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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Ares925

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/                          Battlefield 2: Modern Combat                       \                 \                                 FAQ/Walkthrough                             /                             /                                Written by Ares925                           \      \                                                                             /
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This Guide is copyright Copyright Jacob Dunn 2006.
This guide was written by Ares925. Also known as Jacob Dunn. The only sites that may post this guide are:

Cheat Code Central

If you wish to host this guide contact me at [email protected] You will be allowed to host this guide, just make sure you ask permission. And do not forget the Golden Rule of GameFAQs. GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE.

Version History
Version 1.0 - Classes, vehicles and first five mission completed.

Version 1.1 - Added more mission and fixed a few spelling errors.

Version 1.2 - Added more missions. Authorization to display guide given to Supercheats and Cheat Code Central.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Classes
	2.1 Assault
	2.2 Spec Ops
	2.3 Sniper
	2.4 Engineer
	2.5 Support

3. Vehicles

	3.1 LAVs
	3.2 MAVs
	3.3 HAVs
	3.4 Air and Sea Vehicles
4. Walkthrough

	4.1 In and Out
	4.2 Radio Silence
	4.3 Headshot
	4.4 Submerged
	4.5 Metal Island
	4.6 Heavy Tonnage
	4.7 Air Traffic Control
	4.8 Catching Flak
	4.9 Rolling Thunder
	4.10 Burning Bridges
	4.11 Beach Party
	4.12 Big Bang
	4.13 Hotel Alpha
	4.14 Top Man
	4.15 DMZ
	4.16 End of the Line
	4.17 Endgame (NATO)
	4.18 Endgame (China)
	4.19 Flying the Flag (Both)

5. Credits

6. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Welcome to my guide to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. I hope it helps you conquer the game and have fun at the same time. This is my first FAQ and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'm going to enjoy writing it.

2. Classes

	In the Battlefield universe there are five classes. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses so you must learn when and where to use them. Following are details on all the classes, and tips for each one.


	Assault- The assault trooper is the most versatile soldier on the battlefield. His rifle is effective against infantry and light vehicles. He also carries Smoke and frag grenades, a pistol, and an under slung grenade launcher. A good choice for new players as it has no real weakness except heavy armor.


Effective against infantry
Powerful rifle


weak versus heavy armor

There really are not many tips for assault kits. They are versatile and while a trained player is deadly with it, it just requires practice. However there are some tactics you may find useful.

Try to stay at midrange whenever possible, SMGs will shred you at close quarters.

Use smoke grenades. Nothing pisses off a sniper more then having smoke in his field of view.

Throw frags in a room/ area before you assault, if it does not kill your enemies, it will soften them up.

Do not be afraid to use your pistol. If you an an enemy are both reloading pull out your pistol. 

The grenade launcher can be very useful if used properly. Lob grenades into bases across Backstab for example.

Your accuracy is greatly increased if you go prone or kneel. Getting behind enemy lines and laying down can get you many kills.

Remember that there is a scope, if the enemy does not know your there and there is some distance between you, use the scope to make sure you hit him.

Avoid armor. The assault trooper can not handle heavy armor unless it is severely weakened.

Use the grenade launcher against jeeps if you can not see the driver.


	Spec Ops- The Spec. Ops soldiers are the stealthy ones. They are actually just as easy to see as the others. This is another versatile class like the assault. Different from the assault is that its weapons are suppressed. It also has C4 for anti-vehicle action.

C4 is good for a lot of things
SMG has good RoF      
Silenced guns

Knife and stun grenades are useless

This is another versatile class that you can safely pick if you are unsure what you will be going up against. The smg is weaker then the assault rifle but it fires much faster. It is also more accurate. The c4 is a fun and versatile weapon.

Use your speed. The spec os is the fastest kit on the battlefield. They should always be the ones to grab the flags in ctf. If they can get behind cover they will outrun any soldier.

Silencers are good. While it may seem pointless, they suppressed rounds make it harder for enemies to pinpoint your position.

