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The Sims 3 Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 28 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Mac : Xbox 360 : 3DS : PlayStation 3 : Wii : iPhone/iPad : Android

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Karma Power Locations

Accumulate the required amount of Lifetime Happiness for each of the following Karma Powers then activate them by going to the indicated location and selecting the corresponding Karma Power.

Bless This Mess:

Garden Gnome outside Landgraab house.


Dance Club, near the restrooms.

Cosmic Curse:

Graveyard at night.

Epic Fail:

Statue at Goth's house.

Giant Jackpot:

Bench near the Lighthouse.


Painting in the Art Museum.

Super Satisfy:

Wrought Iron Trellis off the path near the Lighthouse.

The Riddler:

Jet statue near the Military Base.

Winter Wonderland:

Alcove near the Stadium.


Potted flower outside th..

Getting 30,000 in Sims 3 for DS.... SIMPLE

Ok as you have heard you have to marry Alex Goth.. True tht you get 20,000 BUT if you marry Malcom Landgrabb you will get 30,000. All you do is locate his house. And then you talk to him don't flirt right off the bat he wont like it... Then you get close then you start flirting.. Then you ask to leave partner and then get married. I married Alex Goth and wasnt tht great so then I Married Malcom.. :D Enjoy please thumbs up!!

-get lots of money-

First you need to buy the most expensive item you can afford(preferably the flat screen tv)you put it in storage then go into your storage and click on the button that lets you put it in your house before you place the object go back in to storage and you will see the item is still there tap on the button that sells the item leave storage and tap on the screen you will find the tv is still waiting to be placed simply put it in storage and repeat this action each time you do this you get about 4000 dollars my sim had a lifetime wish of owning 100,000 dollars and in a matter of minutes I acheived this

How to Make Money and Increase Your Logic

Okay this is actually really simple. Make sure you sims/sims are happy. I mean like their modlets are fulled or some what filled. Then find a computer. Anywhere, doesn't really where just find a computer. Then click "Solve Riddles." Then fast forward on it. Once you see your sim/sims are getting tired, or hungry, etc. Stop. Click the "X" on the activity. Then you'll see you got +______ whatever amount of many you got. The longer you play, the more money you get and the more your logic increased. Hope it helped!

How to get a lot of money x

Hi Smile how I got a lot of money is I married a guy called alex goth. First you have to make friends with him and then you make your move, you also have to break him up from his wife, cecilia goth, which is very easy once you get him to like you, you just click the option which says 'ask to leave partner'. Then you make him like you more and then when the option comes up you propose to him and then get married. After your married he moves in with you leaving you to control him as your own sim. You should see now that you have over 20,000. :D if you where to break up with him then all that money goes back to him. Hope I helped Smile x

MONEY CHEAT no AR codes involved

This cheat is really easy and actually works! You can use it more than once, whenever you like.

1. Make sure you're in your house on edit mode, then buy something expensive, or select the most expensive item you own. Don't worry, you'll get it back in the end.

2. Put it in storage.

3. Go to your storage and click the item, then select the option to put it in your room again BUT DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR ROOM.

4. Go back to your storage, select the item and sell it.

5. Go back to your room and tap an area on the floor. You should be able to place the item in your room, even though you just sold it!

Repeat these steps till you can buy something even more expensive, then repeat the steps over and over till you have enough money fo..

How to Evict a Sim

For this to work, you must have your sim as your own; not as a pre-played one such a Cecilia Goth.

To evict a sim go to work, or somewhere else such as the bistro, while the sim you want to evict is at home. Go to your phone, and click on the roomates name and there should be three buttons. The third one should be evict.


*Marry Alex Goth, Malcom Langraab, or Don Alto. -Money

*Buy something expensive, like the flatscreen tv, put it in storage. Open your storage and tap the button that allows you to place the tv, before you place it, go back to storage and sell it, then you can still place the tv. Repeat for loads of money

Lots of money

First, get married to someone rich like Alex Goth, Malcom Landgraab,or Don Alto(Don is the richest). Then, buy expensive thing the cheaper 'til all his money runs out.Finally, Divorce him and sell all the things you bought and the you rich.

P.s. I tried it myself and it worked.

