally. ALWAYS have it firing on 

-=Wreckage=-                                                              [4-4B]


Regular:  */*
Hardened: **/*
Veteran:  **/*

-General Information-

This is the bridge level again. Your objective this time, however, is to 
(for some reason) blow up every vehicle on it. Ridiculously easy. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

AK-47 Grenadier/***: One of your primary weapon choices. Decent, but not great 
with a lack of sights. 
M4A1 Grenadier/***: See AK-47 Grenadier. 
M16A4 Grenade Launcher/***: See AK-47 Grenadier. Still, I'm a fan of the M16. 
Thumper/**: Good secondary, but not great. Use if you like grenades a lot. 
RPG-7/*: Not recommended until the chopper flies in, at which point you will 
have access to more RPG's anyways. 

- Walkthrough-

Essentially, all you have to do is the same as you did on Suspension. Fight 
your way to the end, and once the bridge is clear, go back and blow up all of 
the vehicles. The mission is pointless, really. The only difference is that 
you have turrets to make your job easier, and every 5 vehicles you destroy 
gives you infinite ammo for a little bit. 

-=Acceptable Losses=-                                                     [4-4C]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: **/**
Veteran: **/***

-General Information-

A repeat from your first mission playing as Roach on single player campaign. 
You have to navigate the blizzard, unseen, to plant C4 at 3 locations. Very 
difficult this time around, unfortunately. This time, however, it's actually 
easier to do without a partner. Tried a dozen times with people on live, and 
with my brother. Couldn't do it. Succeeded on my first try solo, however. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

AA-12 Heartbeat & silenced/****: Best weapon possible for this mission. 
Heartbeat sensor is great, and weapon power is good. Only downside is a lack 
of ammunition. Recommended. 
USP .45 Silenced/**: Same as always. Change out. 
MP5K Silenced Red Dot/***: Good secondary. Recommended. 
AK-47 Silenced/**: Lack of sight make it less useful. MP5 is better. 
M14 EBR Scoped Silenced/*: Useless as a screen door on a submarine. Why use a 
sniper when you can barely see ten yards ahead of you? 

- Walkthrough-

Switch your pistol out for the MP5K, and climb up the wall to your right. 
(don't bother going all the way around)
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Avoid sprinting in this level. That just alerts them to your 
Kill the guy behind the crate to your left. Move forward a bit, and take out 
the guards talking at One o' clock. Use your MP5 for both jobs. Conserve 
shotgun ammo. Head a bit Northwest, and quickly take out both hostiles behind 
the jeep. For some reason, Soap likes to tell you you've been spotted when you 
do this, however, after they're both dead (assuming you killed them both 
quickly) nothing else happens, so I can only assume he's getting old. Plant 
the explosives on the chopper. Beware of the truck that drives around. If it 
spots you and they get out, back up and wait for the riders to separate, 
taking them out one at a time. Head east to the small building, taking out 
the (potentially) 2 guards there. Slightly to the North of that building will 
(soon) be 2 guards patrolling and talking. Crouch down low, wait for them to 
pass the MIG, and go around, knifing each of them in the back. Check your 
heartbeat sensor heading Northeast. You should see 2 stationary enemies 
talking to each other. Take them out quickly or avoid them-they're risky. Hug 
the Eastern edge of the map towards the nearest goal. Once you get near a 
tanker truck, you should see several dots on your heartbeat sensor. Move back, 
and wait for them to separate a bit. Head West away from the fence a bit, and 
wait. There will be 2 of them patrolling, with a bit of distance. Take them 
out. If you are seen, run back to the Southeast corner edge of the map, and 
go prone behind one of the MIGS-take your HB sensor out, and switch to your 
MP5 when an enemy gets close. Plant the C4 on the MIG and head straight 
towards your objective, keeping an eye on your sensor. Once you get closer 
to the buildings, take cover behind one of them. Stay away from your enemies. 
If you're facing West and pause to look at your map, they make a kind of 
horseshoe shape like such:

