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Follow the dark path or use the light

Intel Locations



Chapter 1 - S.S.D.D.

Intel Item 1 - After training the new recruits start heading towards the training course...when you reach the entrance turn left
and come over to the big tower and the intel is on a stand by a red toolbox.

Chapter 2 - Team Player
Intel Item 2 - After killing the enemys in the 2nd floor windows go into the big room with the pillar and turn right. Someone will
say "I saw someone go into that classroom!". Go into that classroom to the right, no one is actually in there, and the intel is on
a table to the right.

Intel Item 3 - Right after getting the last intel you will leave the school. Right when you leave the school by the last pillar
turn right. and the intel is on a crate by a taxi.

Chapter 3 - Cliffhanger

Intel Item 4 - Ok this one could be tricky. Right after killing the second enemy patrol go straight ahead in front of the
entrance to the base. Look straight and there should be a tower with a ladder towards the back. Climb up this ladder and the intel
is on the catwalk.

Intel Item 5 - After planting the C4 go to the 2 hangars and go right down the middle of them. To meet up with Soap, or Captain
Mactavish, you turn left. To get the intel turn right and there are a few windows in the back of the right hangar. break them and
the intel is behind one.

Intel Item 6 - Ok, probably the hardest one in the game. This is during the snowmobile chase. I recommend you do this on recruit
incase you have troubles finding this one. When the path spilts into 2 parts around the trees you should be able to see a shed on 
top of the right path. When you see this turn left by the wooden fence beside you and go into the middle of the 2 paths in the 
trees. The intel is hidden inside will probably have to look around a little bit. Remember, you dont have to pick it
up, just drive over it.

Chapter 4 - No Russian

You might not be playing this mission if at the beginning of the game you chose yes to take out the offensive material.
Therefore, no intel items in this chapter...LUCKY YOU!

Chapter 5 - Takedown

Enemy Intel 7 - After dropping intothe favela go down the alley right in front of you...killing everyone except civilians.
Then turn right at the end. You will be able to see a motorcycle and a building to the left that has a giant window. The is a 
door in the alcove by the brick building, or you could just go through the window, your call. Then go to the back of the house and the
the intel is on a table with a spotted table cloth on it.

Enemy Intel 8 - After continuing to the spot where it is a narrow alley with about 10 or so guys in it...kill them all before
proceeding. Then after killing them all turn to the right and you should see a building with wooden posts raising it off the 
ground. There should be a building directly to yor left with a ladder, go up it and the intel is in the room on the roof on a 

Enemy Intel 9 - Almost directly after the last intel drop down from the should fight a few guys. Then go into the house
to your left and there are like 2 or 3 guys in there...kill them. Then turn right and then left and the intel is in the bedroom on
a small stand.

Enemy Intel 10 - After killing a bunch of guys on rooftops and going up the 2 flights up stairs to the right. There is a green car
on fire and a building to the right next to it. Go int the building and down the sorta hidden staircase and then turn right. The 
intel is on a stand inbetween 2 beds.


Chapter 6 - Wolverines

Enemy Intel 11 - Immediately after coming out of the alley go into the gas station and it is sitting on the counter.(you may
need to go behind the counter in order to pick it up.

Enemy Intel 12 - This intel is in the CBR financial building directly north of Nate's Restraunt. Go straight in the building 
from the doors and then turn just slighty right and the intel is on a desk by a sign that says online banking.

Enemy Intel 13 - This one is in the Taco To Go building. To get in you will need to crouch through the destroyed corner...
once in look around on the tables for the laptop.

Enemy Intel 14 - This one can be tricky to see. Go over to Burger Town and go to the side of it in the little enclosed area 
with the dumpster. Check inside the dumpster.

Chapter 7 - The Hornet's Nest

Enemy Intel 15 - When heading down the alley with the white broken down truck in it and the support symbol at the end of it
turn right a little past the truck to go in a house with a blue car in the garage. The intel is on a table a little bit into
the house.

Enemy Intel 16 - This intel is in the back-left corner of the level where you clear a big open area. After you clear this area
head over to the little path going back up to the village in the far corner. There is a small shack type thing with the intel
sitting ontop of some barrels and other miscellaneous items.

Enemy Intel 17 - As you keep going not far after #16 you should be able to find a Pelayo's Ice Cream shop. You can go in this way
I recommend that you go a little further uphil and go in a door attached to the same building with a car to your right. If you go
in through the ic cream shop go straight through the building and up the staircase at the end. If you go the recommended way go up
the staircase in front of you and the intel is sitting on a table.

Enemy Intel 18 - As you approach the end of the mission you should come across a soccer field. Right when you get onto it their is
a soccer goal directly in front of you...go to the opposite soccer goal and look in the window behind it.

Chapter 8 - Exodus

Enemy Intel 19 - As you are coming down the hill and you come to sort of a town square type thing, there will be a house with red
walls. The intel is in here sitting in the back of the house. Remember this house is only one room.

Enemy Intel 20 - Almost directly after this intel you will come across a security toll booth, go into it on the right side, right
when you get into this room turn right and the intel is on a desk.

Enemy Intel 21 - After the last intel you should go across a white bridge, Go 2 houses down to the right...the intel is at the top
of the stairs right infront of the door.

