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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition

We have 64 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

You can also ask your question on our The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition Questions & Answers page.

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Restore Health

During gameplay press B then go to the stats menu and highlight the health bar. Then enter the following code:
BLACK,WHITE,BLACK,BLACK,BLACK,then hold A until your bar is full.

Easy skills

Buy a drain skill spell. Try the priest in the palace.
Now have a spell made that drains 100 skill from you make it last 2 or 3 seconds.
Find a person who trains in that skill. Cast the spell then quickly talk to them. You can know train in that skill for 1gp and when the spell runs out you will have gained an extra rank.

Morrowind Stuff

You can get an almost full set of daedric armour (no helmet) at Tel Fyr, Divayth Fyr is wearing it and this is the only place you can get daedric pauldrons.
Daedric helmets can be found in a couple of places, but I can only remember finding a couple in Ghostgate, though they are worn by Bueyant Armigars or Ordinators.
You can also find a daedric helm in the same place that the Skull Crusher is found. It's in a sealed daedric ruin east of Sadrith Mora that can be acessed by an ancestral tomb on an island east of the ruin. The helm is hard to find though, you need to levitate up to ledges and stuff to find it.
After doing every thing carius at fort frost moth says, wich is two missions, [the second mission is not easy, those bloody paralyzing, never mind, talk to the p..

How to steal things back from the mournhold muesem of artiffacts

If you do not know how to do this, pay attention. First if submitted an artiffact and wan't it back, here is a handy list to help you stealthfully steal some beastly artiffacts from the museum.
#1. You sould get a decent chamelion spell or an enchanted item with chamelion on it. #2.Make sure that you have an alternate way out of the Muesuem in case something goes down and you screw up.
#3.In case you do screw up make sure you have a decent weapon becuse the high odirnaters WILL KILL your sorry ass on sight if you get caught.
#4. In the case you are sucessful with the robbery, refere to #2, AND GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THERE!!!!!
Another way is to go to the second level of the museum,taunt and kill the two guards, and steal wheatever is up there. NOTE: Stendars hammer..

3 cheats

Restore health:press black, white, black, black, black in the stats menu
Restore fatigue: press black, black, white, white, black in the stats menu
Restore magicka: press black, white, white, black, white in the stats menu
You can also press the b button while your health or magicka or whatever is coming back to instantly make it come back every time you use one of them

All 3 cheats

First, pause the game and go to health, magicka, or fatigue.
You only can put it in when you have some gone.
first highlight health and put in this.
Black, white, black, black, black then hold A
Now highlight Magicka and put in this.
Black, white, white, black, whiteand hold A
And last for fatigue highlight it and put in this. black, black, white, white, black
After you do each of these a while it will start restoring it for you so you do not have to keep putting it in....

How to make millions

This hint guide was made only for super cheats ONLY
this hint guide may NOT be posted on an other site with out my permission
Part1: MAKING YOUR FIRST 5000GP INTO 5,000,000,000 (5 billion)
Part 2: finish

ok............ First you need 5000 gold ok?
then go to caldera and find a building called ghorak manor
and go inside............walk around till you see a scamp named creeper
for now he will be your best friend ............ Select barter when you talk to him and sell bim your 5000 gold and then rest fro 24 hours and do it again.........
Keep doing this for 2 hours or more...........
Then kill creeper
And he will have millions of gold and there you go
Your now rich!

Go Fatige

When your almost out of fatuge go too your screnn that shows the heath bar and stuff! Highlight the fatige bar and press black,white black,black i hore your happy now


Health cheat:
Pause game and go to stats screen highlight health then press BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, BLACK,BLACK and then press B if you want Ifinite health do the cheat again but hold A and press B

Weightless Daedric Weapons And Armor

If your thinking "I know what this is; they're bound weapons,", then your wrong!
Well, Sort of right. What you need to do, is buy the the bound spells that you want, and go to someone who makes spells for you (you need to have Soultrap for this). Then select the bound spell and select 2 for duration. Then go to soultrap.
Don't do anything other then put it on target. Then buy the spell (name it first). Make sure that your not facing anybody, and cast the spell.
Warning! You can never get rid of it, but you can unequip it. Enjoy your weightless Daedric armor/weapons!

Selling Stolen Items

Never sell an item that you stole to the same person, they will know that it was theirs and that you stole it, and they will come after you, which is not good.

