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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Cheats and Tips

We have 27 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Questions & Answers page.

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Goddess Wall Drawings

Once you have located a Goddess Wall by keeping an eye out for Blessed Butterflies and playing the harp, you can perform a Skyward Strike on the wall to start a drawing minigame.

Draw one of the items below in a single stroke to get various rewards:


A group of hearts.


30 Bombs.


A group of rupees.


30 Arrows (need feathers drawn on one end and a pointed head).


A group of Pink Fairies.

Access to Zelda's Room

As you have probably noticed, Zelda's room is always locked. There is, however, another way to get in, once you have the Clawshot.

Get on the roof using the ledge near the top entrance to the Knight's Academy and then go down the chimney. To do this, you need to use the Clawhshot on the target at the back of the chimney.

It is best to enter at night for some additional secrets, and once inside you can see Zelda's Diary, pick up a Gratitude Crystal, get a Heart Piece and examine the Tingle Doll.

Moonlight Merchant

To visit the Moonlight Merchant, head for the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft during the night time. You should be able to locate 3 Blessed Butterflies, at which point you need to play the harp as if summoning a Gossip Stone. You can then buy the items below from the merchant:

Blue Bird Feather: 200 Rupees

Dusk Relic: 100 Rupees

Evil Crystal: 100 Rupees

Goddess Plume: 200 Rupees

Golden Skull: 200 Rupees

Monster Horn: 100 Rupees

Gratitude Crystal Rewards

Below is a list of the rewards that you can earn from collecting Gratitude Crystals if you hand them in to Batreaux:

2 Gold Rupees: 70 Crystals

Big Wallet and Cursed Medal (Holds 1,000 Rupees): 30 Crystals

Giant Wallet (Holds 5,000 Rupees): 50 Crystals

Gold Rupee: 40 Crystals

Piece of Heart: 10 Crystals

The Medium Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees): 5 Crystals

Tycoon Wallet (Holds 9,000 Rupees): 80 Crystals

Potion Upgrades

The following bugs can be caught in Overworld using the Bug Net or Big Bug Net. When you have caught the specified bugs take them to the Potion Lady's husband in the Skyloft Bazaar along with the base potion to upgrade it.

Revitalizing Potion+ (20 Rupees):

3 Deku Hornets, 2 Skyloft Mantises, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles.

Air Potion+ (20 Rupees):

2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Skyloft Mantises, 2 Lanayru Ants.

Heart Potion+ (20 Rupees):

1 Woodland Rhino Beetle, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Volcanic Ladybug.

Revitalizing Potion++ (30 Rupees):

3 Lanayru Ants, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles, 1 Gerudo Dragonfly, 1 Sand Cicada.

Stamina Potion+ (20 Rupees):

3 Volcanic Ladybugs, 2 Sky Stag Beetles, ..

Restoring Health

If you sit on the small stools or chairs which are found in dungeons your hearts will begin to refill after several seconds.

Unlock Hylian Shield

In Hero mode defeat eight bosses in a row in Boss Challenge at Lanayru Gorge. After the 7th boss, the Thunder Dragon will inform you that after your next win if you quit you will be awarded with an 'absurdly sturdy shield. This shield is the Hylian Shield.

Boss Rush Mode

To unlock 'Boss Rush' mode in Skyward Sword, you need to revive the Thunder Dragon at Lanayru Gorge.

In Skyward Sword, the mode you get as a reward is called 'Lightning Round'. This allows you to battle bosses you have previously fought for additional rewards.

Below are some of the rewards that you are given for defeating certain numbers of bosses:

1 Boss: 20 Rupees

2 Bosses: Small Treasure

3 Bosses: 100 Rupees

4 Bosses: Heart Piece/200 Rupees

5 Bosses: 300 Rupees

6 Bosses: Rare Treasure

7 Bosses: 500 Rupees

8 Bosses: Absurdly Sturdy Shield (Hylian Shield)/1,000 Rupees

9 Bosses: 2,000 Rupees

10 Bosses: 3 Rare Treasures

11 Bosses:

Item Upgrades

When you collect the specified materials the owner of the Scrap Shop in Skyloft will upgrade the corresponding item:

Medium Bomb Bag (Small Bomb Bag Upgrade, 50 Rupees):

Collect 1 Lizard Tail, 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Blue Bird Feather.

Medium Quiver (Small Quiver Upgrade, 50 Rupees):

Collect 3 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 5 Amber Relics.

