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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats to help you survive this game incuding how to get double ammo and the location of the enemy intel and videos.

More Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 67 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC : Nintendo DS

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Unlock Mile High Club mission:

When you have beaten the Story mode on any difficulty setting and the credits have completed another mission will then start where you are on a plane that looks like the President's Air Force One and you have to complete it in under 2 minutes. The mission involves killing the bad guys, saving the V.I.P. And escaping the plane.

Unlock Arcade Mode:

When you have beaten the game once on any difficulty setting Arcade mode becomes unlocked. In Arcade mode you can either play Full Challenge or Level Challenge.

Unlock Prestige Mode:

This Multiplayer-only mode is unlocked by reaching Experience Level 55 which is the highest attainable level in the game. In Prestige mode the player can trade in their rank and start over at Level ..

Rank Unlockables

Reach the indicated ranks in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding effect in the game.

Unlock Demolitions Class Weapon Class: Get rank 1

Unlock Sniper Class Weapon Class: Get rank 2

Unlock Create a Class: Get rank 3

Unlock Gun Challenges: Get rank 4

Unlock New Playlists: Get rank 5

Unlock M40 Sniper Rifle: Get rank 6

Unlock Last Stand Perk Class 3: Get rank 7

Unlock Boot Camp Challenges 1: Get rank 8

Unlock M4 Carbine Assault Rifle: Get rank 9

Unlock UAV Jammer Perk Class 2: Get rank 10

Unlock Clan Tag: Get rank 11

Unlock Mini Uzi Submachine Gun: Get rank 12

Unlock Bomb Squad Perk Class 1: Get rank 13

Boot Camp Chall..

Unlock Golden and Multiplayer Weapons

Unlock Golden Weapons

When you have completed ALL the indicated weapon challenges you will be able to select the golden camo for the weapon. This camo gives the weapon no special abilities and is purely cosmetic.

Unlock Golden Desert Eagle:

Reach Level 55.

Unlock Golden Mini-Uzi:

Complete ALL SMG challenges.

Unlock Golden Ak-47:

Complete ALL Assault Rifle challenges.

Unlock Golden Dragonuv:

Complete ALL Sniper challenges.

Unlock Golden M1014:

Complete ALL Shotgun challenges.

Unlock Golden M60:

Complete ALL LMG challenges.

Unlock Multiplayer Weapons:

The following weapons are unlocked in Multiplayer mode when you reach the indicated rank.

Unlock Sniper Rif..

CoD Noir, Photo-Negative, Super Contrast, Cluster Bombs Cheats

The following video shows you these cheats in action. To get the cheats you must collect the required amount of enemy intel.

Watch the video

Enemy Intel Locations and Videos

For a complete guide to all the Enemy Intel Locations check out this page of our guide.

We also have videos for all 30 Intel Locations. Check them out by following this link.

There is also a complete guide with screenshots to the whole game here.

Multiplayer Prestige Medals

Reach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding Prestige Medal.

Prestige 1:

Gold shield with silver eagle.

Prestige 2:

Blue titanic diamond with star spikes.

Prestige 3:

Emerald in the middle with four lines with circles on the ends.

Prestige 4:

Black circle in the middle with white, gold, maroon, and tan edges.

Prestige 5:

Gold badge with one eye in the middle.

Prestige 6:

Gold eagle in the middle with six l..

Ragtime Warfare (Spoiler)

Check out the following video which is a clip of the ending mission using the unlockable cheat called 'Ragtime Warefare'.

Watch the video

Rank Bonuses

When you reach the following ranks in Multiplayer mode the indicated bonus will become unlocked.


Level 1: ALL starting equipment

Level 2: Demolitions Class Weapon Class

Level 3: Sniper Class Weapon Class

Lance Corporal

Level 4: Create a Class

Level 5: Gun Challenges

Level 6: New playlists


Level 7: M21 Sniper Rifle

Level 8: Last Stand Perk Class 3

Level 9: Boot Camp Challenges 1


Level 10: M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

Level 11: UAV Jammer Perk Class 2

Level 12: Clan Tag

Staff Sergeant

Level 13: Mini Uzi Submachine Gun

Level 14:..