Suicide bombers. These jihad jeeps are just a jeep with c4 on the front. Run the jeep into an enemy tank and hop out. Blow them both up.

I thought you were my friend! If you are with friends and you are screwing around try this, Throw C4 on  your friend. Both of you should get in a chopper. The person with the C4 jumps out and lands on a tank, then you explode them both.

Do not even think about using the knife. It is awful. If you get behind a camping sniper, just shoot him. I do not know how many times someone has come up behind me and I heard them so I am waiting to nail them as they try to knife me.

Booby traps. Lay a c4 at the flag or a control point, then as someone takes it, blow it up.

If you know that a certain person likes to go on path x with his tank, lay two or three C4s there and wait for him.

Lay in wait. If you can get into an enemy base undetected, lay a couple c4s on a chopper and get behind something so no one can see you. Watch on the mini-map for the chopper to disappear, then detonate them. It also works on tanks and jeeps.

The smg works best at close quarters, try to keep the battle with assault kits in close where your rate of fire will beat their power.

Stun grenades can be annoying, toss a few at the enemy before you go into get the flag.

While rare, you may be challenged to a knife dual. If you want to, strafe left and right while always watching the enemy, Lunge and swing your knife but immediately back off. Of course my solution is that when your foe gets his knife ready you pull out out your smg and unload on him. Not very honorable, but honor is not a stat this game cares about.


	Sniper- Snipers are the long range sharpshooters. They stay back and pick off targets from safety. They can also reveal enemy positions and paint enemy vehicles for air strike. A skilled sniper in a good position can cover multiple flags with deadly accuracy.


Good long range kit
Can designate enemy vehicles for destruction
Deadly with skilled hands
My favorite class


sucks at close range
slow RoF

The sniper kit is one of the most easy to use but difficult to master. Lots of people use this class but would not able to hit a barn if they were inside of it. The key here is lead times. If you can master the lead times, you can nail anything on the map.

Master lead times. Once you can master the lead times nothing can touch you.

Get a feel of when you are running low on ammo. The last thing you want is to run out of ammo when the enemy decides to assault the flag you are guarding.

Do not bother getting on top of the buildings on BTF. As soon as you get one kill, the entire team has you in their sights.

Tease vehicles with the laser designator. That means, target them about halfway so that they get out of there vehicle. Then pop them with the rifle. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If you see a voice indicator that is enemy, immediately scope out, and back off. Watch points that an enemy could come from. It means they are close.

If you see enemy snipers tracers go prone and drop a smoke grenade. Nothing pisses off a sniper like a smoke grenade.

GPS is a critical tool in any game. If a teammate requests a GPS, try to give them one.

At the lower ranks, people usually do not hunt down snipers. If you snipe someone, they usually will not come after you. As you get higher up, people will get mad when you snipe them so relocation is a must.

Get to know the maps. If you frequently play CTF on BTF, get to know where enemy snipers will go and develop a pattern to check those spots.

Learn to tell the difference between soldiers and terrain. At long distances it can get hard to tell the difference.

Remember that mines can be shot. If you see a enemy tank or soldier going past a mine, shoot it.


	Engineer- The engineers are the vehicle experts of the field. They can destroy vehicles with their mines or rocket launcher, or they can save them with their blow torch. They also pack a mean punch with their shotguns.


Good anti vehicle capabilities
Can repair friendly vehicles
Can lay mines
Deadly in close quarters


Useless beyond mid-range against infantry

The engineer is the vehicle soldier of the armies so most of the strategies revolve around vehicles.

Lay mines. At the lower ranks people will drive over them often. Later on they will have to stop and shoot them.

Lay mines in unlikely locations. If you know that there is a lot of enemy tank traffic in area x, lay some mines there, Put them next to walls or burning cars so they look like rubble. Tanks might think they are just bits of trash.

Use the shotgun. The shotgun in BF2 has unbelievable range. Do not be afraid to try and hit someone with it that's ten meters out.

If there is a friendly tank that is under rocket fire from the front, get behind the tank with your blowtorch. You should be fairly safe from the rockets and the tank will be repaired.

Lay mines in ambush. The broken bridges on BTF are a good example of this. Any jeeps coming over the bridge come over blind to the other side, so if you lay mines on the other side, they will not have time to react. Until they get smart and get out of the jeep as soon as they are clear of the bridge.

Put mines out in the open sometimes. Tanks and jeeps do not look for mines in the open so they will hit them sometimes.

If you see a jeep coming to run you over, get out your rocket launcher out, many drivers stay with their jeeps, so if you wait till you have a straight shot, 9 times out of ten you will nail them.

If you are next to an enemy tank, lay a mine then back off and shoot the mine. Boom. Dead tank.

If you can sneak into an enemy base, lay mines in front of the vehicles. When an enemy gets in the vehicles they light up.

It is possible to get a kill with the blowtorch. It takes a long time and even snipers who are slowly taking damage will sometimes get you. I recommend you shoot campers in the back with the shotgun. However, a blowtorch death is considered the ultimate embarrassment.


	Support- The heavy machine gunners. Their machine guns spit out rounds fast and wildly. They are also the battlefield medics and morterman.


Good rate of fire with main gun
Can heal themselves and teammates
Can call mortar strikes


Very inaccurate
Long Reload

Support soldiers carry the heavy machine gun. While inaccurate, it is fast and deadly. They can also call mortar strikes and heal teammates.

The key to support is to make sure your shots hit. Unless you are right next to someone, standing is asking for death. At least crouch. Prone is even better.

Make a kill zone. If enemies are forced to come through a narrow area, go prone and watch the area. If you are next to an ammo box you can keep up steady, endless fire.

Heal teammates. This should be obvious, but a lot of support people will walk right by injured teammates. You get points for healing to.

While frowned upon by most people as cowardly, standing next to an ammo box and dropping constant mortars is an effective way to shutdown campers. And besides, honor doesn't get you points.

Stay low. I am really going to drive this point home. If you go prone with the machine gun it is like a mobile .50 cal.

Stay low. I am really going to drive this point home. If you go prone with the machine gun it is like a mobile .50 cal.

Use the same tips with grenades for assault here. Throw before assaulting, Emergency anti vehicle, etc.

If there are no teammates around, mortaring your own flag is effective deterrence to an enemy thinking about grabbing it. Be careful to not kill teammates though.

If you go prone you will be able to destroy any jeeps that come after the flag with relative ease.

3. Vehicles

In this section I will discuss the various classes of vehicles, what they can and should be used for, As well as some other tips and tactics. Onward!

Light attack vehicles- These are the most common vehicles in the game and all faction usually start with at least one. They are fast but weak.

Load them up. They are transport, not attack vehicles. Never take off by yourself unless there are no teammates at the point.

Use the speed. These are the fastest land vehicles in the game. Use them to rush the control points farthest away from your position.

Live, fight, run away, live to fight another day. Do not be afraid to run from tanks, infantry, or other jeeps. If you know you can not take them, do not stay around and die, run!

When you have access to a Chinese FAV, remember that it has a grenade launcher. If you get it set up in the right location to cover a flag it is very formidable.

DO NOT, get in the turret when capturing flags by yourself. Snipers love a still target. I personally love when some idiot capturing a flag thinks he is good so he gets in the turret.

Avoid armor. You can not take on tanks with a jeep unless it is weak or you have a jihad jeep. Do not even try, use your speed and run so you can come back later.

Watch for mines. Very simple.

At the beginning of games do not rush point that you know enemy tanks go to.

When you are carrying a flag carrier, do not travel in a straight line, zig zag or better yet take a back route so rockets can not hit you.

	MAVs- MAVS are the APCs on the field. They usually have a 30 mm auto cannon and either a machine gun or a rocket launcher. They are the rarest of the land vehicles but there is usually one or two on the map. Because of the rarity of the vehicles, there aren't many tips for them.

Use the 30 mm cannon. Unless you know there are allies in the area, there really is not any reason to stop firing.

Splash damage. If you see an enemy run into a building, fire at the door. The splash damage will sometimes kill him.

Avoid heavy armor. While you can take jeeps and other MAVs, you will not be able to take down a tank unless it is really weak. Or if you have someone in the rocket launcher spot.

Camp. If you know there is a lot of enemy traffic in one spot, camp off to the side in a safe spot and wait for them.

If your allies are about to assault an enemy position, bombard it first and you may draw some attention.

If you can get a a friendly engineer to stay behind you with a blow torch, you can effectively pin down an enemy position or make a choke point.

If you can get into the enemy base and camp by a repair box, you can wreck havoc. This is another thing that some people consider low and cowardly, but you want to win, right?

Do not shoot where your allies are, it is just common sense and teammates will get mad if you kill them.

HAVs- The behemoths. This is the top of the food chain right here. Used correctly, heavy armor can be the deciding factor of a battle.

Get the first shot. If you get into a shoot out with another tank, make sure you get the first shot. Unless there is some other influence, i.e. repair stations, enemy rockets, blow torch repair, the tank who hits first will win. It takes two tank rounds to destroy a healthy enemy tank, so shoot first.

Watch for land mines. This should be obvious but many people die in tanks not from choppers or enemy armor, but from not watching for mines.

If you know there have been enemies in your base look at the ground in front of your tank before you take off. It is a classic trick to lay mines in front of empty vehicles and then get kills from stupidity.

The 120 mm projectile are deadly to any enemy in proximity. If there is an enemy stupid enough to hide behind a box, show him whose boss.

If you can get two friendly engineers and a support too cooperate, you are invincible. This is very hard to pull off but well worth it. Get two engineers to stay behind you repairing you, have a support man healing them. If executed correctly, it is awesome. Just try to take out other tanks quickly so they can not get behind you and kill your helpers.

Easy repair medal. Get with a friend in a tank. Go into battle and when you get hurt back off. Have your friend get in the main gun and hold off any enemies. You repair it. Get back in main gun, this can also help with your vehicle kills.

If you can get in a tank to capture a point you will have a much easier time. You are a bigger target, but only engineers pose a real threat.

Know where your enemies can hit you from when capturing. Easy enough.

Try to stay out of enclosed spaces. When you are in close  quarters, and class can kill you, but if you stay out in the open, engineers and snipers are the only effective classes.

Kill advancing spec ops. If they get close, C4 will destroy you.

Do not let enemies into your dead zone. The dead zone is the area around your tank where you can not hit. If an engineer lays mine and shoots it or C4 is laid, you are dead.

Be careful at the begin of games. You do not want to kill teammates. Some of the time a teammate only has to touch the tank to die.

	Sea and Air vehicle Tactics- These vehicles are the rarest vehicles. Boats are only on a few maps and helicopters are on a few more maps.

Boats are NOT assault vehicles. Use them to cross the water and get out. They can not take very much heat.

If you are charging an enemy controlled beach, make sure someone is on the grenade launcher. They can stay on and suppress the enemy, just get out if they are not suppressed.

Sometimes swimming is better then being in a boat.

Load choppers up. If they are at full capacity you can drop them off over control points for an aerial attack.

FFARs are inaccurate, make sure you fire a lot of them. Get used to the controls of choppers in single player so your teammates do not get mad if you crash.

Try alternate helo controls. It helps.

DO NOT TAKE OFF BY YOURSELF! Nothing ticks off teammates like some idiot taking off in the chopper by themselves, especially if you just use it to get on top of a building.

4. Walkthrough

This is the section dedicated to a step by step walkthrough of the campaign. I will start each mission with the story briefing and the mission objectives. Just so you know, you switch from the Chinese to the U.S. team every three missions. I couldn't figure out why I was destroying NATO subs for a while.

4.1 In and Out

We've got a unit under heavy fire and trapped in the refinery. Conduct a rapid assault, engage all hostile, and prep the area for immediate helicopter extraction. Check your gear and move out.

Mission Objectives:
Rendezvous with tanks
Get to the Refinery
Hold Location until Extraction

You start off parachuting into the city. Close your parachute and open it later to save time. You will be confronted by assault and engineer troopers. Use the assault kits to take out the infantry and switch to engineers when vehicles show up. Fight your way up the street and find friendly tanks. You will fight some enemy armor. Either use your tanks or switch to an engineer. Continue up the street until you get to a barricade, you can either use tanks or rockets to blow it open. Once inside you have to defend for some time until a helicopter comes. Watch the skies for enemy reinforcements dropping in. Troops will also come from on top of the buildings. Eventually an enemy helo will come. If you are good you can nail it with a rocket. Otherwise get on the machine gun. Soon after that the blackhawk will come and it is mission complete.
4.2 Radio Silence

We've gotten our feet wet with a win and rescued our boys in the process! Next up is a signals intel mission designed to destroy the enemies ability to communicate electronically. We will do it with a rapid raid and the primary asset will be a communications technician who will arrive at each site via helo. He will launch a virus on their net and get out. You will make damn sure he stays safe at each site and gets the job done. Crank up and move out.

Mission Objectives:
Defend Upload Site 1
Defend Upload Site 2
Defend Upload Site 3
Proceed to Airfield

You start off with two humvees. Make sure you are in the gunner seat because the AI can not hit anything. Once you get to the upload sites, stay in the gunner seat, you can also get out but it works better in the turret. The technician will show up and a countdown starts. You just have to hold the area until the timer reaches zero. It is not hard. You then go to two other upload sites and defend the tech. Around the third site a helicopter will come. Use rockets or a machine gun to blow it up. Once the virus has been uploaded you just have to get to a small airfield. Only one man has to get there.
4.3 Headshot

That raid on the enemy's communication array must have hurt because the enemy is resorting to dirty tactics. Special Operators tell us that hostile snipers have got shoot points all over the school and their primary target will be negotiators. Counter sniper mission follows: eliminate all hostile shooters, clear the access route. None of their shooters survive. Clear? Get it done.

Mission Objectives:
Eliminate all hostiles

This is a straight up sniper mission. You have three snipers at your disposal. As soon as the mission starts you have a shot on two of them. Soon a chopper will come. You can either snipe the pilot or laze it. You can also leave it alone. More snipers spawn to the west. Hotswap and take them out. This causes a squad to parachute in. Switch to the last sniper, you can probably pick them off as the come down. If not they just stay in the woods and trees. Waves of enemies spawn to the East and West. Hotswap between the first two snipers to get them. Around this time some snipers will appear on the rooftops near you. Watch for them. Use your GPS units when you lose sight of an enemy. Once you finish the mission the negotiators are blown up anyway. Tough luck.
4.4 Submerged

Our enemy begins by shooting those who come in defense of peace, and now they attack our defensive cordon. Three fast attack submarines armed with cruise missiles have docked in the NATO anchorage. The enemy controls the river traffic from strong defensive positions, which you need to disable before locating the submarine pens and destroying the vessels. Proceed and bring honor to us all.

Mission Objectives:
Destroy the First Bunker
Destroy the Second Bunker
Destroy the Three Submarines

You will start this mission parachuting in. You have a few options here. You can just drop, free fall, or you can float and land right on top of the bunker. Your best be is to do the last one. While you are floating use your grenade launcher. You then have to plant explosives, easy enough. Once the bunker is gone mop up the rest of the soldiers in the surrounding buildings. Go to the sandbag line at the opposite end from the bunker. Get on one of the machine guns and mow the enemies down. From here you can go up the road to the next bunker, or you can go via the river. If you are quick, there is a boat on the shore by the sandbags. If you can kill the guards it makes things much easier. I don't recommend taking anyone with you in the boat because they are stupid. Drive up the river, once you get close to the bunker, get on the grenade launcher and bombard the bunker. This is an easy way to get your Navy Cross. There will also be an enemy boat coming so watch out for it. Once it is clear swim to shore and plant the explosives. After that bunker is toast you can assault the main facility.

The front gate is full of enemies. Be careful in the woods surrounding the gate because there are engineers with their damn shotguns around. If you have a HUMVEE the machine gun will prove valuable, if not, use rockets and assault rifles to clear it. As you enter the base veer right through the crates. Try to get an engineer kit. The shotgun will work wonders in the close quarters. Eventually you will get to the docks. Use assault and move down the docks to the farthest sub. Kill any enemies you encounter. Plant the charge and jump into the water. Then swim to the next sub. It is slow but safe. After you plant the explosives on that sub hotswap to a soldier on the main base. Preferably assault. Move into the dry dock. Be careful as you enter, as there are roughly five soldiers that come out. Once you are inside carefully pick off any enemies with your assault rifle. Once it is clear move down the side and on the the sub. Plant the charge and you are done.
4.5 Metal Island

With the enemy submarines destroyed, the battle for the sea could go either way and it is a battle we must win. In response to our victory, NATO forces are moving on our oil platform and island position at site four. You will defend that platform and island at all costs. You have your mission. Proceed with it.

Mission Objectives:
Defend the Oil Rig
Defend the Island
Defend the Oil Rig
Defend Both Areas

When the mission starts look to the sky. Soon paratroopers will fall soon. Switch to assault to easily take them out before they land. If all assault are dead the shotgun has pretty good range to. Since this is the first wave it shouldn't be much of a problem. There shouldn't be any boats yet but watch the sea just in case. Soon it should be secure.

Once the rig is secure, you must defend the island. First there are just paratroopers. Use assault or engineer to blast them. Then those darn NATO people get all pissy and attack you from the water. At least one boat will come. It shouldn't be much of a problem if you have an engineer. They also come from the land. My tactic is that you let them back you on to the island. Then you hop onto the handy grenade launcher and show them some firepower. You also get some help from some of your own paratroopers. If you swap to them it gives you a great vantage point for a while.

Once you kick NATO of the island they decide to attack the rig again. It starts with some paratroopers but then a chopper shows up. If you are a good shot you will be able to blow it out of the air with the rocket launcher. If not use machine guns. There will also e a couple of boats that assault. You can destroy them in one hit with a rocket. Try to get them before they unload because they bring three new enemies.

Now because their soldiers suck at everything NATO is attacking both places at once. There are no new tactics here. Use the same ones. The catch is that you have to defend both at once. Watch for friendly paratroopers to come from the sky.
4.6 Heavy Tonnage

We have stopped the enemy from destroying Kazakhstan's oil infrastructure for the moment, but we still have much more work to do. We have an unidentified, deep draft vessel inbound to or oil rig from the south. You will conduct an aerial recon to determine the ships origins and intentions. If if she's neutral, pull off and report. If she's anything else she's hostile and you will defend yourself accordingly.

Mission Objectives:
Recon the Ship
Destroy the Cargo Doors
Destroy the Cargo

This is the first mission where you have to pilot a helicopter. You start out in a chopper on the oil rig. Take off and fly around for a bit if you are unfamiliar with the controls. When you are comfortable, head toward the ship. You can start firing rockets whenever you want to. Patrol boats circle around the ship but they don't do anything. Your first objective is to destroy the cargo doors. You can get out and destroy it with grenades but that takes to long. Stay with the chopper and blow the doors open. There are SAM turrets at the ends of the ship so avoid that. Once the doors are gone you have two options. If your chopper is healthy stay in it and blast away at the cargo, if not swap to an assault trooper on the ship. Get to the grenade launcher on the bridge. Use it to destroy the closest cargo. Once it is done go on foot to the other one and use your grenades to destroy it. If you run out switch to another trooper.
4.7 Air Traffic Control

The Chinese have had a string of victories lately, but that ends now. Fresh up from destroying civilian transports, Chinese assault teams have taken our helicopter support base and the forward arming and refueling point adjacnt to the north road. Conduct an assault with fast attack vehicles, engage all hostiles, and secure the airstrip for follow on operations.We need that support base back gentleman. Check your gear and move out.

