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Follow the dark path or use the light

Golden Bug Guide

by AxelXIII

                          Darkstar Ripclaw Presents...

                       ___      _        _   _   _      _      _  __
     __________________  |  |_| |_    |  |_  /   |_ |\| | \    / \ |_
    |                  / |  | | |_    |_ |_  \_| |_ | | |_/    \_/ |
    |  ,--------.     /________________   ______    ____
    | /        /  /  / \    __  |\    /   \     `-. \   \
    |/        /  /  /  |   |  \ ||   |    |   |`.  \ |   \
             /  /  /   |   |   \||   |    |   |  \  ||    \
            /  /  /    |   '--|  |   |    |   |  |  || |\  \
           /     /     |   ,--|  |   |    |   |  |  ||  _   \
          /     /      |   |   /||   |  /||   |  /  || |  \  \
         /  /  /       |   |__/ ||   |_/ ||   |.'  / | |   \  \
        /  /  /        /________|/_______|/_____.-'  /__\  /___\
       /  /  /        /|                               __
      /  /  /        / | ,---'       |        |       |  \            _
     /     `--------'  |   | \   | | |  | .-- |-._|_  | - |> | |-. / |. /_ /_
    /__________________|   |  \|\| | |_ | |_  | | |  .|   |\ | | | \ |_  /  /

			   The Legend Walks Again....

    The most recent version of this FAQ may always be found at

		Credit for the ASCII Art goes to 1337mangamaster.

	Long-time FAQ users should know the drill. For those whom are not, hit
CTRL + F, and enter the code that corresponds to the section that you wish to
use into your search query to bring yourself to the desired section quickly.

1. Walkthrough
	a. The Beginning		[WTBN]
	b. Link's Transformation	[WLTR]
	c. Forest Temple		[WFTM]
	d. To Kakariko			[WTKK]
	e. Goron Mines			[WGRM]
	f. Restoring the Lake		[WRTL]
	g. Lakebed Temple		[WLBT]
	h. To Wield the Master Sword	[WWMS]
2. Sidequests
	a. Heart Pieces			[SHRP]
3. Controls
	a. General			[CRGE]
	b. Link
	c. Wolf Link
	d. Horse-Riding
4. Equipment
	a. Swords
	b. Shields
	c. Tunics
	d. Other
5. Bestiary
6. Mini-Games
7. Miscellaneous
	a. Shop Information

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + |
|				1. WALKTHROUGH		        	       |

			        a. THE BEGINNING

	Watch the first few minutes worth of cutscenes between Link and Rusl.
Once you are given free control of Link's movement, talk to Fado to learn his
request. Next, head straight north from Link's treehouse and into the next
screen. Going along the forest floor, pick up some rocks to collect a small
handful of rupees, as you will need them very shortly. Once you make it to the
middle, take the turnoff right into the spring, and watch another short scene.
Talk to Ilia, then pick up some grass nearby the gate and blow. Afterwards, get
onto Epona. Ride back south to Link's treehouse. Head south and into Ordon
Village this time around.

	In town, do some talking if you wish to, but once done, head south along
the dirt road, and up the hill to Ordon Ranch at the end.

	Here, get close to Fado to trigger another scene, and he will give you a
brief tutorial on how to herd the goats. Here is a better explanation: On Epona,
move around and get in from behind the goats. This will scare them off and cause
them to run a short distance, away from Epona. If you herd them close enough to
the barn, they will automatically go in. A large part of which direction they
go, however, is the angle you come in from; if you come in from the north, they
will run south, and so on. Keep this in mind when trying to move them, as coming
in from the wrong side can waste time. Lastly, try to bring stray goats together
with the small groups, to save time. After you have finished herding them all
in, Fado will automatically call you over.

	The man will set up some fences for you to have a training run with
Epona. It is pretty basic - run around the track, and press A to feed the carrot
to get Epona to dash and jump over the fences. Practice around a bit if you
want, as it will be a lot different from Ocarina of Time's controls. Afterwards,
head south and jump over the gate from whence you came.

	In the morning, you'll be woken up. Go down the treehouse and exit
outside. Talk to the crowd of kids, and talk to Colin (whom is tending Epona) as
well. Head south into the village.

	In town, talk to the man to the left, whom will motion to a bee's nest.
Talk to him a couple more times to observe a funny scene. Head straight west
from here until you get motioned to Z-Target, and talk to the man on top of the
pillar. Once done, climb up the vines, continue the conversation, then jump over
to the next pillar. Blow on the grass to get the hawk to come to you, then use
the C button and aim it right at the bee's nest. Afterwards, head back down and
in the nest's direction, and go up the hill and climb up the tree. At the top,
grab some rupees, then jump down and roll to avoid the damage.

	Now, head to the southeast portion of the map, and at the stream near
Rusl's house, you'll see his wife Uli. Talk to her to learn about a missing
cradle. Go back to the pillar with the vines, and climb up it. Jump onto the
nearby house roof, then continue on another two pillars. Pick the grass and call
the hawk, then aim away from the village. You should see something hopping in
the village. Send the hawk after it, and it'll bring the cradle back to you.
Take the cradle back to Uli (if you drop it in the river, grab the hawk again to
retrieve it - if you can't reach it with either of the two conventional spots,
climb up to the roof of the mayor's house. Alternatively, you could just swim
and push it back, but that can be annoying, and take awhile).

	Afterwards, carry the cradle a bit more southeast, to Uli's house. She
will in turn give you the FISHING ROD. Open the item screen with -, then equip
the fishing rod. Head to the middle left portion of the village (where the cat
was), and go to the pier. From here, use your fishing rod.

	Now, for some reason, a number of people have trouble with the bobber
fishing, so please allow me to explain this in easy terms. The first thing that
you need to do is cast the bobber into the water. If it does not go down into
the water but rather floats, jab a bit with the Remote to move it. Once the
green part of the bobber goes underwater, tug upwards by moving the Remote up
from your original position, and horizontally (near your head). If the FISH ON!
sign appears, hold the Remote in that position, and you should eventually catch
the fish. Press B to let the fish out behind you, and this will catch the cat's
attention. Fish a second time and release it, and the cat will make off with it.
Follow it back to Sera's Sundries.

	Inside, talk to Sera to get a free Bottle (with milk to boot), and
purchase the newly available Slingshot, bundled with the maximum of 50 pellets.
If you do not have the necessary 30 Rupees to make the purchase, run around town
and destroy the pumpkins - they offer a good number of blue rupees. Other
methods include running through the grass, or throwing around the rocks outside
of town. Once the transaction is done, exit, then head back to Link's treehouse.

	After talking to Rusl, equip the slingshot and talk to the three kids in
front. They will force you into a brief slingshot tutorial. If you have problems
with the TV or Remote, now is a good time to adjust the sensor bar appropriately
so you have no problems in the future. If the Slingshot is not on the B-Button
already, hit the part of the D-Pad it is assigned to first, then press B to
equip it, aim, and fire with B again. For reference, hit the scarecrow's head to
enable a 'kill'.

	After you've destroyed all the targets, go up the ladder and into Link's
treehouse. Open the blue chest inside to get Link's Wooden Sword, then head back
outside and talk to the kids again. You will then enter the sword tutorial.
Common problems include: re-equipping your sword if you accidentally put it away
(just lightly shake either the Remote or the Nunchuk), the Stab (Swing the
Remote instead of hitting A as may be instinct with some of you, and remember to
use the Z-Targeting system), and the jump attack (use Z-Targeting to hone in on
the target first, then press A).

	Once the tutorial is done, a plot twist will occur. Hop onto Epona, and
head north. In the next area, continue north, skipping the spring, and head onto
the bridge and onwards, into Faron Woods.

	At the beginning of this area, skip the first small section, and dash
straight forward and over the fence. Next, head west and through a small tunnel.
Once you get back out into fresh light again, disembark and head northeast,
killing one of the staple Deku Baba enemies of the Zelda series with your newly-
got sword. If you get caught in it's snare, use the spinning sword attack to
break free. Head up the tunnel and examine the sword at the end.

	Head back down and get on Epona again, and head northwest into an open
area. Talk to Coro, the man standing near the firepit, to obtain the Lantern. I
should note now that the Lantern takes up fuel all the time while it burns, and
even if you switch secondary items, it will still burn. The only way to stop
this effect is to make it your primary weapon, and put it away with the A
button. As you cannot do anything anymore in this neck of the woods, head back
to the interesection, and go up into the cave (where you found Talo's sword)
again, and continue up past and into a dark tunnel.

	Inside, light up the first torch you see with your lantern. While inside
the cave, what one should do with the lantern is light up a torch when need be,
then equip the sword without putting away the lantern on your own. Link will put
it on the back of his tunic, thus giving you a needed extra light. That said,
continue on the tunnel, taking out first a Keese, and then another Deku Baba.
Light up the cobweb at the end with your lantern, then continue on until you
come to a two-way split. Head up the right side, and take out a Deku Baba and
two Keese. Open the chest for a Yellow Rupee, then head back down to the split.
Head left this time, light up the cobweb, then head outside into Faron Woods

	Out in the open, I imagine that you will feel overwhelmed. Take it easy,
and head along the left border of the area, until you get to the northwest
corner of the map. The only opposition that you will have in your way is another
Deku Baba, some of the Orc-like creatures, and a few Keese at the end. Enter the
cave entrance that you will inevitably come to. Inside, slay another of the
Orcs, and a pair of Keese.


	Open the chest for a Small Key. Light the two torches in here, and a
larger chest will appear on the upper ledge. Go and open it for a HEART PIECE,
then exit outside.

	Back outside once more, head along the north and clockwise to the other
exit in the area. About half-way down, you'll run into a cluster of the three
enemies you've run into so far, so cut your foes down with a nicely placed Spin
Attack and then cut them down one by one. Continue on, taking down minimal
resistance from Deku Babas. Once you reach the gate, defeat the two guardian
Orcs and then open the gate with your recently-acquired key. Kill one more orc,
then head into the next region.

	Here, defeat the two Orc patrols. Head north a bit, killing another one.
You should see a shop here, guarded by a bird. Take your pick of what you want,
then go to the box next to Trill and deposit at least one Rupee. Exit, then head
north again. Go up the hill to the right side, and drop off at the top on the
other side. Kill the nearby Deku Baba that will emerge, then open the chest for
a Yellow Rupee. Head north, and watch a scene. Equip your sword, then run up the
rest of the way and defeat the Orc guards. Once that is done, destroy the cage
Talo and the monkey are trapped in by cutting at it with your sword.

	Three cutscenes later, you'll be doing the goat herding mini-game again
(pick up the nearby bulb and blow to call Epona). This time, there are three
modifications to the game; the first is that there are twenty instead of ten
goats. The second is that now a timer is kept, with your starting 'record' being
3:00 minutes. The last is that when herding the goats, some of them will get
ticked off and turn a glowing red; they will then run at you and knock you off
of your horse. Afterwards, you can do some fence jumping again. Otherwise, go
back into Ordon Village.

	Watch another cutscene with Mayor Bo and Ilia, ending up with you losing
Epona. Afterwards, head back to Link's Treehouse, and you will encounter Colin.
Go talk to the Talo Trio, and give Talo your wooden sword. Head up to the
pond/shrine and try to enter. After a brief scene, head back to the clearing at
the beginning of this screen. Head to the right side, and you should see a small
tunnel. Climb through it, turning left on the first and only intersection and
emerge on the other side, and watch a long scene.


	There actually is a name to this place, but it would be pointless
spoilers to reveal it until after you actually know the place. In any case,
after you wake up, stuff will happen, cutscenes will occur, the usual. Once
given free control, try to move around for a bit to make more scenes go around.
Once free of the chain, go to the corner with the box (not the straw) in it and
shake the Remote or Nunchuk to perform the Wolf's movement analogous to the
Spinning Attack regular Link could do. Afterwards, dig through the hole here to
escape the cell. From now on, if you are lost, press Up on the D-Pad to get help
from Midna (or use this FAQ).

	Your first course of direction is to head south down the hallway, and
into the other cell. Here, Z-Target the ring hanging from the ceiling, and jump
onto it to open the nearby tunnel. Head through, and on the opposite end,
continue through the tunnel until you can jump out into open space. Here, press
either left or right on the D-Pad to see the ghost, and talk to it. From now on,
you can use your senses to pick up on things such as the presences of ghost.

	Anywho, from where the ghost is, and then go right, killing a Keese.
Jump onto the ring to opening of the nearby bars in the wall, then head down the
newly-opened tunnel and break a chest open to obtain a blue Rupee. Now head back
to the intersection and go left through the small door in the bars. Here,
trigger the nearby ring and head into the nearby wall to kill a Keese and obtain
some more goodies from another chest. Exit, then head to the western-most end
and trigger another ring if you wish to - be careful though, as a Keese will
emerge from a hole in the wall right behind you. Finally, at the end of this
four-way intersection, go south and trigger the ring at the end to cause the
water level to raise.

	Now that that is done, hop into the water and swim north past the
spikes. At the next intersection, head right and onto the next platform. Do not
trigger the first ring you see - it contains nothing but two Keese. Instead,
head to the end and hop north to trigger a different ring that shall bring the
flow level down. Back at the intersection, head north this time, and open the
wall on the left side by triggering the ring. After the Keese fly out, kill
them, then head inside and destroy another box. Go back to the four-way split,
then head left this time. Hop down at the end, and go through a hole in the wall
on the southern side.

	Out on the other side, with Midna back on your dorsal region, head off
into the next area, which is a big room. First, eliminate all the enemies at the
bottom of the staircase. Now head up the staircase, hopping over the platforms.
You will end up falling off a crumbling platform. Climb back all the way to the
jump point to that platform, and listen instead to Midna. Z-Target and jump a
few times, run a few more platforms ahead.

	You should notice a rope soon - in case you fall down, you will have to
climb from the opposite side up to here, so take notice for it if you do.
Otherwise, continue on the climb to the top. Once at the rope, you do not need
to tiptoe it; you can just walk normally as usual, and Wolf Link will not fall
off. Continue to the rooftop. Up here, kill the Keese, then destroy the boxes
for some spare hearts if you need anything. Otherwise, climb up onto the pile of
rubble rocks on the right side, then jump up to the top. Exit the tower.

	Head along the battlement walls at the beginning, climbing up and
jumping down the walls, until you get to the end and see the spirit. Talk to the
spirit to learn where this place really is. Head left from here, and push the
big crate against the wooden wall. Climb up onto the top, then jump down on the
other side.

	Defeat the Roc on the tower roof here, then continue north through the
rubble. Anytime that you face another Roc, get onto as high of ground as you
can, as it has a maximum height above the base ground level that it can get,
allowing you an easier hit with a lunge or spin attack. At the end, head right
onto the wooden pier, then use Midna to jump down onto the roof of the house.
Walk along the spine of the house, eliminating any enemies in your way. If you
fall, try to fall to the left side, and there is more ground area there to save
you from an untimely demise (yes, you can climb back up). At the end of the
path, climb up the ledges and head inside.

	Once inside the tower, jump down onto the staircase, and run up the
stairs. Enter through the open door. Multiple cutscenes later, exit back out
into the staircase, and head downstairs. More cutscenes will occur, and you will
finally be transported back to Ordon Forest, but still in Wolf Link form (oh
well; better than being a bunny).

	After being given free movement, exit from the forest shrine. Listen to
Midna's conversation, then head south and back into Ordon Village, making sure
to take care of any stray Orc guards that may get in your way. Once you leave
the vicinity of Link's treehouse area, you will hear from a squirrel. From now
on, you shall be able to talk to animals to gather hints and clues.

	Here, watch the opening scene if you wish, then head to the western side
of town, where the building with the waterwheel is. Slowly creep in on the two
villagers to eavesdrop on them and hear about the shield. Once you pick up it's
location and the two villagers run away on you, head back into the center of
town. The villager on the pillar will try to attack you with the hawk. Dash away
to behind Sera's Sundries shop, and talk to the cat to learn what to do. Coupled
with the knowledge of the shield's location, go onto the rock near here behind
the store, and use Midna to jump up. Hop a few platforms over to scare the
villager, then once again use Midna to get to the top of the waterwheel
building. Enter.

	Inside, jump off the ledge, and then onto the dining table down below.
Use Midna to get up onto the opposite ledge. Ram into the wall by attacking it a
few times or dashing into it to knock the shield free, pick it up to obtain the
Ordon Shield, then exit out by facing the direction of the ledge with the window
while on the dining table. Outside, eavesdrop on the conversation, then swim out
of the water and head to Rusl's house in the southeast.

	Here, head to the right side of the house, and behind the stack of wood,
use your Senses to find a digging spot. Dig there to get into the house. Claim
the Ordon Sword from the sofa, then use your senses again to dig a way back out.
Once outside, head into the forest.

