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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Our cheats include Master Crown locations, unlocking game modes, unlocking characters, SS weapon locations and game completion extras.

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We have 19 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn please send them in here.

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Hidden Weapon in Part 3, Chapter 6

There is a Brave Bow in the water directly underneath the vertical log in the fight against Lethe and her Laguz army. Get this hidden weapon early or when the Black Knight comes to assist Macaiah to use it effectively in this chapter.

Game Completion Extras

When you have completed the game the following features become available as options.
Unlock Theatre:
Beat the game
Unlock Sound Room:
Beat the game
Unlock Battle Records:
Beat the game
Unlock Event Recap:
Beat the game
Unlock Bonus EXP Display:
Beat the game
Unlock New Opening Movies:
Beat the game
Unlock Toggle Battle Animations:
Beat the game

Unlock Characters

It is possible to unlock more characters in the game by completing certain tasks during gameplay. Below is a list of the characters and the corresponding task.
Unlock Haar:
Prologue - Part 2, talk to him with Marcia.
Unlock Heather:
Chapter 1 - Part 2, talk to her with Brom or Nephenee.
Unlock Pelleas:
Chapter 2 - Part 4, joins automatically if he survived 3-13 (second playthrough or higher)
Unlock Devdan:
Chapter 3 - Part 2, view the info conversation before 2-3.
Unlock Aran:
Chapter 3 - Part 1, talk to him with Laura.
Unlock Stefan:
Chapter 3 - Part 4, move Micaiah, Lethe or Mordecai onto the tile 11 up and 1 across from the bottom right tile.
Unlock Oliver:
Chapter 4 - Part..

Master Crown Locations

The Master Crowns can be obtained by doing the following.
Part 1 - Chapter 4:
From bottom right corner, 1 up 1 left.
Part 1 - Chapter 6, Stage 2:
From bottom left corner, 13 up 7 left.
Part 1 - Chapter 7:
From top right corner, 1 down 6 left.
Part 3 - Chapter 3:
Visit top left tent.
Part 3 - Chapter 6:
View 'Sothe' info conversation.
Part 3 - Chapter 9:
View 'Elincia' info conversation.
Part 3 - Chapter 11:
View 'Sanki' info conversation.
Part 3 - Chapter 12:
View 'Pelleas' info conversation.
Part 4 - Prologue:
Bottom right corner.
Part 4 - Prologue:
From bottom right corner, 7 up 11 left.

Unlock Game Modes

Complete the game on the indicated setting to unlock the corresponding game mode difficulty.
Unlock Hard Mode:
Complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Hard difficulty setting.
Unlock Maniac Mode:
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock the Maniac difficulty setting.

Path of Radiance data transfer bonuses

This hint will explore the bonuses you will receive by transferring data from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
Note #1 - To do this, you must enter a Gamecube memory card with a Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Epilogue save present. When starting a new game (also includes starting a new game on secondary playthrough saves) you will be given the option to transfer Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance data into your new game from the Epilogue save.
Note #2 - The North American regional version of Radiant Dawn apparently suffers from a glitch that when you choose to transfer data if you have an Easy difficulty save present (beaten or not) on Path of Radiance, your game will crash and freeze. To avoid this, either delete all Easy difficulty saves from ..

Unlock Master Crest in Chapter 1: Part 5

If you go to the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a healing jar. Go to the left platform next to the healing jar and remain idle on it. After a few moments a message will appear on tne screen stating you have found the Master Crest.

Bonus Exp

As you are likely to know, every time you level someone up using Bonus Experience, three of their stats will increase. However, it is better to save your Bonus Exp for a character's later levels, when they have maxed out some of their stats. This way, when you use it on them, stats that they normally wouldn't gain much increases in will suddenly start skyrocketing.
For example, Micaiah is almost certainly going to max out her stats in Magic, Resistance and Luck (if Light Sage) very quickly, but lacks in some of the other stats, most significantly Speed, as she's usually too slow to double attack most enemies. However, when her Magic, Resistance and Luck are maxed out, start using Bonus Experience and watch her Speed rise.