Mega Attributes

First you need fortify attribute and soul trap
1. Go to the balmora mage's guild and talk to the spellmaking person
2. Go to Fortify Attribute and put it to Self and magnitude 100 to 100 (leave everything else the same)then press X
3.go to soultrap and put it to target but leave everything else the same
4. Check if you've got it right by making sure the cost comes to 107 gold
5. Then buy the spell equip it then use
6. Every time you use it the attribute goes up by 100

I've got 1000 of every thing but you go a bit to fast about the speed of sound

Thousands of $$$

Ok, turn of your health cheat, like I said in the last cheat I posted. Highlite health on menu, and press, black wight black black black, hold a and wile holen it, press b. Now go to balm,ora and go to mages giuld. Become a member. Now andthing in the chests you can take for free. 5they wont care. Mopst items in chests are like scrolls and things. They are expensive. Sell them to the lady that buys 'em. Now go upstairs to the lady with the pressios soul gems behind her. Take 'em. Take em all. She will cast spells, but your cheat will make them almoist uneffectent. Don't worrey. If you get expelled, just go to vivic, and go to mages giuls. Sleep for two weeks, (in game) and talk this guy that I can't remember, and he should let you back in

Max Out All Skills With 1gold Training Sessions

This is kinda complicated but bear with me. I've done it and man does it work!!! O.k
1. Go to the fort near Balmora
2. Find the girl blocking the jail cells and buy a spell that drains a skill (ex. Drain Destruction)
3.after you got the spell go to the balmora mages guild and find a person that lets you make spells
4. Now Pay Attention: Make it DRAIN THE SKILL YOU WANT MAXED! Set to cast on: self, magnitude 100 to 100, duration 3 seconds
5. Buy the spell
6. Find someone that trains the skill you chose ( it doesnt have to be a master trainer)
7. Cast the spell you made, then talk to the trainer and click training
8. The skill you want is now 1gold! (NOTE: it will give the message saying it increased t..

Very Easy Ebony, Daedric,Dwarven, and druegh weapons.

To do this you need a good summon Dremora spell, and go to an empty building or house for best result. Summon the dremora, and kill it. But BEFORE the body falls activate it. There you will find Either an Ebony,Daedric,Dwarven,or druegh weapon. And if you are lucky you can find a daedra heart. If you have a soul trap weapon or spell,and a lot of soul gems, you can get a load of gold for them. I have gotten a ton of gold and all the daedric weapons except the bow. You can find the daedric bow from a guy in vivec(i can't rember wicth district) for telling him the location of a certain iost Ebony mine that is abonded. I think the guy is in a quest for great house Hallalu. Another location is in mournhold at a manor in godsreach across the street from the craftsman hall. Inside the manor, do..

Werewolf form

Some people say that playing a were wolf is hard a stuff but if you play it good it's easy you only need to watch the time and watch whene you take the boat or els the boat kepper will attack and he wil never stop following you untill he dies. You kan always walk around at day but not as night make sure if you see some rare armour that you kan wait-rest there so that when you wake up the body will still be there bicause you sant pick stuf up when in wolf for mor use spells and you kant get to your inventory so you will need to kill people to regain health. And make sure you have a house somewhere where there are no people to retreat to.

Flyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Add on

About that iscarian scroll of flight(or whatever it's called) if you have a spell called slow fall or it might be called something else, I don't remeber, but if you cast it before you fall you will float harmlessly slowly down to the ground.

Your own house with land deed

In gnissis (spelling)there is a house just outside of the village cald vabdas house I think and if you kill the two people in it you get a key (you will not get reported) with that key you kan open a chest with in it a land deed so the house is your's you kan store alot of stuff there I have 10 deadric spears and 10 sets of glass and all the over 10000gold stuff

Where to find the tax collector

At seyda neen, go past the tiny bridge and go left, then more left, you will see a dead dudeon the ground. He has 200g in his pocket (Sweet) (Also, if you go underwater to the left, there will be an underwater cabin.

Free steel armor

At the start of the game travel to balmora and join the blades then go to the blades trainers and you should get some armor, an alembic and moon sugar. Then travel to caldera and go to the big castle and go straight in past the guy and up the tower. At the very top will be a full set of steel armor, arrows and other useful stuff.

Easy acrobatics

What you do is jump from high places, but not too high go to aldenruin and jump of the place where the silt strider takes you keep doing that.
P.S. Use the invinible cheat so you don't die.

How to get glass armor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!