	In the woods, head along as you normally would to the bridge. Once you
get near the forest shrine, however, an automatic scene will occur. Afterwards,
you will be engaged in a battle. The enemy you fight will not be a difficult
one, however; just lunge at it a few times and bite it multiple times, or else
perform a few spinning attacks to take it down quickly. Watch another scene to
learn some more storyline information. Once it is done, head out of the shrine,
go across the ravine bridge, and then head into the gate and back to the
Twilight Realm.

			        C. FOREST TEMPLE

	When another cutscene finishes, head down the road. It sure as hell
isn't Kansas, but it ain't Faron Woods as we know it anymore either. At the
bottom of the road, you'll face off against three more Twilight monsters. Take
them out one at a time until Midna finally gives you a hint as to how to defeat
them, then wait until all three of your foes are within the energy circle before
unleashing it. After the battle, collect the hearts that are dropped, then
continue on north.

	Climb into the pond and talk to the creature of light to obtain the
Vessel of Light. From now on, the bubbles to the right will turn blue whenever
you kill another of the insects, which I have nicknamed Tears on their own. Head
out of the shrine area and head north. Kill the Deku Baba, then turn on your
senses and kill the two Tears hopping around (#1, #2). Continue on, killing two
more Deku Babas, until you get to the intersection. As the Tears here will
probably hide behind the gate, head left.

	Here, head to the left side of the open area, and climb up onto the
ledge. Head over a bit, and use Midna to jump onto the house. Enter. Inside,
drop to the bottom floor and equip your senses, and talk to the ghost. He will
trigger the two Tears inside here to come out. Slay them (#3, #4), then climb
back up and exit outside again. Out here, go around to the back side of the
house. Turn on your senses, and you should see another Tear on the wall. Dash at
the wall to knock it off, then finish it off (#5).

	Go back to the intersection, and then head up to the gate. You cannot
break the lock. Instead, turn on your senses, and you should see a hole that you
can dig slightly obscured by the wall right of the gate. Head over to the other
side, and kill the two inects here (#6, #7). Enter the tunnel. Inside here, just
go straight through the tunnel and emerge out on the other neck of the woods.

	To your immediate left, there will be two more bugs hanging off the
wall. Knock them down with a Dash, then lunge at them while they hang in the air
to defeat them (#8, #9). Now, head over to the west side, and there should be a
part of the landmass jutting out near the shoreline here. Go onto it, and then
jump over to the opposite side (if you do not get the trigger from Midna, go
into the poisonous fog first once). Over here, climb up and jump off the cliff
(which looks too much like the one in The Lion King) over the pillars and into
the center of the area. Use your senses to spot and kill three more insects (#
10, #11, #12).

	Next, go along to the right side of this area, and do a whole bunch of
jumping to the upper reaches of this room. Do some more jumping around to get
onto the top of a second tree. The last little bit should be timed properly so
that Wolf Link does not jump straight into the swinging log, but rater when it
is swinging away from the center. Jump down some more pillars after that onto
the ground. Here, open your senses, and look for the shadows of the insects
crawling across the ground. When you find it, dig over them to unearth them,
then kill the two Tears (#13, #14).

	Lastly, head into the mine shaft, after digging behind the sign for a
yellow rupee. Inside, you will have a battle with three more shadow creatures,
so charge up your energy radius and let it loose on them to quickly end the
battle. After you have wieped the floor with them, head up north and go up the
path to where you first rescued Talo and the monkey. Dispose of two more Tears
(#15, #16), and after the monkey finishes talking, collect both blue lights. You
will automatically be returned to the small pond.

	Watch the scenes. With that said, it is time to head to the Forest

	As such, first head to the intersection between left and right, with the
right side going into the tunnel. Head left instead, and go and talk to the oil
salesman whom is still sitting here. He will first give you a Small Key to get
into Faron Woods (now locked off with the gate), and offer to sell you a Bottle
of Oil for 100 Rupees. The Bottle and Oil both will be important, so purchase
the bottle. If you do not have 100 Rupees, get 100. Afterwards, head back, and
open the gate with your key. Head through the tunnel (with the only change being
a few rats that will run around) until you get out to the other side.

	Out here, head up to the dock pier with your lantern equipped and out in
your hand. Cue a cutscene, and the monkey will carry it across the fog to repel
it, allowing you to follow. Not much to say here, as it's pretty straightforward
follow the leader, except to kill the few monsters that come out of the miasma.
Once you get to the other side, reclaim your lantern, and fill it up. Head into
the next area. Here, pick up some more oil at Trill's shop, and pay him.
Continue on, and you'll face a white wolf blocking the temple's path.

	You will then be transported to elsewhere. Try to strike the skeleton,
and listen to what he says. Afterwards, knock him down then Z-Target + A to use
the Ending Blow. Once done, the skeleton will talk some more, and you will then
be transported back. Head up the hill, defeat the Orc guards, and then light the
cobweb using your lantern. Enter the Forest Temple.

	Immediately draw your sword once you enter, then kill the Keese that
will try to mob you. Continue down the hallway after they die, and then enter
into the next room. Kill all the enemies that get in your way, and finish it off
by using the Spin attack to destroy the cage the monkey is in. Once it climbs
up, use your slingshot to kill the spiders, and climb up the vines. Up at the
top, go inside to a larger room.

	Here, first go down and then up the staircase, defeating the giant
spider while you are at it (whom will take a lot of hits to kill; she is not
actually invincible to attacks). At the top of the second platform, light all
four torches to cause the platform in front to rise up. Climb it, and open the
chest to the left at the top for the Dungeon Map. Enter the nearby door. Watch
the scene, then head back a room. Follow the monkey over to the middle platform,
and she will jump onto the rope. Jump over to her (you have to physically jump
off the platform), and jump off when the time is right. Enter the next room.

	Inside, turn right and defeat the nearby spider enemy. Immediately run
away as soon as it turns into a bomb, and wait for it to explode. When it does,
head back, and of the four pots, one of them will shake a bit. Pick it up and
throw it against a wall to free the Ooccoo, whom will join you as an item that
can be used to teleport you back to the start of the dungeon. Now, head the
other way in the tunnel, and you should quickly run into a cobweb. Light it up,
then head into the larger part of the room, killing the Deku Babas at the

	Head over the piers to the opposite side until the monkey begins to
cower. Ignore that for now, and instead head through the nearby doorcase. In
this large room, gusts of wind will cause the bridges to turn around. Go across
the bridge in this area of the room and go straight across to the opposite side,
and head in. Open the chest to your immediate right to obtain a Small Key, and
then backtrack two rooms to the room where the monkey was cowering.

	Back here, go to the pier the monkey is on. Use your Slingshot to target
the spider that is above you hanging from the ceiling, then jump across to the
opposite pier. Head up the staircase, unlock the door, and enter. Inside, watch
the cutscene, and walk down the staircase, observing another cutscene. Once you
get to the bottom, roll into the pillar thrice to make the cage fall off and
break. When the Orc guards come down, kill them. Climb back up the staircase,
and use the monkeys to swing over the broken bridge. Exit.

	Head back down to the southeast door here, and backtrack to the room
with the four torches. Here, swing over to the central platform, then go along
the right rope and enter the right door after lighting up the cobweb. In the
next, head along the path and climb up the staircases, ignoring the weird
flowers. Kill the spider, and when it goes into a bomb form, quickly pick it up
and run right with it. Throw it off the platform and into the flower's mouth to
destroy it. Jump over the now-safe platform to see a boulder sticking out on the
ledge. Run back to the spider enemy, pick it up as a bomb, run it all the way
right and throw it at the boulder to destroy it. Enter.

	Coming in, watch the short scene. Afterwards, jump down from the front,
and headbutt the left pillar to knock down the chest. Open it for a chest to
obtain a Small Key. Now, head east either by running across the bridge and
dodging the tile creatures, or swimming most of the way and getting up on the
bridge at the end. Head up, and then climb the vines to your left. On the cliff,
open the chest for a red Rupee, then jump down. In the center of the floor here,
you should see four torches, with two of them unlit. Run around and light up the
remaining two, making sure not to stay over the tiles too long. Climb up the
stairs and defeat the large spider by hitting it from behind, then unlock the
cage, backtrack, and leave the room.

	Outside, turn to your left (right on the map), and head over and shoot
the two spiders hanging off the wall. Jump over onto the vines, and climb up.
Enter the door, watch another cutscene. No worries though, as it's not really
hard. Get up close enough to the plant so that you can Z-Target it, and keep the
lock on. Move around in a circle, doing sideway jumps if you feel like it. The
plant will lunge and overstretch it's range; while it's recovering and trying to
withdraw, stop pressing on the control stick, and hit A to lunge at it, then
backflip away. Repeat this twice more to defeat the plant. Once it opens up, go
kill one of the spider-bomb enemies in the room and take the bomb and throw it
in the plant to finish it off. Grab the Small Key, then go and free the monkey.


	Once you go outside, kill the spider-bomb enemy immediately to your left
(right on the map), then throw it over the ledge and down below. A plant far
below will swallow it. Drop down, and open the chest it was guarding to obtain
the Heart Piece. Afterwards, head out and go back to the main room (the one with
the central platform). Here, go north again, out to the area with the broken
bridge. Head across the ravine using the monkeys, and at the opposite end, head
up the hill and enter.

	The Baboon will circle around multiple pillars throughout the duration
of the battle. Z-Target onto him and jump around, making sure to keep with him,
and keep your sword drawn. At random times, he may do a little dance, or stop,
and every so often, he will throw his boomerang at you. When he does this latter
action, roll into the pillar he stands on multiple times to knock him off
balance until the boomerang hits him off. Draw your sword, then whack him
multiple times. Once he jumps back on, continue the previous pattern.

	Other things of note are: on occasion, a plant enemy will come wandering
around to fight you. When it does, draw your sword and quickly deal with it, and
then resheathe it, and move on. The other things are that you CAN knock the
baboon off the pillar even when he hasn't thrown his boomerang, but requires
multiple hits to the pillar and is thus more difficult, and the baboon will
recover on his own time when he lands on the ground if you don't hit him first.

	Eventually, after four or five trials of attacks, he should fall.
Afterwards, pick up the Gale Boomerang. Equip it as your main secondary item,
then go back to the door you came through. Power up and aim the Gale Boomerang
at the mini windmill above the door, and after a few hits, the door will open up
again. Head out, and go back to the main room.

	Outside, go across to your left (right on the map), and cross the first
bridge when you can. Target the windmill on the second bridge to cause it to
rotate, then cross over, defeat the Orc guard, and throw the boomerang at the
rope holding the monkey's cage to free it. Listen to Midna, then head up the
hill south, and across the first bridge. Target the second bridge's windmill to
bring the two bridges in line, then continue on and to the top of the cliff.
Open the door and go inside.


	From this room, go right and across the open pit, then onto the ledge.
Enter the water room, where you had previously rescued a monkey. Your goal is a
little bit different this time around: head over to the opposite side, and use
the Gale Boomerang to snuff out the two torches, thus lowering two of the wooden
stands. Open the chest for a Heart Piece.

	Head back to the center room. In the central platform, look right above
you to see a chest hanging down from the ceiling. Use the Gale Boomerang to
pierce the rope, and open the chest for the Compass. Now head over to the left
side of the room, and enter. Take the left side through the dark tunnel and out
into the larger expanse. Travel across the platforms, then jump onto the
platform to the left (making sure there is no spider), and finally travel
southwest along the bridge.

	Take note of the four windmills here sitting on top of the pillars, but
especially take note of the backwards Z engraved on the ground between them. You
must Z-Lock on all four of them at the same time and in the order of the
backwards Z, starting with the pillar farther from the gate (just in case you do
not know what I am talking about, press Z-Target when you can on the first
windmill, then press Z-Target on the next windmill; yes, you can do that).
Afterwards, the gate will open. Open the chest for the Big Key. Head back across
the room, and jump down the single pillar. Head through the northern door.

	Cross the first bridge in here, and then follow the monkey north into
another room up the hill. Inside, use the boomerang to rotate the first bridge,
get on, then trigger it again to point the way it originally was. Fight off the
two semi-elite Orcs, then head down the right side and enter. Inside here, first
repel off the two giant spiders, then go on the hole to the left (northern-most
on the map) with a cobweb. Equip the lantern, and swing it to burn the cobweb.
Once you have fallen down, destroy the cage to free the monkey. Jump off the
stump and climb the vines to your right and to the top.

	Head out into the larger room, go onto the bridge, rotate the bridge,
and head through the northern door. Watch the scene here, then head right and
onto the first bridge. Rotate the bridge, get onto the second bridge, rotate the
second bridge. Head right and slay the Orc, then climb up the vines to a ledge
extending out of the wall, and then onto the top of the room (make sure to kill
the spiders first). Enter the nearby door.

	In here, clear all the regular enemies first so they cannot interfere
with what you are about to do next. From the door, look north, and you should
see one of the spiders that gives off a bomb when defeated. Take out your Gale
Boomerang, and throw it at the spider to retrieve a bomb. Quickly turn around
and throw the bomb into the flower to the south. Once it is dead, hop over and
open the chest for a Small Key. The next order of process is to climb up the
staircase. You should see a boulder up here. Instead of throwing the bomb at it,
however, lock onto the bomb-plant first, and then onto the boulder to destroy

	Climbing into the newfound room, slay all the regular enemies first (use
the Boomerang to cut the Deku Babas off the ceiling). Next, retrieve another
bomb, then throw it at the stone bulging from the wall to free the monkey. Head
back into the previous room now. Here, head to the southern portion, then exit
into the last room. Go down to the bridge, trigger it, get on, trigger it again,
then head to the left side. Unlock the door and enter inside.

	Inside, kill the tile enemies by letting the Gale Boomerang loose on the
floor tiles. If an enemy is underneath one, it will come out with it, and be
vulnerable. After you have ensured your passage, head to the back and take the
right side, and go through the passage. Once you drop down, kill the giant
spider, then shoot down the spiders on the nearby vines. Climb up the vines, and
Z-Target both windmills above the cell to open the door and free the last
monkey. Head around to the opposite side of the giant pit and head out onto the
upper half of the room. Head left, then jump across the platform. Open the chest
for a red Rupee, then head back into the centralized room. Go through the
northern door.

	Watch the scene as the monkeys make a line for you, then swing off over
to the other side. Unlock the Boss Door, then head in. One scene later, you
shall face off against the boss of the Forest Temple.

	The first part of this battle should be reasonably easy. Stay against
the wall near you, and try to target one of the bomb-spiders with your Gale
Boomerang. Experiment as to the maximum distance you can stay away from the
bomb-spider while still being able to capture the bomb with your Boomerang. When
you have the bomb, you can do one of two things; you can either bring it back to
you and throw it in one of the giant Baba's mouths when they lunge at you, or
else connect a Baba's head with the bomb during Boomerang flight. Either way,
get the bomb into their head, and then repeat it for the other head.

	Afterwards, the real boss will emerge from the realms of the deep water,
assisted by two more Baba heads. Get back again, and wait for a short while. The
baboon from earlier will then come out, and swing between the rope to each side
while carrying a bomb. Use the Gaia Boomerang to first Z-Target him, then send
it at a side Baba head if you want to. Repeat for the other head, leaving the
central head open. Now, do basically the same tactic with the central head; if
they are up still, the side heads will fall down along with the central head. Go
up to the head and slash at it's exposed eye, then once it recovers, run all the
way to the entrance wall, as Diababa will spew some venom at you. Aim another
bomb at it, and repeat the tactic until you win.

	Afterwards, you will obtain a Fused Shadow. Grab the Heart Container as
well, and then exit the dungeon.

			         D. TO KAKARIKO

	After listening to both conversationalists, head north until you get to
the intersection, and take the left path. Go north past Coro the oil salesman,
and then head through the wooden arch and out onto Hyrule Field.

	Head off the dirt road until you get the Hyrule Field sign flashing up,
then head west, towards the cliffs and mountains. On your way there, you will
get stopped by a mailman, whom will explain the proponents of mailing to you,
along with giving you a letter. Read your letter on the + menu, then continue on
west despite his the postman's warning. Continue climbing up the hill near the
end, until you approach the gate to the Twilight Realm. If you have nothing else
to do, then continue forward and answer yes.

	On the other side, dash up the hill, and you will be stopped short by a
sword partially buried in the ground. Head forward and sniff it to learn the
Youth's Scent. Now activate your senses, and you will see a scent trail. Follow
it forward, and do not bother to stop and encounter any enemies. You will
quickly be forced into a battle with three of the twilight monsters again. I
recommend you take one down (as it will not be called back until only one
remains), then knock off the other two with one blow from your energy field.

