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BioShock takes place in the unique city of Rapture. What is so unique about Rapture? Well, for one thing, the entire city is underwater. When you first step foot in Rapture, you'll quickly learn that its inhabitants are not very friendly. In fact, they all want you dead. Your time spent in this dystopia is not going to be easy, all the more reason for you to use this walkthrough.

This guide contains a walkthrough that covers the entire game from start to finish. After all, you can't exactly ask a Splicer for directions. You'll also find the locations of each and every audio diary, tonic and weapon upgrade station in Rapture. With that said, enjoy your stay!

Notes: This guide was written based on the MEDIUM difficulty level, though most of the strategies mentioned within should still help on a higher difficulty level. Enemy difficulty estimations and endurance will be a bit off, however.

Throughout the main walkthrough, each and every Audio Diary is pointed out along the way. Collecting all of the audio diaries is in no way integral, though for fans of the Xbox 360's achievement system, collecting all of the audio diaries yields the "Historian" achievement. So, for the sake of completion, they're all mentioned here. If you don't care for them, just ignore any mention of audio diaries within the main walkthrough.

This FAQ/Walkthrough was written for BioShock on the Xbox 360 console. Even though it was written for the 360 version, it can still be used for the PC version of BioShock, since the only real differences between the 360 and PC versions of the game is the control scheme. If you are using this guide and playing the PC version, just ignore all references to the Xbox 360 control scheme in the main walkthrough.


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