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Super Mario Galaxy

Game Reviews for Super Mario Galaxy


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powahawk21st Feb 2008, ID #808
Super Mario Galaxy is one of the coolest Mario games I have ever played for Wii!!! Everything is awesome, from the levels to the bosses, is awesome!!! They really made alot of cool changes from Supe..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

Avery20110th Apr 2008, ID #843
This game is pretty good I can see why they cancelled it for the Game Cube and put it on the Wii. Nintendo has made a game that should of been Game of the Year. If you hate this game you should blam..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Galaxies AboundingAdded 26 Jun 2011, ID #4545
Hello, my name's Joshua and this my short review of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. This game was published by Nintendo and released in 2006. The plot is a little more involved than usual, which I was surprised at. In this game, everybody is celebrating the Star Festival, but then Bowser appears and starts heading toward the castle. Mario, seeing Bowser, tries to get there first, but Bowser beats him to the castle and takes Peach. Mario manages to clamber onto the bridge but Magikoopa comes along and shoots a spell at Mario, causing the bridge to explode and falls through space and onto a planet. After talking with star like creatures named Lumas, he finds out he needs to rescue the grand stars, and to defeat Bowser and his son, Bowser Jr. At the end. My name's Joshua and this was my short review for Super Mario Galaxy. I give the game a 8/10.

super Super Mario GalaxyAdded 6 Jul 2008, ID #1721
I'm only writing this review because I LOVE IT! This game is well thought out
And has agood storyline. It even has a book in the game on the storyline. This game is about Peach getting captured by Bowser, again. But this time, Bowser takes her to the center of the universe. Mario has to rescue power stars to power up the Starship so he can go t the center of the universe. Mario also meets a new character: Rosalina, the owner of the Starship. Somehow, Mario also finds Luigi and they both help out to rescue Peach. Mario and Luigi have to go to each galaxy to rescue all of the Power stars so they can power the Starship. Each galaxy holds more than one star and there's sure to be fun on the way. There are also, of course, unlockables and secrets. What I really like about this game is that it's in space. Nintendo finally decides to go above and beyond with Mario by sending him into space. This is one of the best games I've ever played, actually, it is the best game I've ever played. Everything about is just amazing, just amazing.
The graphics in this game are incredible. There is so much detail. Whenever and wherever there was a place to put a detail, there it was. The backgrounds of the space are spectactular. Sometimes, if you look really close you can tell it's actually a picture of earth (only on some pictures). Everything had so much color. That's another thing, this game has more color than the rainbow! It's supercalifragulisticxpaladocious! I think the thing that had the most color in the game was the Starship. It was full of color. All the stars and the plasma were so bright and delightful. The quality of these graphics are unlike anything I have ever seen. I don't even think my computer can make something so beautiful. The characters are at their peak of detail. Bowser is more detailed than I have ever seen him before. Why would anyone even try to make anything better than the quality of the picture of this game, because nothing will ever beat it. I'll just sum it up to one word: Wow.
The game has such good soundtrack. It has background music, sound effects, and all that other stuff. They put a few sounds together and make a better one, which just makes it sound amazing. The character aren't annoying (I've had problems with this in the past), because they aren't very loud and scratchy. Even the sound on the conroller is good. It usually makes a sound that is high on treble, which makes it sound like it's coming from deep inside the controller. I didn't know my television could make such beautiful sounds. It music to my ears. And the sounds make sense when they are and where they are. If a blind person was playing this game, they could actually visualize what was happening just by hearing the sounds that it made. The sound was so good, I would have bought the game just for it's sound. I just love the sound for this game. It just leaves me speechless. It's sounds are the best things I have ever heard. How do they do it? Really, how do they?
So anyway, I would rate this game a 10/10!

Mario's Next JourneyAdded 5 Dec 2007, ID #911
Super Mario Galaxy is a great game! It's one of the best I've played ever. There are a few tough levels, hard bosses, and difficult obstacles, but that's what makes the game all better. There are also a few features from Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo Gamecube). The cutscenes were well done, too. The ending was very long, but it was still cool. And don't worry, it isn't one of those games where you are not allowed to play anymore after you beat it. Once you beat it, you still have to try to get to 100 stars, to access "another world" and get 120 stars, to get all the stars in the game, and unlock a few things, such as Luigi as a playable character. Speaking of Luigi, you can unlock him by getting the first star in a galaxy called Ghostly Galaxy. He'll help find Power Stars!And when you beat the game, you have access to the whole storybook in the Library, where you learn about the formation of the Observatory. To top it all off, Galaxy offers many unique missions to do, like surf on a Manta Ray, race against a Boo, fight gigantic bosses, etc. And there are also cool powerups, including the Fire Flower (in 3-d? Woah!) and other new ones, including the Red Star, giving Mario the flight ability. Overall it is a great game. Just get it!

My Score: 9.5/10 =)

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