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Blue Dragon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Blue Dragon

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We have several cheats including Shadow forms, Mechat upgrade locations, barrier chest locations and how to float and get easy SP.

More Blue Dragon Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Blue Dragon please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Blue Dragon Questions & Answers page.

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Barrier Chest Locations

Red Barriers
1. Mural Town: Black Belt
2. Exile Forest – Caverns: Epistle of the King Ghost
3. Jibral Castle: Lv5-Waterus
4. Jibral Castle Lounge: Shell Badge
5. Jibral Castle Courtyard – Chain
6. Underground River: Shoes of the Ancients
7. Ancient Factory: Crystal Ring
8. Wire Highlands: Crystal Bracelet

Blue Barriers
1. Ancient Caverns: Bellybutton Ring of Fire
2. Drill Machine – 2F: Ancient Warrior’s Necklace
3. Wilderness Camp: Ancient Warrior’s Bracelet
4. Lot Wilderness East: Cross Trainers
5. Undersea Caverns: Flip-Flops
6. Alumaru Village: Alacrity Elixir
7. Jib..

Mechat Upgrade Locations

Lock-On Upgrade Part A:
Aurora Ruins (Boss Fight)
Lock-On Upgrade Part B:
Exile Forest
Missile Upgrade Part A:
4F Mecha Base
Missile Upgrade Part B:
Lal Mountains Camp
Coating Part A:
4F Upper Mecha Base
Coating Part B:
Kelaso Village
Heatsink Parts:
Eastern Deserted Island
Laser Barrier Parts:
Sea Cube (Boss Fight)
Weapon Parts:
Ancient Ruins Forest

Beat the Flamboyant Dinoram

At the end of the Lot Wilderness you will come up against the Flamboyant Dinoram (The Sheep Tribesman asks you to defend him from it). The Dinoram can be difficult to beat if you do not have the Flare spell so make sure you have it and at least 1 Black magic user in your party. If you do not have it go back for it at the beginning of the Lot Wilderness. As soon as the battle starts have your black magic user cast Flare at his Horn which will cause him to lower his head. Then he will be vulnerable to physical attacks or Magic sword attacks to his horn. When he raises his head again simply cast Flare at his horn again to make him lower it again. It may help if you have both Jiro and Kluke as Black magic users and Shu using physical attacks however you will not have the benefit of healing m..

Shadow Forms

A Shadow is a magical power that transforms the wielder's shadow into a powerful creature. Below is a list of the characters and the creature their shadow becomes.

Shu's Shadow:

Blue Dragon
Jiro's Shadow:
Kluke's Shadow:
Marumaro's Shadow:
Zola's Shadow:
Killer Bat/Gargoyle
Nene and Deathroy's Shadow:

Assassin Class

If you manage to stick with the Assassin class with at least one character until level 11 you will unlock the Negotiate Skill which will cause every shop to lower their prices by 50% when equipped.
Also you will unlock Long-Range Attack at Level 26 which will allow you to attack an enemy even if they are on the Back row.
At level 33 you will learn Double Strike which causes you to hit the enemy twice when you attack causing double damage, link this up with the Absorb HP and Absorb MP abilities from the Sword Master Class and charge attack from the Monk class and you make normal physical attacks one of the best attacks to use in the game.
Hope this helps

Get the Lv1 Flare Spell

Near the beginning of the game (after you have crashed the mechat) when you get to the Lot Wilderness for the first time you can get the Flare Spell. When you first get into the Lot Wilderness you will see a large tree with a crack near the bottom. Go over to this tree and push it over then you can use it to get to the chest containing the Lv1 Flare spell which will prove very useful in an upcoming boss fight. Also just round the corner there is another tree that can be pushed over to reach a chest containing 300 gold.
Hope this helps.

Beating the Wolf Ghosts in the Hospital Ruins

In the Ancient Hospital ruins you will come across two similar enemies they are
Flame Wolf Ghost
Snow Wolf Ghost
These enemies can both do some serious damage to your party if given the chance however if you can pull them into a Monster Fight they will cancel each other out and become Scavenger Wolf Ghosts which are much easier to kill.
Hope this helps

Defeat the Icefire Wolf Ghost

At the end of the Ancient Hospital Ruins you will have to fight the Icefire Wolf Ghost, who is a formidable enemy by any standards.
The Icefire Wolf Ghost will change it's type at the beginning of the battle then you must attack it with the opposing type of spell. It will also change it's type after each hit so you will need to alternate your attack, when he changes to water use flare and when he changes to fire use water. Keep using the attacks he is weak against and you will have beaten him in no time, however keep an eye on your characters health as he is capable of inflicting some heavy damage. Also if one of your characters is following the Assassin class you have a small chance of stealing a silver ring from him.

Generalist skill

If you get this skill as the first one you can unlock it gives you much more builds and options right from the begining of the game

How to Float and get easy sp

U will need field barrier for the sp part but if you just want to float you wont need it. The only place I have found to be able to float at it at the ancient factory where the four robot alarms by the save point and recovery machine are. First you need to find one or where the two are kill one. The bumps on the floor that also go up the wall is where you need to be. First, find which one of the spots you want to be at next you want to position your self against the wall by the bump but not on it also have your back facing the bump and the wall then make sure that you are on the opposite side of where the robots are summoned by the alarm bots because they have to charge at u. Once hit you will notice that you are pushed back a little and you will be pushed back only a little at a time so..

Awesome Skill

Try to make sure that all of your characters use the Sword Master skill till at least level 17 as this will unlock Mow Down 2. This attack will allow you to attack the entire front row of enemies at once, in some battles this will allow you to destroy every enemy without them landing a single hit on your party.

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