Ok heres how theres only about 1 easy place to go to to get it
Make sure you have at least a lv 50 skill in personality...........
Then go to balmora............
And find the entrance to balmora
Keep running till you get to the road that splitts
Look at the sign
And then take the road that says pelgiad ok?
Then you keep walking till you get to another section where the road splitts again
Then you take the road that leads to ghostgate
When you get to ghost gate go to the door all the way to the left
And search for a room with a smith (hes the one with the cool armor on the shelves)
Then barter to see his armor ok?
Hmmmmmmmmm well what do ya know?
A little expensive
How will you get that stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Getting a FULL suit of Heavy Armor at the start of the game, in

First, you have to make your chara, and for this cheat, I reccomend a chara that can use a short blade and Speechcraft well. Next, after you go through the Census and Excise Office and you speak with Sellus Gravius and get your Package for Caius Cosades, walk up to Sellus until you are in range to hit him with your dagger. BEFORE YOU HIT HIM open your status menue and highlight Health. While Health is highlighted, press black, white, black, black, black and then hold A. While you are holding A, press B, and your health will be constantly restoring, until the next time you open a menu other than the Pause Menu. Then, talk to Sellus again, and continuously Taunt him until he says something like "We're done talking here.
I hope you're ready to die!" or something like that, and y..

Daedric Weapons

At the Dren Plantation ( Make sure you have very strong weapons) go in the tower shack at the far end of the village and there will be a guy in there. Attack him and he will pull out a Daedric Dai Katana kill him and take it. Then go in the Dren Villa and kill everyone. They will have a Daedric Claymore,Daedric Katana,Daedric Longsword,and some Daedric Greaves.

Bad Cheat

There is a health cheat that is black,white,black,black,black then hold A and prese b looking at the health metere in options menue but if you do that it goes off when you go back to the menu and if it goes off and you get hurt by something your health is going to go a lot lower then before you typed it in.


First, go to seyda neen.then go to the front of the town where the road signs are.there should be a very small bridge that almost seems to go over a puddle!there should be a dirt trail.keep following the trail until you see a book in the middle of the road.walk up to it, and you should hear a loud a few seconds, some guy will hit the ground right in front of you.check his body, and take the three scrolls of icarian flight.equip one, use it, and jump, and you will go flying!!BE WARNED!!!!!UNLESS YOU LAND IN THE OCEAN, YOU WILL DIE WHEN YOU HIT THE GROUND!!!!!!BE CAREFUL!!

Origin heres yur hint and famed artifacts

To kill lord vivek just unlok his door (100) go up to him and kill him with a famed atifact of tamriel (all the information of them is in a book at the mueseum of atifacts in mornhold.) kill him in one hit so he dosent kill you and use the health cheat to.also here are some famed atifacts. Saviors hide tel fyr levitate it's in a closet .
Scourge in a chest close to saviors hide. Amulet that gets you there in a chest close to scorge. Kill the man you teleport get the crecent not the best sword in the game(all the things are level 100 lock ).vampric ring ald reghana kinda north of gnises. Check the map with your game.ring of surrondings talk to a gaurd in moonmoth about favor go to balmora talk to sugur lips in corner club about there names.kill the people in the buildig..

Increase atributes

Go to seyda neen,buy jack of trades from arilles tradehouse,then go to the mages guild in balmora and buy soul trap,then go to the woman that makes spells then add soul trap.
Duration:2 seconds ON TARGET.then add fortify atribute and pick what you want to increase.magnitude:100 to 100 points ON the spell then buy it and when you cast the spell it will increase the atribute you chose 100 points and it will be permanent.
If you pick speed and cast the spell till you get about 300 to 400 points you will go faster than a horse in elder scrolls IV:oblivion.

Unlimited power

Go to balmora and go into the mages guild and buy a soultrap spell. The go to the church in balmora and buy an fortify attribute spell. Then use the spell maker and make this spell in this order.
Fortify attribute(which ever one you want)set it at 100-100 on self then hit x and add soultrap to it set it at 2 sec.on target hit x again and buy.
Then find a wall stair strait at it and cast the spell you will fail a couple of times but trust me it works I can kill vivec in one swing.

A Good Cheat Better

The following works with the health, magic, and fatigue cheats.
Type in the cheat, as these cheats are very easy to find, you should know to press "A" after the code to make it go up, right before it hits the top, press "B" and it will keep going up, mind you you have to be fast or it won't work, you can onley do it while the bar is highlighted, swich menus or take the highlight off the bar it will stop going up and you will have to redo.

