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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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Our cheats include unlocking cars, Pinkslips, Police levels and performance tuning to get the best out of your car.

More Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cheats and Tips

We have 33 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : Xbox 360 : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : PlayStation 3

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Unlockable Cars

These codes are entered at the 'Press Start' screen and they unlock some great cars especially the Ford SYNTEC for Drag races.
Unlock Porsche Cayman:
Press L, R(3), Right, Left, Right, Down.
Unlock Ford GT Car:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Unlock Ford SYNTEC Car:
Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.


Unlock Burger King Challenge:
At the 'Press Start Screem' enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Unlock $10,000:
Have a GameCube 'Need for Speed Underground 2'save file on the memory card.

Additional cars:
To win the following cars defeat the indicated Blacklist Boss
Aston Martin DB9 - Blacklist Boss 7
Audi A3 3.2 Quattro - Blacklist Boss 15
Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro - Blacklist Boss 14
Audi TT 3.2 Quattro - Blacklist Boss 15
BMW GTR (Race version) - Blacklist Boss 1
Cadillac CTS - Blacklist Boss 12
Chevrolet Cobalt SS - Automatic
Corvette C6 - Blacklist Boss 5
Corvette C6.R - Complete 100% of the game
Dodge Viper SRT 10 - ..

Performance Tuning Help

This isn't really a cheat, I just wanted to throw this out there. Performance Tuning can help a lot if you know how to use it. I'm here to give you the PERFECT STATS for any of your rides. I don't know what SETTINGS 1,2,and 3 do, so I'll need someone to tell me what those do. THANKS!
STEERING- 5 to the right *Improved turning sensitivity*
HANDLING- Unchanged *Chaos if tuned 5 to the right*
BRAKE BIAS- 3 to the right *Better for those clean E-brake turns*
RIDE HEIGHT- 5 to the left *Improved handling
AERODYNAMICS- Unchanged *Loss of top speed*
NITROUS- 3 to the right *Improved acceleration, slightly less duration*
TURBO/SUPERCHARGER- 5 to the left *More efficient acceleration out of corners*

All the police levels

Car:Civic Cruiser
Tactics:Rolling Roadblock, Box, PIT(Precision Immobilization Technique)
Level 2:
Car:Civic Undercover Cruiser
Tactics:Rolling Roadblock, Box, PIT, Roadblock
Level 3:
Cars: State Pursuit Vehicle, SUV(Sport Utility Vehicle) Light
Tactics: Rolling Roadblock, Box, PIT, Roadblock, SUV Roadblock, Rhino(SUV Ram)
Level 4:
Cars: State Undercover Vehicle, SUV Heavy
Tactics: Rolling Roadblock, Box, PIT, Roadblock, SUV Roadblock, Rhino, Spike Strip Roadblock
Level 5:
Cars: Federal Pursuit Vehicle, SUV Heavy, CROSS (No, it's not a series of words, I just like putting his name in capitals!)
Tactics: Rolling Roadblock, Box, PIT, Roadblock, SUV Roadblock, Rhino, Spike Strip Roadblock

Bus stop jump

If you have a fast car, drive into the gas pump at the bus station as fast as you can. Your car will jump up onto the other platform and from their can do whatsoever
Happy Gaming =)

Unlock the last 4 blacklist cars

Ride- Dodge Viper SRT-10
How to get it- Pick the bonus marker to the far left
Ride- Aston Martin DB9
How to get it- Pick the bonus marker in the middle
Ride- Mercedes Benz Maclaren SLR
How to get it- Pick the bonus marker second to the left
Ride- BMW M3 GTR
How to get it- You automatically get it after beating Razor

Hints for all level cops

Level 1. They are pretty easy to escape in north and south rosewood. If you have about 5 on you, drive by a pursuit breaker DO NOT HIT IT they will on their own. For all levels stay on the freeway if you want them on you.
Level 2. Again easy. Stay in the safe house in rosewood area to evade quickly.
Level 3. Annoying. I got caught on this so many times. Use same tactics in 1 for this. If you half to hit them, hit them on the side where it is white that is their weak spot. Camden beach and rosewood good for evading. CAREFUL this may not be important, but when you get to this heat level, they may jam your GPS so you can't set it to a certain item.
Level 4. Painful. Painful and sad. Freeway for maximum bounty. DO NOT even let the suv's touch you 95% chance y..

