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Follow the dark path or use the light
Blue Dragon Pack Shot

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 4 cheats on Xbox 360

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Shadow FormsAdded 14 Dec 2010, ID #6715
A Shadow is a magical power that transforms the wielder's shadow into a powerful creature. Below is a list of the characters and the creature their shadow becomes.

Shu's Shadow:

Blue Dragon

Jiro's Shadow:

Kluke's Shadow:

Marumaro's Shadow:

Zola's Shadow:
Killer Bat/Gargoyle

Nene and Deathroy's Shadow:

Mechat Upgrade LocationsAdded 14 Dec 2010, ID #6712
Lock-On Upgrade Part A:
Aurora Ruins (Boss Fight)

Lock-On Upgrade Part B:
Exile Forest

Missile Upgrade Part A:
4F Mecha Base

Missile Upgrade Part B:
Lal Mountains Camp

Coating Part A:
4F Upper Mecha Base

Coating Part B:
Kelaso Village

Heatsink Parts:
Eastern Deserted Island

Laser Barrier Parts:
Sea Cube (Boss Fight)

Weapon Parts:
Ancient Ruins Forest
Barrier Chest LocationsAdded 14 Dec 2010, ID #6711
Red Barriers

1. Mural Town: Black Belt

2. Exile Forest – Caverns: Epistle of the King Ghost

3. Jibral Castle: Lv5-Waterus

4. Jibral Castle Lounge: Shell Badge

5. Jibral Castle Courtyard – Chain

6. Underground River: Shoes of the Ancients

7. Ancient Factory: Crystal Ring

8. Wire Highlands: Crystal Bracelet

Blue Barriers

1. Ancient Caverns: Bellybutton Ring of Fire

2. Drill Machine – 2F: Ancient Warrior’s Necklace

3. Wilderness Camp: Ancient Warrior’s Bracelet

4. Lot Wilderness East: Cross Trainers

5. Undersea Caverns: Flip-Flops

6. Alumaru Village: Alacrity Elixir

7. Jibral (before you enter the second gates): Poo Bracelet

8. Jibral – Eternal Engine Lab: Shell Earring

9. Baroy Town: Generalist Heart

10. Baroy Town: Flawless Sapphire

11. Baroy Town: Barrier Magic Heart

White Barriers

1. Mural Town: Gravitic Ring

2. Jibral Castle: Lv6-Groundus

3. Ancient Factory: Ballet Shoes

4. Ancient Prison: Champion’s Belt

5. Pachess Town: Belt of Hermes

6. Pachess Town: Lv6-Zephyrus

7. Pachess Town: Lv6-Quickus

8. Devour Village – Medals(9)

Green Barriers

1. Lot Wilderness West: Bellybutton Ring of Water

2. Gul Mountains: 3000 Gold

3. Alumaru Village: Mirror Earring

4. Wire Highlands: Cross Trainers

5. Devour Village: Stone Shoes

Black Barriers

1. Mural Town: Eternity Earring

2. Sea Cube: Renewal Bracelet

3. Lal Mountains Camp: Missile Upgrade Part B

4. Devour Village – Ribbon

5. Exile Forest – Caverns: Lock-On Upgrade Part B

6. Mecha Base – 1F: Ballet Shoes

7. Mecha Base – 2F: Belt of Hermes

8. Mecha Base – 3F: Eternity Bracelet

9. Mecha Robo Cube: Mega HP Up Elixir

10. Mecha Robo Cube: Mega HP Up Elixir
How to Float and get easy spAdded 1 Aug 2008, ID #2872
U will need field barrier for the sp part but if you just want to float you wont need it. The only place I have found to be able to float at it at the ancient factory where the four robot alarms by the save point and recovery machine are. First you need to find one or where the two are kill one. The bumps on the floor that also go up the wall is where you need to be. First, find which one of the spots you want to be at next you want to position your self against the wall by the bump but not on it also have your back facing the bump and the wall then make sure that you are on the opposite side of where the robots are summoned by the alarm bots because they have to charge at u. Once hit you will notice that you are pushed back a little and you will be pushed back only a little at a time so it will take about 3-4 robots to do this fight or flee from them your choice. At first you will float a little so don't move after one more you will float high enough to where the robots can't hit you then you activate your barrier or just float but if you want sp I recommend that you have field barrier 3 and have about 800-999 mp so you can just leave your character there. If you want to get off just move or attack the robot in front of u.
Tip: If you don't have lvl 3 barrier or low mp I suggest buying lots of magical medicne.

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