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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapon FAQ

by proud_pinoy666

Scarface: The World Is Yours (PS2)
Date created: 11/10/06

My Copyright issues: Use this FAQ on your domain as long as you give me credit
for it. Don't plagiarize.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for anything you need to tell me,
including any corrections or additional information that is needed on this

Ok, enough of the legal stuff, let's get this FAQ started!



I. The Weapons of Mass Destruction

II. The Melee Weapons
	- Lead Pipe
	- Machete
	- Chainsaw

III. The Handguns
	- .38 Automatic
	- .45 Automatic
	- Desert Eagle

IV. The Sub-Machine Guns
	- Micro SMG
	- MAC-10

V. The Assault Rifles
	- AK47
	- Carbine Assault Rifle (M16)

VI. Other Rifles
	- Shotgun
	- Sniper Rifle

VII. Heavy Artillery
	- SAW
	- Grenade Launcher
	- Bazooka
	- Missile Launcher

VIII. ¡Game Over, Maricon!

-- I. The Weapons Of Mass Destruction --

Hey welcome to my Weapons FAQ for Scarface: The World Is Yours. This is my
first ever guide. 

Scarface is a great game with many tools used for your destructive pleasure.
It doesn't have as much guns as other games like GTA, but I'd say it's enough.
At least you can used most of them while driving, unlike SOME games...

Note that this is still an incomplete FAQ and I might be missing a weapon or
two. But I'm pretty sure I have almost all of them. And of
course, feel free to email me for corrections/contributions/etc.

-- II. The Melee Weapons --

-Lead Pipe-

This is pretty much the most basic weapon in the game. It's a melee weapon,
you whack people with it, what else can I say? 

It may be a decent melee weapon during the beginning of the game, but as you
progress further, this ends up as just being useless... 

RATING: 2/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: In a fist-fight I guess, since this is completely useless
in shootouts. Even then you can easily beat the crap outta people with just
your bare fists...


Now we're talking! Here's a very decent melee weapon that you acquire early
in the game. It's usually a one-hit slice kill, and it could work as a good
stealth weapon. But then again, this is Scarface we're talking about, so
stealth isn't really that good of an option compared to just shooting a 
guy in the nuts.

RATING: 5/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Deadly in melee fighting, obviously not too effective in 


Ahh yes, the ultimate melee weapon. This beast is an absolute killer. Just get
some unlucky guy to get in range and slice him to ribbons. You can also get
creative with your artworks of death. The game tallies your chainsaw deaths via
head, arm, leg, or full body decapitations.

The downside is that you'll probably get the cops' attention quite easily with
that thing in public.

RATING: 7/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: While outnumbered in a melee battle; especially lethal while
in Rage Mode.

-- III. The Handguns --

-.38 Automatic-

The most basic gun in the game. It's cheap, easy to use, and the ammo is very
easy to find or buy. This is probably the first gun you ever use in the game, 
but is quickly replaced by a much better handgun.

RATING: 5/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Your first few gang wars. Always aim for the head, since the
gun is kinda weak.

-.45 Automatic-

The good ol' 45! This gun is quite versatile, with a perfect mix of power,
fire rate, and Style. It can later be upgraded to fit a suppressor, which
makes it good for silent takedowns. You can buy this early in the game, quickly
replacing the .38 Automatic.

RATING: 7/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Small shootouts where precision is required. When upgraded
with a silencer, it becomes crucial in later gang fights in open areas.

-Desert Eagle-

This one-shot killing machine makes a welcome appearance here.
First used in the mission "Babylon Club" and later available to buy through
weapon dealers, this is one hell of a gun. Aim, shoot, kill. Rinse and repeat.
it's only downsides are a small-ish clip and a slow rate of fire.

Guaranteed to kill normal goons in one hit or your money back. Excluding 
armored thugs and DEA, they may take 2-3 hits to take out (aim for the head).

RATING: 8/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Perfect in gang wars of any situation. Do not use against
chainsaw-wielding armored thugs, since it takes them 2 hits to die, and couple
that with the gun's slow rate of fire and you'll probably get diced up to 
pieces before you can even fire that 2nd shot.

-- IV. The Sub-Machine Guns --


The first automatic gun you encounter, it makes a good first impression of how
awesome the rest of the automatics will be. It has a blistering fast rate of
fire, but has an unstable recoil and short range, making car combat with this
thing more of a hassle than anything else. It does make a good on-foot weapon,
but thanks to its small clip (about 25 or 30 rounds), you'll spend most of your
time reloading.

It can later be upgraded with a longer clip, butt stock, and (I think) a 
silencer, but by then, it'd be eclipsed by much better guns.

RATING: 4/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Seeing as how this is your first automatic, this works in
small-scale fights. But as enemies become better equipped, so should you.


Yes, a MUCH better SMG than the micro, thanks mostly to its more stable recoil,
while retaining its blazing rate of fire. Acquired somewhere in the middle of
the storyline, you'll grow to appreciate this gun. I didn't use it too much
since the Micro SMG kinda turned me off from this type of gun, and instead 
favoring the assault rifle.

Boy, I was wrong. This makes a great close-quarters weapon, since it packs more
power than the Micro SMG. But sadly it also has a small clip, so upgrade it
ASAP and stick with it.

RATING: 7/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Overall a good gun in any situation. Works best in close to
mid-range shootouts. Once you upgrade it with a silencer, it becomes a great 
weapon in gang wars (in order to avoid cop attention).

-- V. The Assault Rifles --


This is your first assault rifle, and you'll be glad to buy it. It's easily one
of the better guns in the game. This baby will save your ass more times than
you would think it would. It can extend to a longer range, but the further you
reach, the weaker the shots become. And its recoil make it jump around a bit

But even still, this is a beauty, with good accuracy and damage. You can 
later upgrade it with a longer clip and a shotgun attachment.

