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How to set someones eles house on FIRE! cheat for The Sims 3

How to set someones eles house on FIRE!

Ok, first you go into someone eles house, but make sure that they have the crap stove.then cook a meal that you can cook on a stove. Then while your cooking, press b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then their shall be black smoke. Oh yeah, make sure that theirs no alarm! And then run out. I really hoped this worked 4 you. Do it to someone you really don't like if you want!

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Oct 4th 2011, ID#4723


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Jul 1st 2015 Guest
What house doesn't have a fire alarm?
ID #578460
Jul 30th 2014 Guest
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    ID #428238
    May 31st 2014 Guest
    How would u know if its the crap stove
    ID #391965
    Jun 17th 2013 Guest
    this is one sweet sweet revenge. I now know what to do if I have to take out a friend that i don't want.
    ID #290943
    May 25th 2013 Guest
    ID #285197
    May 18th 2013 Guest
    Ima try it
    ID #283716
    Apr 14th 2013 Guest
    dont listen to those peps who say it dont work i do it all the time i kileed my ex boyfriend he was cheating on me well me and him cheated because it was wulf goth and my children hated me and him
    ID #273664
    Apr 1st 2013 fudgecake3097
    Cool I'm so gonna try that
    ID #269400
    Mar 23rd 2013 xXNeneLuvXxD
    well then its a good thing i dont have the crap stove.. because i have $999,999... and they never run out.. ^_^
    ID #266506
    Mar 16th 2013 Guest
    Remember you have to have level one in cooking skill and it does work, as I always do it to houses, with people in them or even not. I don't even think it has to be on a crap stove, because the other ones just take longer to go on fire but never try to set the really really good one on fire because it will NEVER work. I hope this gave some advice for the people who don't know how to do this Smile
    ID #264124
    Jan 20th 2013 Guest
    omg i have to try this!
    ID #244769
    Dec 25th 2012 Guest
    It works, it just has to be the lowest costing stove ON THE WII.
    ID #228361
    Nov 29th 2012 Guest
    on the we some idiot came to my house atnight my gilrfreind let him stay over and he got hungry wilst cooking he got tired stoped cooking and got my three children killed it works do not ever let any sim stay the night trust me it ends gritty in the end i commited sucide on sims and it just ruined it all
    ID #213566
    Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
    I hope it works for me because there's someone I would like dead
    ID #167216
    Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
    i cant burn a house down in sims it just set my stov and crap on fire and then it goes out by itself
    ID #167158
    Aug 8th 2015 Guest
    Me too
    ID #595580
    Jul 20th 2012 Guest
    Ok for all you how can't do it first you friends . Then you become friends. Then you cook something if they have a crappy stove then once you see black smoke run out before it becomes a fire and make sure that the enemy doesn't put the fire out. Then once they die if the police come you should run away but if they take you you should try to get bailed out by using this cheat

    999,999 Simolenes

    1. Go to store and buy 100 catfish. Make sure you have $900

    2. Buy the empty lot and put the catfish in the fridge.

    3. After a few hours get the catfish and put it in your inventory.

    4. Give it to the store. You should get about 20,000 per catfish. Then if you get the lifetime wish have $200,000 then the town evaluation should o up.

