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Super Mario Galaxy Cheats and Tips

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We've got a selection of cheats that include unlocking the Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121, unlocking Luigi as playable Character and unlocking the alternate ending.

More Super Mario Galaxy Wii Cheats and Tips

We have 80 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Galaxy please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Super Mario Galaxy Questions & Answers page.

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Starting Boost when Racing Shadow Mario

When you are racing against Shadow Mario hold forward when the countdown timer starts and when it hits 2 hold down on Z to crouch. Then press A as soon as the race starts and for several seconds you will turn yellow and recieve a boost that will leave Shadow Mario way behind.

Unlock Luigi

To unlock this hidden character you must collect ALL 120 stars and then return to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory and ask to fight Bowser again. When the credits have completed you will see a message that tells you that Luigi is now available as a playable character.

Unlock Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121

Collect ALL 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser, when you've done this the Grand Finale Galaxy becomes unlocked which is the Star Festival you saw at the start of the game. When you have collected the 100 purple coins in this galaxy you get Star 121 which is the final star.

Homing Attack

To perform this special move which attacks the nearest enemy or breakable object in the game you have to press Z when you spin in midair.

Fly with Mario

When you have beaten Bowser with Mario go to the gate and step onto the little castle. Agree to help Rosilina protector of the cosmos and she will leave you with a red powerup luma to help you. Collect ALL 100 purple coins and you will get a red star which will give Mario red and black clothing and the ability to fly.

Homing Butt Stomp!!!!!!!

So here is a special butt stomp. First you need a spin luma to do this stomp. Now get near a enemy then jump then spin and do a butt stomp and then you will hit the enemy and you are in a place where you can't hit the enemy. Thanks for reading the cheat.

NOTE:Please RATE or mario will cruch YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


During gameplay use a second Wiimote and although a second player will not appear the second Wiimote will have it's own pointer giving the other player the ability to assist in collecting items and helping Mario's jumps.


You know that the firepower is a limited time well not any more just pause the game and just press 1and2 together and you will hear no music.

Watermelons instead of Coconuts

This will happen when you have collected 9,999 Star Bits in the Hub.

Death Count

When you have collected the final star with Mario and Luigi so you have the required 120 to unlock the 'Grand Finale Galaxy' and saved the game you can then view your death count on your 'Save' file to see how many times you were killed during the game with Mario and Luigi.

Green power stars!!!

So if you want to get Green power stars do the following.

1st Green power star: rescue Lugi in battle rock galaxy.

2nd Green power star: in bouy boue galaxy go under water and destory the glass cage with a under water bullet bill and go into the tube and destory the 2nd glass cage and there will be a green power star

NOTE:There are three Green power stars but the 3rd green power star is unknow to me...also please rate this cheat

Forever fire power

you now that your firepower is limited time not any more just puase the game and press1and2 and walla no more limited firepower unless if you get hit

Red Luma's Secret/How to use the secret!

Have you ever wondered what the Red Luma's secret was? Well. I have your awnser. The red Lumas have a special power you only can use after beating "The Gateways Purple Coins" Level in the gateway Galaxy. Afterwerds you can use this power anytime at the comet observatory. How to use. 1.You must get the red star by the Red Luma or by the garage. 2. Jump with A. 3.While in the air spin. 4. You should be flying. 5. You can steer with the nunchuck. 6. Hold A in the air to hover. Luke .s over and out

Unlock Bonus Stages in the Demo Version

At the 'Main' menu press A + B + 1 + 2 to unlock two hidden extra stages in the Demo version of this latest installment in the hugely popular series by Nintendo.

Triple Jump

You can triple jump if you have two players, do a backflip jump, then spin Mario, then tell the second player to click Mario with their pointer, you will do a triple jump, Please Rate!

The shrinking planet

Go to the Deep Dark Galaxy. Jump in the cannon and shot to the tree right to the planet. You fly into another planet. Remove the bolt and collect the coins,you needn't all. While you are running hold Z and press A. Then you are making a giant jump and the planet is shrinking.

Super jump

If you are in co star mode then p2 prees your star on mario to make him jump but at the same time p1 prres a (requires practes)

Paralize enemy (not bosses!)

To paralize enemies,just get a friend to control another wii remote,and when he/she presses A and hold it on a enemy,it will stay paralized!

PS:This cheat does not work on bosses!

Happy Cheating,Lucario987 Smile

3rd green star!

Okay. Go to the dusty dune galaxy and go to the 2nd star. After you go through the first launch star go to the bottom of the planet. The hungry luma will want 20 star bits. Feed him and he will transform into a pyramid planet. Collect all five silver stars inside of it and the green star will spawn at the bottom. Grab it. Peace.


Hey guy's my name is Rewite this is my first cheat so I hope you enjoy it.

Alright in Deep Dark galaxy I think. On the third level the toad's will be roasting some mutton. There will be a cocanut next to the fire. Spin and it will hit the fire and also blow it out. Then pops out a coin. I'll be back... To make more stupid cheat's! -Rewite

See Mario through the ground

Okay. If you go to the fountain, before you go to the teleporter go to the blue luma go to the corner jump down and when the bubble forms around mario you should be able to see him through the ground. (I tried it and it works.)

Red star

To get the red star you must unlock the garden room then go half way up and you will see a house go into it and you will be on another planet. Then go and talk to rosalina and then luma will come and ask you to collect 100 purple coins. If you succeed, you will get the red star.