	Once the battle is done, Midna will get into a speech about portals, and
you should listen up. Once she is done talking, choose to head off to North
Faron Woods.

	Head right from your destination. Conveniently, there will be a large
bridge leaning against the side of the cliff here, and even more conveniently,
it can be warped with you. Head back to Kakariko Gorge in the Eldin Province.

	As the bridge fits in perfectly, head straight across it. Activate your
senses again once on the other side, and follow the Youth Scent, dashing up the
hill until you get to the stop and encounter a gate. Dig underneath, then defeat
the two guards on the other side. Continue along the dirt road, and you will
make your way into Kakariko Village.

	Inside, you will quickly face off against three more of the twilight
monsters. Kill one of the foes off to the side, then lure the other two into the
energy circle to finish them off. Listen to the spirit, then run over to the
pond and listen to it some more, and to obtain a Vessel of Light. You will now
have to kill and collect another sixteen Tears, much like the earlier collect-a-
thon in Ordon and Faron Woods.

	Head north from here. Looking at the map, go to the house that has the
first Tear in it. Walk around to the right side of it, and go to stand in one of
the grass patches near it to catch Midna's attention. Jump up to the top using
her, then go on top of the patchwork in the roof to fall down into the building.
Downstairs, activate your senses to watch a particularly touching scene. After
it is over, pick up the wooden stick that was dropped on the floor near the
front door. Ignite both ends of it on the nearby flame, then climb up the
staircase and jump over all the platforms, making sure to stay against the walls
to light up the candles, and thus activate the statue to move aside. Drop into
the cellar.

	Down below, continue north up the tunnel, then kill the three Tear
insects after activating your senses. Collect the Tears (#1, #2, #3), then
continue on north through the other doorway. At the end, jump up the framework
and outside into the graveyard. Up here, head into the center-left part of the
graveyard, activate your senses, and dig up the buried insect. Kill it to
collect another Tear (#4). Once that is done, head east and back out into the
main portion of the village.

	From the entrance from the graveyard, head straight east to the opposite
end of town. You should see a long path along the side of the mountain going up,
with a wooden gate to it's left. Go through the wooden gate, and head to the
corner of the house. Climb through the hole there, and inside the house, climb
up to the top ledge. Activate your senses, and kill the insect hanging off the
corner of the wall (#5). Leave the way you came.

	Outside, go up the nearby hill up to the top. At the end, jump onto the
roof, and enter the door on the second floor. Inside, drop down to the bottom
floor, and open your senses up to find the insect hiding in the fireplace. Pick
up the wooden stick on the floor, climb onto the table next to the doorway, and
light it up with the torch. Use it to light the fireplace up and scare the
insect out, and kill it (#6). Head through the nearby door, and kill the enemies
in here. Go up the staircase, then go through the next doorframe. Turn your
senses on once more, and take down the insect on the wall (#7). Head back down,
go back up the boxes and ledges, and then exit outside again.

	Drop down to the ground here, and then head straight west, and then a
bit south until the row of buildings ends. Here, you should see a small stable.
Climb onto it, then get onto the roof of the house next to it. Jump over to the
next house, and drop down the patchwork here into the house. In here, push the
box right next to the bed to reveal the insect (#8). Use Midna to climb back up
outside via the cabinet, and go outside.

	Jump down onto the ground again, and then head north a bit to the
northwestern-most building. Head around to the northern side of this house, and
climb up the smaller buildings. Turn around to face the house, and you should
see a bright window. Dash-Jump into it (cannot simply jump into it, you must
dash into it) to get inside. Inside, go up the staircase, and on the second
floor, dash into the cabinet next to the second set of signs to knock it know.
Kill the insect, collect your Tear (#9), then climb up onto the knocked down
cabinet, and head up and outside.

	Now, turn around and head up the staircase to the roof. Continue to
march up the hill, and when you get to the building, go through a hole on the
right side. In the structure, grab a wooden stick from the fireplace. Light the
stick up with the nearby torch, then light the fireplace up. Immediately after,
the house will ignite. Do not bother to kill the insects. Instead, climb out the
hole, and the house will explode, killing the insects for you (#10, #11, #12).

	From the house, turn around, and go up the next hill leading up. Once
you make it to the house at the top, go to the left side, turn your senses on,
and dig a hole through into the house. Break the jars inside and kill the beetle
(#13), then head back outside again. Now, for a jump of somewhat epic
proportions that won't harm you at all, jump straight down into the village.
Head straight north until you are out of the village itself, and when you get to
an intersection with a sign, head up left to Death Mountain.

	From the start of the area, head up the ramp to the left side, and use
Midna to jump all the way to the top. Continue onwards up the trail, leaving a
blaze of destruction in your path, and when you get to the next wall, climb up
the crates to the right to make your way up. Once you get to the geysers, turn
your wolf senses on, and look for the insect by way of the map. Chase it around
and bury it up, then slay it for another Tear (#14).

	Now, go and examine the stone in the middle of this area. Fool around
with it for a moment if you need to; basically, press A to start howling, and
choose your tone by pressing Up to use the top tone, leave the analog stick
alone for the middle tone, and press Down to use the bottom tone. You do not
need to be perfect, but just reasonably close. Afterwards, you will be
transported elsewhere. Repeat the Howl, and you will be invited back once human

	Once back in Death Mountain, climb up the ledge, and then head along the
left side of the trail to continue up, and eventually down on a side path.
Quickly, you will come to a battle with not three, but four Twilight monsters.
Drop down, and eliminate the two to the right side of the field in quick
succession (kill the first before trying to go around and look for the entrance
to the second one, which is protected by force fields). Next, go to the two foes
that are together to the left, and lock them in an energy field to kill them.

	After the battle is over, go to the nearby metal gate, turn on your
senses, and ram the gate to knock the insect loose. Kill it (#15). Now climb
onto the rock ledge to the left side of the gate, and use Midna to jump up to
the top, making sure that they geyser in the side of the cliff is not spewing
out water while you are jumping. From here, head along the path, making sure you
don't get knocked over by geysers, and then climb up the ramp to the right. Use
Midna to jump up top, then drop into the small pond on the other side. Hunt out
the insect running around here, and collect the Tear (#16). You will
automatically be returned to the light spirit.

	Watch the scene that occurs, and listen to Eldin and then the Shaman.
After the speeches are over, head up to the Death Mountain range. Here, climb up
the rusted bars on the first wall to the top, only to get knocked back down by
the Goron. There is no point in staying here, so head back out to Kakariko
Village, and you will get greeted again by the shaman Renado, whom will tell you
to go back to Ordon Village to meet Mayer Bo. You cannot go through the gate to
the west of the Death Mountain range, so instead head straight back south for a

	Keep up with the controls that are shown on the bottom of the screen and
do so quickly; otherwise, you will be thrown off Epona. After awhile, however,
she will lose her feral status and you can ride her again. Head off onto Hyrule
Field through the southeast entrance.

	Back out here, go and dash-jump over the gate, then start heading back
east again, only to get caught by the postman, whom delivers you a letter from
Ooccoo (if you picked him up in the Forest Temple). After, continue on east and
then south, back into Ordon Woods.

	Here, continue down past the bridge, but do not go to Ordon Village just
yet. Instead, (IF and ONLY IF you interacted with the stone on Death Mountain),
turn left into the forest shrine. Here, you will meet up with the white wolf
again (not sitting in the actual pond, but near where the hole and tunnel is
leading from the clearing). He will then teach you another Hidden Skill, the
Shield Bash. After you are transported back, get on Epona, and head to Ordon

	Head over to the Mayor's house, and talk to Mayor Bo. Respond yes to his
question, and he will then teach you the art of sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestling.
Anyways, some basics;

	-Press A to grab an opponent (or if you do it while he's lunging, to
	 duck underneath and grab him), and push him back. Do this also to stop
	 an opponent whom has you.

	-Press on the control stick to either get out of the way of a lunge or
	 slap, and/or to sidestep and attack him from a different direction

	-Swing the remote to slap your opponent.

	The main thing to do here is to make sure that you constantly move
around the arena in between fights so that you aren't pushed right against the
edge, and to sidestep the mayor so he lunges forward, and you can get him from
the side. After you defeat him the first time, you'll have to fight him a second
time. Beat him in another bout, and he will give you a chest. Open it to obtain
the IRON BOOTS. Exit his house.


	Grab Epona, and go straight up the hill to the ranch. Up here, talk to
Fado, then talk to him a second time and take him up on his offer of herding the
goats. Once you do so, for a reward, you will get a Heart Piece. After you are
done, head back onto Hyrule Field, and go to Kakariko Village. Cool, cutscene.
Follow them north and jump over the gate.

	As soon as the head Goblin blows the horn and you can move, chase after
him, ignoring the five henchmen he summons. Use up your carrots wisely, and
don't go below one (afterwards, wait for the whole thing to regenerate). As soon
as you strike him, retreat for a split-second to evade his counterattack, then
follow him around.

	If the Goblin's henchmen catch up, stop, and use a spin attack on them
to knock them off their horses and tie time up. Do not worry about the lead
goblin getting away on you; he will instead stop, and wait, taunting you.
Finally, after dealing a certain number of blows to him, he will go onto a
nearby bridge, burning off both exits.

	This is now a classic joust. You and the goblin rush your respective
steeds down the steed, to try and knock each other off. What you have to do is
first draw your sword before running, and then run straight off against the
goblin. About two seconds before impact, you need to dodge his attack by moving
Epona to either the left or right, and then slashing at the goblin - going
straight will result in you getting knocked off the bridge, and losing a heart.
After you knock him off twice, you will win, and then return to Kakariko

	Watch the next few scenes that result here. Afterwards, go into the
general store, which is to the right of where Talo is standing. Inside, Malo has
a few new items you can buy - including a Hyrule Shield for 200 Rupees, which
you should pick up if you can. After you are done in the new shop, head up to
the Death Mountain path.

			        E. GORON MINES

	Head up and climb up the first wall. Let the Goron have his rant, and
then equip the Iron Boots. Once he gets close to you, press A to grab him and
push him to the side, much like you did with the goats. Deequip your Iron Boots,
then continue on the trail. Gorons will start rolling at you every while - when
they do, re-equip the Iron Boots, stop them, de-equip the boots, then continue.

	Be wary once you get to the area with the steam geysers. Enemies above
will start firing fire arrows at you. If you have the Hyrule Shield, just stick
it up to defend yourself and walk through to the path going up to the left.
However, if still using the Ordon Shield, just roll your way to, and then
continue. At the same time, remember that eruptions are still occuring, with
fireballs striking.

	Continue down the path until you get to the open area. Watch the scene,
then drop down to the end. For the next little bit, you have to go up to Gorons
standing next to the walls, and either attack them, Shield Bash them, or equip
the Iron Boots and roll into the Goron. Any of these actions will cause him to
curl up into a ball. When he does, climb up onto his back, and aim yourself to
the next floor. He will then spring you up there. Repeat this twice more 'til
you get to the top.

	Now, head through the small trail of geysers. For those geysers that
won't stop, equip the Iron Boots and walk through them. Once you make it
through, head up the hill, and keep your finger on the button for your Iron
Boots at the ready for any hazardous Gorons. Once you make it to the top, get
another Goron to curl up into a fetal position. Repeat the motion with the next
Goron, and finally enter the doorway at the top.

	Inside, Gor Coron, the Goron Elder, shall greet you and challenge you to
a sumo wrestling match to be allowed access to the Goron mines. You will lose
the first one if you do not have the Iron Boots already on. Equip them, then
talk to Gor Coron again to have another bout. It is pretty much the same as
wrestling the Mayor back in back in Ordon, so if you did not have any trouble
then, you should not have any trouble now. After you win, you will be allowed to
go to the Goron Mines, so head up onto the wooden platform and go inside.

	NOTE: If you wish to go back down to the foot of the mountain, talk to
the Goron near the elevator. Go down, and at the bottom, move the rock next to
the nearby wall to reveal a pathway. Head through and you will enter a spring,
along with a Goron shop. You can also climb the vines on the wall to head down
the mountain.

	Once in the mines, head down, and then jump across the stone plateaus to
the other side, making sure that you wait for the fire geysers to calm down
before jumping over. When you finally make it over, head through the cage to the
left, and use your sword to cut open the wooden barricade. Break open the next
fence, but do not continue. Instead, equip your Iron Boots and step on the
nearby switch in the floor to stop the lava from coming out of the wall. De-
equip and run past it, then continue on and do the same thing for the second
switch and lava mechanism. Immediately turn around and jump across the platform
to your right. If you are not fast enough, climb the nearby ladder up to the
ledge above, walk a ways back, drop down, and try again.

	When you DO make it, however, climb the ladder up to the top of the
cage. Up at the top here, head south across the gap and open the chest for a red
Rupee. Head back north, then go right and across a stone pillar sitting in the
sea of lava. From here, head north first, and kill the Lava Slug that drops down
from the ceiling. Next, go south across all the platforms until at the very end,
you find another floor-switch. Step on it with the Iron Boots to deactivate the
flame at the northern side, then run all the way north, and get out of harm's
way. Continue along the path now, until you get to the end of the slope, where
you have no other direction than down or to the ledge extending out of the wall.
Jump onto the ledge, and equip the Iron Boots to bring it down. Head through the
newly opened gate.

	Inside here, head up to the octagonal platform, and go left at the
turnoff. Continue down the path, and defeat the enemies at the bottom. Open your
quarry for a Small Key. Once you have obtained your prize, head back up the
railing to the platform, and then take the right path this time, and continue on
up even further. At the top, you will encounter some rotating platforms. Take a
moment to observe that each of them will stop for a few seconds once they are
lined up horizontally straight, then jump across both of them in quick
successions to the opposite part of the room. Over here, open the locked door
with your key from earlier, and enter.

	Go down the long stone bridge until you drop onto solid ground, and then
fight the Mini-Dodongo. To battle it, hold your Hyrule Shield up by Z-Targeting
it to block the fire, and while it is breathing fire, go around it and Z-Target
it's tail, and slash at it. Z-Target again once it turns around, and repeat
until dead. With that done, go and jump across the stone pillars to the other
side, making sure not to jump while a fire geyser is going. Ignore the hallway
with the sigil on the dead end wall for now, and kill another Mini-Dodongo.

 	Turn around, and jump across the other set of platforms to the northern
side of the room. Dispose of one last Mini-Dodongo, then take the handle and
pull the wall back. Watch the pillars of fire erupting in the background once it
is pulled back all the way; as soon as they stop, let go. Jump across the
platforms again, and then back the other way, and into the hallway. Head through
the hallway before the wall goes back in completely, then head into the next

	Coming in, go straight forward and jump into the water. Equip your Iron
Boots to drop down into the water, then walk through the hole in the underground
fence. Step on the switch. A magnetic force will pull you upwards, so walk up to
the top of the ledge, de-equip your Iron Boots, and go through the next door
(ignore the Lava Slugs you see hanging off to either side, as they are largely
indestructible right now).

	In here, talk to the Goron Elder standing in the center of the room, Gor
Amoto. He will give you a Key Shard; the other two pieces will be needed to
forge the Big Key for the Boss's room. Open the chest behind the Elder for the
Dungeon Map, then climb the left staircase and open the chest there for a red
Rupee. Now climb up the ladder to the right side, and at the top, head around
the room clockwise. On the next corner, pick up the chest that is shaking to
free Ooccoo, whom will join forces with you once more. Head through the door at
the back here into the last room. Equip the Iron Boots, and walk alongside
either wall (does not matter which). Destroy the Lava Slug whom interferes, then
go and de-equip the Iron Boots once you are on safe and sturdy ground. Enter the
next door.

	Head up to the floor switch in here and weigh it down.


 	Once magnetized and attached to the ceiling, head over to the northwest
section of the room (using your map to guide you), and kill the Lava Slugs in
your way. Once assured of sturdy ground, drop down and open the chest to obtain
your piece of Heart.

	Afterwards, get back onto the ceiling by equipping the Iron Boots and
walking up the nearby wall. Head back to where the beam of energy is, and from
here, head to the southeast corner, then go west, and finally northwest, making
sure not to take the dead end that takes you to the southwest corner. Use your
map to see which direction you want to go, and up to where you can walk along
the ceiling. Finally, you should arrive at the center-west wall. Drop down onto
the ledge between the two torches, then head through the door.

	In here, head down the walkway, and defeat the guards at the bottom. Hit
the switch while equipped with the Iron Boots to cause the crane to rotate from
side to side. Go and get under the crane, then once it hovers over the northern
side of the room, drop down. Defeat some more foes, then activate the floor
switch. Once it brings you back to the northern side of the room, drop down and
slay some more monsters. Enter the next room afterwards.