    5. Then you bail them out with no money lost!

    6. But the most expensive house and start a new life.

    Hope it helped
    ID #166704
    Jul 14th 2012 Guest
    It works!!!! So all of you who can't do it ,your doing it wrong so try again, and if you get tired trying quit complaint to this page and get a life!!!!!
    ID #163925
    Jun 17th 2012 Guest
    This works great if your sim is evil! Haha! Im sooo doing that right now!
    ID #153632
    Jun 9th 2012 Guest
    I caught on fire lol but i lived aha
    ID #150893
    May 30th 2012 Guest
    there is not a crap stove
    ID #147014
    May 16th 2012 Guest
    ID #142732
    May 12th 2012 Guest
    I have it on 3ds. How to do it on that?
    ID #141315
    May 4th 2012 Guest
    Im online the person I hate set my home on fire with my kids and wife in their sleeping they all died the people he knew in real life got online he had a party on done 3 I apoligized to him he allowed me in side and just my luck the stove was near the door so I set it on fire the stove at the back door I set it on fire they were trapped and died perfect revenge then they had another person I hated I went to the grave took all gravestones and put it in his back yard at night I went to his house a ghost was scaring him each house he bought I did the same
    ID #139277
    Apr 25th 2012 Guest
    LOLUMS DEAD SIMS YAY (just to let you know I may now be an arsonist when im older) LOL JOKES BUT IT DOES WORK
    ID #136892
    Apr 22nd 2012 Guest
    It does work
    ID #136011
    Apr 13th 2012 Guest
    I did this!!! Sooo much funn!! Like I went to someones house and it caught on fire and then i made my sim walk in the fire..... idk why!!?? Then i came back a day later (sim time) and it was still on fire!!! :P
    ID #133023
    Apr 12th 2012 Guest
    I haven't tried it yet cuz when ever I go to someone's house they have a good stove thinking bout doing it to my house
    ID #132514
    Mar 21st 2012 Guest
    i killed three people and got set on fire alot
    ID #125059
    Mar 20th 2012 Guest
    it works i burned a fancy house then a little girl on the game yelled seesaw seesaw!!!
    ID #124789
    Mar 3rd 2012 Guest
    i just brunt my my sims ex boyfirends house down
    ID #120122
    Mar 2nd 2012 Guest
    omg i just done it and the owner got set on fire and just carried on eating LOL

    ps i rlly works
    ID #119751
    Feb 11th 2012 Guest
    i tried a bunch o times not working sorry i keep readin an readin to try it but nothing for me
    ID #114134
    Feb 8th 2012 Guest
    If you do it on the wii, your sim will be on fire within 30 seconds, even if your already gone!
    ID #113151
    Feb 6th 2012 Guest
    omg! I just set my so on fire! Hahaha! I restarting the game-.- I have 5 children that can't live without a mom, BUT IT WORKS! :D next time IM RUNNING!
    ID #112600
    Jan 28th 2012 Guest
    lmao it definetly
    ID #110222
    Jan 20th 2012 Guest
    I do not know if it works but Im goin to burn my sisters to the ground bet it is funny to watch
    ID #107683
    Jan 17th 2012 Guest
    This better work!!!!!!!!!!
    ID #106897
    Jan 16th 2012 Guest
    i burned my sims to the ground
    ID #106495
    Dec 31st 2011 Guest
    i haven't tried it yet but it better work!! Smile haha
    ID #101112
    Dec 30th 2011 Guest
    well it dose not work if you really want to do it ON THE WII!
    ID #100479
    Dec 8th 2011 Guest
    if you cant cook on your family it means you dont have a level in cooking. reach level 1 and then you can do it
    ID #93516
    Nov 29th 2011 Guest
    when you cant make food on the stoves or cant get food out of the means you hav to buy a new one....if happens to my account ALOT
    ID #91391
    Nov 27th 2011 Guest
    it works i've done it on my account im trying to do it on my brothers to burn his house down but i cant make food on the stove.......
    ID #90646
    Nov 24th 2011 Guest
    OMG! I did this to somebody and it was hilarious, I caught on fire twice cuz i didn't leave but I put myself out in the shower, those of you who cant do it go to the house by the book store its really long and 1 story, at 11AM or later, (sim time) make mac n cheese in there and press B. Back up and speed the timem(C) and black smoke wil lgo above and start burning, if u catch on fire go to the shower.
    ID #89839
    Nov 20th 2011 Guest
    Thank you I burnt bown my house to test it and it worked!
    ID #88668
    Nov 12th 2011 Guest
    it does work. Try it in the smallest, crappiest house, it does work
    ID #87001
    Nov 1st 2011 Guest
    It does work!!! Just keep trying!!! It really does work!!!! I did it to everyone who didnt have an alarm and practicly all their house went on fire! Im not lying, You must of not done it right!
    ID #84376
    Oct 23rd 2011 Guest
    Yes it does work yu just have to push b and then run out.
    ID #82406
    Oct 23rd 2011 Guest
    does not work just to let you know
    ID #82391
    Oct 8th 2011 Guest
    this does not work i have tryed it SO many times
    ID #79085