Snow cap galaxy where the bunnys are

1. The first bunny is under the snow!

2. The second bunny is in the tresure chest at the very top to open it first hit all the blue panals and turn the yellow then the bottom will open (lots of bunnys get traped in there)then get the fire flower and melt the snow men a shell will pop out!grab it and open the chest!

3.the last bunny is in a snow men grab the fire flower and melt it. Then grab the bunny!

Thats how you get the star!

Alternate Ending And Luigi As Playable Character.

To do this collect all 120 stars, then go to Rosalina at the comet observatory, and ask to fight Bowser again. When you win you see an alternative ending to the game and unlock Luigi ^_^.

Long jump over shrinking planet

go to deep dark galaxy and shoot over to the shrinking planet and spin out the screw.when its shrinking coins will apear.long jump and try to get them.mario will go around the planet and wont touch the ground its a fun thing to do.enjoySmile

Two Good Egg Galaxy Shortcuts

1) Whenever you need to go on the house's roof, you don't need the pipe. Backwards somersault and you can reach the top.

2) On "A Snack of Cosmic Proportions," on the big launch star-looking thing, long jump to the star and you can get it.

Don't say "These don't work, they're impossible!", I've done them both before. Hope I helped!

The Location of all the Green Stars

The Locations of the three green stars are

Battle Rock Galaxy: Get it by saving Luigi

Buoy Base Galaxy: Using a bullet bill destroy the other glass cage and go into the pipe.

Dusty Dune Galaxy: Feed the hungry Luma and go to the new planetoid and get it on top of the stone platforms.

Fake vines

Ya know those vines you spin on.WELL some are fake!Shocking isn't it?Yes some throw you into a black hole.find them and DIE!ya know?

Sparkling head!

If you have gotten 121 power stars with Mario and Luigi your head will sparkle on the select file screen.

Spin Ground-Pound

I don't know if this is a cheat or not, and it doesn't do anything special, but I just wanted to tell if no one else knew. Ok, to do this, jump into the air (any height doesn't matter), and spin. Right after (immediately, instantly, super fast right after), press Z. Mario will look like he's in crouching position, for 1 second, then go downward for a ground-pound. It looks cool, but I don't think it does anything.

Infinite lives! NO ACTION REPLAY!

You have to unlock the kitchen observatory. You take mario under the step to get to the kitchen. There should be a life mushroom there. Then run into Rosalina's library. Then go back out. Go back to the place where you found the life. There will be another life there. Back to the library. Back to the life. Ect.

P.S: If it is your first time in the library, you have to listen to Rosalina read a chapter of a storybook to the Lumas.

If you are about to get a game over on a level, then you press pluss on the Wii remote and go back to the observatory and do the infinite life cheat.

Try it out!

Faster Ways through Cosmic Races

For one of the cosmic races(the one in freezflame galaxy) where you have to skate, run through it like normal until you are near the Power Star. There is a blank space in between this and the Ice Blocks. It is risky, but it helps especially when you have Luigi. This is a shortcut that helped me out with Luigi. Since Cosmic Luigi races are harder, it only fits to have shortcuts that make it all worthwhile.

Super Mario Cheats

These cheats will help you on your adventure.

Super Spin Attack:

You press and hold [Z] then spin.


You should no where the lives are after you gain access to the Kitchen, then while you're there, Hold Z and Jump, do this as long as you want until you fall off the ledge.

A "Cat's" Three lives + 5:

1. In the box in the Garage.

2. On one of the green floating panel under the Bedroom.

3. Under the Kitchen "Somersault Area".

4. (The 5) Hold 1+2 right when Pressing A+B on the home screen and go into a file and you will have a 75% chance of the Mailtoad to give 5 lives, and a 5% chance of him giving you 50 lives.

Luigi's help:

After beating getting all 241 stars..

Observatory 1-up locations

1.under gate way galaxy

2.on tip top of observatory(note:you need flying mario)

3.garage--wooden box

4.under library(note:on that green rotating thing)

Unlockable: 121st Star

There's actually 121 Stars in the game, not 120. To get it, you must first have all 120 Stars. This unlocks Luigi. Beat the entire game with Luigi, defeating Bowser at the end. After this, a new galaxy will be unlocked. Finish this final galaxy to get the 121st Star.

Triple spin!

This is pretty useless, except for in the Ghostly Galaxy to try and jump across the trees. As Fire Mario only, you can spin/throw fireballs three times, but you don't get as much of a jump boost, like the regular spin. You can only get farther.

When you double jump,shake the wii remote to get..

When you double jump,shake the wii remote to get a boost

Beat shadow mario very easy

To get ahead of Shadow Mario you have to be very close to hime and keep on long jumping and then you will suddenly get ahead. Trust me I beat him in the golden leaf galaxy and beat him in less than a teth of a second! P.S. Please rate thisSmile

Secret sling star

When you are at the golden leaf galaxy take a sudden turn at the first log then you will see a sling star go into it and launch up up and away! P.S. When ever I use it I lose so don't try it!

Fast Swimming

If you are swimming and are tired of shaking the remote all the time this hint will help. For it to work you must be under the surface, but so that the camera stays above the surface of the water, (it should have an air meter next to Mario) shake the remote and you will get an extra long, boost of speed.

Hope I help with your surface swimming issues!


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