How to earn a Luxury Life

First, anything that pops up in the corner saying things like Join Criminal Career or Brush Teeth you have to do.

Next, it will say +____LH (Lifetime Happiness.) Then, you save up to over 30,000 of that lifetime happiness and you can bu the lap of luxury. You will earn over 500,000 dollars. Hope it helps!

How To Get Rich In Under 10 Minutes!

You have to Go to the landgraab's House and Flirt with Malcom and Try and break him up with bambi, when you've broken them up, you can't propose when bambi's around so go back to your house and invite malcom over and propose . After that Press "Get Married" And malcom will Move In , Then Use his Money And Buy The Most pricy thing in the cataloge and put it in you Storage, Then Insult Malcom Till you break up, The insult till a choose come up as " Ask to Leave" And Malcom will leave and youll have 0$ But Remember you have the pricy stuff that you brought in storage . Go in your storage and sell your stuff .

PS . Make sure you buy PRICY STUFF


Marry for Money! (The Richest of the Rich!)

Are you looking for a rich person to marry? If you are you've come to the right place! Simply go to the neigh borhood, go a little east of the Dance Club, and click on the houses until "Visit the Landgraabs" pops up. If the Button is blue; click it. If it's not, either No one's home, or everyone is asleep. If you can't locate the house, I'm sorry to say that you'll need to either start over and get a house on the hill, or seek out the Alto family.

After clicking on "Visit the Landgraabs," (or the Altos,) Skim through the house until you find (if you're a girl) Malcom Landgraab, or (if you're a boy) Bambi Landgraab.

Click on the character I've directed you to, and click them. Click friendly, and say a variety of things to avoid creeping them out. After a while, when you..

Want To get married AND have an extra 5000 happyness points!!!!

Okay you need to propose to somone then get them to move in with you.STAY proposed and eventually one of your sims will have a wish to get married,now add it and get married. SIMPLES!!!!!

Sims 3 Medical Career

To get a medical career you have to start off in the science career then when you reach level 5 it will have 2 paths carry on there or go to the medical career (which starts off with 700 sim money simelons or something) I'm at the top of the medical career with 2, something every day, it pays you quite alot!

BTW: when the game is loading and you have that green diamond you can spin it!!

Stuff :)

When you get married I would recommend getting married to don alto,as he has the most money,then if your lifetime wish is to have 10 relationships,spend the money before splitting up I done this and my sim has a huge house with lots of fancy and expensive furniture

Also if you have 2 or more boygirlfriends do NOT kiss them in front of the other boygirlfriend I done this and now they hate me :(

How to get the wedding dress bottom

When you get married you recieve a wedding dress in the category "outfits". Put the wedding dress on and go to the category "shoes". The shoes you have on are the red high-heals. To you're far right there are white boots. Select the white boots and you should have a shirt on and the bottom of the wedding dress. If this doesnt wurk I'm sry.

How to get two flat screen TVs for 18 simoleons

Ok, so go to the buying place and buy a flat screen TV. Then put it in storage. Now go to your storage, and click the button to put it back in the room, but do not actually put it back. Go back to storage and sell the flat screen. You can still place the flat screen in your home. Now there is a glitchy part in the storage after you use this cheat, but you can use it wisely. Once you have the flat screen, go back to buying state and buy the cheapest thing (which is a rooster pot thingy for 18 simoleons) Put the rooster pot in storage. When you go into your storage, there will not be a rooster pot there, but another flat screen TV because that is what you used your cheat with. Now place the extra TV in you house. YOU HAVE TWO FLAT SCREENS FOR ONLY 18 SIMOLEONS!

2 ways to earn money and increase logic sims 3 DS

1. Buy a telescope and select "search galaxy."

Then,you will be paid by the Beacon Bay Galaxy Club.

2. Use a computer and select "solve riddles.

How to get tons of money, and still be married!

