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Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Scarface: The World Is Yours

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We have a large collection of cheats that includes passwords for unlocking antique race car, refil health, full ammo, unlocking shark attack and killing Tony Montana.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Scarface: The World Is Yours please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC : Wii

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The following codes are entered by pausing game play and entering them at the 'Cheats' menu.
Fill Ammo: AMMO
Fill Health: MEDIK
Unlock 1,000 Balls: FPATCH
Unlock Antique Racer: OLDFAST
Unlock Bacinari: 666999
Unlock Bulldozer: DOZER
Change Time of Day: MARTHA
Unlock Dumptruck: DUMPER
Unlock Lightning: SHAZAAM
Unlock Rain: RAINY
Unlock Stampede: BUMMER
Increase Cop Heat: DONUT
Increase Gang Heat: GOBALLS
Decrease Cop Heat: FLYSTRT
Decrease Gang Heat: NOBALLS
Unlock Grey Suit: GREY
Unlock Sandy Shirt: TANSHRT
Unlock Black Suit: BLACK
Unlock Blue Suit:..

Unlockable Missions

At the Cheats menu enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding mission.
Unlock Ogrady's:
Unlcok Babylon Club Redux:
Unlock Cabana Cigar/Oakly Drive In:
Unlock Havana Storehouse:
Unlock Freedom Town Redux:

Unlock Shark Attack

Before doing this 'Save' the game then go into the ocean and swim away from land and a giant shark will suddenly appear and eat Tony Montana.

Crouse controle

If you drive whit the A button to drive the speed you want than hold the left trigger and let go the A button than you drive without useing the gas

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following cheats in the pause menu at the cheats section:
Refill Health: MEDIK
Full Ammo: AMMO
Decrease Gang Heat: NOBALLS
Decrease Cop Heat: FLYSTRT
Spawn Bodog Stampede: BUMMER
Spawn Bacinari: 666999
Toggle Lightning: SHAZAAM
Mission Replay: Oakley Drive-in Theater: DW_fron(Not sure is this will work unless you have beaten the mission)

Crouse controle

If you driving whit button A hold it in to the speed you want then hold all the time the left trigger in and let go the A button en now you can drive without useing the gas

How to Gain loads of Respect

Like Tony says "First you get the money then you get the Power"
You need loads of money, then in the Exotics menu buy the Unique Stuff.
Each object gives you around 1 million respect points.

Tony Style

Are you outnumbered, out-gunned and, out-witted?
Well take my help and then Tony's going to pull out a can of whoop ass!
Pause the game, then go to cheats, then enter FPATCH, then press A
Then return to the game, then hold B and show them who's BOSS

Easier way to in crease haelth

If you are playing the game scarface:the world is yours and you find yourself in bad shape healthwise, then heres what you do find a green dumpster and walk up to it then wait untill you see the words "take a piss" in the top right hand corner of the screen then press "y". The health may not fully increase but it will go up.

how do you smoke

at the babalon club at the cigs machin

Kill Tony Montana

If you wish to kill Tony anywhere in the game, the cheat for that is: KILTONY
I will post more as I find them out.
Have fun,

Getting the Girls into your Mansion

If you press pause and look at you stats you should see something saying How many more balls till the next Femme Fatal. Go to the cheats menu and do the balls cheats which is "FPATCH" you should get about 1000 balls keep doing it till you get enough for the Femme Fatal. It should say someone wants to speak with you in your buisness menu.

Scarface cheats

Oldnew: spawn old racecar
Health: full health
666999: spawn bacinari
Ammo: full ammo


After you type in the "Full Balls Meter" cheat, you can go and trade your "Balls" for cash. Just simply go to the "sperm Bank" or just look for a "red tear" in your EMPIRE map. Is close by "Felix's Pawn Shop". The higher the level you are in, the more "Money" you get for your "Balls".

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