	Ward off some spider enemies inside the next room, then get into the
water. Equip the Iron Boots to drop to the bottom, then head over to the
northwestern corner of the lake. Open the chest here for a Small Key, then
emerge, head over to the southeastern part, and resubmerge. Push the blue block
in towards the caged fence, then de-equip the Boots and swim towards the block,
and emerge in the cage area. Get onto the ledges and step on the switch. Head
over to the newly magnetized area to head up to the ceiling, then walk over to
directly above the switch and drop down onto a ledge on the second floor.

	Up here, head up onto the metal grating and activate the next switch.
With your Iron Boots still on, walk forward onto the metal grating and walk off.
You will fall straight into the magnetic stream and be taken to the western side
of the room. Head north along the wall, then drop down. Open the nearby chest
for a red Rupee, then hit the nearby diamond. Quickly drop down to your right
and head through the gate before it closes. Stay close to the entrance, however,
killing the two foes that come after you; you do NOT want to get in the Beamos
Statues' way right now.


	Instead, head up to the eastern wall, and walk up the strip of the
magnetic rock. Climb up and then to the south, and drop off the ledge. Open the
chest for a Piece of Heart.

	With that done, drop back down, and climb up the eastern wall again,
this time heading north instead of south. Once on solid ground, however, cut the
rope nearby. This will cause the bridge to lower. Head north along the ledge and
drop down straight onto the bridge, so as to dodge the Beamos' attacks. Head up
to the door and unlock it to enter and go outside.

	Outside once more, break the wooden fence, then head up the first few
stairways. Eventually, you will get to a split between left and right. Since the
left side will take you to a door that is locked, go right instead, and into a
small sanctuary, and duck out of the archer's fire. Nevertheless, keep your
Shield up to deflect the Beamos' laser eye fire. Open the chest to the right of
the entrance arch for a Small Key. Head back onto the main section, then run all
the way left, making sure you stay steady-footed on the run, and unlock the
door. Enter.

	Go across the rotating platform, then head up the slope to the top of
the structure, and then you will encounter a much larger rotating platform. Wait
until the side with three magnetic panels flips upwards. Time things correctly
so that when you first go on, you do not get dropped off; start off by going to
the first magnet panel, then equip the Iron Boots. Once it flips twice back into
a right-side up position, deequip the Boots, run to the next panel, and reequip
them. Continue the tactic until you get all the way to the end, then go onto the
ledge and inside the next room.

	You will encounter another Goron Elder in this room, Gor Ebizo. He will
give you another Key Shard, leaving you with one more to obtain. Once he is done
his talking, check to the left of the caged statue at the back for a chest that
contains a yellow Rupee. Climb the ladder on the right side now to the top, then
go around clockwise and exit through the door at the back to the next area.
Outside, equip the Iron Boots, then climb along the magnet strip on the wall to
the right, until you get to the end of it, then climb down to make sure you drop
straight onto the ledge. Once you finish, head right and open a chest for
another yellow Rupee, then head through the door.

	If this were a boss of the likes of Volvagia, it would be an epic
showdown; a pit currently floating on lava, with the weight of your opponent
causing it to lean down in the direction he is currently standing in. While the
former is untrue, the latter is. During this stage, he will waltz around slowly,
with his giant girth slowing him down. Move up to him and keep your Shield up to
keep from getting harmed, and wait until he extends his one arm out as if he's
going to slap you. When he does this, use your spinning attack to shock him into
curling up into a ball.

	Quickly equip the Iron Boots, then as he rolls around, wait for the
indication at the bottom of the screen to say Grab. When it does, hit A, and
grab the Goron. Link will do an exact 180 and throw the Goron. The problem with
this is that Link, while for all purposes is strong, he is NOT strong enough to
throw this Goron all across the platform. Instead, what you should try to do is
stand near the edge of the platform, so when you catch the Goron, Link turns
around and throws him right into the lava.

	The Goron will hop around in the lava a bit before getting back onto the
platform. De-equip the Iron Boots and go to face him again, repeating the same
pattern. Once the Goron guardian has been thrown into the lava thrice, the
battle will be over.

	With another victory chalked up to you, head through the northern door.
In the next room, head up to the chest and open it to obtain the Hero's Bow,
complete with 30 Arrows. Shoot at the rope holding up the bridge to the north to
cut it in half and drop the bridge. Head across it, and make sure that you kill
the Lava Slug that drops from the ceiling before heading out into the main area.
In this room, head straight south to the statue, and it will turn into a Beamos
Statue. Back up to the center of the room, and you will see that all the statues
have turned into Beamos Statues. Shoot all the red eyes with your new arrows to
destroy them, and once the last is destroyed, shoot the red eye on the southern
one to finish it off.

	You can now move the statues around, so go to the right-most statue and
pull it back. Head inside and open the chess for the Compass. Exit out and pull
the left-most statue to reveal a doorway. Enter. In here, you will meet up with
the Goron Elder, whom will give you no name, but does give you the last Key
Shard. The three Shards will automatically combine to create the Big Key for the
dungeon. Finish off your visit by opening the chest behind the Elder for a
purple Rupee (giving you 50 Rupees!), then head back outside. Go through the
southern passage, and into the next area.

	In here, head along, and kill the Lava Keese that interrupt. Once done
duelling them, roll into the fence to knock it down, then hop left onto the next
platform. Kill some Lava Slugs that quickly drop down from the ceiling, then
kill the Mini-Dodongos a platform away from them by shooting at their tails. If
you cannot get them to expose their tails, a good strategy is to wait for them
to breath the fire while staying a safe ways away, then aiming at their raised
tails. Afterwards, jump across onto the platform they were on, then face the
next platform. Equip your Bow again and aim at the ceiling above the next pillar
to see some Lava Slugs. Kill them, then jump over to the next pillar. Repeat
this once more, then head over to relative safety.

	Once all the Lava Slugs are dead, run up the hill and past the door, and
get onto the switch with your Boots equipped. You will be transported up to the
ceiling again. Up here, head north, and, while still keeping your Iron Boots
equipped, take out your bow and shoot at the Mini-Dodongo's tail. Continue on,
and you should see a hole in the wall to the right. Do not drop down whatsoever;
instead, take out your bow and shoot the diamond that is in there to open the
gates to the locked door below. Drop down, and enter.

	Outside again, head right and jump across the gap to open a chest for
another purple Rupee. Head back, then go north. Look to your left to see a
bridge being held up by a rope; shoot the rope to bring down the bridge, and
then walk across it. Activate another floor switch, then wait for the crane to
transport you to the other side of the valley before de-equipping your Iron
Boots and dropping down. Once on solid ground, head north a bit and left into
the next water room.

	You should recognize this room somewhat; you HAVE been here before, but
the enemies have changed a bit. Kill the two fishes swimming around in the water
using your Bow instead of trying to kill them from the platforms, then cross the
stone platforms to the opposite side. Instead of going through all the magnets
again to hit the crystal on the upper ledge in the northwest and open the gate,
just shoot it with an arrow. This time, after you defeat both guards, destroy
the Beamos Statues by shooting them in the eyes. Head along the bridge into the
next room.

	Back here, head up the ramparts to near the top, but out of harm's way
enough so that the archers cannot hit you. Shoot them down, then head right
along the battlement into the small room with the chest that contained a small
key and the Beamos. Destroy the Beamos statue, then pull it back to reveal a
secret passage. Head up the slope, but once you get to the top, make sure that
you defend yourself, as some of the barrels are explosive, and there are two
more archers. When aiming at them, shoot at the barrel behind them to blow it

	Now head north, and then left near the end, to find another magnetic
switch. You know the drill. Once the crane has activated, leap over from the
high pillar down to the platform where the crane can pick you up from. Activate
the Iron Boots, and while you are still right there, face around to face north.
Once it drags you over to the other extreme of it's operation, shoot down the
ropes to bring down the bridge, then drop onto the bridge. Continue on to the
next room.

	In here, there will be some final archers to face, whom have a much
better aim than the last crew. What I suggest you do is walk down to what would
be the northeast corner on your map, and, hiding behind the ledges, disable the
archers standing on the ramparts on the southwest corner and on the ground, then
finish the one on the rampart in the southeast. Finally, head south, and shoot
down the bridge by shooting it's ropes. A whole platoon of enemies will come
down however to fight you; retaliate by defending and using your spin attack.
Once they are done for, continue up south, and go to the Boss Door at the end.
Use your Boss Key, and enter.

			         TWILIT IGNITER
	The environment for this battle is pretty plain, yet pretty neat; a
circular colosseum surrounded by eight different pillars makes up the
battlefield, with Fyrus basically trapped in the middle. The basic tactic in
taking down Fyrus is reasonably easy to comprehend, albeit a bit more difficult
to execute using the Remote: you must first aim and fire an arrow at the pink
eye on his forehead. This will stun him enough to make him go down on his knees
for a short while. When he does this, get behind him, and grab one of the chains
extending from his legs. Equip the Iron Boots, and then pull in the direction
away from where Fyrus is walking.

	This will then trip the beast over, and knock him out for a few moments.
De-equip the Iron Boots, and run over to where Fyrus' forehead is. Take out your
sword, and slash at his forehead. Once he gets up, get to a spot outside of the
pillars where you can get a clear shot at his forehead, then keep your aim
steady until the eye turns from yellow to pink. Repeat the tactic.

	Of course, it would not be Twilight Princess if that was it. The first
thing that can turn the tide of this battle is his main attack, where he sends a
wall of fire along the battlefield. To dodge this, duck behind one of the
pillars for protection. Another thing that he can do is swing his arm to either
harm Link greatly, or completely destroy a pillar. Lastly, if, while you are
holding his chain, he turns around and faces you, it may just be a wiser option
to let go and run away.

	The only other things of note are that if he gets too close and you
cannot just back off, do what you could always do to the final boss of Ocarina
of Time; roll in between his legs, and that if you need any extra arrows or
hearts, you can just break the pots around the outside wall for 'em. Eventually,
he should fall after three or four sets of attacks to the forehead.

	After the battle, listen to Midna's story. Talk with the Patriarch if
you wish, then collect your Heart Container and exit the dungeon.


	Watch the scenes. After this, head north until you see a Goron standing
to the left of the path, with a sign showing a bomb on it nearby. Enter the
house the Goron is standing next to, and inside, you can finally purchase bombs!
Try to purchase his 10-Pack of Bombs, and he will realise you do not have a bomb
bag. Buy one from him for 120 Rupees, complete with the bombs. Exit back


	Outside, talk to the Goron standing right next to the Bomb Shop. Say
yes, get on his back, and then launch yourself towards the roof of the store. Up
top, ignore the hole going into the ceiling of the house, and instead go right
and left up the staircases, then head north. Climb up the steep slopes and
finally a bridge going up to the foot of the outpost near the top of the
mountain. Talk to the Goron here and aim yourself at the outpost. Enter the
door, and inside, open the chest to your right for a purple Rupee.

	Exit out, then head up the ladder to the very top of the outpost, and
talk to Talo here. Take him up on his offer to show him how to shoot, and you
will be transported to the foot of the mountain with Malo. Shoot the first few
targets that come up. When Talo offers the ridiculously thin target, go into the
Options Menu (access it from the - screen), and turn the Pointer off. This will
allow you to get rid of any trembling in your arm, and allow for some more
precise shooting, as speed is not needed here. When aiming, try to shoot at the
right corner of the very top of the outpost, then move left a bit each time
until you hit it. After you do, Malo gives you a Piece of Heart.


	Go to the southeast entrance into town, and then turn back and head left
towards the spring, pressing against the left wall. When you find a giant
boulder against the wall with a small dead tree nearby, take out your newly-
bought bombs and place one against the boulder. Run away, and once it blows up,
head over top of the remains. Inside the cavern, run to the southern end and go
up the tunnel to the top. Up here, look down into the pond below; you should see
a treasure chest at the bottom. Dive over to that spot, put on your Iron Boots,
and once you drop down, open it for your second Piece of Heart. Resurface, then
head north to get back into the main section of the village.


	Walk to the springs, but do not enter them. Instead, look up in the
directions of the mountains to the southeast, and you should see three boulders
sitting on the top of the corner of one of the cliffs. Now, you cannot reach
that by conventional means; instead, equip a new weapon that you can use, the
Bomb Arrow. Equip it by going into the - Screen, highlight your bombs, and press
the Z button. Aim your Bomb Arrows at the boulders, and they will blow up to
reveal a Heart Piece. Use your Gale Boomerang to retrieve it.

	Afterwards, go to Epona or call her with the tulip bulbs near the
southeast entrance, then jump on and head over the northern gate (not out the
southeastern exit, but the north).

	Head straight north from the village, and you will be once more
interrupted by the postman. Once that is done, continue north into the main
region of Hyrule Field, then head north and west a bit to the bridge where you
dueled the goblin captain earlier. On the opposite side, dismount, and blow up
the boulders blocking your path with a bomb.

!!!!!!!!GLITCH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!GLITCH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!GLITCH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

	If you are going to save your game right now and quit, DO NOT QUIT! If
you do and reload, you will be stuck in a bad situation; you will be put on the
Eldin side of the bridge, you cannot go back across the bridge (as it is
destroyed, and too large a gap for Epona to jump over), and you will not be able
to go through the Twilight Realm. Since there is nowhere else you can go, you
are effectively screwed. What you should instead do is either save before going
across the bridge, or go to the Twilight Realm and turn into a Wolf again first.
It should be noted though that I have not been able to recreate this glitch, but
I am putting this warning here nevertheless to keep on the safe side.

	Anywho, from the boulders, head back to the bridge and take care of the
three Twilight creatures. Once they are dead, head back, and continue on past
the path that the boulders have left open. Head straight forward, and ignore all
enemies and splits on the way to the top; the splits will only take you back a
ways. Once you get to the top of the hill, dismount, and enter the Twilight

	On the other side of the door, head down the hill, and kill all the
Keese in your path. Eventually, you will get into an automatic cutscene once you
encounter a backpack on your trail down. Sniff it and learn the Scenet of Ilia.
Open your senses and follow the wisps of the smell down to the foot of the
mountain, until Midna points out Hyrule Castle. Head along to the southeast
until you come over a stone path, and follow it down and south to a bridge.
Cross the bridge, but be aware of the larger number of foes that will block your
path. When you make it across, head east along the trail, and then southeast at
a fork, dealing with any enemies in your way.

	Finally, you will enter a new area. Here, go straight south for a while
following the scent, and about halfway through the field, head straight west and
up to the castle gates. Defeat a final guard of enemies on the castle bridge,
then head through the door.

	In here, turn on your senses, and talk to the first two spirits near the
entrance for some interesting information. Follow the scent into the square, and
here, continue to the west alley while following the scent. Down here, ignore
the Medical Clinic at the base of the stairs that blocks off part of Illi's
scent, and instead continue the rest of the trail south. Head east into the main
street of the town, then go south and west down some stairs. Enter the door at
the end.

	In here, head straight up to the three people sitting on the crates, and
watch the scene. Go to the back of the building, and then listen in on the
conversation of the soldiers at the back. Examine the map to automatically mark
the red dot on your own map. Leave the bar, then head back to the square in
town, and east and back onto the overworld map.

	From Hyrule Castle Town, head basically straight east out from the
castle along the road, and in between the two cliffs. Ignore the enemies that
are patrolling the general area, and instead continue dashing down the road.
When you get to the split, go down to the right. When the scene occurs, take
notice of the lake far below the bridge, and then continue onto the bridge.
Surprise surprise. Once the scene is over, push one of the crates near you over
to the side, climb up onto it, and then jump off of the bridge down to the lake

	Listen to Midna for her to note the drying up of the lake, then swim to
shore. Take note of the Zoras nearby, then head up to the building at the top of
the hill and listen to the man here. After his rant, he will note some monsters;
but unlike the spirits, the monster is very much real. Head northwest from your
current location to approach the monster, whom will call upon a winged steed to

	For this battle, Z-Target the wyvern-like creature, whom will fly around
while the archer shoots his fire arrows at you. Evade the arrows by side-jumping
the attack, or moving backwards or forwards. After a few shots, the wyvern will
go down to the ground and try to swoop you. Wait until it's within striking
distance of you before moving forward and doing a jump attack at it. Once you've
pounced on it, hit A repeatedly to damage it. If it catches you in between it's
claws, then there is nothing you can do about it but hit it next time. After
biting it twice, the wyvern will fly off, leaving the archer for an easy pick.

	Afterwards, Midna will take control of the Wyvern, and fly you off to
Zora's Domain. But, before that...

	The concept of this mini-game is pretty easy to understand; using the
Remote, you must point at the location that you want the Wyvern to fly to. At
the same time, you must avoid the enemy archers that dot the ramparts and
pillars throughout the area. This is best done by simply steering clear of them,
then moving back into your original position.