|          |
|  OO     - 
|  O      O|
|  O      O|
|         O|
   O       |
   O      O|
     O    O|
        O  |_

The larger building on the Western side should have some crates on the left 
side of it. Hide behind them and wait for a patrol to come by. Take them out, 
and take the patrol that follows them. Move up, avoiding patrols. Take out 
the guy smoking against the building, and rush up to take cover in the corner 
of the building next to the objective. Eliminate the 2 that come around the 
corner. Stay hidden, rush into the building and plant the C4. Exit the rear 
of the building, and move around to the West side. Again, if you're seen, take 
cover in the building, watching the heartbeat sensor and a doorway. Move 
around the back of the building to the West, between it and the fence. If you 
want, you can (for an extra safety precaution) move around to the front of 
this building and take out the 2 tangos inside with your shotgun. Be quick, 
and if they see you, rush back to the C4 building and keep an eye on your 
sensor. Once this is done, you're essentially in the clear. 

-=Terminal=-                                                              [4-4D]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ****/***

-General Information-

Fairly difficult. Repeat of the (controversial) airport mission. Sort of. You 
start near one of the departure points, and have to make it through the 
airport while battling riot shields and police members. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

Striker/***: Again, considering the strategy I use, decent. 
M240/***: Good overall, ACR is better. 
RPG-7/**: Decent against riot shield problems. Not against anything else. 
Akimbo Desert Eagles/***: Two stars for usefulness. Three because they look 
sexy and they're fun to use. Recommended.
Akimbo Mini-Uzi's/***: Two stars for usefulness, but fun to use. 
USP .45/*: They actually gave you a choice to switch out for a USP .45? WHY!?!?
ACR Grenadier ACOG sight/*****: A gift from the Call of Duty gods, to you for 
this level. The grenadier gives you the stunning power you need for the riot 
shields, while the beastly power of the ACR gives you the anti-personnel power 
you need. It's perfect. Recommended.
ACR Holographic/****: Not so perfect. Good, though. 

- Walkthrough-

Grab your weapons from the start, and retreat down the stairs behind you. Hide 
on the side of the staircase and shoot them as they come down. Once you take 
out a riot shield user, grab the shield, and use it to defend the doorway. If 
you have a buddy, this is even better, because you can distract while he 
shoots. Lure enemy after enemy back there. Once the main room's forces are 
taken care of, you're going to move to your primary lure point. Go up the 
escalator and into the glass elevator (the non-blown up one) on the right. 
This is where you will lure EVERYONE. Make sure you still have the shield, 
as it is key to winning from here. Just go to each spawn point. Keep moving 
forward. The second an enemy shoots his weapon, rush back to the elevator, 
and wait for them. The only exception to this is when a large group of five 
or six other riot shield users starts coming. You can see them from a distance 
looking out the (bulletproof) glass of the elevator, however. Once they get 
somewhat close, start launching grenades at them. Launcher first, cooking 
frags when they get closer. Keep luring enemies back here, smack them with 
your shield and when everyone's dead, just run to the exit. 

-=Estate Takedown=-                                                       [4-4E]


Regular:  **/*
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ***/***

-General Information-

A repeat of the campaign level where Roach and Ghost go to take down Makarov. 
Your objective here is to take out all of the hostiles. You will be up against 
an armada of forty enemies. On top of armed-to-the-teeth standard mercenaries, 
you are up against (Oh god...) more ghillie snipers, and (insert dramatic 
music) Juggernauts. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

Barrett .50 Cal/*****: Almost perfect for this level. Thermal Sights would be 
better, but still VERY useful, especially vs. the juggernauts. Recommended. 
M4A1 Grenadier Holographic/****: Good once you get in the main house for close 
quarters. Recommended. 

Weapons within the armory (in the basement of the main house) include:

M4A1 Grenadier w/RDS/****: Decent changeout for your starter M4A1-I prefer RDS
Vector Red Dot Sight/**
AK-47 w/shotgun/**
L86 LSW/***: Good-but with no sight, you should get the one on the first floor
P90 Red Dot Sight/***
PP2000 Red Dot Sight/**
Desert Eagle/***: Decent, but leaves you short of close range aid-good vs. 
TMP Red Dot Sight/***: Decent M4A1 alternative
AUG HBAR RDS/***: Good, but I prefer the M240 myself. 
AA-12 Shotgun/***: Decent for close quarters. 
F2000 Thermal Sight/***
WA2000 Thermal Sight/****: Good changeout for your sniper if you prefer the 
thermal. Make sure you or your ally has an anti-juggernat weapon though. 
TAR-21 Holographic/***
SPAS-12 Holographic/**