Get your original sim to get with another sim and get married[get a sim that has the "swimming in cash" life time wish I suggest jamar bolton, because I am a female] . [IMPORTANT! Make sure that youve already accumulated 500,000 simoleons]once they move in, buy a piece of furniture, and their liftime will be fulfilled. Then get the sim to get45,000 [the lifetime will already be raised to 35,000] then hit lap of luxury, and your amount will be doubled! Then have an argument, and don't break up, ask them to leave. [the game will save, and the sim will no longer be in your control, but will still be in the house/area where you are] after youve done this, make up, and get the sim to move back in, the game will save again. Then DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN! There is no limit on how many times you c..

Getting married

First flirt with your acciured person once they think you are very alluring flirt more and hug and kiss till they think you are extremely irresistible. Then click an amorous and click on propose marrige. Then hug and flirt and kiss more till their social meter is filled to the top, then click on amorous and select the icon get married. That is how you get married.

How to live at the Dance club!

Food : Make and drink smoothies from the smoothie bar.

Social: Chat with people at the club, or invite people to the club on your simphone.

Fun: Dance.

Bladder: Use bathroom.

Hygene: Wash your hands several times until your hygene bar is green.

Sleep: Take naps on the couches.

I tried this with my sim and she had a great and happy life. I hope this works for you. Smile

Avoiding the overworked mood

Want to raise your Sims career faster? Well, when you're at work change your work tone to WORK HARD. But when you done working, you'll get a bad mood -> overworked.

How to avoid it? Well it's pretty simple. It's DEFINITELY will NOT hurt your job performance, or at least, not disturbing it :p It also needs a perfect timing. Once you late, you will get this overworked mood and it will decrease your mood.

So here it is. You should remember the time when your Sim done working. Just few minutes before they done (I recommend 7-10 minutes)change their work tone from WORK HARD to BUSINESS AS USUAL (actually I think you can change to any work tone but I recommend this :p) and when they done the job, they will not get the overworked.

Hope this help=D

How to get rich fast

To get rich fast you can marry alex/celicia goth, or malcom/bambi landgrab or don/holly alto. Also, the best paying career track is law enforcement. You can join by computer or go to it's actual location.

Different Cheats/Hints

1• The three richest males in the game are, maclom landgraab, Alex goth, and alto. Alto is the most richest with 75,000 in his household, Alex goth has 50,000 and maclom has 70,000.

2• want 30,000? 50,000? Even 100,000? Let me tell you how to. Buy the flat screen TV, it's the most expensive. Place it, put it in storage, tap the placement bottom but go back and sell it without placing it. When you touch the screen it'll appear. Keep doing this to get those amounts! •I've done this before•

3• this may or may not work. Children, want to have them? One, be married for 20 days, and then flirt until it says they thing the sim is romantically resistable. And have them both relax on a twin bed, and the option for woohoo might appear. The female is supposed to be ..

How to get outside products inside you're house

The "semetary gate" the "iron trellis" the "umbrella" and some other items can only be "outside". Well I found out how to get them "inside". What if there waz a hole in you're wall and they were "outside". Once you get that far close the hole in you're wall. Then the item is inside. When you do that, you cannot move the item.

How to get a lot of money on the Sims 3 DS

So, hey, this is how to get a lot of money on the Sims 3 DS. It's probably worthless, but I'm writing it so everyone can understand it!


First marry/become room-mates with Alex Goth/Cecilia Goth/Malcom Landgraab/Bambi Landgraab/Don Alto/Mary Alto.

You can do this by socializing with them (getting them to like you). Right, when you are controlling two Sims, go back to your lot and onto the furniture icon. Click on the bag icon. Now buy a hang-on-the-wall flat screen plasma TV. It costs $8,000. When you have bought it place it ANYWHERE in your house. Now exit furniture mode and leave your lot (you must be the character YOU made to do this bit). Click on your simphone and click on the diamond. Click on your room-mat..

Fast money

Marry any rich person you can and then buy things with their money, find something you do not like about that person and fight till you make them break up with you or you can divorce them.

Gain Skill Faster

You have to have two sims to do this and this is for 3ds. First have one sims do something that they will be able to gain skill,make sure the bar is over the their head when you switch to the other sim, then have the other sim stand right next to them. Next put the speed on three then have the sims doing nothing call someone but when you go to the meun that lets you chose which person to talk to, don't click noone and the sim who is gaining a skill, the skill bar will go up faster. I HOPE IT WORKS!!!

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