	A short ways in, there will be two pillars that tumble down from the
wall. Watch out for these, as they are an indicator that shortly, there will be
a pillar tumbling straight down from the horizon instead of from the side. When
that happens, quickly get to one side, then continue. In the next cave, beware
the shiny blue rocks on the ceiling, as they will suddenly collapse and fall
down, so you must dodge them as well. Finally, at the end, rise up and enter the
cave to be dropped off.

	Here, listen to Midna. Head left and talk to the spirit sitting on the
stairs to the house if you want, but afterwards, jump into the valley below.
Head east along the ground floor past the ice crystals and stone pillars into
Zora's Domain.

	In here, head north, and then listen to Midna. Kill the Keese that are
around, and then continue north up the hill until you hear Midna's trademark
giggle. Use her to jump up all the way to the top plateaus of the mountains.
From here, head up north and around the ledges a bit, but do it slowly; there
will be a few big icycles that will drop down from above. Once you make it to
the end, use Midna to jump across to some ice ledges, but again, wait before
each jump. If you jump while an icycle is falling, you may find yourself knocked
all the way down to the ground.

	Once you make it to the top, head straight north after killing some
Keese. Inside the cave, you will face off against three more Twilight monsters.
Head through the far right end of the fence to slay the one foe that is
isolated, then head back and trap the other two in an energy barrier to defeat
them in a single blow. After the battle, walk around a bit until Midna tells you
to use your senses. Once you're done, talk to Midna, open a portal, then head to
the portal in Death Mountain (in the Eldin Province).

	Head straight south from your current location to find a huge flaming
red hot rock stuck in the ground. Talk to Midna, and she will suggest warping it
to Zora's Domain. Do so, and go back to Zora's Domain.

	Here, the plan will work, and the rock will extinguish all the ice,
turning it back into water. Head around and talk to the Zora spirits if you
want, then dive into the water and let the current take you out. The spirit of
the temple will stop you and talk to you. She will offer an exchange with you;
you rescue the prince Ralis (whom you saw in Hyrule Castle Town), and she will
give you the ability to swim and breathe underwater. Afterwards, get into the
water again, exit the area, and swim with the current until you make it all the
way back to Lake Hylia.

	After you wake up, head into the shrine and talk to the spirit to obtain
another Spirit of Light. It is now time to collect some more Tears from insects,
so go outside. Out here, head up the bridge to your right and at the top, go and
kill the first insect and obtain the first Tear (#1). Now cross the bridge to
the east, and you will run into another retinue of the Twilight creatures. They
are assembled in a staggered triangle formation again, so run away from the
nemesis that is originally locked onto you, then kill one of the creatures on
either side of the fence. Bring the other two together and kill them with your
energy field.

	While the subsequent portal opens up, head east again across another
bridge, and then head north to a building. Head around to the back side of the
house and turn on your senses to encounter the next insect. Z-Target it, then
jump back when it sparkles and rushes at you, then counter-attack with a swipe
to kill it (#2). Afterwards, head back two bridges, but instead of going onto
the third, head straight west and onto a hill going up. Turn left at the top,
and then go and jump across the first two platforms. Go up against the wall
here, then head right and jump to the next ledge.

	Head around to the hill up top, and look for the insect going around
underground. Dig it up, then defeat it (#3). Now, ignore all attempts of walking
over, and instead just jump into the water, and swim all the way to the western
half of the lake, where the last insect is. Once you get to the dry strip of
land at the western end, climb out of the water, turn on your senses, and hunt
down the bug (#4).

	Now, use Midna to transport you back to the Lake Hylia portal to avoid
all the swimming. From here, head across the next couple of bridges going east,
and at the one island before the building, howl to call back down the wyvern.

	Once more, you will have to partake in the flying mini-game. This time,
however, there are a few twists. The first is that all the obstacles are out of
the way, having tried to stop you in the last game. The second is that there is
moving water right now, so do not get too low or else you will drop into the
water. Lastly, you must take down four different insects. What I recommend you
do is turn on your senses, navigate until you have nothing but air between you
and an insect, then point right at the insect, and dash (while keeping the
pointer on the insect). Running into it will result in an auto-kill and give you
all the Tears (#5, #6, #7, #8). You must make it to the end, however.

	Out here, head left, and go talk to the spirit sitting on the staircase
to the house. This will make the insect come out of the ground. Slay it (#9).
Afterwards, go up the staircase and head across to the other side of the house.
Head up the hill to the east, and examine the howling stone. For a quick
reference, the pattern is down-1/2 square center-1/2 square down-up-center-down.
After you successfully complete it, you will be taken to the golden wolf. Howl
the tune again, and the location here will be marked off for when you become
human again.

	When you are transported back, jump down onto the tract of land to your
east, and continue on east. Talk to the two Zora spirits on your way, then move
onwards and into the cave.

	Inside, get into the water, and swim straight along until you get to the
leaf platforms in the center. Climb onto them, and turn on your senses. When you
spot a bug, jump attack it to kill it, and do the same for the other bug (#10, #
11). Now, swim over the west bank, and get off onto the shoreline at the bottom.
Head up the first slope, and then turn on your senses. Find the bug that is
burrowing underground, and dig it up. Wait for it to not be sparkling, then kill
it (#12). Now go up the top of the hill east, and at the end, open a chest for a
yellow Rupee.

	Now jump back into the water, and swim to the east end of the area,
where you can see a green glowing thing against the wall (without your senses
on). Ignore it, however, and instead head straight north from the landmass near
it, and use Midna to jump up. Head up and behind the waterfall. While pressing
against the wall, head west and up a small ramp. Use Midna to jump up, then go a
bit more and jump up twice more.

	As soon as you are right under the source of water coming out of the
wall, head west along the ledge. At the dead end, open the chest for a red
Rupee. Head back to the waterfall source, then go up the ramp to the right. Jump
up, continue right, jump over some ridiculously small stones, then continue on
and do one more jump. Here, you should see some green rupees on the platform
right next to where you're standing on. Turn around, and jump down south onto
some flat land, then continue east and onto the main bit of ground. Go south,
and kill the bug (#13). Head back to the platform you left off of, and keep
jumping 'til you get to the top, where there is a spacious amount of land. Up
here, head in a northern direction, and continue on until you get into the
throne room.

	Coming in, head around the room in a counterclockwise fashion to avoid
having to wade through the current. On the other side, once you get over the
white dot indicating the insect, you should see a Zora lying on the ground. Turn
the opposite way from it, and dash into the wall to knock down the insect.
Defeat it (#14). Now, drop down the waterfall outside, and head out to Zora's

	After you fall out of the Zora's Domain area, you will come into here.
While being pulled along by the current, try to swim to the southeast area, and
go through the cave here. You will be taken out to Hyrule Field.

	Out here, swim through and under the underpass. Go up onto solid ground
on the left side, then start running along the path. This will eventually take
you back to Hyrule Castle Town. However, unlike the last time you were here, as
you approach the bridge leading into Castle Town, you will be stopped by another
trio of Twilight creatures. Defeat them again (this time, they are close
together) to create another portal, then head into town.

	In here, head into the square in the center of town, then go straight
south. Once you catch whiff of Ilia's scent again using your senses, head down
west to Telma's Bar, but do not actually enter it. Instead, break open the boxes
on the ledge in the courtyard just outside to free the insect. Defeat it to
obtain the second-to-last Tear (#15). Midna will note that something is up. Scan
in on Lake Hylia on the map by hitting A once you have pointed at it. After she
is done, warp back to Lake Hylia.

	Back here, watch the scene. Jump into the lake, and swim towards the
white dot on the map. Once you get onto one of the wooden planks, a cutscene
will occur. You found the sixteenth insect all right. One problem, though; it is
very large.

	Your best bet to keep yourself in the battle is to stay on one of the
two larger rafts of wood that have a lot of stable ground. Next, Z-Target the
giant insect, and simply wait. Once he charges up and has purple bolts of
electricity flashing around him, he will likely charge at you. When he does
this, jump to the side, and into the water if you have to. Following this
attack, he will have a short cool-down phase, where he will be hanging down
close to the water, and not have his defense set up.

	When he is doing this, lunge at him, and then bite by repeatedly hitting
A. Once you get repulsed from him, get onto one of the platforms of wood again,
and then repeat. After three or so times of doing this, he will fall over,
flipped over and exposing his weak point. To deal massive damage, jump onto his
belly, and charge up an energy field. Let loose to kill him (#16). Afterwards,
you will be transported to the shrine. Watch some more scenes, including a few
darker ones.

	Finally, you will be able to move freely again, in human form. Go to
Fyer and Falbi's Watertop, and talk to the guy standing in the front. Take him
up on his offer to be launched in the cannon, and you will be sent to a top area
of Lake Hylia. Head towards the building, and you will be interrupted by Midna.
Continue inside, then drop a floor.


	Instead of heading out the door, however, turn around and go the
opposite direction. Go and talk to Falbi, whom will offer to play you a mini-
game for 20 Rupees. Take one of the cuccos in the room, and fly straight ahead.
You should quickly see a grey platform below you, which is one of the green dots
on the map. As you float down, try to aim to get either on the rotating
platform, or on the platform RIGHT BELOW THAT (you can drop down once you see
your shadow on the platform). If you get on the top, drop one platform down, and
open the chest here for another Piece of Heart.

	After, head back up to the top, and go into the building. Drop down to
the first floor, but this time, head northwest through the door and out onto
Hyrule Field.


	Head close to Hyrule Castle Town, but do not enter. Instead, just before
the bridge (and ONLY if you went and howled in Zora's River and re-encountered
the White Wolf), stop, dismount, and head north a bit. You should see the White
Wolf standing on top of the stone block. Climb up the vines, and you will learn
the next hidden skill, the Back Slice. Afterwards, enter Castle Town, after
being interrupted by the Postman.

	In here, head straight west into the town's center square. Go south from
here, and take the second west road. Head into Telma's Bar, and watch a fairly
interesting scene with Telma and a certain other person. Afterwards, you will be
put back onto Hyrule Field, with an escort mission ahead of you.

	Start off with your escorting by dashing straight south down the hill,
and follow the dirt path until you get to the bridge. After a short scene, you
will be facing another goblin. Unlike your last joust, this goblin has two
shields, one protecting either side of his body. However, this time, his front
is vulnerable. In order to defeat him, you MUST dash at him, and when you have
about seven seconds left before contact, aim your bow at his chest and let
loose. DO NOT wait until the last second, or else he will still run you over and
knock you off. Instead, if you do it with a space of a few seconds, he will
weave, and you can continue on straight to the end of the bridge. Turn around,
and hit him one more time with an arrow to defeat him for good. In the process,
you will also obtain a pair of Gate Keys.

	For this first section here, follow the long-winding road. A number of
archers will shoot fire arrows from above; I suggest you ignore them as the
caravan shall move on it's own accord, and it would take too much time. Instead,
travel to either side of the caravan, and block the arrows when you can. If the
caravan lights up on fire, equip your Gale Boomerang and use it on the caravan
to extinguish the fires. Eventually, you will make it to a gate. Dismount, and
open it.

	Remount Epona, and then head through the next area. Welcome to the most
frustrating part of the mission. You must keep up with the caravan, all the time
while three goblins on piggyback come up from behind and try to shoot it with
fire arrows, and a couple of birds will attack it from above, also dropping
bombs. In order to best deal with this, stay a bit behind the caravan with your
sword drawn, and use the spin attack to knock the archers off their horses when
they get too close. Z-Target the wagon and use the Boomerang to extinguish the
flames when needed, and when the birds swoop into view, quickly Z-Target them
even if it means going off-course, and shoot them down with arrow or pebble,
then go find the caravan (red marker on the map). If you don't eliminate the
pesky opponents, then the caravan will just go around in circles, but once it
veers off in the straight direction, you know you're safe. Finally, at the end,
dismount and unlock the gate, then continue on.

	Watch the scene here, and afterwards, you will encounter the dead Zora
queen's ghost. Follow her south and west into the graveyard. In the actual
graveyard, continue to follow her until you get to the end, then go up the
staircase. The last grave here will disappear, revealing a tunnel. Crawl through
the tunnel, then swim over to the grave. Listen to the conversation, and you
will obtain the Zora Armor.

	After you are done, head back into town. Here, go to Barnes' Bomb Shop.
He will have a new type of bomb on sale - the Water Bomb. Unfortunately, you
won't have a second Bomb Bag yet, so you will have to sell your current bombs to
pick up Water Bombs. Once you have them, head back to the graveyard, and jump
down into the pond. Head to the northern side with your Iron Boots equipped, and
put a bomb next to the two boulders. Once they explode, head through the hole
that is revealed there, and you will emerge on the side of Lake Hylia.

	De-equip your Iron Boots, then start swimming over to the Lakebed
Temple, which is marked on your map by the purple dot. Here, swim down to the
deep depths below. Talk to the Zoras down here if you want - one of them on the
southern end will sell you some Water Bombs for 90 Rupees if you are truly
desperate. On the northern side, go down and look for the bubbles emerging from
the small crack in the floor next to the door to the temple. Put a Water Bomb
here, then run away. Once it explodes and more pressure comes out, go and stand
on it with your Iron Boots. Take out a bomb, stand as close to the wall as you
can without leaving the geyser, then deequip the Iron Boots. The bomb will come
loose out of Link's hands, and stay right next to the rock blocking the
entrance. After the rock blows up, head into the temple.

	Here, swim down the tunnel until you get to the passage with the Clams.
Equip your Iron Boots, then slash at them (albeit sluggishly), until they die.
Continue along the floor to the opposite side, avoiding any enemies that you
can, then de-equip your boots and start surfacing. Along the way, you will
encounter some Jellyfish. Avoid them as well by staying far away from them,
until you can finally emerge from the water. At the top, open the chest right
behind you to the south for 10 Water Bombs. I would also recommend fighting the
red Chus in here and scooping their remains up for some helpful recovery items.
Next, head up the northern stairs, and once you get stopped by the gate, turn
around and jump onto the lever to pull it down and open the gate. Head up again
and go through the next door.

	In here, head off to the end of the ledge, and a stalacite will fall
down. Midna will warn you about them, so equip your bomb arrows (go into the -
Screen, highlight your bombs, and press Z), and aim at each stalacite (you do
not need to hit their necks; hitting the bulk of each rock should be sufficient
to bring it down). Now head down the small ramp to the bottom, and use the
stalacites to climb up the ledges to the top. Just before the door, however,
head west and go up onto the cliff against the wall here via stalacite to open a
chest for another 10 Water Bombs. Go back down and head through the door.

	I will refer to this next little area as the central room, so keep
advised. Head forward and kill the reptilian guard, then continue inside. Walk
forward, watch a scene, then go down a floor via the giant staircase. Head along
either side of the circumference until you get to the southern end of the
circular floor, then go and jump off the nearby ledge and weigh down the lever.
This will cause the staircase to turn around, so head upstairs again.

	Up here, head left from the top of the staircase, and continue around
until you get to the wall. Break open the moving pot here to free Ooccoo, whom
you can once again use. Next, head back to the northern side of the room, then
continue down to the eastern side, where you should jump off the ledge and onto
the lever to once more rotate the staircase around. Drop down and head down the
stairs. Go right from here to open the chest for the Dungeon Map, then head back
and enter the doorway at the base of the stairs.

	Coming in, confront the hard-shelled enemy. In order to defeat it, you
will likely want to circle it around and pull off an attack on it's back side
when you can, or else use the Back Slice a couple of times. Afterwards, continue
west and out into the next room. In here, head along the ledge to the west, but
before jumping over, take out your Bomb Arrows (again, go into the - Screen,
highlight your bombs, and press Z). Next, head through the tunnel that is to the
north, and you will emerge on a cliff right next to the contraption in the
middle. Climb up the vines here on the stone pillar, and go around to the other
side using the vines. Next, jump over first one ordinary pillar, then a rock
that goes up and down based on the geyser underneath it, and finally onto a
ledge containing a chest. Open the chest for a Small Key.

	Now, head back across the pillars and vines and through the tunnel, then
make your way back to the staircase room. Up here, go left, and head all the way
to the northern end of the room. Open the locked door here, and enter. Cross the
hallway inside, ignoring the enemy, and continue onto the next area. In here, go
along the hallway south to come to a chest holding some more Water Bombs, then
head to the northern end, where you will see a metal gate blocking your path.
Look up, and you should see some more stalacites. Shoot down the one that is
closest to the vines on the nearby wall, and use it as a ledge to climb up the
vines. Once you make it up, drop on the actual gate itself, not onto the floor
on the other side. Once on the top, head down the ledge and jump onto the lever,
which will cause the lever to drop.