Located in the Western room entrance on the basement level:

Striker Red Dot Sight/***
P90 Silenced/**
Model 1887/**: Not great-fun to use though
AUG HBAR Scoped/**
AK-47 Red Dot/***

On the ground floor, Southwestern area, is:

L86 LSW Scoped/***: Too long range. Leave that to your sniper.
AK-47 Holographic/***
M240 Red Dot Sight/****: Best option alternative to your M4A1
M240 ACOG Sight/****: Second best (first if you prefer ACOG)

The Southern Room on the top floor contains:

AK-47 ACOG/***
AK-47 Holographic/***

- Walkthrough-

Go to the boathouse door after the mission starts. Get your sniper ready and 
start taking down enemies. You can also hide in the boat to do this. After 
killing a few enemies (3 for me-sometimes none though) you'll hear the music 
that indicates you might just die horribly, riddled with bullets soon. Take up 
a position and gun down the juggernaut with your .50 cal. You can take up a 
prone position along the southern ridge and take out some of their men as 
well. Once you've taken out the better part of a dozen, or at least enough to 
feel somewhat safe, rush up to the lower entrance to the big house. The 
opposition on the bottom floor should be minimal, if there is any at all. 
Plant 2 claymores to cover the door you came in, 2 more by the door to the 
other entrance across the hall, and 2 covering the staircase facing down. 
(Obviously these should not blow up simultaneously-one per enemy. Again, 
common sense, but there's always one)

Go upstairs and kill the 2-4 tangos on the main floor. Plant a claymore by the 
front door. Go upstairs, clear the area and plant a claymore facing down 
halfway up the staircase. I've heard that there are more claymores you can 
grab, but have been unable to locate them, so this will be it. Plant another 
claymore in the doorway to the bedroom left of the staircase, and save one to 
replace it. This will be your sniper room. Until you've whittled down the 
opposition to 5 or so enemies, this will be where you go to take out your 
enemies. If you get shot from outside the window, go prone immediately. No 
risks here. When the Music of Doom starts playing, go prone at the top of the 
staircase and use your .50 cal or W2000 thermal (if you switched in the armory)
 to gun him down. Once opposition is at a minimum, go to the living room of 
this house. If you peek out the windows at the end of it, you'll see that 
most of the remaining opposition is Ghillie snipers. Take them out.
You win!

* Echo                                                                         *

-=Wetwork=-                                                               [4-5A]


Regular:  **/**
Hardened: **/**
Veteran: *****/****

-General Information-

Your objective here is to breach the first hostage room, and then fight your 
way to the top of the oil rig, where you'll have to breach another. This 
mission is A HUUUUUUUUGE pain in the rump, because even if you do fight your 
way to the top, the last breach is do or die. One wrong move, and it's back 
to the beginning. (Damn spec ops and its lack of checkpoints)

-Available Starting Equipment-

M1014/**: Not great except for breaching the first room. 
M4A1 Grenadier w/RDS/****: Good throughout the level. Recommended.
MG4/***: Good secondary. Switch out for AT-4/RPG when needed for the chopper, 
and for the PP2000, F2000, or intervention thermal rifles when you get to the 
AT-4/**: Good as it gets for taking down the chopper halfway up. Recommended. 

