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Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Pirates of the Caribbean


We have 12 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Pirates of the Caribbean please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Get the following:-

100,000 gold

While in gameplay on land press (A, X, Y, B, Y, B, X, B, B, A)

Neutral reputation

While in gameplay on land press (A ,X, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A)


While in gameplay on land press (A, Y, X, X, Y, Y, B, Y, X, A)

50 Skill Points

While in gameplay on land press (A, B, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A)

Cheat Codes

God Mode On- A,Y,X,X,Y,Y,B,Y,X,A
100,000 Gold-A,X,Y,B,Y,B,X,B,B,A
50 Skill Points-A,B,Y,X,Y,B,B,Y,B,A
Reputatoin Set to Neatral-A,X,Y,X,Y,B,B,Y,B,A

Free money!

When hiring an officer, the game asks the person how much they ask to be hired.
They give a number then it will have a couple choices for you, you can say its too much, its fine or no thanks.
Hit thats a little too much and he'll lower it. Once again tell him its too much and you'll stop talking to him.
Well talk too him again and again and do all of that over and over then it will end up that the officer will have to pay you quite a bit of money to get hired.

Secret room

There is A secret room No one has talked about..
In the Incan Temple after you enter the maze and fight the skeleton go to the
Top-right hand corner and go straight and at the first turn look at the ground
A picture of a skull is in the front and I think a spider( well it looks like one!)
Is on the ground. Go to the room the spider faces and look right on the ground and you'll see another skull and spider walk on that and go straight and you will
Be in the room of the creators.the pictures are of the people who made the game
Have fun!

The best ship can't buy in any shipyard

Hello people I don't know of you will read this but I can let you know that the Battleship is NOT the best ship as most people think. Anyway to get the best ship you must have the mission to go to Khael Roa and if you are there somewhere you'll see a convoi of the English governor and the governor himself is on the best ship of the game : the Manowar, it has 100 cannons and something like 956 crew members. The best way to get it is to board the Manowar and if you won the boarding don't forget to chance the ships or you will still have your ship you always sail with. And then kill all other enemy ships and then you will automaticly go to the shore of Khael Roa and if you are there don't forget to save.
Thanks for reading and please push thumbs up cos it's my first subscribtion ..

Get Fifty skill points

Click and hold the left trigger and press A B Y X Y B B Y B A to get 50 skill points instantly.Enter this cheat as many times as you want and become the best.

Awesome codes :)

Hi these are some cheats I like to use on pirates of the carribean
-100,000 gold pieces-AXYBYBXBBA
-50 Skill points-ABYXYBBYBA
-Change your reputation back to neutral-AXYXYBBYBA

To get +100,000 gold, enter this code on-land (A..

To get +100,000 gold, enter this code on-land (A,X,Y,B,Y,B,X,B,B,A).
To activate God Mode/Invincibility, enter this code on-land (A,Y,X,X,Y,Y,B,Y,X,A).
To get 50 skill points, enter this code on-land (A,B,Y,X,Y,B,B,Y,B,A).

Money cheat

Go to the loanshark in oxbay.
the loan 6000 gold of him turn around and you will se a chest the drop your money in to the chest then loan again.
This tells you that he will come after you if you don't pay him back but he will not come after you.

A way to Khael Roa shore

Hello again :p this hint helps you to go to the Khael Roa shore. It is not very interesting but I tried it and it works but you can't go on the shore :( there is no sign of the moor but now I will tell how to get there :
1: on the map go to the open side of Khael Roa and you perhaps think that way is blocked by rocks but there is a passage. It is a bit on the right.
2: If you got the good one you'll come by a huge rock in the middle of the passage.
3: You better take the left one if you have a big ship and I never tried the right one so I don't know of that way can be usefull because that way is very small.
4: Then sail further and you'll see a beach but there is no moor so you can't go on land.
5: If you are by the beach and you ar..

Secret pirate treasure of Artois Vorsey

Hello people this would be my second hint to get money and discover a secret place not an easter egg or a bug. The first thing you got to do is sail to Douwesen and go out of Douwesen OUTSKIRTS the place where you must fight with some pirates and then Danielle Green will run in the jungle with Rauol Rheims. On that place there is a waterfall go to the waterfall and if you stand in front of it walk a bit left of the water and there is a cave with some skull pirates kill them all and search for a exit but not the one you get into the cave and if you got the good exit you will go to a ship wreck with also some skull pirates kill them and go inside that wreck and you get 50000 silver or gold I am forgot.
Thanks for watching please subscribe

Great start to the game.

To get a great start to the game, enter these codes while still in the cabin of your ship in the beggining of the game. First enter (A,Y,X,X,Y,Y,B,Y,X,A) and that will give you Invinsibility. Then enter (A,B,Y,X,Y,B,B,Y,B,A) this will give you 50 skill points. Then press B and select Character. Then boost your skills all the way up to ten, you will need to enter the 50 skill point code a second time to completely boost all of your skills up to ten. Then to get +100,000 gold, enter this code a couple of times, (A,X,Y,B,Y,B,X,B,B,A). All of these codes can be used at any point of the game as long as you are on land. Then go out and fight Malcom untill you level up a few times, then put your Abilities on Basic, Advanced, and Proffecional Ship Defence. You can level up as much as you want in..

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