	With that out of the way, continue down the hallway, and you should see
a big rock at the end. Use one of your bombs to blow the rock up, and then
continue down, dodging the two enemies in your path. Ignore the bubble enemy
that comes around in here, and instead go through the door to the east side of
the room (just head straight south from your position and left a bit). Drop off
the ledge here, then continue straight down the hallway, and open a chest at the
end for another Small Key. Go west a slight bit along the hallway, and there
should be a door to your right. Enter.

	Duel the Komodo Lizard, then jump across the gear mechanism thingy to
the northern side, and enter the door here. Simply turn a left to go back into
the room with the bubble enemy. Head north a bit and then right to find a locked
door. Unlock it, then enter a large room. Here, head along the plateau until you
get to some vines going down, and climb/drop down. Head to the eastern portion
of the bottom floor, then climb up the vines. Up here, head up the (admittedly
lengthy) winding ramp around the room to the top, killing some spiders along the
way. Once you make it, open the chest at the end for 10 Water Bombs, then climb
up either ladder leaning against the nearby arch. Jump towards the golden lever,
then drop down once the stream of water begins to flow. Backtrack a bit down the
ramp, and you will end up being carted down by the current (or you could just
dive down).

	Once you hit the bottom, swim over to the pillar in the middle of the
room, and get onto the ledge. Jump towards the lever to activate another
floodgate. With that done, head back into the room with the bubble enemy through
the southeast, and then then go to the northeast door. Head north a bit, then
turn right into the room with the gear-like platform. After the scene, drop down
into the room below. Climb up the vines and ledges, and make your way to the
front of this room. Turn around, and you should see that because of the rotating
pillar, three platforms hanging off of it are also moving around. Jump onto one
of them, and when you get to the northern end, jump off onto the small ledge.
Head into the new room.

	Head straight left from the entrance, and you will come to a chest
containing a Small Key. After you have obtained it, go back from whence you came
to the previous area. Jump onto a platform, and once it rotates over to the
western end, jump onto the platform and enter this door. In here, unlock the
door right in front of you, then head down the tunnel and into the water. Swim
along until you get swept by the current into a side path with a large chest;
when this happens, equip your Iron Boots, and open the chest for a red Rupee.
Head back out into the main area of water, then continue on north till you get
to the webbed wall. Plant a bomb near the rock to reveal a hole in the wall.
Move north some more into the next room.

	In here, de-equip both the Zora Suit and your Iron Boots, then swim
along the tunnel and exit out. Once the hole closes in on itself, look up to the
ceiling to activate a mini-boss fight.

	Not too difficult of a battle to fight. Once he drops down, he will
stand up, and release frog eggs from his back. These eggs will quickly morph
into mini-frogs, whom you will have to kill. My advice is to get close to part
of the egg batch and use the Spinning attack to kill a good amount before they
can even grow up, use the Z-Targeting mechanism to slay any more that come
towards you, and, once you can use your Spin attack again, get close to any big
groups and take them down.

	Once every mini-frog is dead (yes, every one of them), the big frog will
become active. It will jump up into the air, and try to land on Link. A good
rule of thumb is to run away from the shadow it casts, and try to roll out at
the last moment. The impact of landing will temporarily stun the Frog, so turn
around and head to it's mouth, where it's tongue will be lying out. Slash at it
a couple of times until it gets back up and releases more Frog eggs. Repeat the
process two or three more times to win.

	After you win, open the chest to obtain the Clawshot. Equip it, then use
it on the targets on the three ledges up above in the room if you want some
Rupees. Afterwards, go to the southern end of the room, where you will find a
gate. Look up above to find a target, and aim your Clawshot at it. Link will
cause the target to weigh down, opening the gate. Go into the next room, and in
here, head straight up the small slope and into the next room (by the way, you
can attack those pesky shell enemies with the Clawshot now).

	Here, jump onto one of the platforms, and once you get to the eastern
end, head over to the main platform, then backtrack to the centralized room with
the staircase.


	Watch a small scene with the water rising, then go up the staircase to
the top. Up here, head around to the southern end, and turn to face the middle
of the room. Look up to the ceiling, and you can see a glass chandelier, with
half a dozen targets. Use the clawshot on any one of them to take yourself up to
the ceiling, and drop down. Open the treasure chest up here for another Piece of

	Drop back down to the base of the staircase where you entered, then head
west. Look up above you to see some vines on the ceiling, and use the Clawshot
on them to get over the small fence. Continue down the room 'til you get to the
eastern side, then turn around to face the center of the room. Look up, and use
the Clawshot on the target right above you. This will turn the staircase to face
you, along with causing the direction of water to change. Enter the door near
here into the eastern hallway. Inside here, go through the waterwheel as it
turns around, and into the next room.

	In here, jump onto the first platform, then aim at the target towards
your left that will place you above a small pillar. Drop down and open a chest
for 10 Water Bombs. Aim towards the north to some vines, and climb up the pillar
and around and onto a safe ledge. Tilt your view south for another stone pillar
with vines, and do the same thing. Finally, aim northeast towards some more
vines, climb across, and drop onto the floor. Enter the door here.

	Walk east in this room to find two geysers. Look to the ceiling above,
and you should see a stalacite above the larger geyser. Equip a bomb arrow
(again, go to the - menu, highlight the bombs, and press Z), then shoot at the
stalacite. Quickly jump on the make-shift platform, and once the geyser shoots
it up, jump across the hole in the wall and drop down on the other side. Quickly
kill the enemies, then use the Clawshot to weigh down the target right in front
of the gate to open it for future purpose. With that done, head down the
hallway, and use the Clawshot on the target in front of the door to get onto the
ledge. Go inside.

	Ignore the bubble enemies here, and quickly aim your clawshot at the
vines on the ceiling to the east. Climb across the wall into the opposite side
of the room, and drop down. Turn to your right and Clawshot the vines on the
opposite wall, then climb up and onto the ledge. Now, make your way to the top
of the room. While doing so, you will come across two gaps. At the first one,
aim your Clawshot at the target on the other side of the gap, but do so right
after the geyser drops so you do not get hit by the water. The second is more of
the same.

	Once you make it to the top, open the chest for 10 Water Bombs, then
turn right and head down the small walkway. Use the Clawshot to hook onto the
target on the ledge (it must be the left one since the right one has a lamp on
it). Drop down once you get up top, and open the chest for the Compass. Jump off
this ledge, then head back behind the arch, and climb either ladder. Jump onto
the golden lever to trigger the floodgate, then jump off from the top into the
water below. Head to the central ledge, and jump onto the lever here to open the
second floodgate. Now go back to the entrance to this room, and head into the
smaller portion across the gate by targeting the vines on the ceiling with your
Clawshot and climbing over it. Take the right/northern door here into the next

	In here, drop down the ledge, then continue down and head through the
hole in the wall. Continue on down the path until you get to the waterwheel, and
head under the spokes to the opposite side. Once you get to the end, open the
chest for 15 Water Bombs, then head back through the waterwheel and go through
the door on the side wall. Here, head to the western side of the ledge, and aim
at the stone pillar with vines to the west. Once you successfully make it over,
aim towards the west wall, where you should see some more targets. When you make
it over there successfully, open the chest for 20 Rupees. From here, Clawshot
back to the first stone pillar.

	Now, aim down and to the west again to see a smaller pillar with more
vines. Get down onto the ledge here, then aim west at the ceiling of the one
rotating gear. Now, for the really hard part. You must wait until the target
that does not have a platform attached comes around, and you must aim at it.
However, since it is moving, you must also shoot the Clawshot about a second
ahead of the target to successfully target it. Once you do get on, wait until
you have rotated about 270 degrees. Drop down by pressing down on the analog
stick, and use the C button to view the three ledges here. Once you are somewhat
above the ledge in between the two gears, drop down onto it. Aim at the other
gear in a similar manner, and drop yourself off at the eastern end. Enter.

	Dive into the water inside, then swim down. Go first through a northern
passage guarded by a clam, then head east in the next large section. Swim up a
bit and onto a ledge, and plant a Water Bomb next to the boulder here, making
sure to deal with any of the pesky fish enemies. Head into the next section,
sink down to the bottom, and blow up another rock in the southeast corner.
Continue down the tunnel, and once you hit the dead end, de-equip your Iron
Boots and resurface. Enter the door once on land.

	First, Z-Target the bubble enemy, then let loose your Clawshot. This
will pull the enemy in the bubble out. Slash it with your sword a few times to
kill it, then use your Clawshot again on the block right above the platform.
This will open up a hole in the floor right underneath Link. Lower Link down
(don't drop off, or else the hole will close faster than you can get down
there). At the bottom, open the chest for the Big Key. Equip your Iron Boots,
roll off the platform, and head through the door underwater going east.

	Swim through the tunnel while dodging our favorite Jellyfish enemies.
Once you make it out into open space again, do not surface or go down to the
ground yet; rather, head through the hole to the west where you bombed a boulder
a few minutes ago, then surface. Head north and west onto dry land, then
continue west. Swim across another small stretch of land and head through the
western door. In here, use the targets on the gears to go across the room, and
once on a platform under the western gear, target the vines to the west. Head up
the ledge, and head through the western door. Continue back into the central

	In here, watch the scene as the water level rises once more, then drop
down into the lake. Swim to the central platform, and climb up onto dry land.
Unlock the boss door here, and enter and drop down the hole. Equip your Iron
Boots to initiate the boss of the Lakebed Temple.

			         TWILIT AQUATIC
	For the first part of the battle, keep your Iron Boots equipped. When
Morpheel's tentacles start wavering around and it's eye is moving around, get
close to it, Z-Target the eyeball, and use the Clawshot to pull it out. Swipe at
it with your sword, and it will quickly retreat back into the tentacle. After
the first attack, Morpheel shall release bomb fish that not only will attack you
if you get too close, but also make Z-Targeting more difficult. As such, when
you try to attack, only get as close as you need to to use the Clawshot;
otherwise, the tentacle will grab you and throw you into Morpheel's mouth (if
this happens, de-equip the Iron Boots so you don't fall straight back into
Morpheel's mouth). When you do so, waver your Clawshot around until you have a
lock on the eyeball, and take it out.

	After you attack the eyeball thrice, the true form of Morpheel - a giant
snake-eel - shall emerge from the depths of the lake floor. Once this happens,
de-equip your Iron Boots. You should note that on Morpheel's back is his
eyeball; once again this will be his weak point. You must now chase after
Morpheel - conventional mechanics such as going across the diameter of the room
while he is swimming around in circles to cut time will help. You should also
make especially sure not to swim right in front of him, or else he will swallow
you up whole and spit you out. To injure him, Z-Target him, and when you get
close enough to him and are facing his back-side, use the Clawshot to hook onto
his eyeball. Once you land on his back, shake your Remote as if you were
intending to slash with your sword for Link to repeatedly stab him. Once
Morpheel shakes you off his back, repeat the process one or two more times to
finally finish him off.

	Once you have won the boss fight, Midna will claim the third Fused
Shadow. Pick up your Heart Container, then head outside. Watch some cutscenes
before being placed on Hyrule Field.


	From your original position, head southeast and get onto the stone road,
and then head towards Hyrule. Once you get closer towards the town, ignore the
monsters, and just dash your way through and into the castle town.

	From here, head left into the center square, and talk to all the cats to
get a hint about where you need to go: Telma's Bar. As such, head south from the
square and west at the second possible turnoff. Of course, in the form you are
now, you will be promptly ejected. Try to head back up to the main street, and
Louise, Telma's cat, will stop you and talk to you.

	After she is done talking, go to the nearby crate, and push it up
against the pile of crates. Climb up the two crates, and head into the bar.
Inside here, you must make it across the three tightropes. However, you cannot
break any of the pots, or else the patrons will spot you. A good rule of thumb
to avoid this is to move across the ledges, and if a pot is in your way, move
against it until it is no longer in your way. At the end of the room, climb up
the ledge and into the next room.

	In this next room, drop down, and equip your senses. Target and attack
the scythe-wielding spirit, and defeat it to obtain a Poe's Soul. Afterwards,
talk to the nearby Jovani, whom, after setting you on a Poe Soul sidequest, will
also open the doorway into the Castle Sewers for you. Proceed downwards.

	After being dumped into the main portion of the sewers, head to the
northern end of the room. Jump at and bite down on the lever here to open the
gate in front of you, and Wolf Link will be swept down to another larger room.
In here, climb onto dry land, then climb up the staircase and duel the two
spider enemies. I recommend grabbing one of the nearby skulls and throwing it at
them for some decent amounts of damage. Afterwards, pick up the stick near the
torch, and light it up. Throw it at the cobweb to burn it down, then defeat all
the Keese in the next part of the room.

	Grab another stick, and take it back to the original torch. Go up the
stairs again, and light the first torch. Once your stick runs out, light it up
again with this torch and head up and west and light another torch here. Repeat
the process, then climb up the nearby ledges and light up the cobweb. Ignore the
Keese flying about here, and instead run to the northwest corner and enter the
small cavern here. Turn on your senses, and dig over top of the hole to go

	Down below, you may recognize this as the part of the castle you were in
when you first came here as a wolf. Head up north through the left path, and
kill the Keese out here. Continue west and go around the giant staircase. Since
Midna can no longer help you out here, you will have to go across some of the
ropes to the other side of the room. For those of you whom have a hard time with
the ropes, use the C view before going across a rope; some of them are not
essential to cross. Once you make it to the top of the tower, exit outside.

	Out here, head straight north after beating the first two fire archers.
Once you get to the end (make sure that you don't rush against the wind
resistance), head left across the ledge, and jump onto the new platform. Kill
your flying enemy, then continue north. Close to the end of the path, you will
see a bridge that is not secured to your side of the castle. Rather, it shall
kick up as the wind picks up. To make it across safely, jump onto it as soon as
it begins to rise, then dash across to the opposite end. Jump east onto the
spine of the house here, then continue along the top of the roof north and east
and into another castle tower. Inside, jump down, climb up the staircase, and
enter Zelda's room. After the scene, you will be warped out onto Hyrule Field
with a new objective: obtain the Master Sword.

	Now, you have to go back to Faron Woods. There are two ways you can do
this; you can either manually run all the way back, or you can just use Midna to
warp you to North Faron Woods, and skip all the labor.

	After you have come out from warping, head straight past Trill's shop,
and you will see a scene where one of the monkeys is accosted by some monsters.
Use the energy field quickly to kill all of them, as the battle will start off
with Link relatively close to his foes. Run up the hill to the northeast after
the battle and conversation, and use Midna to jump over. Once you get to the
stump, move a bit further, then continue on until you get to the end.

	Here, jump onto the first bridge when the two straighten out, and dash
onto the second one. When the wind starts up again and the bridges turn, head
onto solid land again. Now walk across the two tightropes in rapid succession,
making sure to move across only when the swinging axes swing away from the rope.
Once you make it to the opposite side, go up to the Howl Stone, learn the howl
pattern, and repeat it once more once you make contact with the White Wolf. Once
transported back into the woods, head into the nearby cavern.

	In here, examine the nearby howl stone, and howl it out correctly.
Afterwards, some weird creature will drop down with a horn, and summon some
puppet creatures. Defeat them, then head through the passage to the north into a
pond room. Continue along the dirt path, winding right once you get into the
larger room and up a tunnel. Once you hit a dead end, head right and up the
ledge, and attack the horn-player.

	Head back down to the pond room and go north across the water, and head
up through the new hole. In here, ignore the ledges at the end, and instead head
up and right and down into a new room. In this second pond room, jump into the
water, and swim through the waterfall that is to the left. Climb up the ledges
here to the top and attack the horn-player once more. After he runs away, dash-
jump off the cliff here onto dry ground below, then turn left and uphill.

	Continue along the dirt path until you get back to the first pond room
again, then head across the water and through the right hole. If you do this
correctly, you should be in the room with the ledges to the north. If you took
the wrong hole, then simply head north and turn right. In any case, climb up the
three ledges, then head along the tree branch to the opposite room, and attack
the horn-player for another time.

	After, drop down and follow him through the stone tunnel. Head left and
jump down into the large room. Watch the scene. The basic idea in fighting him
is that you need to either jump up on the platform to hit him, or try to include
him in your energy field to strike him quickly. If you can get to him before he
starts summoning his monsters, try to include him in your energy field;
otherwise, strike him. I also recommend that you kill off your Skeletos foes
that he always summons, or else they will become a real pain. If he disappears
before you can strike the horn-player, just use the energy field to take care of
most of them, followed up with a spinning attack.

	When the battle is done, go up the new hill into a small garden. Here,
go and stand on the Triforce symbol, and howl the tune you learned in the
earlier section of the grove. Here, you will get into a puzzle where you as the
wolf have to turn around and move to cause the guards to move along with you,
ultimately getting them to align up where they were. You cannot move to have
them jump right on top of you, however.