Free Daedric, Glass, And Ebony Weapons [Shields Under-Conditions

For the price of a summoning spell, you could have unlimited free daedric weapons, but, tou have to be fast at the controls, and have a high enough leveled character to kill a dremora [or golden saint] in one hit. You also have to be able to summon them. Grab a ton of restore magica potions and go into a house, summon your dremora or golden saint, slaughter it in one hit, all while hitting "A" over and over, collect their weapon, repeat.sure not all of them are great weapons, but you will soon have to many great weapons to do anything with, and money will never be a problem again. Alot of you are probably thinking "forget the golden saint, I'm going with the dremora". But the golden saint will give you Daedric, glass, and ebony, shields and tower shields, as well as magic shields and wea..

Restore Fatigue

While in the game press B to bring up the menus. Highlight fatigue then press BLACK-BLACK-WHITE-WHITE-BLACK. Then press A and hold until fatigue meter is full.

Restor Magicka

While in the game, press B to bring up the menus.
Highlight Magicka, then press BLACK-WHITE-WHITE-BLACK-WHITE.
Then press A and hold until Magicka meter is full.

Mudcrab merchant

On an island just south of Mzahnch ruins is a mudcrab merchant. He is able to barter for weapons up to 10,000 gold pieces.
Before attacking any mudcrabs in this area it is a good idea to press A to see if this is the merchant mudcrab.

Fun Stuff

Have you ever got bored of doing quests or just building up your character? I have and I have the perfect cure for boredom. Just do as many side quests as you can or enchant stuff or experiment with glitches. (im not going to tell you what some glitches are so you can work them out for yourself). See if you can join every faction and do every mission. WARNING: this is very time consuming. You could also experiment with some spells like trying to summon an army without making your xbox crash but either way there is a million fun things to do.

Nowhere to Put Your Items/ Need a House?

If you've got nowhere to put all your hard earned items, and don't want to sell them because they look just so dang cool, this is the hint for you. Go to Balmora, go into Hlaalo Manor via the upstairs balcony. There are no stairs to get up there, so you'll have to jump from the house next to it. The door will be level 40 locked, so you need to be able to picklock it. Once you get in, you should go into the guest room's door, and kill the Hlaalo servant. No one will notice you because there is no one else in the entire manor. If you go all the way downstairs, Ralen Hlaalo will be dead on the floor. Search his body and take whatever you want. Now, you basically own the manor. Put anything you want in here, but eventually, a theif will come and put some of your stuff in a sack. He won't tak..

Info and discoveries

Ok these are things I've discovered in the game some are worthless but some can help you.
1.kicked while your down-When you get knocked down by a person if that person hits you while you are on the ground I think this does critical damage this works against enemies as well.
2.Bank account in Balmara- first join the theives guild then as the steward for orders she will talk to you about a cave rat problem take this quest. Go to the persons house (its across the river) talk to the lady she will tell you about the rat in the hallway and the one in the storage room. She will give you a key to the storage room. Kill all the rats there will be 1 in the hallway and two in the storage room after you kill the rats go back to the guild steward. She will give you something. Th..

Free items

I know, I know. This one is obviuse but it realy works if you have good medium armor skills.
Ok turn on your health restore cheat. Go to menu and highlight health. Press black wight black black black. Hold A and wile holding it press B.
Now do no go to menu again. Or the cheat will turn off. Go to the place that starts with C and is neer vivic, sorry forgot the name. Go to the armoror and make sure you still got the cheat enabled. Go in the armoror and take anything you want from hi on the shelves. You don't even have to sneak. you can do this to any one, but be carfull. Armorers have big wepons. The guy in the "C" place, has a larg warhammer. Most on the armor he has is mediom. But some it hevy. If you have higher light armor skills, then just sell 'em.

Huge attibutes, heath, magika, and other neat stuff

Ok lets start with how to become a millionire, get 5000 gold exactly(its easier) then go the caldera and find the pup across from the blacksmith(should hav 2 orcs on the lower floor) go upstairs to the anoying scamp in the corner, trade with him...sell you're 5k for his 5k then sleep 24 hours and do it again(its faster if you take of the autosave function) do this for as long as you want ...just mutiply the amout of days pasted by 5000 to find how much you will get...when you are satisfied kill the little f***er and take the gold..u need a magic or silver wep to do it
Now that you hav money let become a god, go the the mages guild in sadrith mora and go down one floor to the imperial shrine and buy a fortifly attibute spell( personality, luck, strength etc.) then go the the gu..

Restore fatuige, magica, and steal stuff without being seen

#1. Restore fatigue: Go to your fatigue bar & press Black, black, white, white, black.
#2. Restore magica: Go to your majica bar & press black, white, white, black, white
#3. Steal things without being seen: go on a desk, or some type of platform, and jump. For the split second that you are stuck on the roof, you can steal something without being seen!

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