Second playthrough (and onwards) bonuses

Note - Contains spoilers.
Pelleas - You will be given the option to spare his life in Part 3, Chapter 13. Select that option, and he will automatically join during Part 4, Chapter 2 (Tibarn's group). He will also appear on the battlefield on Micaiah's side in Part 3, Endgame.
Lehran (Sephiran) - Deploy the Black Knight in Part 1, Engame and confront the Black Knight with Ike during Part 3, Chapter 7 (it is recommended that Ike has at least 27 Speed to avoid getting double-attack by the Black Knight, or he will probably otherwise die. It is also recommended that a flying unit, such as Haar, airlifts Ike out of the Black Knight's range afterwards). Provided that both of these conditions are met, you should trigger Ike's memory scene after Part 2..

Extra Arms Scroll on Geoffrey's Charge (Ch. 2 Level 3)

Okay. On the map there is 2 ways to get to the fort/ seizure point: the middle by going past the gate or on the right going up the right side of the fort. Take any character and go through the gate in the middle that takes you to a open field near the wall protecting the seizure point. It looks like this:
____! !
!0 _____!
! !
The 0 is where the arms scroll is.

SS Weapon locations

NOTE - There is no SS rank type of Crossbow.
Vague Katti - Retrieved along with Stefan in Part 4, Chapter 4.
Alondite - Retrieved after Ike defeats the Black Knight in Part 4, Endgame F-2.
Wishblade - Defeat Levail in Part 4, Endgame F-2.
Urvan - From Info conversation with Caineghis before Part 4, Endgame F-1.
Double Bow - Defeat the Sniper on the square behind Hetzel in Part 4, Engame F-1.
Baselard - In Part 4, Chapter 4, move four squares south of the bottom-right end of the rocky area in the middle of the desert. I am not sure of the exact co-ordinates. My apologies.
Rexbolt - From Info conversation with Muston before Part 4, Prologue.
Rexcalibur - From Info conversation with Aimee before Part 4, ..

Music from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

During many of the base conversations in the game, listen closely to the background music. If you've played Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, you will recognize this music.

Music from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

During many of the base conversations in the game, listen closely to the background music. If you've played Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, you will recognize this music.

Going Over Holes, 3-11

Remember the holes in Chapter 3-11 that was such a pain to go over? You can easily go over them, requiring Airborne Units. Put the Airborne Units over where the hole was suppose to be if the trap isn't activated yet, and then let ground Units walk past them, unharmed. Keep doing this until you want the people to cross to cross.

Torch on part 3 chapter 1

On the above mentioned chapter count seven spaces up and 3 to the left. It it one space north of the thing you can burn. Meaning if you count the most southern square then it is the 8th one up and the 4th from the left.

Stat increasing items

When you use stat increasing items (Talismans, Secret Books etc), be sure to use them on a stat that a unit is lacking in. For example, using a Talisman on Ike will increase his Resistance, which is one stat he's lacking in. However, increasing his Strength would be a waste of time, as he's likely to max out his Strength stat by naturally levelling up.

A Second Nihil, Part 4 Endgame-5

There is a skill just like Nihil, except people fight without bonuses from supports, weapon triangle, terrain, and skills. Good for skills, because it can nullify the annoying Aurora skill from the Auroras. With this skill, more people will have a chance to help out kill Ashera faster.

Master Seals and Master Crowns

When a unit is at level 20, you can use a Master Seal (if they are going to level up to second class) or Master Crown (if they are going to level up to third class) to have them change classes instead of using Experience. Since they are at level 20, you won't be missing out on any stat increases anyway.

Mist's Holy Crown.

How do you get the Holy Crown to work? Mist is higher than 10, and I use can't use it.
Somebody please explain this to me, thanks.

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