	Since I am guessing most of you will have a difficult time with this,
here is a quick and easy solution: Left, Down, Right, Right, North, Left, North,
North, Left, Down, Down, Right, North. Afterwards, go inside, and watch the
scene. Talk to Midna and warp to Castle Town.

	Head into Castle Town, and go to the center square. From there, head
straight south and go outside through the southern exit. Outside here, dash down
until you are off the stone battlement and on the ground, then change back into
a human. Head east while sticking along the walls, and you will get a message
from the Postman, whom will invite you to Telma's. Continue, and you will meet
the White Wolf. Listen and learn the fourth hidden skill, the Helm Splitter.
Afterwards, go back up onto the battlements and enter the Castle Town once more.

	In here, head off to Telma's Bar. Inside, talk to Telma, and then talk
to the three people that are sitting at the table. Examine the map on the table
as well to mark Auru's location on your own. After you are done, exit the bar,
then warp to Lake Hylia.

	From where you are warped in, head south along the ramshackle bridge.
Morph into a human and climb up the ladder. Up top, head north towards the peak
to find another Howl Stone. Change back into a wolf and learn the new Howl. Meet
up with the White Wolf, and repeat it. Afterwards, you will be able to later
learn another hidden skill.

	Once that is done, dash east to the nearby tower, change back into a
human, and climb up the ladder to the top. At the top, talk to Auru. Once the
conversation is over, he will hand you Auro's Memo. Jump into the water from the
tower and swim over to Fyer's Watertop (the really colorful building sitting on
the lake), and talk to the guy at the front here by equipping the Auro's Memo
and using it. He will send you on your way to Gerudo Desert.

	Listen to Midna's conversation once you arrive in the desert.
Afterwards, change into Wolf Link, and then dash east of your location, towards
the crystal-like stone tower off in the distance (it will glow blue during
nighttime). Ignore any of the creatures of the desert that attack you; staying
around and fighting them will tie you up, especially since it's allies may
arrive to aid it. Instead, dash until you make it all the way to the tower, and
stand on the small stone stump to the west of the plateau.

	Morph back into human Link, and then look up towards the cliff. You
should see a tree up here; aim at the tree with your Clawshot to bring yourself
up, then aim at the propeller creature, and drop once it hovers over the upper
ledge. Change back into Wolf Link, as you will face off against three more
Twili. Since they are clustered together, pick one off, then use Midna's energy
field to take care of the remaining two handily.

	With the battle over, climb up the remaining few structures to the stone
tower. Midna will examine it. Choose to warp it to the Bridge of Eldin, in the
Eldin Province (yep, that is what it is). Once you are done that, warp back to
the Gerudo Desert. Jump down, stay as a wolf, and continue north. Eventually,
you will come to some battlements, complete with a little cutscene of some boar-
riding goblin archers.

	Change back into a human, and equip your Bow. If you have it, go
highlight the Hawkeye Mask instead, and hit Z to make the Hawkeye + Bow
combination. Aim at the archers and shoot both of them off their horses. With
that task finished, go up to one of the boars and mount it, then head north and
hit the A button. The boar will charge forward for several second, breaking
through fences. Continue in this fashion north until you get to the wooden gate,
and break it down. Dismount, and climb up the ledges.

	Up here, head a bit north, and you will meet up with the White Wolf.
Review the Helm Splitter, and you will soon learn the fifth hidden skill, the
Mortal Draw. Once done your training, continue north into the next section of
the desert (use the left path; the right path shall lead to a dead end).

	In this area, you will see another archer. Take him down with your Bow
if you can, otherwise, just morph into Wolf Link and run up to the front door.
Up here, defeat the two guards that will come at you from either side, then (as
human Link), head up the ramp to the right. Shoot down the archer on the
battlement here, then head through the next two open areas, taking down any of
the goblins that get near you with the spinning attack, Z-Targeting all the time
to guard, and make sure to hit the archers as well. Once you go down another
ramp, take your time and aim at the archer on the battlement far to the south to
take down that nuisance. However, you will have to do it quickly, or else
reinforcements will arrive.

	Once the archer is dead, continue south down the hallway, and go right
here and attack the goblin by the roasting meat. Once you kill it, it will drop
a shining item on the ground. Pick it up to obtain a Small Key. Now, kill the
remaining enemies around here.


	Slash at the roast meat over the fireplace multiple times until it is
destroyed. Afterwards, it shall drop a Piece of Heart for you to pick up. With
that done, backtrack down a single hallway, and look towards the wall to see a
wooden gate with a lock on it. Use your recently obtained Small Key to unlock
it, and enter.

	Despite the fearsome appearance this guy puts on, he isn't really that
difficult. As long as you Z-Target him (and in doing so, put up your shield), he
will be unable to deal any harm to you. Unfortunately, he makes good use of his
giant hammer (axe?) to block, so a conventional assault is out of the question.

	Now, there are two ways to beat him. The first way is to jump out of the
way shortly before he begins to lurch and perform another grand attack. Once he
throws his weight into the attack, he will be temporarily knocked off-balance,
exposing his weak side. Jump-slice at him, and then slash at him some more.

	The other (semi-difficult) way to beat him is to use your Back Slice
attack. While he is lumbering around, circle around him with the Z-Target on
until you can get into a roll, then follow it up with several consecutive dashes
and slashes. Either way, once he's been hit once, hit him some more until he
recovers, and soon, he will fall.

	However, the Hobgoblin will not go down easily, as he lights the place
up on fire. The solution here is to jump on the nearby boar, and then dash it
through the northern gate. It will automatically do the rest. Once you get out
on the other side, dismount, and head up the stairs and into the fourth dungeon:
the Arbiter's Grounds.

	Head down the stairs in the first room, and watch the mini-cutscene.
Afterwards, take a long look at the quicksand. If you try to walk through it,
you will slowly sink. To shorten times on the sand, you can either roll or morph
into a wolf and try to dash across. Go in too far and you will be taken to the
room's entrance again. Now, look to your right, and you should see a target on
the nearby wall. Use your Clawshot on it (while making sure that no enemies jump
at you), then turn around and jump across a few platforms going west. Head over
two more platforms going northeast. From the end here, roll and then trudge your
way to the platform in the north, then turn around and go to the western floor
guarded by the gates. Turn around here and you should see a Chain sitting in the
sand. Use your Clawshot to pick it up part of the way, then pull it back some
more to open the nearby door to the north. Now roll back to the northern
platform, and head up the stairs.

	From here, go west and through the pots to find a goblet of Lantern Oil
for the takings. Fill up your Lantern regardless of whether you want to or not.
Head east now (breaking through the wood with your sword), and walk up to the
chest and open it up for a Small Key. Turning around, you should see a locust of
small insects crawling towards you. Equip the lantern and swing it around to
repel them from climbing onto you, then roll across the sand and back into the
main hallway. Pick up some more Lantern Oil, then go north through the locked
door, unlocking it with your recently acquire key.

	In here, the room will be dark. Equip your lantern, and then brandish
your sword without placing your lantern away first. This will ensure you keep
your own light while being able to repel the hordes of Skeletos in this room
(since they are coming at you in close quarters, a Spin attack should be able to
take care of most of them). Make your way to the northern end of the room, and
you should see a torch to either side. Use your lantern on both of them to light
them up and thus open the door. Proceed inside the next section of the Arbiter's

	Walk north from the entrance, and you will see a scene that reeks of a
blatant rip-off from Ocarina's Forest Temple. Afterwards, one of the Poes will
be hanging around; transform into a wolf and attack it once. The Poe will then
be invincible for a few seconds. You must either wait for it to brighten before
attacking again, or use the energy field for a sneak shot. After you finish it
off, collect the Poe's Soul, and, as a wolf, sniff out it's remains for the
Poe's Scent. With that out of the way, head over to the northeastern section of
the room, and jump over the platform to the end ledge (making sure not to stay
too long on said platform, as it will sink), and defeat the flying Skeletos.
Change back into a human, and open the chest for the Dungeon Map.


	Head over to the northwestern side of the room, and you will see a
similar obstacle; a platform at the end separated by lots of sand. This time,
however, you can use your Clawshot, on either of the metal grates at the end to
be precise. Once you make it over, open the chest to pick up another Piece of
Heart. If you've already set off both of the platforms, you may wish to consider
using the Wolf-Morph to dash and then walk back to the other side.

	As a wolf, activate your senses, and follow the Poe's Scent to the west
end of the room. This shall take you to a pile of dirt which you can Dig. Do so,
and then pull on the lever that is revealed. This will drop down part of the
floor to reveal a flight of staircases, so head down and through the door.
Inside, become a human if you have not already. Inside, kill the skull enemy,
then go to the pillar in the center. Push the part extending out of it clockwise
to block off the door behind you and open up a new doorway. Kill the ReDead
coming in from the north via bomb arrow, then go in and claim your bounty,
another Small Key.

	Go back into the main section of this room, and look up to see a hole in
the ceiling complete with a metal grate to lock onto. Use your Clawshot on it,
but do not drop down just yet. Look around to see your rat enemies, then drop
down and kill them. Once the butcherwork is done, head north into the next room.
Inside, defeat all the regular enemies, then change into a wolf and use your
Wolf senses to distinguish the second Poe from all the regular lanterns. Attack
and kill it to obtain a second Poe's Soul, and let out the light of the second

	Now that our business is concluded here, go back a room, drop down the
floor, and push the column counterclockwise to it's original state. Head east
and up into the main room. Go around from the staircase and through the western
door on the first floor, then proceed through the locked door at the opposite
end (now open to access). In here, as a human, head up to the north through the
platforms to the east. However, while doing so, slowly creep up to the edge of
each platform to trigger spikes that will pop out of the floor, so you can see
which way is safe and which is not.

	Over here, head up the stairs and to the block, and pull it back until
it falls off slightly higher ground, then turn around and push it north. Climb
up onto the platform to the west, and pull the chain in the wall here back all
the way across the box. Doing so will raise the nearby chandelier. As soon as
you go as far back as you can, quickly drop down, run up the stairs, and run
across the ledge before the chandelier can drop down on you. Once you make it to
the opposite side of the room, head north up the chairs, go behind the monument,
and open the chest for the Compass.

	Now, go back to the monument in the center of this room here, and push
it around clockwise using the plaque. Head to the west room, breaking the
entrance open with your sword, and you shall encounter another ReDead. Take it
down with a couple of well-placed bomb arrows, then open the chest to obtain a
Small Key. Now turn around and go to the east, and unlock the door with your new

	In this room, head south and west, warding off large numbers of
Skeletos. Make sure that you don't roll across the sand while fighting them; if
you get caught in it, you will lose an advantage, and might even get sucked down
completely. Once you get to the third part of the room, however, DO NOT head
north. Instead, stay there and stave off any incoming Skeletos, as two ReDeads
will also come from the north. Take them out with the river of sand as your
protection, then roll across. Morph into a Wolf, and check the Poe Sense to lead
yourself to a patch of dirt next to a wall. Dig up a lever, and pull it back to
open the wall right to your south, revealing the third Poe. Defeat it while
staying wary of it's lantern that it will spin around. Once you've defeated it
and claimed the Poe's Soul, head north and into the next section.

	Make sure you are a wolf, then head down the staircase and go south to a
chest that holds a Small Key. As soon as you exit the text, quickly turn around
and turn on your senses, as a bunch of rats otherwise invisible will swarm you.
Stick to your position and take them out with Spinning Attacks followed up by
regular swipes. After you have completely wiped them out, head back up the
western staircase, go around the circumference of the room to the opposite end,
and then go through the locked room back onto the second floor of the central
room. Jump across onto the chandelier here, then walk around the edge to the
opposite side, and jump to the eastern room. Enter.

	In here, head down the stairs to the north, and then drop off at the
end. Push the nearby crate into place, then open the chest in the small room
that the block was hiding for a red Rupee. Head back out and go around to either
side of the ledge, and slay all the sand creatures that jump out; if you do not
do this before pulling the lever, then they will likely attack you and either
knock you off balance or bring the chandelier down on you. Once that is done,
climb onto the ledge, then pull the lever back as far as you can. When that
happens, turn around and move along the center ledge to the center of where the
chandelier would fall (the ground should be a bit lower there than the rest of
the ledge). Climb out through the east end now, and jump off the small extension
here onto the platform to the east. Go inside.

	Walk around a bit in this room, and then you will be dragged into an
encounter with a Skeletos Knight. You can either use the Back Slice or the
Shield Attack in conjunction with the Helm Splitter to cause him to crumple into
a pile of bones again. While he is in this state, quickly take out a bomb and
plant it over him to blow him up and kill him for good. Break down all the walls
around here, and open the two chests to obtain a total of 10 Bombs. Head through
the southern room now, and climb the stairs up to the top.

	Change into a wolf and quickly run across the sand, then change back
into a wolf. Here, you have six torches, and you must light two of them; the one
that is isolated from the other five, and then the one farthest to the west.
Lighting any of the other ones will result in the door closing off and a giant
horde of skeletal warriors coming after you. Once you do get the correct
combination, head through the newly-revealed path to the west and through the

	Become a wolf again, then look around to find the fourth Poe and
approach it. It will, however, split into four and circle you. After a bit of
this, the real Poe will attack you. To distinguish the real from the false, you
must wait for them to stop, and the real one will brighten up and become a solid
white. Attack it, and repeat the process until it falls down. Finish it off to
obtain the last Poe's Soul, and free the last of the lamp's fire.

	Go north, young wolf, and change back into a human while at it. Use the
Clawshot on the metal grate to your west, and drop down once you make it over.
Before going through the door, head north through the passage, and then east up
the ramp, and open the door for a red Rupee. Head back to the door, and go west
into the torch room. Head up the northern staircase in this room and continue
towards the depths of the Arbiter's Grounds. Defeat the skull enemies in this
room. The eastern passage is rendered impassable by a giant sand whirlpool, so
head into the west area for now.

	Freefall to the bottom of the floor in this room, then turn the column
around counterclockwise twice. Go through a newly-opened passage to the east and
follow it to the end for a Small Key. Head back to the column, then push it
clockwise until you cannot push it anymore. Once that has occurred, head south
and unlock the door with your small key.

	In this room, change into a wolf, then head east to the corner. You will
quickly encounter some invisible rats, so use a Spin attack to shake them off if
they get on. Creep southwards slowly, making sure that you don't run across any
spikes, and about halfway across the room, you will be forced to make your way
west before going south again to the southwestern corner. In this section of the
room, you should see a lever against the wall in the center, so pull it back as
Human Link. Once it cannot go any further, quickly morph back into Wolf Link,
then dash north, east, south and west while having senses on to ward off
invisible rats, before going through whatever space you have left (ignore the
ReDead as it cannot reach you in time to be an annoyance).

	Change back into Human Link, then head south, and go east a single
platform across the sand. Keep yourself centralized and not going towards either
side of the hallway, or else you will run into the spinning pots, which will
harm you. Once across the first pool of sand, you should notice another locust
horde swarming towards you, so take out your lantern to dispel them. Continue on
going east, and at the split, head south towards the pot and skulls. Break open
the shaking pot to free Ooccoo, whom you will once again be able to use, then
roll over the sand pits until you get to the northern end. Head through this
door here.

	In here, let the insects walk towards you, and kill them regularly with
Spinning attacks. Now head up into the actual room, and you should see a
spinning pole of spikes. As long as you stay on the outside dark brown tile
layer of the floor, you should be safe from harm, so make your way around the
room to the north side by waiting for one half of the spike to pass you, and
then going around the column to the next section of the floor.

	Two Skeletos Knights will arise up here to match up with you. Take both
of them at once, and use the regular Hidden Skills such as Helm Splitter, or
else leap-stab at them to break their shield. Once one of them crumples, plant a
bomb near them regardless of if it lets the other Skeletos Knight hit you. Once
that is done, finish off the remaining Knight and plant a bomb near him as well.
Now go west, and roll across the sand to a small floor cushioned in between two
ledges, where you shall encounter a third Knight. Despite smaller quarters, he
should be easier to take care of, with no man advantage. Once he is finished, a
door will open, so head back to the spinning pole-spike room, and go west into a
new hallway.

	In here, you have a bit of a tricky dilemma. You have to go uphill, with
platforms that will sink into the sand, and all the time ward away the insect
hordes. What I recommend you do is Clawshot up to the first metal grate, then
climb up to the platform after that, equip the Lantern and use it to ward away
the insects, then climb up each succeeding platform until you make it to the
top. Up here, jump across the gap to the opposite ledge, climb up, then head
right and north into the next area. Cut any one of the ropes to activate the

	For the first part of the battle, your nemesis will be invisible to
regular eyes. Morph into a wolf and turn on your senses to spot him. Wait for
when the swordsman begins to draw back his sword in preparation for a slash,
then attack him, as this will be the only time that he is solid white and
vulnerable to attack. Repeat this process a couple times more, and the Swordsman
will appear in a more coporeal form.

