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BioShock Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for BioShock

SuperCheats Guide
BioShock Guide
Our Bioshock guide contains a walkthrough that covers the entire game. After all, you can't exactly ask a Splicer for directions. You'll also find t..
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We have several cheats which includes Fontaine's penthouse, Slot machines and alternate endings. We'll also tell you how to kill Atlas.

More BioShock Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for BioShock please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our BioShock Questions & Answers page.

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Fontaine's Penthouse, Slot Machines and Alternate Endings

Reaching Atlas Fontaine's Penthouse:
The code which is in an Audio Diary is 5744.
Hitting the Jackpot at Slot Machine:
Before you start playing the slot machine save the game and then keep reloading your saved game until you hit the jackpot.
Unlock Alternate Endings:
The ending you get depends on how the Little Sisters were treated during the game. The 'bad' ending will play if more than one Little Sister was harvested and the 'good' ending will play if no more than one Little Sister was harvested and the rest were rescued.

Exclusive Game Guide

We have a exclusive game guide for Bioshock here:
There is a full walkthrough with screenshots and well as an overview of the game's weapons and enemies.
There is also a guide for all 122 Audio Diary Locations, Tonics list and weapons upgrade. All achievements are also listed.

Killing atlas

If you want to kill atlas fast have alot of shock gel once you meet him face to face grab out your chem gun(the flame throer) and switch to shock gel ammo and blast away. He should die quckly depnding on the difficulty. Hope it helps

Free First Aid Kits

If you destroy a health station, then you will get 1-3 free first aid kits.

Funny stuff...

Not exactly cheats... But humorous things I found in the game
1) When in "Olympus Heights," you can find a couple of houdini splicers dancing. If you listen to them they say things like "We have to keep standards, even in this day and age." That being said, I like hitting the male with enrage. Its funny to hear her yell "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME?!" and run away and him yell "GET THE **** OUT OF MY OFFICE!" and shoot some ice at her.
2) Also with the dancing couple. If you hit em with a Cyclone Trap, one of them (usually the female) will go flying and the other will stay and keep dancing alone, but as though he was with someone else. Be warned though, once she stands up and attacks you, he will do the same.
3) If you shoot the man playing the piano for ..

dead cats

This isn't really a hint but has anyone noticed all the random dead cats lying around in the game and that the first one which you see in the room with the first vita chamber is completely stiff at least it was when I hit it with the wrench.

Easy way to kill Atlas.

You will need 6 heat seaking missles and at least 2 first aid kits.You will probably need more missles and first aid kits.
P.S. Napalm also works but takes longer

Back up

You should always have someone with you when you play to give you ideas on how to get through the level, gene splice, and make new weapons.

Defeat Atlas

Load up on all Anti-Personal ammo and Heat-Seeking RPG's and make sure they're loaded. Keep Enrage and Incinerate 3 on hand. So when you start the fight (hit him with needle) and take out your RPG's. Hit him (takes 2 or 3) and he will go back for health. Hit him with the needle again, and be ready to use Incinerate. Once you have take aim with your RPG's (seeing as he's ice you do lots of damage with Incinerate plus it makes the following part easier for the rocket). During this phase he has Bots after you, so do what you want with them. Next and final phase he gains electricity (more like plasma) and Splicers attack. Use Enrage on the Splicers and aim with whatever you got left. Keep at it and it should be cake!

Achievement: Maxed All Tracks

Go to each of the Gatherer's Garden vending machines throughout the game. Purchase the Plasmid and Tonic upgrades. Make sure you have enough ADAM to buy the upgrades when you are at the right part of the game.

The achievements...

All the achievements added up equal to 1100 points, more than most games which have 1000 possible points.

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