RATING: 8/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Works best in shootout missions, especially in the Island
Missions. Also makes a great vehicle weapon. Deadly and dominant in gang wars,
but watch out for your cop meter.

-Carbine Assault Rifle (M16)-

Tony's "little friend" from the movie makes a triumphant return, and this time
with a vengeance and a taste for blood (ok that sounded corny). This beauty of
an automatic rifle is the godfather of guns, with a good-sized clip and deadly 
accuracy and power. You first get a sample of its awesomeness in the very first 
mission (fully-equipped and with unlimited ammo!), but you can't buy it for 
keeps until much later in the game. :(

Unlike the AK47, which kinda struggles in long range, this gun was born for
mid-to-long range gunfights. It's also more powerful than the AK, to the point 
where you can take out a whole group of enemies before exhausting your clip. 
Hell, it just outclasses the AK or any other gun in every category possible. 
Once you get your hands on this masterpiece, there's no turning back.

Oh and did I mention that you can upgrade its clip to 100 (!) rounds AND a
grenade launcher attachment?

RATING: 10/10!
RECOMMENDED USAGE: A perfect weapon for almost any situation. This gun is 
pretty much required for later missions and gang wars. It can also mow down 
cars really quick, with its powerful bullets and its grenade launcher 

-- VI. Other Rifles --


This is one awesome gun that you acquire early in the game. I probably used 
this more often than the Micro SMG (I bought them both at the same time). It's
the best gun in close-range, since you can take out a whole group of enemies 
with just one buckshot. 

Oh and the shotgun has, quite possibly, the coolest, most sickening execution 
move out of any gun. I'm not gonna say anything, but let's just say that you'll
be seeing a lot of red all over the place. ;)

RATING: 8/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Well, you're definitely not gonna use this to snipe on 
anyone, so just stick to close range. The closer the better. Makes a great gun
in early gang wars and general close-range situations.

-Sniper Rifle-

I haven't used this gun too often, since it's acquired kinda late in the story.
It's absolutely deadly though since it's a one-hit kill no matter where you
shoot. Aim for the head for a very satisfying "watermelon effect". 

Obviously it'd be foolish to use it in active combat. It's used to get a lead 
on the enemies by taking out a few of them from afar before they even realize
that you're there. And since there's no auto-aim, you better make your shot

This is the key weapon when you're playing as the Assassin.

RATING: 7/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Best used from afar, and I mean, AFAR. You might also need
this in the final missions too.

-- VII. Heavy Artillery --


What kind of self-respecting shooting action game would be complete without
a heavy machine gun of some sort? GTA has their Minigun and M60, while BLACK 
has its M240. Scarface answers this call with the S.A.W. It's pretty much the 
same as an M60, complete with a bipod attached to the front. You usually find
these attached to some helicopters and boats during missions, but you can buy 
one from the weapon dealer. 

These things are monsters; they mow down anything that comes in its path, no 
matter if they're people, cars, kittens, whatever. Trapped in the corner with 
an army of bloodthirsty thugs? Whip it out, hold R1 and go to work. It'll get
the job done.

But don't think that it'll replace the assault rifles. Not even close. It 
doesn't have auto-aim, and its recoil is out of control, so long-distance 
shooting is out of the question with this machine gun. 

I don't think this gun will see too much action, at least not as much as an
AK or Carbine would. But this is still the ideal machine gun for crowd control.

RATING: 8/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: On some missions where you're extremely outnumbered. Also
destroys cars pretty quick.

-Grenade Launcher-

This is the first heavy artillery weapon you come across and it does its job.
Like its namesake, it launches grenades that explode on impact. So, it's ideal
for vehicular combat and for those annoying bastards who refuse to die easy.
And it packs a good amount of ammo with 3 grenades per 48.

The downfall is that you have to manually configure where the grenade goes to.
So if you're planning on using this for long-range, you'll have to arch your
shot and find the correct angle in order to score a hit. And the grenades' 
explosion range doesn't spread too far, so it's best to actually hit the target
directly. But still, it's small, compact, and usable while driving a vehicle.

RATING: 7/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: This is the Enforcer's main weapon, so stick with it. Best
used for groups of enemies you want dead fast. But, be wary of how you use it;
cops don't seem to like it too much seeing you destroy cars and launching 
grenades at crowds of people...


Ahh, much better. This beast fires a straight rocket to wherever you point it
at. But use it wisely. Ammo is scarce and expensive, and you can only hold 4 
rockets at a time. So this gun is pretty much reserved for blowing up vehicles
(especially helicopters) to pieces quick and easy.

RATING: 8/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Mainly for vehicular combat. I'd use it for shootouts, but
the scarcity of ammo holds it back.

-Missile Launcher-

Oh yes, the ultimate weapon of destruction. It may look like a giant Lego
piece, but you can't deny its kickassness. A much faster rate of fire than the
bazooka equals faster destruction. And it holds 4 rockets, so no need to reload
until you've exhausted all of them. This should be reserved for destroying alot
of vehicles or just raising as much hell as possible.

RATING: 9/10
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Hell, it even says in the game that it's "completely
unneccesary". Since it's so powerful and devastating, it's pretty much overkill
in any situation.

-- VIII. ¡Game Over, Maricón! --

Well, this, sadly, is the end. I might update it later with some other 
extra tidbits here and there, but this is pretty much finished. I'd like to say
thanks to the following:

GameFAQs and supercheats: For publishing this FAQ and always doing a good job
at lending gamers a helping hand.

Sierra/Vivendi and Radical Ent.: For crafting this masterpiece of a video game.
Keep up the good works guys! Here's to a SEQUEL!

¡Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy!