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Follow the dark path or use the light

Heart Piece Location Guide

by MasterHunter


=          BOSS GUIDE           = 

 By MasterHunter/Ermac 

2.Legal Stuff
3.Version History
5.Boss Guide

This is one of a few walkthroughs I'm currently making for this game
it will give you the locations and needs for every piece of heart in 
the game as well as a guide to the bosses. There is one spoiler just after
piece 19.  This is for the Wii version of the game. There is no boss guide
for any Ganondorf forms because you gain no heart containers from him.

=Legal Stuff=

This is my guide written by me and me alone, this is for your personal

For the time being this guide may only be posted on:

However if you would like to host this guide on your website seek my
permission, [email protected]

=Version History=

Guide Started 13th January 2007

0.5 : Not for public viewing, 25 pieces into guide.
0.7 : All heart pieces in guide, 4 bosses in aswell.
0.8 : All pieces & bosses complete.
0.9 : Locations of pieces checked
1.0 : Public release, final tweaks added into content.
1.1 : Few errors sorted out.
1.2 : More errors sorted out.
1.3 : My grammar is atrocious, I'm re-writing most of the how to obtain      
      instructions. This is an ongoing update.
=Heart Piece Location=

Before i start: 
HP #X = Heart Piece (change X to number)
EN    = Equipment Needed
L     = Location
HTO   = How To Obtain
[]    = If you copy and paste this into a notepad file, fill [] like so:
       [x] when you obtain the heart piece.

There are 45 pieces total in the game, 
5 pieces makes one container,
45/5 = 9 containers from heart pieces
You start off with 3 containers, 9+3 =12
20 total, 20-12= 8 containers obtained from bosses.
Each temple has 2 pieces inside.

HP # 1
EN : Lantern
L  : North Faron Woods (area with purple cloud)
HTO: Look at your mini map, in the north west part you should see a little
     cave, once inside light the torches with your lantern, which will make 
     a chest with the piece inside appear. 

HP # 2
EN : Bombling (spider creatures that explode) Clawshot & Bombs if you return
     after killing the boss
L  : Forest Temple
HTO: Go into the room that has two red flowers that eat you if you jump over 										
     them. Get to the highest level that has bomblings on and throw one over 
     the edge into the plant - it will explode leaving an opening to a chest 
     containing the piece.

HP # 3
EN : Gale Boomerang (+ Clawshot if you come back after killing the boss)
L  : Forest Temple
HTO: Eventually you will come to a room that has worms hiding under the floor
     tiles. Get to the middle of this room, you will see four torches, use
     Gale Boomerang to extinguish the flames. The heart piece chest is now

HP # 4
EN : Gale Boomerang
L  : South Hyrule Field (the first bit you enter after leaving Faron Woods)
HTO: Near the blue areas on your minimap there is a small wooden bridge,
     south of that there is a grove of trees, the middle tree has the piece
     in, use your boomerang to get it.

HP # 5
EN : Gale Boomerang
L  : Kakariko Gorge
HTO: In the north east section of the gorge you should see a rock formation      
     sticking out in the middle of nowhere, use the boomerang from the closest
     point to get the piece.

HP # 6
EN : Epona (Cleared Goron Mines)
L  : Ordon Ranch
HTO: Once you have Epona back after the Goron Mines travel back to Ordon and
     head towards the ranch, talk to the owner to play the goat hearding mini
     game, complete in under a certain amount of time (unknown to me) you get
     the piece.

HP # 7
EN : Iron Boots
L  : Goron Mines
HTO: In the second room after your chat with the first elder there is a ceiling
     puzzle, equip your iron boots and walk along the right path, open the chest
     another one down.  

HP # 8
EN : Iron Boots
L  : Goron Mines
HTO: There is a room with the magnetic tracks one the second floor, don your
     iron boots and then work your way around to the chest.

HP # 9
EN : Done Goron Mines, Hero's Bow
L  : Kakariko Village
HTO: Work your way up to the biggest house in the north western part of the 
     village (goron boosts help here) and talk to the kid from Ordon, hit all
     three targets with your bow and claim the HP. 

HP # 10
EN : Bombs & Iron Boots
L  : Kakariko Village
HTO: To the left of the spirit spring you should notice the bombable wall, so
     bomb it, follow the path round and sink to the bottom of the spring to get
     the HP chest.

HP # 11
EN : Bombs & Hero's Bow (Combined), Gale Boomerang
L  : Kakariko Village
HTO: Just above the rock wall from HP #10, you will see more bombale rocks, use
     the bow & bomb combo to blow them up and the boomerang to bring your 11th

HP # 12
EN : Cleared Goron Mines
L  : Path to Death Mountain
HTO: From Kakariko Village take the path to Death Mountain, continue until you
     reach the first Goron you met in the game, get on his back and launch up on
     to the cliff face, follow it round until you see a hole, drop into it to
     the HP chest.

HP # 13
EN : Bombs
L  : West Hyrule Field
HTO: After exiting kakariko village from the north head left until you see a 
     bombable rock, blow it up and follow the path round, jump to the vines at
     the end of the path to get to the chest with your next HP.

HP # 14
EN : Bombs & Lantern
L  : Kakariko Gorge
HTO: In the west part of the gorge there is a bombable rock wall, enter the
     cave and work your way through to the HP chest.

HP # 15
EN : 30 Rupees
L  : Lake Hylia
HTO: Before going into the Lakebed Temple talk to the man outside the giant
     cannon, pay ten rupees to be shot out of it, in the new building pay 20
     rupees for the Cucco game, glide down to the highest non-rotating platform
     for your HP chest.

HP # 16
EN : Bombs & Lantern
L  : Lake Hylia
HTO: In the south area near the massive tower there is a bombable wall, inside
     the cave is similar to that of HP #14, make your way through to the chest.

HP # 17
EN : Clawshot
L  : Lakebed Temple
HTO: When you have obtained the clawshot make you way to the circular room with
     the spinning staircase, get to the top floor of that room and claw up to
     the chandilier, the HP is in a chest on top of it.

HP # 18
EN : Clawshot
L  : Lakebed Temple
HTO: After you get the water flowing into the spinning staircase room, move the
     stairs so that the water flows into the western side of the temple, enter
     the western room, you will see a white bridge raised cross it and stand on
     a switch in the tiles, then claw to a post behind the now open gate, open
     the chest for your HP, claw upwards to the point to get out.

HP # 19
EN : Clawshot & Lantern
L  : Lake Hylia, Spirit Spring
HTO: I would do this before you complete the Lakebed Temple because otherwise
     you cannot get to it until after you have the Master Sword, In the spring
     make your way around one of the side paths and clawshot to some vines, 
     climb up to enter a back room, light some torches to make the chest appear.
After completing the water temple, Zant will turn you into a wolf and you cannot
change back until you have first seen Zelda and then got the Master Sword. So
heart piece gathering is impossible until after getting the Master Sword. All
pieces listed below are obtained after getting the Master Sword. 

HP # 20
EN : Bombs
L  : Sacred Grove
HTO: After beating the skull kid and getting the Master Sword, bomb the pillar
     he was standing on and dig into the ground, kill the spiders to make the
     HP chest appear.

HP # 21
EN : Clawshot,Bombs,Arrows & Iron Boots
L  : West Hyrule Field
HTO: Just north of Eldin Bridge, you will see a clawshot post. Blow up
     any rocks in you way and follow the path until you reach a cave.
     Once inside use your boots to pass the magnetic walls in the lava cave
     until you reach the bottom, then get your HP from the chest.

HP # 22
EN : Clawshot & Zora Armor
L  : Lure Fishing Area
HTO: Jump into the water donning your Zora armor and swim near to the rock arch
     then while treading water, use the clawshot to get the HP.

HP # 23
EN : Control Of Wolf Transformation
L  : Lake Hylia (near bird grass)
HTO: Talk to the parrot plumm and play his game, howl the grass to start, you
     must get 10,000 points (only go for oranges)

HP # 24
EN : 1000 rupees donated & Cleared Lakebed Temple
L  : Kakariko Village 
HTO: After donating 1000 rupees to the malo mart, speak with the elder outside
     he will give you a barrel of hot spring water, take it to the west entrance 
     to the castle town and throw in on the Goron there, he will give you a HP.

HP # 25
EN : Donating 1000 rupees
L  : Castle Town
HTO: Donate 1000 rupees to the man in the town's eastern road to get this HP.

HP # 26
EN : A Sword
L  : Gerudo Desert (enemy camp area)
HTO: In the enemy camp you will eventually come to a hog on a spit, chop him up
     with your sword to get your HP.

HP # 27
EN : Clawshot
L  : Arbiter Grounds
HTO: The room where you see the four poes take the torches has a HP chest to the
     right of the big staircase, clawshot to it, open the chest, then jump the
     platforms to get back.

HP # 28
EN : Spinner
L  : Arbiter Grounds  
HTO: During the second part of the dungeon, you should get to a room full
     of spinner tracks (North-west room of the basement level) make your way 
     through the tracks to reach the ledge with the chest containing the HP.

HP # 29
EN : Spinner & Bombs
L  : North East Part Of North Hyrule Field
HTO: Bombs the rocks to make a north east path through north hyrule field and 
     you will find a spinner track, attach onto it and follow the track round
     to the chest containing your next HP.

HP # 30
EN : Spinner & Control Of Wolf Transformation
L  : East Hyrule Field
HTO: North of Eldin Bridge you will come to a small wooden bridge covered in
     Moblins, kill them if you wish and then look to your left to find a spinner
     track, follow it round then turn into a wolf, use your senses to find a dig
     spot, dig into the cave, defeat all enemies to claim your HP.

HP # 31
EN : Ball & Chain
L  : Snowpeak Ruins
HTO: When you get to the floor above the entrance area you will see a swinging
     platform you hit with your ball & chain to get across, hop onto the first
     one and then instead of going fowards towards to the ice lancer head south
     across to more swinging platform to get to the HP chest.

HP # 32
EN : Ball & Chain, Clawshot
L  : Snowpeak Ruins
HTO: When you get to the spiral staircase with the big ice monsters behing the
     bars at the top near one of the doors, you should see a clawshot post that
     doesn't belong, equip your ball & chain and smash through the floor boards
     beneath the claw post to get to the HP chest, clawshot up to get out.

HP # 33
EN : Cleared Snowpeak Ruins
L  : Snowpeak
HTO: After clearing the ice temple head back to where you snowboarded to the
     ruins and beat the yeti and his wife in a down hill race to the ruins
     (NOTE for his wife you must take the shortcut to the right after the big
     jumps with rupee platforms). 

HP # 34
EN : Ball & Chain, A Fair Amount Of Spare Time
L  : North Hyrule Field
HTO: The is a cave in north north hyrule field, inside smash the ice with the
     ball & chain to gain access to a block sliding puzzle, complete the three
     puzzles a HP will be yours.

HP # 35
EN : Dominion Rod
L  : Temple Of Time (Dungeon Part)
HTO: On the way back to getting the statue to its place, make it smash all the
     barriers & wall you come across (in the first room on the way back where 
     you have to shoot the green/red crystal with your bow) to gain access to
     a chest with the HP in.

HP # 36
EN : Dominion Rod
L  : Temple Of Time (Dungeon Part)
HTO: Again, on your way back to getting the statue to its rightful place, stop
     on the 5th floor and head into the southern room, use the d. rod to move 
     two smaller statues onto switches which will make a HP chest appear.

HP # 37
EN : Dominion Rod
L  : Temple Of Time (Entrance Part Before Dungeon)
HTO: As you exit the temple of time look to the left & righ of the stairs, you
     will see two owl statues, the one on the left has a poe, whereas the one
     on the right has the HP chest.

HP # 38
EN : Wolf Transformation
L  : Hidden Village
HTO: After clearing out the 20 enemies as a wolf talk to the Cucco leader (he is
     near the howling stone) and talk to 20 cats, when you have you will get a 

HP # 39
EN : Dominion Rod, Wolf Form & Bombs
L  : Ordon Woods
HTO: Where the sky book letter is (near lantern sellers house) you will see an
     owl statue, use the d.rod to move it into the small hole in the ground,
     turn into a wolf and use Minda to jump to the chest with the HP in.

HP # 40
EN : Dominion Rod
L  : Eldin Bridge
HTO: Use the D. rod to walk the owl statue (near the sky book letter) to the
     south end of the bridge and into a hole in the ground, jump onto the statue
     into the tower and climb up, open the chest at the top for this HP.

HP # 41
EN : Double Clawshot
L  : City In The Sky
HTO: In the east part of the temple you come across another giant plant like the
     one in the forest temple, after defeating it, climb up the ledges until you
     come to a thin ledge, shimmy across it to the chest with the HP in.

HP # 42
EN : Double Clawshot
L  : City In The Sky
HTO: When you come to an outside room in the east part with several pea hats
     floating in a circle, claw the full way around their circle and enter the
     door to reach the HP chest.

HP # 43
EN : Double Clawshot
L  : Kakarike Gorge
HTO: In the north east part you will see a rock spire sitting in the middle of
     the gorge clawshot from the nearest ridge and work your way down to the 
     HP chest.

HP # 44
EN : Twilight Power In Your Master Sword & Clawshot
L  : Twilight/Sol Temple
HTO: After you have put the Sol Orb into the entrance, return to the east wing
     and use the newly powered Master Sword to dispell the shadow walls, one of
     which has a clawshot post which leads to a HP chest.

HP # 45
EN : Twilight Power In Your Master Sword
L  : Twilight/Sol Temple
HTO: After you have put the Sol Orb into the entrance, return to the west wing 
     and use the newly powered Master Sword to dispell the shadow cloud in the
     middle of the room, and power up the black orbs, which will make a floating
     platform that takes you to the HP chest.
=Heart Container/Boss Guide=

HC = Heart Container
D  = Difficulty
EN = Equipemt Needed
HTB= How To Beat

NOTE: With most bosses to finish them off you may have to use the finishing blow
      move so watch the bottom of the screen for "A Finish" to appear.

HC # 1 Twilit Parasite - Diababa 
EN : Gale Boomerang
D  : Easy
     At that start you will see two baba head sticking out of the water and a
     few bomblings scattered about, use your boomerang to bring a bombling to 
     you then walk fowards and wait for one of the heads to lunge towards you
     it will eat the bomb and then explode, repeat for other head.  

     PART 2:
     The miniboss monkey will swing across with bombs, target a bomb with your
     boomerang then target Diababa's middle head, wait for it to fall and then
     slice and dice the over-grown weed, repeat unntil it dies and leaves you
     with HC 1.

HC # 2 Twilit Igniter - Fyrus                                                   
EN : Hero's Bow & Iron Boots
D  : Infantile
HTB: Shoot the big jewel in his forehead with your bow to stun him, then run
     to one of the chains that are attached to him and don your iron boots, grab
     the chain and start pulling until Fyrus falls over, run to his head, attack
     and repeat. HC 2 is your reward.

HC # 3 Twilit Aquatic - Morpheel 
EN : Zora Armor, Iron Boots, Clawshot
D  : Infantile
     This should go without saying: put on your zora armor and iron boots.
     Pick a spot close to it (make sure your out of tentacle reach) wait for 
     its eye to come through a tentacle near you, clawshot it to you then hit it
     with your sword (it's only possible to get one hit at a time) repeat three

     PART 2:
     Giant water snake, wooo!, take off your iron boots, then follow morpheel
     by swimming, when you get close enough to his head Z target and use your
     clawshot to attach to him, then start stabbing his eye. Repeat three times
     to gain HC 3.

HC # 4 Twilit Fossil - Stallord                                                 
EN : Spinner
D  : Easy/Medium, Depends on how good you are at this game.
     Start off by jumping on your onto your spinner and attaching to the track 
     around the bowl (watch out for spike traps, if one gets close disconnect
     from the track then reconnect) When Stallords back is to use, jump off the
     track and head for the bottom of his spine, knock into it and press B to
     damage him, repeat. (If skeleton warriors get in your way use the spinner 
     to mash them up, then go for Stallord.

     PART 2:
     Get on the spinner track and wait until you see stallord's face, when he
     breaths fire at you, jump to the tracks on the opposite side, when his face
     gets right next to you jump into it to knock him to the ground floor, take
     out your sword and hack away, repeat twice more. (On the last time traps
     are on the spinner tracks so be ready to jump to the opposite side).

HC # 5 Twilit Ice Mass - Blizzetta
EN : Ball & Chain
D  : Easy
     This is so easy i don't actually know how you can get hurt by her, all you 
     have to do is lob your ball & chain at the big ice lump of a boss.

     PART 2:
     Still easy,run around avoiding the spikes she drops and watch her 
     reflection in the ice, when the spikes circle around her, RUN when they
     drop (assuming you didn't get hit) take out your ball & chain and throw 
     it at her ice coffin. 3 hits gives you HC 5

HC # 6 Twilit Arachnid - Armogohma
EN : Dominion Rod & Hero's Bow
D  : Infantile
     Get into a corner and wait for her to open the eye on her back, when you
     see it, shoot an arrow at it to bring gohma to the floor, use the D.rod
     to gain control of one of the big statues around the room, press B to
     bring a hammer down onto her. 3 times = Dead Bug
     PART 2:
     Well not quite dead, one hit will finish the eye running around. HC 6 is 

HC # 7 Twilit Dragon Argorok
EN : Double Clawshot & Iron Boots
D  : Medium
     Straight away, claw about 25 - 50% of the way up one tower and wait for
     argorok to fly by, when he's close enough Z target and clawshot to his tail
     then equip your iron boots to make him face plant to floor, doing this 
     twice ends part 1.

     PART 2:
     Use your double clawshot to get to the top of the tower then attach onto
     a pea hat, use Z targeting to move around argorok (watch out for the flames
     he likes to spit at you when moving around). When you are facing his back 
     manually clawshot onto the jewel in his back and start stabbing. 3 is the
     magic number to earn HC 7.

HC # 8 Usurper King - Zant
EN : Various Items
D  : Easy, Boring and Extremly Long Winded
    PART 1:
    Use you gale boomerang to knock him out of the air, then attack him with
    your sword.
    PART 2:                         
    Put on your iron boots and block his attacks, when he gets tired and slumps
    over move in and strike (take off you iron boots before you move in).

    PART 3:
    Zora Armor & Iron boots on, clawshot ready, wait for him to reveal himself
    from behing his own head, claw him over to you and attack. (When there are
    four heads watch to see which one he is under and swim towards it).

    PART 4:
    Monkey miniboss, roll twice into the pole he's standing on and attack him.

    PART 5:
    Hit his ankles with the Ball & Chain, this will make him shrink, attack him
    with your sword when this happens.

    Jump out of the way of his spin attack/combine harvester style move, and 
    attack him when he's slumps over like from part 2.  After all that HC 8 is
    sitting on the throne.

= MasterHunter/Ermac=