Medium Seed Satchel (Small Seed Satchel Upgrade, 50 Rupees):

Collect 4 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Ornament Skulls.

Large Bomb Bag (Medium Bomb Bag Upgrade, 100 Rupees):

Collect 3 Lizard Tails, 4 Jelly Blobs, 2 Hornet Larvae, 1 Golden Skull.

Large Quiver (Medium Quiver Upgrade, 100 Rupees):

Collect 2 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 1 G..

Triforce Logo

To get the triforce logo on your save file, complete the game once, then defeat the final boss on Hero mode and save your progress following the credits.

Theme Tune Easter Egg

Play the Skyward Sword theme music backwards and you will find that it is Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time!

The second half of the video below will show you the reversed theme:

Watch the video

Unlockable: Hero Mode

After completing the game, you can play a new one in Hero mode. This means that your health will go down at double speed, and hearts and heart flowers do not occur unless you have a heart medal.

Additionally, you keep any insects and treasure from your first play, and have a charged Skyward Strike attack.

Regain Health

If you are low on health and there are no hearts or beds nearby to regain it, look our for seats or tree stumps. If you sit down on these, your hearts quickly recover.

Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round Unlockables

When you win the indicated number of battles in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round you will receive the corresponding bonus.

20 Rupees:

Win 1 battle.

Small Treasure (Random):

Win 2 battles.

100 Rupees:

Win 3 battles.

Piece of Heart or 200 Rupees:

Win 4 battles.

300 Rupees:

Win 5 battles.

Rare Treasure (Random):

Win 6 battles.

500 Rupees:

Win 7 battles.

Hylian Shield or 1,000 Rupees:

Win 8 battles.

2,000 Rupees:

Win 9 battles.

3 Rare Treasures:

Win 10 battles.

3,000 Rupees:

Win 11 battles.

9,900 Rupees:


Seeing Gaepora (Zelda's dad) Naked and Enter Zelda's Room! (And

Yes, you can actually do that in this game. Well, of course the naughty parts are covered up, but he won't be wearing any clothes.

First you'll have to climb on the Knight's Academy's roof at night. Then use the Clawshots on the chimney to enter it and you'll have entered a secret room. Look down and you'll see Gaepora bathing, but sadly you can't join him. Yes, this is why Karane couldn't enter the bathroom at night.

Walk a bit further and you'll find an entrance to Zelda's room. Be sure to check everything! If you do so, you'll find a Gratitude Chrystal and a Heart Piece. Also note the Tingle statue. Oh and you can also read Zelda's dairy... If you dare to.

Finding Kukiel

After you beat the Forest Temple Kukiel's mother will ask you to help her find Kukiel. Now if you ask people around town they will tell you they saw Kukiel playing in the graveyard. Now fly to Pumpkin Landing, here talk to the man who talks about a monster. He'll tell you about seeing the monster in a Graveyard at night. Now fly back to the town and sleep till night after this head for the Graveyard. Theres a tree in the Graveyard just go to the Gravestone nearest to the tree and hit it with your sword. After that push it open and a hidden door should open up. Just go through and follow the path and you'll find Kukiel and the monster.

First Boss battle tips.

The first boss battle is surprising hard for the first boss battle in the game. At first it looks like Ghirahim isn't doing a thing to fight back. This isn't so. He'll block you rather easily and if your not careful he'll disarm you and use your own sword against you. If this happens it best to dodge till he drops it. Just keep attacking him till he gets his own weapon out. Now this guy is fast and will doge a lot. Often he'll come up behind you this is when you quickly turn and hit him. Around now he should also be shooting red things at you. Just try to dodge them if not slash them. He'll also knell down when he does it means hes about to hit you with a powerful attack. Run at him and attack before he can launch the attack. Just keep this up and you should beat him. Items I suggest you..

Sacred Flower

As you are going through the game you will have to help the scrap shop keeper fix his robot.To get a sacred flower all you have to do is go to the Lanyura desert.Remember the first place where you activated the time-shift stone.If you activate this the area will go back to the past surrounding.Look around the chamber[next to the machines on the wall]and you should see a sacred flower.


You can obtain medals that add different effects to you if you put them in you adventure pouch.

Heart Medal: Makes hearts appear more often and in Hero Mode it allows hearts to appear because normaly they don't appear.

Location: Goddess Cube Chest.

Treasure Medal: Causes monsters to drop treasure more often.

