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BioShock Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for BioShock

SuperCheats Guide
BioShock Guide
Our Bioshock guide contains a walkthrough that covers the entire game. After all, you can't exactly ask a Splicer for directions. You'll also find t..

We have 12 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for BioShock please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360

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Unlock Alternate Endings

The ending you view depends on how the Little Sisters were treated during the game. If more than one Little Sister was harvested the 'bad' ending will play. If no more than one Little Sister was harvested, but the rest were rescued the 'good' ending will play. If you rescue ALL the Little Sisters in the game except for one that is harvested a third ending will play.

Hitting the Jackpot at Slot Machine

This is a good method for hitting the jackpot on the slot machine, simply save your game before you begin playing the slot machine and just keep reloading your saved game until you hit the jackpot.

Atlas Fontaine's Penthouse

The code to get to Atlas Fontaine's penthouse is '5744' (the code can be found in an Audio Diary).

Unlock BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams - Teaser Trailer

If you want to view this feature in the 'Extras' menu you must first beat the game to make it an available option.

door codes

The door code am going to give out are 0126, 7549, 0512,and 7533.
O126 is Kyburz's office door code in Hephaestus. 7539 I don't remember what it's for but it is a door code.0512 is the door code for a locked room in Arcadia somewhere in the farmers market. 7533 is the code for a room in the fighting McDonald's. All lock rooms have good ammunition for important weapons.

how to be invisible

If you take pictures of Houdini splicers you will receive a special plasmid it's called natural camouflage. There are a few limitations to this ability. You have to stand still. It takes a couple of seconds. You can't open fire on a splicer and stay invisible. If a splicer sees you you can't turn invisible. But think of it turrets, splicers, security cameras, and even big daddy wont be able to see you.

the hidden gene tonic

In the Eternal flame crematorium there is a corpse in the furnace slide. If you push the green button that indicates furnace control the body will be cremated. When the slide comes out there will be a gene tonic for hacking.

last boss


To kill the last boss (Frank Fortune) look at the color he is then strike with the oppsite

The secret trophy

There is a secret trophy you can get if your in Olympus Heights. Go to Sander Co-hen's room.Kill both of the splicers that are dancing. Be careful their Houdini splicers. Once you kill them both Sander Cohen will be mad he will appear in his room. He is pretty hard to kill. An easy way to kill him is to use the enrage plasmid on a big daddy. Once Sander Cohen is dead take a picture of him. The trophy is an irony trophy.

an easy way to get first aid kits

If your running low on health kits go to a health station. Hit the health station with your wrench. Once it breaks down it will give you one kit.The health stations will sometimes give you three kits. Breaking health stations is the best thing to do. Hacking one is to difficult and use a automatic hacking tool is a waste. Splicers love to go to them once there low on life.

Arcadias secret room

When you first get to Arcadia you see one torch burning. If you set the next torch on fire the doors will open.

The perfect combination of plasmids and tonics

Electricity, enrage, fire, hornets, telekinesis.
Physical tonics
camouflage, booze hound extra nutrition, medical expert, eve link.
Engineering tonics
focused hacker, safe-cracker, vending expert, vending expert 2, clever inventor.
combat tonics
static discharge, human inferno, armored shell, wrench lurker, wrench jockey, electric flesh.

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