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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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We have a collection of cheats that includes never getting arested, unlocking the Burger King challenge and unlocking the Porsche Cayman and Ford GT Casorol.

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We have 35 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PC : PlayStation 2 : Xbox 360 : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : PlayStation 3

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The following codes are entered at the 'Press Start' screen and a confirmation will sound if it has been entered correctly.
Opens Castrol Ford GT
Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down
Unlock Junkman Engine:
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down

Unlocks the Burger King Challenge:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
Unlock Porsche Cayman:
Press L, R (3), Right, Left, Right, Down.
Unlock Burger King Challenge:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
Unlock Junkman Performance Parts:
Win the Burger King Challenge Victory to unlock all the junkman performance
Parts (You must enter the Burger King Challenge cheat code).
Unlock $10,000..

Unlock Burger King Challange


Always escape

Ok if your in a pursuit and you think it's impossible to get away there is. If you go to the baseball stadium (kind of the upper left hand corner) there are two entrances and both entracnes have a pursuit breaker on each side.
So you hit one on the first entrance and then you should hit the brakes but make sure on the other exit you do not hit that pursuit breaker. Then turn around go fast and hit that pursuit breaker. Then you will be trapped inside and no cops can get to you. So wait there until you cooldown all the way. Nut then you have to select jump to safe house because your trapped inside.this has always worked for me if you do it right

Junkman Engine Part

To get a Junkman engine part, at the menu that says PRESS START, press

NOTE: This can only be used once in career so choose wisely which car you want to put it in


There are only three cheats for this game,here they are
Enter all cheats at press start menu
Burger King Cheat
Unlocks challenge even 69
Castrol Syntec Ford GT
Unlocks bonus Ford GT
Most Wanted Demo Cheat
Unlocks free engine upgrade in career mode in backroom
Thats it have fun playing Smile

Tune up

Everyone loves a fast car with good handling. I have found a way to get both in every car you have. When you are racing or driving around in career mode, press start and go into the tuning section. Once there (assuming you have put parts in your car) there will be sliders that you can adjust. If you want good speed with a good amount of nos, stops well and gets off the line quick, make the sliders look like this (vertical bar is the even mark)
Steering: |--
Handling: |--
Brakes: -|
Ride hight: --|
Arodynamics: |---
NOS: -|
Turbo |---
Your car will be a little hard to control at first but once you get used to it you will beat even the hardest setting with the catch up on.


Start of at your safe house in rosewood and when you come out of your safe house you will be facing a set of buildings so turn left and and go down the road for about 300 yards and you will see a police station on your right crash through the pill box on the corner then go through to the other end and hit the other pill box and you should hear over the radio that you have been seen in the police station and so on then you have to wait a little while ( I tend to go through the police station a couple of times to get the police attention ) when you have done that head to the bus station ( it's near the donut store, and the petrol station ) wen you are there go up the left ramp which leads onto the buses. Then all you have to do is jus sit and wait for your pursuit time to go up and the lon..

Definite ecsape(unless youve hit a spike strip)

Ok if your in a pursuit and you think it's impossible to get away there is. If you go to the baseball stadium (kind of the upper left hand corner) there are two entrances and both entracnes have a pursuit breaker on each side.
So you hit one on the first entrance and then you should hit the brakes but make sure on the other exit you do not hit that pursuit breaker. Then turn around go fast and hit that pursuit breaker. Then you will be trapped inside and no cops can get to you. So wait there until you cooldown all the way. Nut then you have to select jump to safe house because your trapped inside.this has always worked for me if you do it right

Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right.It'..

Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right.
It's for the Ford GT Casorol.
It work's only for 2 player.

10,000 Extra Career Mode Dollars To do this, sim..

10,000 Extra Career Mode Dollars
To do this, simply have a Need For Speed Underground 2 save file on your Hard drive and when you go to select your first car, you will get a message saying that you have been given more money to help you along your way. A Little Extra Money
If you should get the pink slip to your defeated black list rival, take his/her car to the shop. From there you can return all parts (except performance and visual) to stock. The shop will give you the money back for those body parts. The car sells for the same amount, reguardless of whats on it or not.

Block Your Opponent

Yo,if you can't pass baron in the drag race here's what you need to do
When he come up block him,if you can't see him keep looking back

Cop Demo Derby

Hey all during a pursuit if you go to the bus station (about the middle of the map) up the ramp opposite to the buses then go all the way down to the end of the platform and stop. You'll see the cops ramming each other and the best part about it it's an easy way to gain bounty. How ever if you see the busted bar go to the red zone look back if you see a cop there back up and watch him fall off the ledge it's pretty funny. Peeps I'm telling you I have sat there and smoked a few cigs laughing my ass off watching the cops try top get me but they can't. But eventually you have to evade so the best thing to do is back up to the top of the ramp then floor it NOS and all (especialy in heat 4 and 5). So the next time your playing this great game try this out

Exiting out of sharp corners

When exiting out of sharp corners use your NOS. By using your NOS it straightens your car out faster & gives you an extra boost of acceleration.

slowing down blackbist bosses

When you are racing a blacklist member try to get them to follow you, and hit a pursuit breaker and they will slow down and won't get up for a while.

slowing blacklist boss down in races

When racing a blacklist member try to get them behind you then hit a pursuit breaker and that will slow them down and they won't get back up in a while.

How to not get impounded

If you get busted, and you cannot pay for it, you will get impounded, to get your car back, simply leave your career without saving, then join it again and your car should be back again.