Zombie walk

First get a 3 killstreak for a uav (you need claymores for this cheat) then lay a claymore then call the uav and lay another claymore at the same time and your zombie walking easy as that.If you like this give me a good rating

How to enable cheats and enter cheats in cod4(PC)

Ok first select start a new server it doesnt matter which name has it or setting.Then press Esc go to options then press game options enable console.Then press ~ write devmap mp_whatever map your on.Example devmap mp_pipeline and then press enter.When you pressed enter it's to suposed to be downloading again the map youre on,if not you did it wrong.When it's finished press ~ and write a cheat and press enter.

Here are some cheats:

give all:it gives every single weapon

god:you never die

player_sustainammo 1:unlimited ammo

jump_height 1000 or less:makes you jump really hhhhiiiiighhh

ufo:lets you play but like moving in spectator mode

What you can use for the infinite ammo cheat

You can use everything except for c4 and claymores. Sorry if it is short (by the way when you use infinite ammo you don't have to reload get and see what I mean).

Hope you have fun, Destructive Satelite.

S.A.S obstical course

I don't know if anyone has found this out but when you're on the training mission the first one after you slash the watermelon with your knife go out of the place where you are and head towards SW on your compass. You should see 3 guys at a fence then go in there and there's the obstical course you can do it but you wont be timed or that

Cool glitch

Ok in call of duty 4 thir are some cool glitches and I'm going to tell you some ok here we go the first one is gitting out of crossfire first you must be in old school mode to do this when your in old school mode go to the last building and go to the top floor and their shoud be a crair and a washing machine now jump on the tip of the washing machine and jamp on the top of the roof and their you have it your out of the map after that you can get on top of buildings that you muslee can't get on oh and if I was you I would take a sniper with me so you can take out the ones in the open or in the buildings

Trick Reloading

When you relaod, the bullet picture lights up after you're done. If you tap 'Y' 2 times, when the lights are on, you will have your gun reloaded and it'll save you 3 seconds, and can save your life.

How to get to Bog from Crossfire

Its pretty simple but you will need help from another person all you need to do is go to the broken building jump up (Facing backwards) and do the same again and then you go onto a hidden roftop get a partner to sit in front of you jump and you can climb over the rooftops and officailly get to Bog. If you like this give me a good rating , thanks!

How to make your airstrike planes almost touch the ground

On the map countdown if you get an airstrike place it on one of those smoking holes and the airplanes will be three feet from the ground and if you wanted you could probably jump in front of them.

One Shot, One Kill Secret Area

Ok. I have been having the hardest time completing the end of the level

One Shot One Kill on Veteran

I've tried all the ways they say it is easy but I have found an even easier way to survive.

When you hid in the little stand you are at risk of them thowing grenades. On veteran they are very accurate thowers.

What I did is this.

You will need to kill the first wave( doesn't matter how you do it) Then head to the back of the ferris wheel. If your facing the pool to your right there is a large picnic type area.


The picnic area is a little cove. There is a white fence and the only area they can come after you is the same way you got in.

NOTE:(Don't forget they are grenade ha..

Invisable Sniper

On the multiplayer map the boat level go to the far back off the boat and head up the stairs infront of the back of a semi on pegs,jump on the railing onto the blue crate then take a right onto another crate,jump the gap onto yet another gap notice there is a small gap in the 2 crates against eachother you are on and if you lay down on the crack and you become pitch black and can't be seen even if the person was next to me because it's a dark level(even with the night vision on) works really good for online play

Tire in the Air

This isn't really a cheat but it is pretty cool. On the Level where you have to climb the hill and take over the farm. On veteran if you climb on top of the house in the middle of the map. It is the one be the water tower. On top if you are facing the way to the farm, look left about 90 degrees left. This is where it is hard to see but if you look up you'll see a little dot on the screen. Just sitting there. If you have a Sniper you can zoom in on it and like magic it's a tire.