Boss Pinkslips

#10-Baron-Far left marker-Porsche Cayman S
#09-Earl-Middle marker-Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V3
#08-Jewels-Middle marker-Ford Mustang GT
#07-Kaze-Far left marker-Mercedes Benz CLK 500
#06-Ming-Far left marker-Lamborghini Gallardo
#05-Webster-Far left marker-Chevrolet Corvette C6
#04-JV-Middle marker-Dodge Viper SRT10
#03-Ronnie-Middle marker-Aston Martin DB9 (says kiss me I'm irish)
#02-Bull-Far left marker-Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
#01-Razor-You automatically get it-BMW M3 GTR
Hope I'm helping
Happy cheating

Pinkslips and cheats

Here are some pinkslip hints you should know
Dodge Viper SRT-10
Marker to the far left (or pay $98,000)
Aston Martin DB9
The marker in the middle (or pay $90,000)
Mercedes Benz SLR Macleren
The second marker to the left
Lamborghini Gallardo
The last marker (or pay $120,000)
Chevy Corvette C6
The last marker (or pay $80,000)
Burger King Challenge
P.s. It's at the challenge race menu place
Ford GT
P.s. Doesn't work for me but thought I put it up anyways
Ford Syntec Car
P.s. It does work,but I have no clue where you can view it

Speedbreaker use

When going around a sharp turn, hit the speedbreaker to slow your perception and you will be able to make it around the turn with no problem. Make sure to tap the nitrous so it will straighten you out as you make it around the turn and you should be able to keep the lead, definitely in a rival race.

impound hint

To get rid of impound strikes, get in small pursuit and evade the cops in every pirsuit. You will drop your heat and impound strikes. Also, before blowing money on a car, get a good car (porsche corvette ford gt etc.) out.

How to get rid of cop heat that you got during a race without go

This cheat only works if you are seen by the cops in a race.if or after you finish the race after the photo comes up; press the y button to restart the race(it says that all progess will be lost but that doesn't apply after you have finished the race)then once the race has been loaded again press start then go to quit to free roam and your heat level should be the same it was before you started the race.

Good car

A good car to use is the forth porsha,the bigger posha than the others.this car may be the fastest car in the game.It goes over 300mph.IT runs really good when running up aginst the's not so good aginst the SUVs.You may get busted if your not a good will when every race if you are a good driver.

Infractions / few tips

Here is what you have to do during a police pursuit to get all eight infractions.
Note: The police/police helicopter has to be near.
Speeding: Exceede 160mph (varies)(2-3mph)
Excessive Speeding: Exceede 180mph
Reckless Driving: Exceede 200mph
Raming a police vehicle: Hit a police car
Hit and Run: Run into Traffic
Damage to property: Crash through a fence/pole/sign/etc.
Resisting Arrest: Evade the police (Go's Into cooldown mode)
Driving off roadway: Drive off the paved road
Heat Level:
Level 1: City crusers. Very easy to evade. Can wreck them easily. They don't use roadblocks. 5 crusers.
Level 2: Undercover city crusers. Easy to evade. Small roadblocks. 10 crusers.
Level 3: State cruse..

If you don't wanna race Earl #9 and get into Rockport and how to

First You have to keep an eye out for those glass places in Camden Beach And sometimes you can escape the race, Simple Right. NOTE YOU HAVE TO BEAT VIC Blacklist 15 rival #13. So back to escaping those races don't have unlock barriers so you can free roam through out Rockport and can go anywhere BUT don't TRY TO RAM THE BARRIERS YOU'LL GO THROUGH AND BE LOCKED BACK INTO THE RACE AGAIN. So a race example is BLACKLIST 15 RIVAL RACE EARL BLACKLIST #9 race is the final one and thats a SPRINT RACE look for the glass building arond the 80's 90's percentage point and your car will just be enough to fit right through and ram right through the glass and don't worry if you get stuck if you hit the barrier it like a reset button and it will regen you on the course or right beyond the barrier and ..

One Stop Shop Marker

Up twice, press down twice, press left, press right, press up, press down.
This is a special marker for the junkman engine part.It will appear in one of the shop's under performance in career mode.
You can only use it one time.

The Ultimate Hint

To get 100% completion in career mode, you have to beat all the races and milestones. To make it easier for you on races go on quick race and select the track that you are going to race on in career mode and set the options on it and that will be applied to that specific race in career mode. For example, if you are about to race on a board called Hastings in career mode before you do that go to quick race, choose custom race, pick the board Hastings, and set the options like only 1 lap.
P.S. If you are racing on lap knockout for options choose 1 opponent and you will only have to do 1 lap on career mode even though there are 2 or 3 opponents.
The Hintmaster

Outrun the cops fast

If the cops start to chase you, drive through the bus stop and smash though the glass to get inside. You will have about 3 secounds to hit the stairs. Then you will jump out either on top of buses or a gas pump. The cops wont find you in a 90% out of 100% chance, but if they find the 10% the're is a gas pump you can blow up very close to there.
Happy Gaming

blacklist 3 glitch (sorry, there was no glitch option on here)

Ok, this is how it works. If your ready to challenge blacklist 3, enter the first race and continue to drive until you reach the bridge. If he's far enough away from you, this will work. Stop on a certain spot on top of the bridge and look to your left. It may just look like the left side of a bridge, butnot for long. Keep looking in that direction and as if from nowhere, you will be able to see blacklist 3's car literally flying in the air!!! This might work better if your on the 2nd lap too. Oh! And I almost forgot, you can also do this in quick race, so you don't have to only see it once. So once you read this, tell your friends about it and show them how completely hilarious this is. Well, good luck!!!

