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Madden NFL 2009 Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Madden NFL 2009


We have 14 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Madden NFL 2009 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PSP : Nintendo DS

You can also ask your question on our Madden NFL 2009 Questions & Answers page.

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Skip Touchdown Celebration

When you score a touchdown and you don't wan't to celebrate it with a dance press the A button several times.

Easy TD

For this easy cheat/hint when you are rushing offensively keep jerking the remote back and forth so you keep juking. Likely, they won't catch you, and w=oce you get in the clear you can run for an easy TD.

Get a great Kick-off!

First go to the Pause menu by pressing [+] on your Wiimote when you are about to kick-off. Then select Settings on the menu. You will then come to another menu where you will select Gameplay. Then you will come to another menu, select Penalties. Then turn Penalties off. Then repeatedly press [B] until you have exited all the menus. Then with the Nunchuk turn the arrow indicating where the ball is going to be kicked all the way to the left and all the way down. Kick it as hard as you can by jerking the Wiimote up while holding [A] really hard. This is called a Coffin Corner kick because it is hard to get out of and it helps the Defense a lot. Once the kick is off you will watch as a Kick Returner faults as he misses the kick and it bounces out of bounds usually at the 2-15 yard line. This..

Speed Bursts!

After you snap the ball on a running play, get past the line of scrimmage and then get past one or two defenders, use this cheat. All you have to do is press and hold the B button on the Wiimote (sprint) for about two seconds, stop holding for two seconds, then go back to pressing and holding it. Do this several times during the play. This cheat keeps the defence on their toes and they can not adjust to the speed your using since you are changing it so fast. Note: This does not work EVERY time. There is a slightly increased chance of a fumble but it does not happen much. Use this glitch wisely and do not do it every play, because ,after a while, they will get used to it and they will stop you more easily.
-Have fun! Peanut butter ownage.

Easy Sacks

To get easier sacks, simply play as a left or right (preferably right) outside linebacker. Then move him up near the line scrimmage. The as soon as the play starts, you should has (not every time) good blocks but only for a few seconds. Hurry up and sack the QB with a big hit. Now this doesn't work every time but it usually works.
-ttd rox

1 Second Sack!!!

WARNING: If you try this cheat you will be penalized for Offsides on the game.
Okay, to begin this cheat, you press pause on the Wiimote. On the menu go down to the section labeled Settings. This will bring you to another menu. Go down to Gameplay. This will get you to yet another menu. Go to the section labeled Penalties. Once there check to see if the top setting, labeled Penalty says on. If it says Penalty Off switch it to on. Below it there will be a section labeled Offsides. Make sure that is on. Once again, if it says Offsides Off switch it to on. Now exit all of the menus and resume the game. Pick any play you choose. Once you've picked your play turn to a player you want to play with (it's best if you go with a linebacker). Then with great caution run to the quarterbac..

PAT - It's Good Everytime!

This is a simple cheat. No matter how fast the wind is after you get a touchdown do not turn the arrow that indicates where the ball is going to be kicked. Do it at any power you waant and you will automatically make it.

Get a sack!

First go to the menu by pressing [+] on the Wiimote when you are on Defense. Pick the option Settings. This will take you to a menu. Then select Gameplay. This will bring you to another menu. Pick the section labeled Penalty turn the section labeled Penalties off. Then repeatedly press [B] until you've exited all the menus. Then turn to the MLB (Middle LineBacker) who is usually located behind the Defensive Line, obviously in the middle between two other LineBackers. Rush to either side of the Defensive Line so you get to the line of Scrimmage (indicated by a blue line) and keep pressing down. Your player will basically run in place. Right, when the quarterback snaps the ball press [B] to sprint. Then run to the quarterback and usually (about 80% of the time) you sack the quarterback. Th..

Tackle the punter!

First go to the Pause menu by pressing [+] on your Wiimote when you have a forced a 4th down on the opposing team. Select the option labeled Settings. You will come to a menu with more options, select the option labeled Gameplay. You will come to another menu where you will select Penalties. Turn Penalties off. (This is VERY important because if you do not do this you will be charged with Roughing the Kicker which, in short, makes bad things happen XD. Press [B] on your Wiimote repeatedly until you have exited all of the menus. Pick a play and turn into the very center of the Defensive Line then run to the very outside of the Line (about 2 yards away from the outside virtually). Then When the Punter snaps the ball press [B] to sprint. Then run to the kicker and you will usually (about 90..

Don't feel like celebrating? Don't have to!!!

When you are clelebrating for any reason just rapidly press [A] on your Wiimote and you won't have to see a second of it!

Teams don't count

When selecting a team don't think hard about your choice for long. Generally speaking, all teams are basically the same in video games, it just depends on the specific player's attributes. If you coach your team differently than the actual head coach for that team you basically have a whole different team! So next time you consider which team you will be playing as, don't think long and hard; just pick your favorite team or the team that you think has the most potential for your game!

Pick-a-Route Frenzy

After you've picked a passing play press the A button on the Wiimote to go to Pick Your Route. Select somewhere in the middle of the field for your first WR's route. Keep clicking in that same exact area so that all of your other WR'S all have to run to that spot. Once you snap the ball and start the play the receivers all have to run to that spot you picked. This will confuse the defence enough so that you can pass the ball to a teammate and they will most likely run it for a touchdown. WARNING: I have found that sometimes this cheat can lead to interceptions after you've done this cheat on a play several times in a row. DO NOT use this cheat while playing a friend or using Wi-Fi because then the person will know what you are doing and they will most likely intercept it.

Throwing the ball

When you play the game swing the WII remote hard to throw a bullet and throw slow for a lob.

There's never a Delay of Game!

Right after you pick your play, flick the Wiimote up and down over and over again. Press B while you're at it, if you want, to see your play you picked. You'll snap the ball right away, catching the defence off-guard and never getting the penalty "Delay of Game". Have fun!

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