	Change back into a human again, and take out your Hero's Bow. Shoot an
arrow at the Swordsman. When he gets hit, he will go bat crazy and spin around
the room in an attempt to try and confuse you. Just stand in one spot, making
sure that you can see somewhat behind you, and when he slows down and tries to
strike, Z-Target and counterattack him. When he falls down to the sword, slash
at him some more until he gets back up again. Repeat the process of shooting
him, waiting in position, and then attacking until he finally falls.

	After the battle, head straight north, down a ledge and up a staircase,
and open the chest at the end to obtain the Spinner, this dungeon's item of
choice. To make your way out, go either east or west from the chest, and you
should see a rail in the wall. Use the Spinner while against the wall to take
you to the entrance, and get off here. Exit. Out in this room, go up to the left
wall and use the spinner to take you out east, and once you get knocked off at
the end into the pool of sand, move the spinner to the opposite side of the
pool, and the railing on that wall will take you up to the door. Hop off the
spinner, and enter into a new area.

	In here, move against the left wall and use the Spinner to go straight
down the sand. When you near a rotating platform with a single spike attached,
move to the left wall, and once it propels you, go to the right wall. This will
take you along a ways until you drop down below a spike, with some Skeletos
enemies nearby. Kill the Skeletos.


	After you have finished off all the enemies, head west up the hill, and
open up the chest for another Piece of Heart. With that done, face the north,
and then equip the spinner to go right. Once you make it past the spikes, jump
to the right wall once the gap in the left occurs, then jump back to the left.
You will then be dropped in the southeast corner of the room, where there is a
sand pool with a platform in the middle. Go up against any part of the railing,
and head around clockwise to go up and to the northern section of the room.

	Down here, head to the west end, defeating the Skeletos Knights (you
don't have to blow them up this time, as it is not required), and open the chest
at the end for a yellow Rupee. Head east now to the opposite end of the hallway
and climb up to the top. Turn around to face west, and you should see a straight
line with two railings, and spike traps. Use the spinner starting off on either
track, but jump to the opposite side with B once you near a spike trap. If you
fall, merely head back up to the east again and repeat. Once you reach the top,
enter the next room, and open the chest for the Big Key.

	Head west along either railing into the next room. In here, go to the
center of the room, where you should see a hole in the floor that looks about
the shape of your spinner. Activate your spinner, and it will drop into the
hole. Hit the B Button repeatedly to spin, and in doing so cause the walls to
the north to rotate. Head north, and go up west using the Spinner to the next
platform. Use the spinner against the railings, and then head to the top of the
room. Up here, break open the skulls and capture a Fairy if you wish.

	Afterwards, get back onto the spinner, but as soon as you leave the top
platform, JUMP. If you time it right, you will jump right towards the center,
and onto the platform here. If not, go back up and do it again. Once you do make
it onto the pillar, de-equip your Spinner to make sure you are not thrown off,
then go over the hole and equip your Spinner again. Hit B repeatedly to spin,
until the torches light up and the rail around the pillar begins to move up. Use
the Pillar to head up and to the top. Go up the hill here, and enter the boss's
room. Walk down the hill to view a cutscene, and initiate the boss fight.

			         TWILIT FOSSIL
	Easily one of the best boss fights in the game, Stallord is another
fight split up into two. For the first section, Stallord will be a giant skull
mounted on top of a spine. Around the room is a single circular rail, that goes
around in an endless loop. As Link, you must use your Spinner on this rail, and
then go around until you are finally to the back side of Stallord. Once you get
there, you must jump off, slide down to Stallord's back side, and jump onto his
spine to break off one of his vertebrae (you cannot just run into it to damage

	Of course, this wouldn't exactly be a boss fight if Stallord had no
countermeasures. While going down the sand, skeletal guards will pop up from out
of the sand. While they will do no damage, they will act as a wall which the
Spinner will bounce away, creating a giant-sized Pinball bowl. You can take some
of them down permanently by jumping at them to crush them.

	To defeat Stallord's first form, you must hit his vertebrae thrice.
After the first time, there will be spike traps going along the rail on the
outside of the room, so if you see one coming for you, jump off, then head back
and rejoin the rail after the spike trap. Also, more guards will pop up to
defend Stallord.

	Once the sand sinks down, head to the hole in the center of the floor,
and put your Spinner in it. Rotate it around to bring a tower up, and Stallord's
skull will reawaken for the second part of the battle.

	In this half of the battle, you will have the tower and the outer wall,
both equipped with a railing, and a small space in between. Link must go up the
tower railing, as it will take him up, while the outer wall only goes around.
Eventually, you will catch up with Stallord's skull, whom will spit a fireball
out at you. Once it nears, jump and Link will automatically go to the outer wall
(or vice versa if your origin was the outer wall). Eventually, Stallord will
move closer to Link. Once he is between you and the opposite wall, jump off to
ram Stallord to the ground, then run over to him and slash at him. Repeat this
phrase at least once more to win (after the first hit, spikes will appear on the

	After the battle is over, pick up your Heart Container, then head across
the bridge and leave the tower. Outside, go west and up the stairs, jumping
across the gaps 'til you make it to the top, then turn east inwards. Run around
counterclockwise inside, and walk up to the statue at the end. You will be
forced into a battle with FIVE of the twilight creatures, so morph into a wolf,
take out three of them, then trap the remaining two in an energy field.
Afterwards, go up to the statue in the center of the room, and use the railing
to go to the top. Go through the (admittedly fairly lengthy) cutscene. Once it
is done, warp to the Castle Town.

	Try to head inside as a human, and you will get stopped by the postman,
whom brings you a letter from Barnes' Bombs. Afterwards, continue on into the
town. Inside the castle town, head over to Telma's Bar, and talk to Telma, whom
will give you a bit of direction. Go over to the table to examine the map, and
Ashei will be mentioned as having gone to Snowpeak Mountain, with her location
marked on your own map. With your new direction set for you, head out of the
Castle Town, and warp to Zora's Domain.

	You will be transported to the inner throne room. Exit this room through
the south via the current, and outside, morph back into regular Link before
going down the waterfall. Down below, climb out onto the east ledge, and head
north until you are right next to a cave tunnel going east (marked by the red
dot on the map). Exit out this way to Snowpeak.

	Here, head straight east to encounter Ashei. Listen to her, and you will
obtain Ashei's Sketch. Head back into Zora's Domain, and talk to the two guards
next to the entrance to Snowpeak. Show them the Sketch by equipping it on one of
your B Buttons. They will mention Prince Ralis. Afterwards, head back up to the
top of the waterfall via the Zora swimming in the water near the base, then warp
to Kakariko Village.

	In here, head north and west to the center-west exit into the graveyard.
Head to the far western-most section of the graveyard, and climb through the
tunnel. On the opposite side, swim through the water over to King Zora's Grave,
and talk to Ralis. After he is done talking, show him Ashei's Sketch, and he
will hand you the Coral Earring, which shall automatically attach to your
fishing rod. Now crawl back across the tunnel, and warp to Zora's Domain once

	Here, head one screen south. Outside, morph back into a human, then jump
down the waterfall to the lake at the bottom. Head to the west part of the
water, where you should see two sister rocks, one smaller than the other. Look
down, and you should see some red fish. Now, climb onto the nearby ledge and
start fishing. For those of you whom do not remember how to do this or have
difficulty in doing it;

	The first thing that you need to do is cast the bobber into the water.
If it does not go down into the water but rather floats, jab a bit with the
Remote to move it. Once the green part of the bobber goes COMPLETELY underwater,
tug upwards by moving the Remote up from your original position, and
horizontally (near your head). If the FISH ON! sign appears, hold the Remote in
that position, and you should eventually catch the fish.

	Once you succeed in catching it, morph into a wolf and sniff the
Reekfish to learn the Reekfish Scent. Do not bother changing back into a human;
instead, head up the path going into Snowpeak mountain.

	From the top, head straight east and then jump down off the ledge. From
here, equip your senses, and then head over to the lake. Make a habit of
constantly turning your senses on and off as you jump over the platforms to the
opposite side of the lake; if you fall into the water, the sheer cold of it will
freeze you and send you to the back of the area.

	Once you make it over, head up the hill, where you shall be encountered
by a pack of hostile snow wolves. Ignore them for now, only attacking if they
get in your way, as they will respawn quite quickly. Instead, continue following
the Reekfish scent, and stick to the trail closely. If you get blown off the
side of the mountain by straying off-course, you will have to restart the whole
area. Finally, you should hit a wall with the scent. Head a bit south from here,
and go up and around the ramp and ledge, then continue with the scent. At the
next impasse, head up to the right again, then go around the ledge near the end
and double-back your way on higher ground.

	Finally, however, you will reach a dead end. Dash into the wall with all
the snow to cause some of it to cave in, then climb up the steep pile. From
here, head west along the scent trail, but once you come to the first tree, turn
right to find another howling stone on the peak. Learn the new howl and seek out
the white wolf, and then once you are returned to Snowpeak, continue along the
Reekfish Scent trail. When you hit the end of the trail, dig down into a cave.

	Inside here, avoid the ice, as it will freeze you and cause damage.
Change back into a human and climb up the ledges, while warding off the handful
of Ice Keese that will swarm you. Continue up the vines to the top, transform
yourself back into a wolf, and head outside. Out her, try to head up the ramp,
and you will be thrust into a battle with three Twilight creatures. Take care of
any remaining Ice Keese first, kill one of the Twilight monsters, then finish
the other two off with an energy field to create a portal to Snowpeak mountain.

	After the battle, change back into a human, then head up the hill and
you shall have an encounter with the Yeti. Afterwards, he shall invite you down
to his house. Headbutt the tree to bring down a piece of ice, and get on it; the
course will be pretty straight, so do not worry about going off-course. Basic
controls are A to crouch, and releasing A to jump (the latter will be required
for a few gaps on the snowboarding course). You can also wield your sword to
fend off Ice Keese. Basic tips are: make sure not to hit the frozen ice, as it
will damage you, and swerve aside to avoid obstacles, as well as making sure not
to fall off the side of the mountain.

	Once you hit the bottom, listen to Midna, then go up the staircases to
enter the Snowpeak Ruins.

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + |
|				 2. SIDEQUESTS		        	       |

			        a. HEART PIECES

	1. Faron Woods - As regular Link, go to the first truly big open
			 clearing of Faron Woods, after you travel through the
			 dark tunnel at the beginning of the forest. In here,
			 travel along the left side of the area according to
			 the map, and enter the room in the upper-left corner.
			 In here, defeat the enemies, and then light the two
			 torches. A big chest will appear on the upper ledge.
			 Open it to obtain the Heart Piece. If you do not get
			 this piece before Faron Woods falls into the Twilight
			 Realm, then after you finish filling the first Vessel
			 of Light, go to the area with the fog. Use the Lantern
			 to ward off the fog, and head to the northwest most
			 part of the map, and enter the cave inside here.

	2. Forest Temple - In the centralized room near the start of the dungeon
			   where you can head left, right, or north, go through
			   the right door. In here, head up the staircase, and
			   head west over the platform (making sure the plant
			   guarding it is dead first). Head right, where you
			   should see two spiders hanging off a wall with vines.
			   Slay the spiders, then jump onto the vines, and climb
			   up. To your right, you should see a bomb spider. Kill
			   it and grab the bomb, then go right a bit more and
			   throw it over the edge of the cliff down below, where
			   a plant will swallow it and blow up. Drop below, and
			   open the chest it was guarding for the Heart Piece.
			   If you do not get this by the time you complete the
			   Forest Temple, come back with the Clawshot to get
			   across the ropes in place of the monkeys.

	3. Forest Temple - In the room with the body of water, go to the
			   opposite side of the chamber, where the four torches
			   surround a bunch of enemies in the floor tiles.
			   Equip the Gale Boomerang and target the torches that
			   are already lit. This will cause them to extinguish,
			   which will make the wooden stands drop down,
			   revealing an unguarded treasure chest. Open it for
			   the Heart Piece. If you do not get this by the time
		 	   you complete the Forest Temple, come back with the
			   Clawshot to get across the ropes in place of the

	4. Ordon Village - After you head back to Ordon Village to learn sumo
			   wrestling from Mayor Bo, head up to the Ordon Ranch
			   and offer to Fado to round up the herd of goats
			   once more. Do so, and once the deed is done, he will
			   reward you with a Heart Piece for your efforts.

	5. Goron Mines - In the room after meeting the first Goron Elder,
			 activate the magnets and get onto the ceiling. Walk
			 over to the northwest corner of the room using your
			 map, and here, check below you to make sure you have
			 sturdy ground with a chest. When you find it, drop down
			 over it and open the chest for your Heart Piece.

	6. Goron Mines - In the room with two guards and two Beamos Statues, and
			 a strip of magnetic metal on the wall to the right, go
			 to that wall and climb up. Once you get to the top,
			 however, do not go north; instead, head south, and use
			 your C-Scan to make sure you drop onto the ledge. Once
			 you do, open the nearby chest for a Heart Piece.

	7. Kakariko Village - After defeating the boss of the Goron Mines, head
			      to Barnes' Bomb Shop, and speak to the Goron that
			      is standing right next to it and take his offer to
			      be launched onto the roof. Head up the staircase,
			      then go north and up the ramp to the top. Head
			      east from here, and talk to the Goron to launch
			      yourself up onto the outpost. Climb the rest of
			      the way up, and talk to Talo. Accept his request
			      to show off your archery. For the first two
			      targets, you should be able to hit them easily.
			      With the last target, turn off Remote Aiming (+
			      Menu > Options > Turn Pointer OFF), then aim with
			      your nunchuk at the right edge of the top of the
			      outpost. Move your bow slightly left each shot
			      until you finally nail the pole to win a Heart

	8. Kakariko Village - Once you pick up bombs from Barnes' Bomb Shop, go
			      to the southeast entrance to the village. To the
			      south wall when coming in, there should be a
			      boulder with a dead tree nearby. Bomb the boulder,
			      then head through the cavern that is revealed and
			      up the tunnel. Dive off the ledge outside into the
			      pond below, and use the Iron Boots to sink down.
			      Open the chest at the bottom for another Piece of

	9. Kakariko Village - From the southeast entrance to the village, head
			      to the spring, and face it with your back to the
			      village. Look up and to the left, and you should
			      see three boulders lying on the corner of one of
			      the cliffs. Equip your Bomb Arrows (- Menu,
			      highlight Bombs, hits Z), then aim the arrow at
			      the boulders. This will cause them to blow up, and
			      reveal a Heart Piece. Take out your Gale Boomerang
			      and throw it at the Heart Piece to retrieve it.

       10. Lake Hylia - After being changed back into a human, go to Fyer and
			Falbi's Watertop. Head up to the top via cannon, and
			talk to Falbi here. Pay him the 20 Rupees required to
			play, then grab a cuccoo and float down. You should note
			quickly a greyish platform with four different floors on
			it; try to aim for the top or second-top floor. If you
			land on the top, drop down a floor after opening the
			chest and open the second-highest floor chest for the
			Piece of Heart.

       11. Lakebed Temple - After you obtain the Clawshot, go to the centralized
			    room with the staircase. Head to the top floor, and
			    from one of the open ledges, aim your clawshot up
			    towards the glass chandelier at the ceiling. You
			    should see some targets, so aim at one of them. Once
			    you make it up to the top, drop down, and open the
			    chest for your Heart Piece.

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + |
|				  3. CONTROLS		        	       |

			           a. GENERAL

	These are controls that apply between all three forms - Link himself,
the Wolf, and while on horseback.

(1) - Allows you to open the FIELD MAP/DUNGEON MAP.

	A - Zoom in on the Map; Brings specific rooms into focus.
	B - Zoom out on the Map; Takes specific rooms out of focus.
	Analog Stick - Moves the area map around. Couple with A to drag the map
	Aim - Allows you to select a specific room of the area or dungeon.

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      tttt  ;;,     ::DD########################WWii
      ;; ,;;;;   .;;;;WW############EE##########WW..
        ;i;;    ii;;jj############ff..GG##########;;
        ..  ;;ii....LL##########GG..  ;;KK########;;
            ii..    KK########DD..      iiWW######ii
                  ii########KK,,          jj######LL
                  LL######WW;;              LL######;;
                  DD####WWii                ..KK####tt
                ,,WW####jj                    ;;WW##GG
                ff####LL                        tt##WW,,
                LL##GG..                          LL##tt
                jjKK..                            ..KKLL

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