The car with 7 gears

I found out that the best car to use for any event is the car with seven gears. The SL 500 is the most useful car I've used. Fast top speed, good acceleration, awesome handling when tuned right. You unlock it after beating #9 I believe, then buy it as soon as you get the $75,000, it doesn't seem like a good deal, but get it and upgrade eveything.

Super Speed

Before everything you must have the Junkman performence parts.The way to unlock it is at the start menu enter.
UP,Down,Up,down,Left,Right,Left,Right and go to challenge series.Go all the way down and go to the "BugerKing challenge"and pass it.
After your done go to my cars and pick a car, pimp it out and on performence,press X and then press B and accept.
Then enter performence again and pick the Junkman parts on everything and press B.Accept and test it out.

More money + more cars +more upgrades=faster cars and more money

To do this hint you need a fast car. Keep doing a realy easy race and then buy a newer faster car then a nice car that can get impounded and in pursuits. Use the fast car to compleat a race and seconds after the race go to your safe house. Keep doing this untill you can get a better car and upgrades. After you get the better car go up the blacklist.


go to the bus station and wait on the right hand side. if a cop finds his way up drive in reverse untill he falls. then drive up. Your bounty and time will go up. when you are done go to the platform inbetween the buses and the right hand side. I do this when I am finished with the heat 5 cops.

Its not a code cheat, it's cheating whit the police! Monster bou

In rockport city, there's a car shop. Somewere ahead there is a kind of drive-in. When you escape from police there will be an cooldown hiding spot. But this is what you gotta do, when level 5 is chasing you and a helicopter is chasing you 2 go into that kind of drive-in. No cops get there. And the helicopter cannot get you. So he flying to somewere and rotates every time. So the chase goes ahead...youre time will stay. You put the tv of, and than you going do somethin else, like playing outside. The bounty is per 10 cek. 25k!!!so if this worked correctly you have a big bounch of bounty, beleave me it works every time!
Note, the heleicopter won't move to anoter place. It won't go away. Drive out the drive-in, and drive away till the helicopter is not being removed from the map stay ..

Performance Tuning Help

This isn't really a cheat, I just wanted to throw this out there. Performance Tuning can help a lot if you know how to use it. I'm here to give you the PERFECT STATS for any of your rides. I don't know what SETTINGS 1,2,and 3 do, so I'll need someone to tell me what those do. THANKS!
STEERING- 5 to the right *Improved turning sensitivity*
HANDLING- Unchanged *Chaos if tuned 5 to the right*
BRAKE BIAS- 3 to the right *Better for those clean E-brake turns*
RIDE HEIGHT- 5 to the left *Improved handling
AERODYNAMICS- Unchanged *Loss of top speed*
NITROUS- 3 to the right *Improved acceleration, slightly less duration*
TURBO/SUPERCHARGER- 5 to the left *More efficient acceleration out of corners*

Blacklist cars

To get the blacklist cars pick the middle marker it is usually the car and if it isn't you have a 50 50 chance of finding it
The guy with the porshe camin s the car is in the middle

never get tooking by cops

at the bus sation go up on the right ramp and slowly go until your car is on edge and just sit there until your ready to leave and get away. from COLBY H

how to evade cops ezey

go to a track with a lot of turns in it and go on those turns and almost ram in a wall

Pinkslip info

Please try this, when you beat a blacklist rival make sure you get the pink slip.Many said that it was difficult but it is actually easy.First take the performance marker and middle bonus marker.Thats it, You will surely get the pink slip.
By loKI

Shops at the start of the game

U'm not sure if this is entirely reliable, but if you compleate the game and then start a new alias, you will be able to enter the shops before beating Sonney.

Challenge Series Glitch (again, there was no glitch option)

Ok, I don't remember what Challenge Series event this was on, all I know is it's the one with the cement truck. So, you should start by the rockport stadium when you enter the event, go to the bus station (if you can get that far), but you need to enter it coming from the north-east side. If you follow these steps exactly as I explained them, when you enter the bus station, you will somehow pop up on top of the bus station (easier than trying to go up the ramp with cement truck, right?). Then you can sit there until you get the requirements for the event. HAPPY CHEATING! Or should I say, GLITCHING?

Short Cuts

When running away from the cops, if you aproch a bridge swing left to the bridge. There is a secret short cut there. It will take you past the bridge and even farther. The cops won't follow you there.

Do nothing while the cops kill themselves

So at any cop level go to the buss station and go on the bridge thing right next to the busses and just stop right before the end and once in a while look back or you can back up on the same bridge

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