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Madden NFL 2009 Pack Shot

Madden NFL 2009

Madden NFL 2009 Cheats for Wii

We have 8 cheats on Wii
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox 360   PSP   Nintendo DS

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Skip Touchdown CelebrationAdded 31 Dec 2009, ID #3401
When you score a touchdown and you don't wan't to celebrate it with a dance press the A button several times.

Pick-a-Route FrenzyAdded 26 May 2009, ID #2779
After you've picked a passing play press the A button on the Wiimote to go to Pick Your Route. Select somewhere in the middle of the field for your first WR's route. Keep clicking in that same exact area so that all of your other WR'S all have to run to that spot. Once you snap the ball and start the play the receivers all have to run to that spot you picked. This will confuse the defence enough so that you can pass the ball to a teammate and they will most likely run it for a touchdown. WARNING: I have found that sometimes this cheat can lead to interceptions after you've done this cheat on a play several times in a row. DO NOT use this cheat while playing a friend or using Wi-Fi because then the person will know what you are doing and they will most likely intercept it.

-Have a ton of fun! Peanut butter ownage.
There's never a Delay of Game!Added 19 May 2009, ID #2758
Right after you pick your play, flick the Wiimote up and down over and over again. Press B while you're at it, if you want, to see your play you picked. You'll snap the ball right away, catching the defence off-guard and never getting the penalty "Delay of Game". Have fun!
Don't feel like celebrating? Don't have to!!!Added 5 Jan 2009, ID #2325
When you are clelebrating for any reason just rapidly press [A] on your Wiimote and you won't have to see a second of it!
Get a great Kick-off!Added 4 Jan 2009, ID #2318
First go to the Pause menu by pressing [+] on your Wiimote when you are about to kick-off. Then select Settings on the menu. You will then come to another menu where you will select Gameplay. Then you will come to another menu, select Penalties. Then turn Penalties off. Then repeatedly press [B] until you have exited all the menus. Then with the Nunchuk turn the arrow indicating where the ball is going to be kicked all the way to the left and all the way down. Kick it as hard as you can by jerking the Wiimote up while holding [A] really hard. This is called a Coffin Corner kick because it is hard to get out of and it helps the Defense a lot. Once the kick is off you will watch as a Kick Returner faults as he misses the kick and it bounces out of bounds usually at the 2-15 yard line. This helps you because you have a bettter chance of getting a Safety and you will give the Offense less of a chance of getting points. Have fun and good luck!
Tackle the punter!Added 4 Jan 2009, ID #2317
First go to the Pause menu by pressing [+] on your Wiimote when you have a forced a 4th down on the opposing team. Select the option labeled Settings. You will come to a menu with more options, select the option labeled Gameplay. You will come to another menu where you will select Penalties. Turn Penalties off. (This is VERY important because if you do not do this you will be charged with Roughing the Kicker which, in short, makes bad things happen XD. Press [B] on your Wiimote repeatedly until you have exited all of the menus. Pick a play and turn into the very center of the Defensive Line then run to the very outside of the Line (about 2 yards away from the outside virtually). Then When the Punter snaps the ball press [B] to sprint. Then run to the kicker and you will usually (about 90% percent of the time) tackle the Punter. This is very helpful because you will get the ball at the spot where you tackled the punter instead of having to gain all those yards because of how far the Punter kicks it. Good luck and have fun!
PAT - It's Good Everytime!Added 4 Jan 2009, ID #2315
This is a simple cheat. No matter how fast the wind is after you get a touchdown do not turn the arrow that indicates where the ball is going to be kicked. Do it at any power you waant and you will automatically make it.
1 Second Sack!!!Added 1 Jan 2009, ID #2300
WARNING: If you try this cheat you will be penalized for Offsides on the game.

Okay, to begin this cheat, you press pause on the Wiimote. On the menu go down to the section labeled Settings. This will bring you to another menu. Go down to Gameplay. This will get you to yet another menu. Go to the section labeled Penalties. Once there check to see if the top setting, labeled Penalty says on. If it says Penalty Off switch it to on. Below it there will be a section labeled Offsides. Make sure that is on. Once again, if it says Offsides Off switch it to on. Now exit all of the menus and resume the game. Pick any play you choose. Once you've picked your play turn to a player you want to play with (it's best if you go with a linebacker). Then with great caution run to the quarterback's side (or the kicker if it's fourth down). DO NOT TOUCH ANY OTHER PLAYER'S ON THE OPPOSING TEAM, if you do you will get penalized for encroachment and your fun will stop. Once the quarterback (or kicker) on the opposing team snaps the ball tackle him. Big Hit him if you like. You then will be penalized with Offsides but I think it's just fun to try to injure the other quarterback on a cheapshot. Go nuts with it and I hope you like it!

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