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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

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We have a collection of cheats for you to check out and includes unlockable equipment upgrades and unlocking all the weapons.

More Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on Xbox.If you have any cheats or tips for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Equipment Upgrades

Unlock weapon and equipment upgrades to use during the Single-player game by collecting the corresponing amount of Stars.
Unlock Pistol (23-Round Clip):
Collect 6 Stars
Unlock Sub-Machine Gun (45-Round Clip):
Collect 13 Stars
Unlock Rocket Launcher (Increased Ammo 8):
Collect 19 Stars
Unlock Pistol (Increased Ammo 45):
Collect 25 Stars
Unlock Assault Rifle (45-Round Clip):
Collect 32 Stars
Unlock Machine Gun (150-Round Clip):
Collect 38 Stars
Unlock Sniper Rifle (9-Round Clip):
Collect 44 Stars
Unlock Shotgun (12-Round Clip):
Collect 51 Stars
Unlock Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 1500-3000):
Collect 57 Stars
Unlock Gernade Launcher..

Unlock ALL Weapons

Hold the Black and White button during gameplay and press R, R, D, U, L, L on the D-pad.

All Weapons

While playing a game, hold:
White+Black and quickly press Right (x2), Down, Up, Left (x2) to unlock all weapons.

All Weapons (Single Player Only)


Hint Hint

Online on Bridge Too Far, a good sniper location is on top of the mountain near the Chinese' home base.

Barrel Killing

Do you frequently use 120mm tanks? Tired of people puting C4 on you while you reload? Simply rotate the barrel and smack'em upside their head. If it hits, they will die! However, if they are crouched or proned you won't be able to hit them.

Save Ammo

To save your machine gun ammo try using your pistol and do headshots.

heli kills

To crash a helicopter you have two options: shoot the driver or ram it with your own helicopter. When shooting the driver aim for the right side of the glass when the chopper faces you. I would suggest a machine gun of some sort.

Torch'em up!

I don't know if this works online but you can kill enemies with the engineer's repair torch on campaign mode.

Group killing

When weilding a shotgun, wait until there is a bunch of enemies grouped together because shotguns can go through multiple targets 0.o

Online Help

If you play this game online, here are a few hints to help you out:

First, On the map called Bridge Too Far, be the chinese and get the rocket launcher kit and get in a jeep. Drive quickly to the American base, but stop on the ramp before you get to the base. Jump off the ramp to your right and go prone at the bottom of the ramp where it meets the fence. From there you should be able to shoot their jeeps.

Online Winning

On Bridgetoofar, you can win easily if you start with three engineers, all get in a jeep (this only works with Chinese), and drive too the farthest base (2). Then one engineer gets out, lays some mines where the Americans will come from, and takes the base. Meanwhile, the other two are driving to base three (on top of the bridge). While one gets out and lays mines and takes it over, the final guy drives to base four, the closest one to the Chinese base, and does the same thing. You probably want to use your rockets instead of your shotguns, because there will always be guys driving up in tanks and humvees. Once you take the bases over, you just stay there and defend them. All three people will get lots of points, because you all take over a base, and you kill people that come to take you..

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