- Walkthrough-
*Fractions of this strategy attributed to Jakez123*

Start the mission by switching out your secondary for the AT-4. Not too useful 
yet, but it will be. Breach the door closest to you, and take out the guy 
kicking a hostage and the other one near you first, followed by the guy behind 
them. Immediately lay a claymore out by the gate, and Once the enemies start 
hitting it, use your M203 on it. That should take out a few. 
If given the chance, launch a second grenade at em too. 
Gun the rest down as they come. Move up slow, taking a wide left around the 
pillar and fuel tanks, and staying behind cover. Once you have the space to 
do so, rush across the gap to the staircase, but go BEHIND it. Take down the 
enemies as they come down-they're not smart enough to shoot through the gaps 
in the stairs. Once you take them out, go upstairs, spawn the enemies, and 
launch a grenade into the fuel tanks as they pass by. Once you move up a bit, 
enemies will rappel down from the left, onto the level. Move back against 
the wall behind the barrel near the staircase where you came up, and gun them 
down from relative safety. Once the chopper comes by, retreat downstairs. 
Head behind the staircase again, and take cover from the chopper behind the 
stone pillar. Take down hostiles as they come downstairs. This is easier with 
a partner, as one of you can cover the staircase while the other guns down the 
chopper. Anyways, shoot the chopper with the AT-4 when you're sure nobody else 
is coming downstairs. 
*TIP FOR SUCCESS* Behind the fence that is behind the staircase is a fuel 
tank. Unless you want the chopper to blow it up in your face, destroy it 
Once the chopper's down, and you're sure nobody else is coming 
downstairs to kill you and eat your heart, head back up the staircase 
CAREFULLY. Get to the top of the stairs, turn right, and enter the door on 
your right. Move in a bit and some baddies will spawn. They'll head into the 
room you're in, so run back out and behind the barrel by the staircase again. 
Shoot them as they come out. Once they're dead, advance through the very 
same room, and plant a claymore at the door on the far end. This prevents 
them from biting you in the behind. After moving forward and spawning yet MORE 
enemies, you can fight them head on, or move back (yet again) to a more 
defensible spot. Pick up the F2000 Thermal lying on the crate. You'll need it 
in due time. Keep advancing and retreating until you're at the goal on top of 
the catwalk on the Southeastern end. Go upstairs and be ready for hell. Go 
upstairs until you hear the smoke pop, then haul ass back downstairs. Go back 
onto the catwalk and hide behind the pipes, watching the staircase. You can 
also go onto the ground, and watch the underside of the staircase. And yet 
another option is to wait at the base of the staircase, looking up it. Your 
choice, and they're all good ones. Once they're taken care of, go upstairs. 
Use your thermal weapon to take out the bad guys in the windows upstairs. 
You'll have to deal with around five of them. After this is done, head up the 
path towards the breaching area that is second to the far left. More baddies 
will pop up and come after you. Take them out, and breach the door. If solo, 
breach the door farthest from the staircase, if not, one breach each door, and 
the player breaching the staircase door watch out for the guy trying to knife 
you. Use weak SMG's for this job, as there are MANY barrels with C4 in this 
room. You have one chance to do this, but If you do, you win. Congrats!

-=High Explosive=-                                                        [4-5B]


Regular:  ***/*
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ***/**

-General Information-

In my opinion, the hardest mission in Spec ops to finish solo. You are 
given nothing but explosive weapons to take down an arsenal of 10 Juggernauts 
in the Favela. The first few are easy, but after that you'll be dealing with 
3 at a time, which is by no means easy. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

RPG-7/***: Best weapon (available) for the job. Use these when possible. 
Thumper/**: Use when you're out of ammo for the RPG and can't reload yet. 
Flashbang/*****: Your key to defeating these bastards. Stuns them long enough 
to unload an RPG in their face, or long enough to revive a partner. Either 
way, it's your saving grace.
Fragmentation/**: Semi-useful, if you are hurt and don't want to expose 
C4/***: Good for laying traps-lay several at once though. 
Claymore/***: Not great damage, but worth laying. What does it cost you?

- Walkthrough-

It IS possible to take down a Juggernaut in one shot-to do this, you have to
hit them in the head with the thumper-however, the round has to explode as 
well, so you need to keep your distance, making this fairly difficult. If
you're failing to do this, just aim a little higher.

*Thanks to Dragon239 for the following strategy*
Run to the corner in the watery area, look down the alley. If there's a 
juggernaut there, fire at him from behind the car. Go into the building on 
your left with the big window. Jump through it. Have one guy go to the doorway 
and die there. The other needs to hide behind the table right by the big 
window and simply shoot the juggernauts as they attempt to walk over the dead 
guy. Don't let him bleed out, and try not to waste ammo.

*The following ideas have been added in response to the volume of requests for 
new strategies for this mission-thanks to Dan Hansen*

run to the far right of the map from the start and go in the one house with to 
openings, to the kitchen and living room, with a room in it, just get the one 
guy to die in the doorway, and the other behind the dresser on the ground, 
he'll never get shot, did it 7 times without dieing once, and you can just 
knife them to death or use you claymores around the house and C4 when you got 
3 Gnauts in there... alot quicker and more efficient! 