Mission Objectives:
Capture the Support Base
Defend Against the Counter Attack

You start out as a sniper overlooking the base.Go prone because as soon as you start shooting they will know exactly where you are. This is an excellent chance to get some sniper medals. Pick off as many of the guards as you can. Then turn and watch the choppers. Try to kill the pilots before they take off. If you have unlocked the laser designator laze them. Once you have sniped as much as you can switch to one of the jeeps. If you rush a chopper in a jeep at the begining and get in one. If you can get into it it will make the rest of the mission easy.

If you don't get the chopper make sure you blow it up so it doesn't annoy you for the rest of the mission. Get to the middle of the air field and switch to the humvee gun turret. Enemies come from the edges of the base. They will come from between the tents and around the buildings. Try to get them before they can get a shot off because some of them are engineers with rocket launchers. Friendly tanks will come in later so be watching for them. Once one of them comes switch to them. They have a 30mm auto cannon that will rip through the soldiers. Three allied snipers will spawn at the various towers. If you run out of other options swap to them to pick off the remaining enemies. 

Once you have secured the airport, The Chinese launch a counter attack. Complete with pissed jeeps, pissed helicopters, and pissed tanks. If you are good you can pick off the chopper pilots before they can do any damage. If you can't hit it use the humvee turret to take them down. Use your own engineers and tanks to destroy the jeeps and tanks.
4.8 Catching Flak

We've got our base back, which nicely sets us up for an air recon and electronic survalince mission with you in the primary aircraft. You have four objects to cover as marked on the aerials and on your TAC map. We have no intel on AAA air threats but the mission is a vital follow-on operation. Coordinate with the aircrews and lift off.

Mission Objectives:
Recon the Village
Recon the Ravine
Recon the Pumping Station
Recon the Mid Ground
Return to Base 

The second most annoying mission in the entire game. You pilot a Blackhawk and recon a few sites. Sounds simple enough except for all the enemies trying to kill you. Anyway........

Once you are in the air switch to a little bird and head to the village. Take a few minutes and bombard the village with rockets. You need it totally safe. Once you do that circle around a few more times to pick off any stagglers. Once you are sure it's clear bring in the blackhawk and hover over the village. Once that is done, Fly a little bird over to the ravine. Fly down the river a little bit and you will cause all of the enemies to enter the bunkers. Switch to one of the snipers on the bridge and pick them off. Once you are sure its safe, bring in the Blackhawk and do the recon.

Now you are half done, go back to a little bird and head toward the pumping station. Fire rockets as you come in, try to take the tanks down first. There are also enemies in the woods so be careful. Same drill, once you are certain it's safe, bring in the chopper.

Now the last one. Do not let the Blackhawk get near the Mid Ground. There are multiple tanks around. Enemy choppers may one to but if they do just nail them with the little birds. Plaster the area with rockets. I mean, OBLITERATE the ground. There are lots of enemies here and they ALL need to die. Bring in the Blackhawk when it's clear.

Now you have finished the recon and can return to base. Do not go in the Blackhawk, go in a little bird because the Chinese have decided to occupy the helipad. Blast the crap out of it with a little bird. Once it's safe, land the Blackhawk and your done.
4.9 Catching Flak

Now were really cookin'!We have a support base and intel on the surrounding area. You are now designated the Combined Armor Assault Team for this command. Conduct an attack on Chinese heavy tank units located on or around the crest of that hill to the West of our position. This will be tank on tank but we expect they will have heavy air support on call so you will need to complete your mission before their birds show up. Seize and hold that high ground.

More to come!