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How to get a big house and more money to buy a house cheat for The Sims 3

How to get a big house and more money to buy a house

How to get more money to buy a house:
If you want to get more money to buy a house at the start of the game you should create 6 people (or more if you can)
Because the more people you have at the start the more money you will get to buy a house. If you have 6 ppl you will get 45,000!! Smile
How to get a REALLY big house:
If you want a bigger house than the one you have 2 buy, follow these steps:

1. If you have 6 ppl and have 45,000 buy the land in the top left hand corner for 7,000

2.If you go into the home style it will (should) say buy home.

3. Now you should be able 2 look at all the really cool houses and if you buy one of them you can save up to build another extension to your house and you should have 38,000 to buy a house.

4. If you get fed up with your big house and want a different one, just go into sell and at the top it should say sell house

5. When you sell your house you will get money for it and then you can buy another one!! Hopefully this cheat will come in usefull to some people!! Smile

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Apr 21st 2011, ID#4438


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Feb 20th 2015 Guest
If you have the playstion three and want lots of money press L 1 L 2 R 1 R 2 all at the same time then it will say lets the cheat begin and select that then save your game otherwise next time you go on it it will not be a cheat and then you can buy any house you like and have full karma points hope this helped
ID #518540
Sep 29th 2014 Guest
Buy 60 three star fish and put them in it fridge for ten seconds then take them back out and go sell them
ID #453085
Aug 23rd 2014 Guest
I hate this cheat code
ID #440010
Jun 20th 2014 Guest
if you want more money just do ctrl + shift + c then type in motherlode and you have 50 000 simoleons and you can do it over and over and over again
ID #403466
Sep 16th 2013 Guest
i need hhelp with getting a teen to move out with your parents please
ID #309953
Jul 20th 2013 Guest
the same with me I'm really starting to get MAD
ID #298883
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
Guyz if u wnt sweet houses and gear try this. Press l1 l2 r1 and r2 at the same time. Then u by snoop the liama. Then u go to the town map click on ur current houes and say remove house. U will then get a selection of properties. If u choose the empty lot u can build ur own crib. If u choose u bid default house u can sell all the funiture and build ur own new crib.ENJOY
ID #233241
Sep 2nd 2012 Guest
:-/ does doesn't help at all.
ID #182396
Aug 10th 2012 Guest
Oh my god the watermelon thing works do it!
ID #174530
Jul 16th 2012 leahauvsyou
another way is too make a huge family and kill one family meber and there big house