-=Armor Piercing=-                                                        [4-5C]


Regular:  ***/**
Hardened: ***/**
Veteran:  ****/**

-General Information-

Another mission on the oil rig. This time you're trying to take down fifteen 
(That's one-five) juggernauts on the way up. Despite the sound, it is MUCH 
easier than High Explosive. 

-Available Starting Equipment-

M240/***: Good secondary, though you won't be using it. Recommended
Thumper/**: People will tell you otherwise, but after playing each of these 
missions a thousand times, I'll tell you they're lying. The thumper sucks. 
AT-4/**: Decent damage, but useless-single shot only. 
Striker RDS/**: Shotgun + juggernaut = you, lying on the ground, crying. 
Barrett .50 Cal/*****: The best item they could have given you. Recommended. 
Intervention thermal/****: If playing co-op, this is the weapon to stick your 
partner with. Recommended for ally. 
AUG HBAR Scoped/*: Does virtually no damage against those monsters. Not worth 
picking up. 

- Walkthrough-

If you have time to take, run upstairs and take up a defensive position. 
Eventually, the juggernauts WILL come for you, and just snipe them with an 
Intervention and .50 cal when they do. Best position I've found so far is to 
have one player go prone on top of the scaffolding, and let the other player 
lure the juggernauts in. On a side note, you can also go the High Explosive 
route with this one, and have one player die on a staircase to block the path
of the juggernauts, while the other player kills them from behind it. 

* V. About the Author                                                    [5-1 ]*

Well now, this is the part where I get to be a tad egotistical and talk about 
me. My real name is Michael, and I hail from a small town called Maple Valley 
in the state of Washington. I'm twenty years old at the time of writing this, 
and have been playing video games since I was four. I served my time in the 
Marine Corps, and it has influenced my playing style on MW2 in a way that
makes Spec Ops a bit easier for me than it does for most players.

I wrote this guide, and have attempted to write guides in the past, not to 
hold your hand and teach you the ways of the world so that you can kill 
everything with minimal effort, but to give players a solid foundation on 
which to build their skills. Everybody has to start somewhere, and by building 
players up, I add to the quality of the competition I face online. Competition 
I find sorely lacking at times, so hopefully writing things like this will 
fix all of that. 

I am also proudly affiliated with the group, It is an online 
group that supports multiple game franchises, and trains its members in basic
strategy, teamplay, etc. Practices are held multiple times a week, and the rank
system and medals system is based on the US Military, as well. It is a very
difficult, yet rewarding clan to be a part of. If you're interested in joining,
just go to and fill out the boot camp questionaire on the forums.
Upon giving correct answers, you will be assigned to a squad, and begin 
training and learning about the structure of our group. Be SURE to tell them 
that TG Sun Tzu recommened you.

If you're interested in playing a match online, or want someone to back you up 
in spec ops, I'm always okay to do that as well. Just send me an email stating 
that you would like some help, and I'll get back to you when I can. Bear in 
mind when doing so, however, that this guide is viewed by MANY people, so I 
cannot work off of your schedule-I will help when I am available, and if that 
is not acceptable, do not bother contacting me.

* VI. Contact Information                                                [6-1 ]*

If you wish to contribute to this guide, give me feedback on what I have 
written, provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or anything else within reason for 
that matter, you are warmly welcomed and strongly encouraged to do so. If you
are contributing, be sure to leave the name or alias under which you would like
to be credited. If you do not, I will simply assume that the information from
your email address works. 

My email address is [email protected]

* VII. Credits                                                           [CRD1]*

In recognition of the completion of the current version of this guide, I would 
like to thank the following people and groups for their service to the guide. 

Infinity Ward for producing another fantastic game
GameFAQs for (hopefully) posting it
Readers for giving me reason to post it
Myself for taking the time to write this *pats on back*
My brother for helping me with the painstaking research on the co-op portion. 
Dragon239 for his contributions to mission strategies.

Thanks for additional contributions go to:
Nick Holland
Viktor K
Jonathan Holtsclaw
Dan Hansen
Brian Hicks

Additional VERY special thanks go to everyone who's sent me feedback on the
guide. Always good to know that your work is helpful.

* VIII. Copyright Information                                            [7-1 ]*

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