Location: Goddess Cube Chest.

Rupee Medal: Rupees appear more often.

Location: Goddess Cube Chest.

Bug Medal: Allows you to see the location of bugs on your map.

Location: Beedle's air shop

Life Medal: Adds an extra heart to your life bar.

Location: Beedle's air shop, Goddess Cube Chest.

Cursed Medal: Has the effects of the Rupee and Treasure medals but you can't access your sheilds or potions...

Statue Jump

When you go to jump off the statue (actually when you get PUSHED off the statue) you have to pull the Wii remote up. If you tilt it down (even since diving) you will fly forward instead of landing in the water. It is frustrating but easy once you get it together.

Stamina fruit

As you travel laying on the ground you'll often see a green fruit like object. These are called stamina fruit and are often laid about on a trail so as your dashing you can refill your stamina gauge without having to stop very much to rest.

How to get a lot of rupees just from the pumpkins

So you know that place with the pumpkins where you can smash them and get rupees? Well if you go there, and smash them all, you'll get some rupees, then walk somewhere else where the pumpkin patch is out of view. Eventually, when you look back, the pumpkins will be there again so you can smash them all again. Just keep doing this until you have a lot of rupees.

(I'm not sure I spelled rupees right. Is it actually rubees?)

Dodoh's Gratitude Request/Dodoh's Minigame

When you've gotten the Clawshots, go to the entrance to Lanayru Desert(but speak to Dodoh on his island first) and activate the Time Stone. Climb up the vines, or Clawshot up, and walk along the ledge. Slowly make your way across the gap, and look for a rainbow wheel. Get closer and have Fi call the robot. Walk down along the ledge to grab a chest, and return to the sky. Fly over to the island and give Dodoh his wheel. He will unlock his minigame for a Heart Piece, lend 5 Crystals, and let you try his game once for free.

For the minigame, you will be blasted up and forced to dive back down. Hit the rings in the sky to rack up mulitpliers, and dodge the Dodoh Balls. If you can land on the 50-Rupee space with a 10x modifier, you get 500 Rupees and a piece of heart.


How to get the Hylian Shield (Strongest shield in the game)

The Hylian Shield isn't that easy to find in this game compared to previous Zelda games. In fact a lot of people probably don't even pick it up since it's optional. However, I think it's really worth it: blocking attacks with it doesn't drain your stamina at all.

So how do you get it? Well Lanayru, the thunder dragon, gives it to you. Don't worry if you don't know who he is, he isn't hidden or something, so you're probably not far enough yet. But he won't give it to you for free, you'll have to win it by playing his mini-game, it's called Lightning Round. (See my other submission for tips to win it and what other rewards you can get) If you're able to defeat all 11 bosses (12 in hero mode), you'll get the shield!

The Thunder Dragon's Lightning Road

Warning: MAJOR Spoilers Ahead

The Thunder Dragon's Lightning Road is a mini-game in Skyward Sword and a way to replay the boss battles and silent realms. I'll be mostly focusing on the boss fights though. You can play it once you revisit the dragon after saving him.

Boss Battles

Boss Battles is simple, but it certainly isn't easy. You'll fight eleven bosses in a row (all twelve if you are playing Hero Mode), though you can always quit after defeating a boss. You won't be able to heal yourself at all. The only items you'll be able to use are the items you had when you fought the boss the first time and your shield. There really aren't that much tricks you can use, so just be sure to use your shield and block a lot! One thing I do know thoug..

2 cheats in 1!

The first cheat is how to get in zeldas room. U must have the clawshots first. Ok go to the roof of the school. Then use your clawshots on the target on the chimney. Then drop down. Once inside,crawl through the hole then you will drop into zelda's room.once you have done this uthe door will stay unlocked. U can find a peice of heart in the cupboard. U can also read the diary.

The second cheat is weird.fist make sure it is night. U must go on the roof and use the clawshots on the target on the chinmey. Then drop down. Look through the grating. U will find the headmaster naked takin a bath.

Hope you liked the cheats!!!!!!!!!!!

Damienepic is out!

The water way to the sacred flame.

As you go through the game you will get to a point where you have to collect 3 sacred flames.As you are going through the first flame mission[witch is after you get to the dragon] mission to a point in witch you have to slash at a door with a certain direction.The order of these slashes is up,down,<,>.At this point you should be able to go through the door and continue on in your mission.

Hope I was a help.

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