ID #164989
Jul 16th 2012 leahauvsyou
i know how!! first buy a couch then sit on it for 5 seconds..then get up say hello to someone in the city and go back sit on the couch for another 5 seconds..then get up buy watermellon then u can buy a bigger house
ID #164988
May 15th 2012 Guest
I hate this version of sims for wii, you can't have a big house which really sucks when all that I try to do on it is get a giant house to get a giant family happening and when it tells me I'm in violation of the fire code, I get ANGRY WHEN THIS HAPPENS
ID #142303
Apr 15th 2012 Guest
Cheat for unlimited money (ps3): pause the game and press L1, L2, R1, and R2 together.
ID #133972
Mar 18th 2012 Guest
The fact that you cant buy a bigger house despite the fact you may have the money and a lot large enough to accommodate it is probably a glitch/fault in the game itself. Iv tried everything and theres just no gettng around the"fire code violation". Which to me there shouldnt even be a fire code; as long as you have the money you should be able to buy whatever you want-house or otherwise
ID #124265
Mar 4th 2012 Guest
why dose it come up saying violation of the fire code i tried to get rid of my things in my house but it never went down its so annoying you carnt even spend your chest point[/color]
ID #120443
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
a better cheat to have unlimited money is to when u first start, buy a small empty house,then put a bed and a fridge in it. when u return to the game, buy 70 or more 3 star catfish from the market, then put them in the fridge, go to sleep. when u get up, take the all of the fish out of the fridge then sell them at the market. this will not only give u unlimited money, but it will also upgrade a building in the town
ID #116184
Feb 17th 2012 Guest
i want to buy i giant sweet house but it says i am in violation of fire code IT SUCKS some one HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #115851
Feb 11th 2012 Guest
It keeps saying in violation of some fire code when I try to buy a house
ID #113938
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
how come everytime i want to by a good looking house it says the violtion code someone plese help me
ID #112147
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
hi everyone everytime i try to place big house down on my lot it says violation code please help
ID #112145
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
beter on xbox
ID #111896
Dec 31st 2011 Guest
If you want to get $999,999, then go to the store Andy but 100 or more 3 star catfish. Then go home and put them into your fridge. Then you go to sleep and when you wake up, you put the catfish back into your inventory and go back to the store and sell them. Then you have $999,999.
ID #101268
Dec 29th 2011 Guest
I've just tried it den and it worked for me thanks alot coz i ad £23 now i have 999.999!! =]
ID #99983
Dec 24th 2011 Guest
These directions make no sense at all.
ID #98198
Dec 20th 2011 Guest
im trying it now
ID #96813
Dec 15th 2011 Guest
If you want more money just make your sim pregnant a lot. With strangers. Because if you make them relax and try for a baby even if they don't WooHoo they will still get pregnant. Unless it was a glitch.
ID #95301
Dec 7th 2011 Guest
this is so stupid it says im in volation of some fire code when i try to buy a house even the smaller one and there is nothing on my lot wat do i do? help me
ID #93355
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
thank yew sooooooooo much![color=red][/color] :D
ID #88797
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
it so annoying they should do a upgrade in the wii shop and fix the game!
ID #88700
Oct 14th 2011 Guest
i like it im going to do it and a lt of work
ID #80333
Sep 25th 2011 Guest
hiii .. exatly what u said (above) ^^^^ !!!!!
ID #76449
Sep 20th 2011 Guest
when i buy a house it just comes up with lil red xs all over the items .. i cant even buy a shopwer ... they have to go to randomers and use all theire stuff ..... hellllp ...........ive only had the gam3e for a weeek today !!!!!!!!!!!
ID #75561
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
I really enjoy this game. But the fact that its completely different to the others annoys me. U can't have parties.. I think (if u can tel me how plz!) Ur kids are grown not babies. I wish it was better!!!!!!!!! :'(
ID #69330
Aug 10th 2011 Guest
i like the wii's more coz they are easy to use ad more funner games,and wif sims 3 its awsome but its annoyin how u can not change your clothes i mean like f u cant change your clothes wats the point of making a charector u hav to find the right chat to get it i have found like 50 of em tried em all 1 worked and dont know witch 1 soz cant help with that but wif the houses use smaller ones 1st until u settle in the game and get enough money than go nto the bigger ones (i have bought like 3 light houses already lolz) coz i have almost 300,000coinz any way soz for the long message hope thins message helped a little cya peps have a nice day or night Smile
ID #65762
Aug 10th 2011 Guest
If u can't get a new house that means u have to sell stuff in your inventory.And i have reached 278,671thousand dollars its easy my way is when u earn over 5thousand happines points go in to ur personality thing go on the presant thing go to the bottom 1 and u will see an gold bar ad it will give u 25,000 coins!
ID #65759
Jul 27th 2011 Guest
iluv sims 3 its the best i find it so cool &fun lol xx
ID #61719
Jul 26th 2011 Guest
it sucks that you cant build your own house like on the sims 2 i have a wii im starting to think wii sucks when i had sims 2 i had a ps2
ID #61489
Jul 23rd 2011 Guest
This Did Didnt Help
ID #60557
Jul 19th 2011 Guest
can you build your own houses because i can't
ID #59224
Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
Ok so what's the deal with not being able to place a large house on a large lot? We bought the largest lot which is 64x64 and we are trying to but the largest house and it same the name thing about to many objects and it being a violation. Mind you the lot is empty. So whats the issue?!? Did anyone figure it out? It's a big pain in the a$$ if I may say. Someone please help!!!
ID #51283
Jun 2nd 2011 Guest
This game sucks that's all I have to say!
ID #46427
May 25th 2011 Guest
u cant but the ginormus horses but if u save up click 2 and click on moving and sell your horse and then just buy the really big horse for 103,000 and with furniture it was 178,000 its really nice with furniture!!
ID #44893
May 3rd 2011 kjhg
i am running in the same problem every time i try to put a bigger house on my lot it keeps saying you are in violation of the fire code what do i do
ID #41233
Apr 25th 2011 Guest
Why can't I build a big house, it just keeps saying " to many objects on the lot" but I don't have anything on there. And I have a ton of money..
ID #39612
Apr 22nd 2011 Guest
I am the person that wrote that cheat but listen to this.
If u want the 45,000 4 a house but don't want allot of people, its ok. Because if u don't be those people they will die anyway. Another thing to do is if u have the 6 people make all of them work at the police department or the scientist job because they are the best paying jobs because when i worked at the police department i got permoted every day and got a bonus but i only got it 4 a couple of days but on the last day i got payed 1,200!!!
ID #38990