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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Final Boss's Walkthrough

by soul.lord.izo

Ok here is my Walkthrough for Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess. I will break this walkthrough into four steps. Here I will tell you how to kill Ganon's Puppet Zelda, Dark Beast Ganon, Horseback Ganon and Dark Lord Ganon.
This steps will be numbered and will be set into very easy and pro style ways to kill all the bosses I named. This will be quick if you follow these.

Step 1: Ganon's Puppet Zelda
Step 2: Dark Beast Ganon
Step 3: Hourseback Ganon
Step 4: Dark Lord Ganon


Step 1: Here I will tell you how to kill Ganon's Puppet Zelda. First off she will attack you with light balls that will come from her sword. If these balls of light hit you, you will become paralyzed. When she shoots these light balls at you, reflect them with your sword.
She will reflect them back, this will go on only for a couple of seconds. When she gets hit by them she will then become paralyzed. Don't attack her with arrows, they will do nothing to her. After that she will attack you with a huge Triforce blast that will come up below you.
The best way to dodge this is by side jumping to your left or right to get out of it. Next she will fly down at you with her sword coming at you. When she’s coming at you just jump to the side like you did with the Triforce attack. She will then go back with the light ball attack.
Just hit them back at her like you did before. She will repeat most of these attacks, just dodge them and finish her off.


Step 2: This I will tell you how to kill Dark Beast Ganon. My brother is very good at this game and he knows the best way to kill him. Ok so will teleport above you after you fight and defeat Ganon's Puppet Zelda.
Here is the main attacks for Dark Beast Ganon.

Charge Attack: Mainly just run at you and do some damage.
Slam Attack: Dark Beast Ganon will disappear and fall down on top of you and do lots of damage.
Teleporting Attack: Dark Beast Ganon will come out of the portals and charge at you doing medium damage.

This attacks are easy to dodge, you might not get hit by these attacks. If you have noticed, lots of rocks and jars around. If you have taken any damage recover it by breaking the jars and rocks for health.  Take out your bow and arrow and point it at the portals while up against the eastern corner of the arena. Keep the bow and arrow pointed at the portals. There will be one that will still be there after a while and changing colors. Wait until Dark Beast  Ganon comes running out, shoot him in the crystal on his for head. He will fall down and stay down for a minute.  Now run up there and slice his stomach with your sword. Repeat this one more time tell he goes into his next battle phase.  Now when you see him go into his portals, turn into Dark Wolf Link and when he comes running at you. Minda will tell you to hit the (A) button. When you do this move the control stick side to side really fast. You will nock Dark Beast Ganon down to the ground. Now turn to Link and slice Dark Beast Ganon’s stomach . Now Dark Beast Ganon is history.


Step 3: This will tell you how to kill Horseback Ganon.  My brother is again the one who is the person that this Walkthrough is made by. The battle of Horseback Ganon happens in a big field on Horseback of course. Now I will list the attacks that Horseback Ganon uses.

Phantom Blaze:   Horseback Ganon will shoot Phantoms at you from behind him.
Sword Attack:      If you stay to close to Horseback Ganons side he will swing his sword and  do damage to you.

Now that those basic attacks are named. Phantom Blaze and his Sword Attack will nock you off of your Horse and onto the ground. This will miss up your aim with Zelda’s light bow and arrow. The best way to hit him will be by staying right behind him the whole time. Using the boost only when he takes sharp turns.
Now when Zelda’s bow starts to glow and she’s getting ready to shoot Horseback Ganon.  Zelda will shoot a arrow at Horseback Ganon stunning him. Now you ride up next to him and slice many times at him until the stun stops. You continue this until he is finished off. He will fall off of his Horse and you will be ready to fight Dark Lord Ganon.


Step 4: How to kill Dark Lord Ganon. He is tough, evil, and not that hard to beat. I will not tell you the attacks because I don’t now all the attacks he uses. He will use lots of combat moves so stay away from him when you see him fixing to attack you. You must kill him with your sword at any given time that you have.

Now here I will tell you how to kill Dark Lord Ganon. Now the only way to kill him is with the master sword. If you use the other sword you will just bounce off of him. But my brother tried just for this to see what happens. If you do it might make you laugh. Now the best way to kill him is by keeping a lock on him and roll around him when he attacks. When you hit him after he does that it will nock him off balance and gives you a great chance to make him take damage. When he slices down and it shows the (A)!!! hit it fast. You will lock in combat. If you do this right you will nock him backwards and you can jump in for some massive damage. Do this about six times and he will do the (A)!! thing again. This time you will jump up and stab your sword into his heart killing him. Now you have beaten the game.


XX Bonus info XX 

Before you finish off Dark Lord Ganon, put on your Iron Boots and Golden Armor. When it shows the movie at the end when you run to Minda, it will show Link of course but you will be wearing the Golden Armor and the Iron Boots. But as Link runs he will not be moving really slow like he does in the game. I thought that was really cool to do. 


If you have any questions email me at

[email protected]

Ask me any question you want and I will contact you back and answer it!
I hope you all think this was good info to work with thanks!