Maps that you can get out of

In Call of duty 4 you can get out of the following maps:crossfire,backlot,ambush,wet works,bog(i am not sure if they patched this glitch but I think it still works),and showdown. Happy cheating ,plz rate me

No Weapon Glitch

When you are playing as Captain Price and your headinjg to the building to kill imran zhakeav you will see a dog eating a soldier usually you avoid it or shoot it (if you do ou get attacked by alot of dogs) well if you go up to it so it tries to jump on you run all the way through the building till you reach the steps leading to the ground lvl your hands will go like their pushing something and the dog will be gone and your left with no weapons or grenades


When you have reached the prestige level (after level 55), there is a very easy way to level back up again to 55. Focus on getting all of the "marksmen" challenges for each gun individually. These are worth massive amounts of points. Some other challenges to focus on for example are the vadalism challenges. All you have to do is throw grenades at the cars and you will get an easy 250 points. By doing this, you will be able to level up faster.

Last Stand

When you are shooting someone and you are fairly close, don't stop even when they are falling down, alot of people use last stand and kill you right after you kill them, so don't let up on the fire so you kill them, and then kill them again in last stand.

Most Things You Need To Know About This Game.


Only sniper on certain maps, Thinks about it, using a sniper on Shipment?

I think the best maps for snipering on is: overgrown, downpour, Crossfire, Block, Crash, Broardcast ( If you have the new maps ) Just any map with long grass or has lots of buildings.


Perks give you special abiletys for you to use during a game. It depends what you like doing, really. If you like sneeking around and knifing people you want UAV Jammer, Dead Silence And Bomb Squad ( 3 Perks Per Class, Different Perks Are Unlocked At Different Levels. ) Where if you like just going around shooting people wit your MG, you would use Bandolier, Overkill and Martyrdom.

Personally, I use a P90 And 50. Cal With Claymore, Overkill and Martyrdom.

I would advi..

Double ammo

If online you have a G36C and a M4 CARBINE and use the bandolier perk you get 360 bullets for either. I know this works because I use it every round.

How to get the mile high club acheievement

Make sure you have it on veteran mode,you know just in case.

Starting off,you will be in position,go after the guy that just came out of the bathroom (poor guy) knife him.Kill the guy across the room,go into the only room and throw a flash,go to the left side of the chairs and just kill the guys that are in your way(don't waste your time with the rest,the bots will do that),and hide behind the chairs in the other area (doesn't matter which side,but I suggest going to the right side).By now you should have about 45 seconds,throw a flash and kill all the enemies and hide in the center row of chairs,kill the 3 or 4 guys coming down the stairs,now you should have about 35-30 seconds on the stairs,throw a flash take the guys out and enter the only safe spot on that mission,recover ..


find a yellow cart on the side of a building run and jump when you are right next to the side of the cart let go of everything you should be on the side of the cart climb up it slowly not fast or you will fall go acrros the black edge bit of the side of the building keep going soon you will see another cart hanging from the side of the building go up it then acrros the edge again then you are at the top. you may get shoot wile you try to do it. it may be hard a little.

Rank up

The best way to rank up online is to do your challenges. Find a friend and go do cage matches and let your friend and you take turns doing your challenges. You probbably will rank up fast I got to rank 30 in 2 days jus playin about 1 hour a day

Aiming with the AK-47

I find it easier to aim towards the chest of the enemy when using the AK-47 because it shoots upward. This way, you increase you headshot possibilities and you kills.

Grenade Holding

When you are getting ready to throw a grenade, don't hold onto it too long. If you do, the grenade will eventually blow up in your hand thus killing you. This will embarass you, I guarentee it. So, remember to make sure where you are going to throw the grenade before you throw it, so it doesn't end up killing you.

Old School Glitch

First pick old school mode and pick any of these two maps Backlot or Crossfire for Backlot go to a dumpster in the corner and get on the dumpster and run and jump over the wall and you are outside the map!If you go in a black hole you are under the map,also if you go off edge while under the map you will be stuck there you need a greade to suicide bomb yourself or switch your team if you are doing Xbox Live tough luck because you can't switch your team.As for Crossfire go to the destroyed building.Note pick Opfor because it'closer.Next hop on the chair and jump on the ledge and don't get to the area because you will hit side.Once you are up there jump once and run across you have to be above the barbed wire if you aren't you will fall now keep going until you reach the area with the part..