Chapter 9 - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

Enemy Intel 22 - Once you are finished breaching the first room you should go up 2 flights of stairs and then at the top of the
second stairscase turn left and the intel is on a set of shelves.

If you have collected every intel before this sentance then you should have recieved the "The Road Less Traveled" for 10G.

Enemy Intel 23 - After breaching the second room, planting the C4, and killing the remaining enemies, go forward to the next room
that has a door to your right...there should be a shelf in front of you with the intel on it.

Enemy Intel 24 - Soon after destroying the helicopter and killing the remaining enemies, go up the staircase on the right of this
floor and go through the room and go down the stairs. Directly after reaching the bottom turn around and go below the staircase.
The intel is on a pile of wood pallets.

Chapter 10 - The Gulag

Enemy Intel 25 - Before going into the jail cells(this is the entrance with the two red lights and the 2 metal gates...Their is a
staircase to the front-right of this area and the stairs go into a dark room and the intel is in the back on a filing cabinet.

Enemy Intel 26 - Right after going through the jail entrance there is a control room with the intel in it. Go around the support
in the middle and the intel is in the very fron on a table.

Enemy Intel 27 - After defending yourself with riot shields, you will move onto a new floor, the intel is in the first jail cell
to your right on a desk.

Enemy Intel 28 - After breaching for a second time(the part where Captain Price meets soap and worm says "Who's Soap?")you should 
immediately turn around and the intel is in the top-right corner of the room on a desk.

Chapter 11 - Of Their Own Accord

Enemy Intel 29 - When you go into the very big white building at the beginning of the should come across four
elevators, one of them is open. You can see the intel inside if you look closely enough. You cannot just walk into the elevator.
To get inside you must jump ontop of the dead body and then crouch. You must also do the same in order to get out of the elevator.
Also there might not be a dead body on your screen...just know it is the only open elevator, and you just have to jump and crouch
in the front of it.

Enemy Intel 30 - A little while after the last intel you should come across a balcony with an anti-air missile launcher...kill the
2 guys standing outside by it. Then immediately after killing the 2 guards turn to you left and shoot through the door straight
infront of should fling open, go inside and turn left to find the intel on a stand.

Chapter 12 - Condingency

Enemy Intel 31 - After you avoid the BTR by going into the woods, there should be a 4 man patrol looking for you, kill them or let
them pass. Then go a little forward to your top-left and a guard with a dog should walk by...There is a group of people standing 
behind a group of trees with a parachute in it. Kill them then go into the group of trees. The intel is sitting on a crate in

Enemy Intel 32 - Once you use the predator missile on the enemy base you should go into a building with a big 33 on it. When you
are about to leave their is a desk to the left of the exit door...the intel is on this table.

Enemy Intel 33 - After you leave the 33 building, go straight ahead to a bulding with 2 flights of stairs on it and a helipad
ontop. ONce you get up here go all the way to the back corner and the intel is sitting on some ammo crates.

Chapter 13 - Whiskey Hotel

Enemy Intel 34 - After exiting the oval room go straight ahead to the next hallway and turn to the left, the intel is sitting in 
the corner on a black couch.

Enemy Intel 35 - It is right when after you go up the last stairs and right before you signal the air, right when you enter the
last room turn to your right and the intel is on some crates in the corner.

Chapter 14 - Loose Ends

Enemy Intel 36 - Before you breach any door...go around to the back of the house and all the way down the hill. There is a
boathouse with the intel in front of it on some crates.

Enemy Intel 37 - After breaching the room on the 2nd floor go straight into it and the intel is in the top-left corner of the room
on a small stand.

Enemy Intel 38 - Breach the room on the lowest level of the house(This is the room with the wall with a bunch of guns on it.)and
the intel in a corner on some ammo crates.

Chapter 15 - The Enemy of My Enemy

Enemy Intel 39 - At the very start of the mission go into the half of a plane right infront of you...the intel is in the cockpit.

Enemy Intel 40 - Right after you jump down the hill there is another hill in front of you with a plane facing your direction.
The intel is in the cockpit of this plane.

Chapter 16 - Just Like Old Times

Enemy Intel 41 - Right after you go into the tunnel and hide when the patrol passes to check the road for the patrol up there, you
should kill a guard that's watching TV. Keep going through the east tunnel to find it on the right side on an ammo crate.

Enemy Intel 42 - Before exiting the cave and after killing the ambush of guards in the steamy room where it goes dark, the intel
is to the left of the cave exit on a table by a whiskey bottle.

Enemy Intel 43 - After you enter the next cave and you and Peirce start fighting a group of guards there is an alcove where an
enemy will run at you with a shotgun, kill him...and then pick up the intel on a table to your right.

Enemy Intel 44 - After breaching the next spot...the room with the rigged C4's, kill all the guards then the intel is shortly
behind the computer that Price is ontop of some cans on a table by a computer.

Chapter 18 - Endgame

Enemy Intel 45 - This is right at the beginning of the mission before you get onto the boat with Price. This intel is right
infront of the boat on a box.

Well, now you should have earned the " Leave No Stone Unturned" achievement for 10G

If you find any mistakes or anything that should be fixed...please e-mail me at [email protected] and leave the subject
as MW2 intel guide.

Thanks for using my guide!!!