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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition Pack Shot

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition


Alot of Morrowind stuff

by MorrowindGameMaster

You can get an almost full set of daedric armour (no helmet) at Tel Fyr, Divayth Fyr is wearing it and this is the only place you can get daedric pauldrons.
Daedric helmets can be found in a couple of places, but I can only remember finding a couple in Ghostgate, though they are worn by Bueyant Armigars or Ordinators.
You can also find a daedric helm in the same place that the Skull Crusher is found. It's in a sealed daedric ruin east of Sadrith Mora that can be acessed by an ancestral tomb on an island east of the ruin. The helm is hard to find though, you need to levitate up to ledges and stuff to find it.

After doing every thing carius at fort frost moth says, wich is two missions, [the second mission is not easy, those bloody paralyzing, never mind, talk to the person you didn't take with you, ask about every thing in blue until she gives you a skull, then go to skaal, talk to heart-fang in the great hall, follow every thing from there, until wind eye tells you about the hunters game, then sleep, you will awaken to 4 were wolves, [unless you don't cure the were-wolf disease, sanis lupinus, then you just follow hircines orders [your dreams] until he transports you to the place,] then you will see a loading area bar, carius will explain, careful there is alot of were-wolves in the maze, onley were-wolves get through the gate without having to find the chest with the glowing key, after getting to the second part, heart fang will help you until you find the chest empty, then he will turn into a were-wolf and attack you , kill him and you will read a little message at the bottom of the screen, although the hircines ring is not enchanted, wearing it will change you into a were-wolf. [even if you are a were wolf, you can still get the ring, it will let you be a were wolf during the day.]

Nerano isn't the only vampire lair. Theres also Raviro Ancestral tomb, Othrelas Ancestral tomb, and Andrethi Ancestral tomb, Wich are all for the Berne Clan. The Aundae Clan Lairs are Ashmelech tomb on an Island southwest of the Sheogorad. Also the Sarethi Ancestral tomb, Dulo Ancestral tomb and Aralan Ancestral tomb. The Quarra Clan is based at the Dwemer riun Druscashti southwest of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp, but Quarra Vampires are also in Serano Ancestral tomb, Hleran Ancestral tomb, and Alen Ancestral tomb. But since you asked, to get to Nerano tomb. First take your butt to Vos Go west from the Boat, NOT FAR. Only a few steps realy. Take the first path to your left. Take this path a short distance. A path will come up on your left. Pass it and you'll come upon an intersection one road south, one north, one west. West is the way. Keep on this path. After a bit a road comes in from the south a few more steps and one comes in to the north but keep heading west, this path will curve to the north. But you wont travel far till the Tomb appears on your right and there you are. Remember you can't become a Vampire after you beat the main Quest because you become immune to all diseise and cannot catch Porpheric Annemia. If you would like to know the location of the other Tombs let me know and I'll give you directions.
If you become a vampire you can be cured in bal you're just find the statue and talk to it he will send you on a mission and when you return you will be cured but only if you don't want to be a vampire

Bal you're it's north of suran rite over the mountains molag bal shrine is below it find it speak with him

first have 5,000gp or so Go to Balmora and use the mage in the mages guild to travel to caldera or walk it doesnt matter... When you get to caldera go to the ghorak manor and look for creeper hes a talking scamp merchant... sell him your 5,000 gold for his 5,000 gold it wont apear that you sold it to him but he wont have 5,000 gold anymore sleep for 24 hours right there and repaeat the process everytime you do this it ads 5,000gp when your ready to get all the gp back kill him and its all yours your crime will NOT be reported.
Get a drain skill spell and make a spell that drains the skill of your choice 100pts for a short period of time. cast the spell and quickly talk to a person who offers training. The training for the skill you have casted should cost 1 gold. If you train in it you'll have noticed the skill has increased. In this way any trainer could be used as a secret master and would save alot of money.

Get to at least 10th level, when you can get attacked by the assasins, and then get attacked go to Ebonheart, talk to the guy in Adamantium armor(Apelles Matius), then talk to the lady and go to Mournhold. When your there, go to the Imperial Shrine, and there should be a lady that sells spells. Talk to her and look for her Masterful Wisdom spells. Those fortify skills. Get the spell soultrap, and go to a person of spellmaking, make this spell(soultrap for 1 second, fortify skill 100-100 magnitude for 1 second). Enjoy you little cheaters.

Theres two places to get this 1.Go to Tel Branora, leave the boat go to the town, and you'll see two enterences to the town, (The Walkways) go to the second one, when you you reach it, the first shop on your right is the one she has infinite soul gems (except for grand and greater)! 2.Go into Azura's Shrine (If you don't know where that is check the map that you got with the game, its in the bottom-righthand corner) when you get there speak to the statue of Azura and do her quest before you leave the shrine use Mark(trust me its a long way to walk back!) (go to the second biggest island above Dagon fel (Take a boat from Sadrith Mora)you don't have to kill all the Deadra just the golden saint, but take all the items off the Golden Saint,but whatever you do DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE, because you will lose the only chance you get for this item. Go back to Azura's shrine talk to it and it will give you a soul gem called Azura's Star, it is infinite, another words you can enchant, and recharge it as much as you want, and best of all it does constant effect, so you'll never have to worry about buying another soul gem again!!!!! Congrats!!!!
If your wondering where the summon golden saint spell is its in tel branora in the upper tower (you'll need levitate to get it some mage has it, he's on the same floor the Telvanni girl is.