Sniper on certain maps

If you are on the map overgrown, downpour, almost any map that has tall grass, then pick the sniper because you will be in a ghillie suit (the suit with all the leaves on it) and it will make you a little more difficult to see. Also, make sure your sniper has the "woodland" camoflauge or you will blow your cover. Good luck, my gamertag is csb34 (no caps and no spaces) if you want to know more maps. Good luck hunting!

Easy Exp

To get your Exp up you must have cage matches,a mic,and xbox live. Keep finding people that say "headshots"? Say yes and I go first then start killing them. They will and you still get the exp but they don't get your hopes up some might fight back.

I have a glitch with the last stand that you can..

I have a glitch with the last stand that you can do. What you are supposed to do is exactly about 1 second when you get last stand pick up any machine gun rifle etc. You will notice that you are using that gun (that you picked up) on last stand.

Note: It is very difficult I only did it once because I was basically doing nothing then a bullet hit me and I picked up a gun 1 second before the last stand and sniped his face with it.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Good Gun Class

Here Is A Good Class For Use On A Xbox Live Match (I use It Every Match And My Current Killstreak - Using This Class - Is 96 Kills!)

The Class Is:

Primary Weapon: M21

Secondary Weapon: P90

Perk1: C4/Claymore/RPG ect.

Perk2: Overkill

Perk3: Martydrom

Decent Classes (3)

Hello, I'm back with some more classes. These classes are powerful over all types of matches. I'd suggest Ground War for these.

M16A4 - ACOG Scope

Desert Eagle - N/A

Frag x3

Stopping Power

Deep Impact

P90 - Silencer

USP .45 - Silencer

Bomb Squad

UAV Jammer

Dead Silence

M1014 - Grip

M9 - No Attachment



Dead Silence

Barrett .50cal - No attachment

M1911. 5 - Silencer

Claymore x2

UAV Jammer

Dead Silence

M249 SAW - RDS

Desert Eagle

RPG x2

Stopping Power

Steady Aim

There you go. The overall classes I use. Here is one other class I use, it's a unique class, don't use it unless you are a no-scoper...



In the level when your are with the sniper dude and you are in a giant field with guys walking towrds you with tanks and you have to hide in the grass to get past them, I got a easy way to do that

Jump the pipes and keep going towrds the blown up tank when you see the first dude walking towords you from behind the hill get down and crawl bacwards towrds the nucler grass stuff and when mcmullin says are you draft ect. Go forwards untill you are barely out of the nuclear stuff and just wait. No one gets close to you and you wont be found ( I know this because I've don't this 3 time just to make sure)

Beating mile high club on veteran

First stab the guy in the bathroom. Sprint while at the same time shooting the guy in the hall to the right. Then throw a flashbang ASAP. Pick up his P90 use that to kill his buddies that come running out.(important part in this first part is to keep running) go into the second part start shooting kill the guys coming down the stairs.(if you don't have at least 25 seconds left you can't make it) kill the guys in the third area only 3 should come if you're fast. Kill the man behind the door with a shotgun. Move up.(u NEED at least 15 seconds) kill the guy hiding behind the first part of the airplane if he's there(not the seat) put you're aimer up and when the guys come out of where the VIP is shoot them there should be about 7 that come out keep walking with aimer up. Shotgun pops out run..

Intel iteam

Crew Expandable when you reach the point where you kill two people in bunk beds search around in that room and there will be a inteal iteam...if you don't know what a intel iteam is it is a laptop

Best guns to use

Sniper: The 50cal. Is only the 2nd best in the game. I know it's powerful as hell but unless you are trying to hit a mofo through a wall at a mile away don't use it. The M21 is the best sniper you can use. Its fast ans quick reloading.

Assult Rifle: The Classic M4 carbine or if you have it the gold AK-47 these are both reliable and powerful.

Sub-machine gun: the AK-74u is the best one by far. It is just like the AK-47 but smaller.

Heavy machine gun: the Last one you unlock(dont remember the name.) It is powerful as hell as fast to shoot and reload.

Shotgun: the last one. Fastest shooting shoty and fast to reload.

I hope this helps because I've kicked ass with these.

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