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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition Pack Shot

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition

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Huge attibutes, heath, magika, and other neat stuff cheat for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition

Huge attibutes, heath, magika, and other neat stuff

Ok lets start with how to become a millionire, get 5000 gold exactly(its easier) then go the caldera and find the pup across from the blacksmith(should hav 2 orcs on the lower floor) go upstairs to the anoying scamp in the corner, trade with him...sell you're 5k for his 5k then sleep 24 hours and do it again(its faster if you take of the autosave function) do this for as long as you want ...just mutiply the amout of days pasted by 5000 to find how much you will get...when you are satisfied kill the little f***er and take the gold..u need a magic or silver wep to do it

Now that you hav money let become a god, go the the mages guild in sadrith mora and go down one floor to the imperial shrine and buy a fortifly attibute spell( personality, luck, strength etc.) then go the the guy in the corner room, go to the spell making function...o forgot a step but soultrap from a mage in the mages guild in balmora or sadrith mora, right now you might not hav enough magika or willpower to cast a 100-100 spell so make em 50-50...but put a fortify willpower 50..or 100 on self and soultrap on target and give it a random name...i use 0 cause it's easy to access it...then use the spell a few times to get you're willpower up to atleast 1500 then start make other fortify spells in the same manner

100 to random attribute
Soultrap on target

A neat thing about hav alot of personality is you get everything for free and can sell anything for all the merchants gold and alot of agility means you hit everything and never get hit :D ISNT THAT SO AWSOME!!??!!??!!

That trick works with almost everything....lik if you want a huge army of golden saints or dreadras or somthing you do that sept with summonings you hav to point straight at the ground as far as possible then cast the spell

After that you will hav alot of magika and what not...but the heath glich is alittle difficult to get too..after you talk to the the blades guy in balmora sleep for a few nights and eventurally a assaisin will attack you kill him and go straight to ebonheart and speek with the guy in shiny armor infront of the big castle in the back of the city..he'll suggest goin the mournhold the find the black hand group or somthing...go into the big castle and talk to the lady in the red robes to you're right...go to mournhold find the temple and talk to the lady in front of the fortify health spell and follow the same glich path as the one I just told you about

Now for the common cheats
Restore magika
Go to menu and highlight the magika thingy and press-
Black white white black white and hold A

Restore Life(not realy usefull if you fortify life) hightlight life bar press-
Black white black black white white and hold A

If you hold A then press B to leave the cheat will constantly refill you're bar until you re-enter the menu..and if you do it enough it will continue to even if you do re-enter the menu

Now then lets get our level to sky rocket
Find a trainer who offers training for one of you're major skills then go hav somone make a spell that drains the skill and make one lik this

Drain Heavy Armor 100 pts for 30 secs on self

Cast the spell and then hav him/her train you int that skill...u pay one gold everytime and you will go all the way to 100 and if you continue to do that you can get you're lvl to never stop growing cause even if you hav a full skill set you can still pull that trick and get a pt towards a new lvl

Now lets talk about armor
If you want bone armor...well you're and idiot ...bone armor SUCKS
If you want glass armor....sure y not go the the ghost gate and get som..u hav money so buy it...or kill everyone
If you want Ordinator armor go to vivic and kill an annoying guard.
If you wan HIGH Ordinator armor go to Mournhold and kill and annoying High Ordinatior
If you want rayol armor ...that obvious...kill a royal guard in Mourndhold
But if you want full daedric armor then you're a smart little cookie
For that you need a few you need a disenigrate armor spell, a calm huminoid spell and soultrap, go get this spell made

Disenigrate armor 100 pts on touch
Calm humidnoid 100 pts for 120 secs on touch
Soultrap on target

Get you're sneak up to 100(make the pickpocketing easier)then go to Tel Fyr(west of Sadrith Mora) go up to the dude way in the top..o and while you're there go ahead and open that closet thats locked and trapped 100 and take the armor...its good s**t.....take the spell and cast it on him....ull need a ass load of magika to do this...the spell alone costs 998 magika...cast it on him alot and eventurally is armor then shoulder things then gloves then pants then boots will dissappear...where did they go? Well walk behind him and crouch down until the sneak symbol appears..slowly move towards him and click on his back and ..well would ya look at that all his armor is jus a sittin may take a few times to get it all but you will eventually get it all off him...i recommend pickpocketing him everytime somthing dissappears

Then theres som speacial kind of imperial armor only found in one place...but it's not worth it...if you notice when you walk into the big castle in ebonheart theres a fat man in golden lookin armor on the bridge...if you feel the need piss him off by taunting him and let him attack first and kill him then loot his body..then dispose of it...u don't get in trouble if that attack you


Hav fun with this azz load of information on one of the most gliched games I've ever played.


Added by: shadowmaster1332
Jul 22nd 2007, ID#7255


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