Police tips

If you want the police to go after you get in a pursuit and you'll bring down
Heat on your ride the more heat you have the more aggressive cops get
If you want to get followed by choppers your heat lv must be 4+
Check your heat lv in your safehouse's car select
Yeah by the way if the police blocks your car try reversing as much as you can and accelerate, if you have nitrous use it and try aiming at the front of the cars

Extra grip

To get extra grip on sharp turns press the speed breaker and nos at the same time as turning

Bonus $10,000

If you have a saved game file from need for speed underground 2on your memory card or hard drive, you'll get an extra $10,000 in career mode.

E-z way 2 get your heat down

After you win a race, go to a shop and change some parts or the paint, it will bring the heat way down.

Fun with the cops

Here's a fun way to play with the cops.
Get the cops after you. Then go to the bus place and take the left hand ramp up, then drive till you are on top of the buses.
Wait there until the cop starts ramming the buses.
If the cooldown meter comes up drive to the edge of the buses till he sees you, then it will repeat.
This will get your bounty up.


K First You start a bounty and then you get on the free way(or high way whatever it is) go around it twice. Then go to the bus station then go on top of the plat form and sit. If a cop comes up there and makes you go off drive off then when you hit the ground prees the back button and wala your back up on top. You can do this for as long as you desire. I would suggest that you get back up on you firts couse if you have 1 cop on you youll lose him or her on the top.

Easy Bounty & Blacklist cars

If you want easy bounty get into Level 5 and try to get to the bus station. In level 5 your bounty goes up 25,000 every ten seconds. Go onto the left ramp and hop on top of the buses until you get your bounty you want (it will say evade sometimes so go to the edge until they see you and you can stay up there). Now for the hard part, run off the buses and drive around the highway for a while until you lose them all. You will have to dodge road blocks and spike strips but it's all worth it. I got over 2,000,000 bounty by doing this. I traded paint with over 40 cop cars aswell. You will have to slow down when you get to road blocks, sometimes they have spikes everywhere and the cars are hard to bust through. When in cooldown find a hiding place or they'll keep on finding yo..

Lose the cops after a race

If you are in a race and get the cops on you just finish the race, then you restart the race (y). Then quit out of the race. The race should be completed also you should have the cash with no cops.

Pink Slips

I'm not sure if it's just chance but on the first 5 Blacklist members, their Pink Slip orders were: Left. Middle. Right. Middle.left.
I hope that's the same with all other copies of the game. (by the way, I haven't beaten any of the other blacklist members so I don't know if this pattern continues. :D

Making police chases easier

1. Sometimes high horsepower cars have this problem: If they crash during a police chase and/or get run off of the road and lose speed, it is hard for the car to get back up to top speed even when holding the gas button all the way down. You can hear the loud engine revving but the car barely goes anywhere (only for automatic transmissions). This is because the game doesn't automatically shift for you because it senses that you are still going to slow to shift to the next gear. If this happens, shift up to the next gear manually and your car should start going faster again. The game will automatically revert to automatic transmission afterwards.
2. These tactics are useful if you are doing police chases that have severe time requirements (like the last challenge in the challe..

Beat road blocks easily

To beat the road blocks easily, hit the speadbreaker before you hit it. Don't try ans swerve around while in speedbreaker mode, just ram into the vehicle. You will only slow down 30-40 mph, and you will destroy the car you hit most of the time.

Good Tuning Cars

If you are beginning to get the games controls a little(let's say after you beat black list 12/Baron)and you want simple cars that have good tuning abilities then you will have to pick one of the following cars:
Audi TT 3.2 Quattro (Fast gears and makes a funny sound)
Lotus Elise (Small but really fast)
IF you pick one of these and pimp them the way you want them the game will be a lot easier to beat untill you'll get the better cars(From Blacklist 9)

Porsche Cayman

At the menu screen press L, R, R, R, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN.


You can nos it when ever you drive around town and it is the best game ever you rules superchat hah aha ha aha

Extra items

When you beat a boss when of those black something guys you get 2 sections of things to pick and also in the bouns there is a get outa jair free pass, pink slip to openments car and extra money.And also you COULD get jumk man parts from the other 3 things I don't kno what the othere things you can get on those.

Avoiding Spike Strips

To avoid spike strips aim for the rear of a car in the roadblock at full speed,you should smash right through

Don't get caught out by spike strips

If you like evading the cops then this is for you when the cops are chasing you and you can see a spike strip ahead and if you look closely you will be able to see 1, 2,or 3 little white lines on your mini map these are the spike strips the poice also mention where the spike strips are over the radio but if you don't see or hear any of these then jus pull a you turn on a wide road to make it easier to escape.if you get caught out in a tunnel and you can't turn around then head straight for tha car and boost straight for the rear of the car and 7/10 you will destroy the car which means more bounty points so when you are past the spike strip jus carry on ahead and avoid barriers becasue if the cops are close behind you they will block you in and you wont be able to move and if you see a pu..

Never get arrested.

This will help you have a clean record and never waste any impound strikes or get out of jail markers.
When you are being chased by the cops there are times that they will catch you abd you will get busted. When you get caught and they are showing the little clip of them arresting you, press the reset or power button on your xbox and it be like if the race never happend. Then start your game again and now you can know if you need to lower your heat or go at it again witout ever gettign busted.
This also helps because you can raise your bounty a lot higher but the AI will get a bit harder at times, But it's a good way to go out and test your cars if your are trying to figure out wats best for your races or the cops.

Get Every Blacklist Car

Note: Save before you race against a Blacklist Boss!
When you have defeated a Blacklist Boss, you get to choose two markers from that boss.Choose one of the three "?" in order to get the pinkslip. If you do get the pinkslip, either keep the car or sell it. I suggest keep the car(s) then sell them later when you really need the cash. If you don't get the pinkslip, don't worry. Turn off your Xbox console and try again. The bad news is, you have to race the Blacklist Boss again, sorry!

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