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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

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We have several glitches which are useful to know, these are in the Cargo Bay, Intervention and Exodus maps. There are also more glitches in Multiplayer for you to check out.

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We have 18 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3 : PC

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Enemy Intel Locations, Videos and Complete Guide

For a complete guide to all the Enemy Intel Locations check out this page of our guide.

We also have videos for all 30 Intel Locations. Check them out by following this link.

There is also a complete guide with screenshots to the whole game here.

Intervention Mission Falling through Floor Glitch

In the room which has the nuke go down and then under the ramp and crouch with your back to the bottom of it and then stand up. This may take several attempts but when you have got it right you will fall through the floor. The only problem though is you will not be able to progress in the game and the only way of getting back up is to either kill yourself or reset the game.

How to get RPG on first to fight level

To get the RPG complete all training and the camp will get attacked. When you get near the end of the level you will see a guy crouch and fire a rocket, kill him and run up to his dead body has fast as you can. Then a hand will show on the top of the screen(Not the touch screen).Then look on the touch screen and a hand should be on the top right touch it and you will have a RPG.

PS:Once you beat the level you won't have it anymore.


PPPS:Thanks for reading

Dock 26 glitch

Go up the ramp on the outside by the B computer there is a little box get on top of that little box and keep walking into the big box... You can resist bullets and grenades but not by the bottom of that box people can hold a grenade and kill you from the bottom of the box... like i said but it is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!

Silent shooter

On the Part where you have to secure the nuke. There is a glitch. First you go to the door walk out the door and back in. this enables you to shoot through walls go to the windows that you see when you first go int the level go to the second window from the front. Aim at the corner when you see red shoot at it. There is like four guys so you have to find them through the wall.

Cargo Bay Glitch

There is a glitch in Cargo Bay. It is a multiplayer level. What you need to do is go inside the room where PC 1 is. PC 1 is a "radar computer" and turns your bottom screen from black to having a map. However, the map will not show you the loation of enemies, only static objects. Go up to PC 1 and press the hand icon. This should change PC 1's screen from gray or another color to the color symbol of your character. Getting PC 1 is only for orientation and is not required to successfully complete the glitch. Stand in front of PC 1, turn 180 degrees until you see a big wide window with no glass. There is a door to the left and right of that window; exit the room using the right side door, still facing the same direction. Go right facing the same direction again and you should see a small br..

Awsome Glitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you go to the level Mogadishu, go to the area where the fountain is. There should be a slope. On the right side of that slope, run into the wall. If you did that correctly, you should be in the ground!Crouch, walk a few steps then stand up. You're out of the level! With this glitch, you can kill your friends without them knowing. Just don't go where you can walk in Mogadishu or you'll have to do this all over again.

Welcome for the cheat

Invincibility in Intervention Level(campaign)

After you knock out the radio tower, a bunch of guys will try to shoot you. There is a crate box with stairs on it. Dash up it at an angle and you should fall into it. Now you can shoot them but they can't shoot you.

Dock 26 glitch

Go up the ramp on the outside by the B computer there is a little box get on top of that little box and keep walking into the big box... You can resist bullets and grenades but not by the bottom of that box people can hold a grenade and kill you from the bottom of the box... like i said but it is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!

Cargo bay glitch

At the cargo bay there are two doors that have some kind of yellow light one of them says 4 the other says 3 enter any of those doors go up the stairs if you enter through the one that has a 3 on it there should be a doorway to the right, if through 4 it should on the left enter the doorway there should be two boxes crouch facing the hole between the boxes and you should be in that hole you can be hit but it's pretty cool

Exodus Glitch and Russian Easter Egg

On the Exodus map in multiplayer, go to where you can get on some sort of dumpster. Get on it, move your back as far as you can go, and crouch. Keep doing this and you will end up inside the dumpster. Also, in the Russian on multiplayer, go to one of the corners with pine trees covering it. Crouch, and walk from the side. There will be a snowman.

Secret shooter

On the level where you have to secure the nuke there is a glitch. First go to the door and walk through it and turn around and go back through it. This enables you to shoot through walls. go to the second window from the front an aim near the corner when you see red start shooting . There is a couple people so you kinda have to find them ,but it's not hard to find them.

Mogadishu BUILDING GLITCH On Mutiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the balcony by the fountain.Go up the balcony and stop.Turn to your right and go across the concrete walk.Be careful and turn to your rigt again.Go across the narrow concrete walk to the end or the concrete walk.Start to run onto the sun balcony and go to the end of it.Turn twards the building and walk into it.

My name on ROBLOX is sbobandrew12! Have a nice GLITCH! Smile

Multiplayer glitches and hints


1. In Mogadishu by one of the spawns there is a cart. Go to the edge of it and crouch. You will lose some vision but be a little more hidden.

2. Still in Mogadishu, by a hole in the wall (blown by a tank or something)that leads you up to the next level, there is a very narrow alley, it is not charted on radar.


1. Again, in Mogadishu, go up the hole in the wall.(by the uncharted alley)

Then go on the colorful stall cover thing. By the edge of it, RUN onto the ledge.(it is not blocked by a no draw[invisible wall] at the tip) then back to the wall, crouch. Go forward on the ledge. Use run but don't hold it. Crouch again then keep going, pretty soon you will be at a wall, go through it, and you can go anywhere out the ma..

First Level Walking through walls

On the first mission (training mission), when you first pick up the gun, do everything your instructor says until it comes to grenade training. When he tells you to pick up the grenades, you should already be crouching down. Turn and face towards the table you picked the gun up off of, and enter ADS mode. This is only to make you move slower. When you are right in front of the grenades, exit ADS mode and stand up, in that order. You should now be standing on the table where the grenades were. Move forward, and you will get off the table and be able to walk around and look at the scenery from close up. Its not really useful since the training mission is pretty darn easy, but it is fun. If it doesn't work, just try it again, it usually takes me a couple tries to do it anyway. You won't nee..

It's a glitch................yay!

On the level Exodus, thereis a cool way to go upstairs without using the stairs.If you go to the room with the stairs, there is a wall on the left side.If you face that wall,you can go up that wall as if it were stairs.It

Takes a few times but it does work if you want to take a different route.

Welcome for the cheat

Intervention Glitch

Hey guys, it's me again with a pretty nice cheat.On Intervention, there is a glitch were the tall pillar side of the boat is.If you go up the stairs by those big boxes, face the right side(stairs).Run into the cargo thing and SHAZAM, your in the box.This glitch really helps me if I'm facing 3 other players.

Welcome for the cheat Smile

Regain health

When you have killed all of your enemies and your screen is flashing red wait for a little while. You will regain all of your health

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