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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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We have several cheats that include how to unlock the Castrol Ford GT, unlock the Porsche Cayman and how to perform the Slingshot.

More Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cheats and Tips

We have 39 cheats and tips on Xbox 360.If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed: Most Wanted please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : PC : PlayStation 2 : Xbox : Nintendo DS : Gameboy Advance : PlayStation 3

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Unlock Burger King Challenge:
Enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left at the 'Title' screen.


Unlock Castrol Ford GT:
At the 'Press Start' screen enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
Unlock Porsche Cayman:
At the 'Press Start' screen enter L, R(3), Right, Left, Right, Down
Unlock Free Upgrades:
At the 'Press Start' screen enter press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Up, Down.
Extra $10,000 in Career Mode:
Have a 'Need For Speed Underground' career game saved on your hard drive then after the prologue you will get $10,000.
Additional cars:
To win the following cars defeat the indicated Blacklist Boss
Aston Martin DB9 - Blacklist Boss 7
Audi A3 3.2 Quattro - Blacklist Boss 15
Audi A4 3.2 FSI Quattro - Blacklist Boss 14
Audi TT 3.2 Quattro - Blacklist Boss 1..

Pinkslip for Blacklist #14

You get select some more markers when you beat taz BL #13 pick the middle ? Marker to Unlock His pinkslip

Useful stuff that you can use... You herd me.

To get the ford gt you must be in the titel screen (thats the place where you're suppose to press start after it lodes) and press "left, right, left, right, up, down, up, down" and if you'er looking for some more chanllanges here's a code for the bugger king challang "up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right" and if your looking for a new part for your can enter this code"up, up, down, down, left, right, up, down" And say you want to free rome with your buddy.
Just go to the multiplayer split screen, do a circuit race, choose the level "OMEGA" and head backwards until you come to a hidden gate... It should have green lights on the left and right side. Brake though the two gates and keep heading forward though the other two. Then, there you have it. Free rome with two playe..

Pink Slip #11

Go to the ? On the FAR LEFT for the Pink Slip for the rivals car.

Junkman Parts

Junkman parts are the best parts around. After you beat ronnie blk. Member #3 then you can have all the junkman on your my cars (not in career mode).You can put it on as many cars you want.

How to win!

Hey, I have completed this game twice now because I think it is the coolest game of all! Having done it two times and now on my third round, I have found the BEST way to get there. The first time took me 6 Months to complete, the last time took me 4 weeks, yep just 4 weeks!
OK, first tip is your cars. I can tell you all that for blacklist 15 through to 6 the Cobolt is the only car you need. Heres how, buy the cobolt first and when you defeat blacklist number 15 pick one of the first three markers (you get cash, outa jail or the Pink Slip) and then pick one special performance marker. Go straight to the garage and update all standard performance options available and then go to the back room and grab your Junkman performance upgrade. Now repeat this for all blacklist's until yo..

You can beat the game with the first car you get

For those of you who like the need for speed games like I do, This isnt really a hint but anyway you can beat the game with first car you get for those of you you play this alot you probably already know this, but for those of you you have never played this game this is the truth I'm on my 4th time beating it and I'm on blacklist number 4. Each time you beat a blacklist boss they get a little harder than the last one you raced. But the very first car I ever bought on this game was the cobalt ss. Its not a very fast car at all, but if you tune it to it's full max it can probably beat any car on the game on my oppion anyway. Another reason my cobalt is very fast is beacause I have all backroom parts for the performances. Anyway if you never played this game before it is very fun you can ch..


To do the Slingshot. Get behind a driver and stay on his back bumper. When you and him slow down, hurry up and go around the driver.

Pinkslip for blacklist rival # 10

If you want the pinkslip for blacklist rival # 10 pick the marker at the far left

Extra Cash

Low on Cash, just go back and race previous races. It doesn't matter if you've beaten them or not. You can keep racing the same race over and over again and still get the prize money for it.

Lamborghini Galardo

Ok I no most of you might already no this but Ming s lamborghini galardo is the best car you can have when it's all suped up with junk man parts!

Ok I know most of you might already know this bu..

Ok I know most of you might already know this but Ming s lamborghini galardo is the best car you can have when it's all suped up with junk man parts!

On police cars if there in front of you speed up..

On police cars if there in front of you speed up and rub against there side. It will rip off there doors on that side and probably immobilize them.

Ok first of all those markers are random. Just t..

Ok first of all those markers are random. Just to clear that up. Now if you really need that bounty heres a tip: ok do the speed traps first then free roam(drive around highway). Crash into some cars, speed, w/e you gotta do and get a cop on u. Make sure he's on you're tail until you get at least 3 cars on u. Just carefully take 2 of them out(easiest by hittin there sides.) he'll call for back up. Keep him on you're tail till they arrive. Just keep doing this(it'll get harder)make sure you're driving around the highway so that pursuit time clock thingy continues! For roadblocks: when the chase gets to about 20 minutes they get real hard to bust thru. Slow down if you see them on you're radar and find an open spot there not covering(try to clip one if you can) but just keep immobilizing t..

Easy bounty

Get in a pursuit drive to the bus statoin get on top of the buses and sit there when there is a cop behind you jump off and evade.

Easy Perfect Launches

Here's an easy way to get perfect launches every time. Right when the race is about to begin and the timer counts down 3-2-1 floor it. Hold down the acceleration until 1. Right when it hits 1 let off completely and then floor it again just and the race commences.

Federal Cops

To get the big time cops you need to be skilled and lucky. They are harder and faster to get away from. They use the federal police and SUV Heavy in road blocks so that you c'ant get through. The federal police are'nt as heavy as the SUV heavy but heavyer than SUV Light. Stay on the highways and don't go into the corners or your busted!!! I already got 34 cops on me at the same time so thats realy hard when they corner you. Got to go hope this is useful.

If your in a police pursuit and make a jump but ..

If your in a police pursuit and make a jump but make sure that your in back of a police car. As soon as you take of and the cutscene ends look back and look at the police that was in front of you get trampled.


To get cross you need to have the level 6 heat level(level 5 heat after you have beaten career mode).
Cross mostly blends in with the rest of the federal cops (come at level 5 or/and 6).
He can get way more aggresive though at some times.


It is'nt the best car of all because of it's handling and it's availbility to only be used in career mode. If you get the pinkslip and in quick race as a bonus car. I mean like you can't even upgrade it more!

Junkman Engine Part

Junkman Engine Part - Press start, and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down

Pinkslip for blacklist # 12

Go to the farthest marker to the left I just came on and somebody else said go all the way to the right and I did and it isnt the pinkslip or the money

Get Out Of Jail Card # 11

Go to the ? On the FAR RIGHT for a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD.

Well here I wil give you an advice just be sure ..

Well here I wil give you an advice just be sure to listen if you paint you're BNW black guess what then after that go to some of the spoiler checking and right there will show master colpase click then you will be there at custimixzing you're BNW m3 gtr
here is a couple a cheats you found.................................................

Race Mia at main menu left right upup left down right left right right 3 times really fast and win a dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlet 350 z lazer tm

Race the evil razor shortly just press JS GP while racing magnefasint
So that is my cheats once again monsterhouse muscle of the hawks

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