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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Pack Shot

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Path of Radiance data transfer bonuses hint for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Path of Radiance data transfer bonuses

This hint will explore the bonuses you will receive by transferring data from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Note #1 - To do this, you must enter a Gamecube memory card with a Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Epilogue save present. When starting a new game (also includes starting a new game on secondary playthrough saves) you will be given the option to transfer Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance data into your new game from the Epilogue save.

Note #2 - The North American regional version of Radiant Dawn apparently suffers from a glitch that when you choose to transfer data if you have an Easy difficulty save present (beaten or not) on Path of Radiance, your game will crash and freeze. To avoid this, either delete all Easy difficulty saves from Path of Radiance, or send off your copy of Radiant Dawn to get fixed (or don't load the Path of Radiance data. This glitch is not present in any other regional versions of the game, as far as I know.

Data transfer bonuses:

Expect most returning characters to have +5 added to their HP and +2 added to all other stats except Luck. Their weapons levels will also have improved.

You can view any Support conversations from the Path of Radiance Epilogue file that you have viewed.

Characters will have more Bond Supports, typically with characters they shared an A rank Support with in Path of Radiance.

Added by: Volke
May 6th 2008, ID#1463


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13 comments, latest first.
Mar 26th 2014 Volke
No, if the character died in any chapter, it doesn't matter if they reached level 20 or not - their stats will not transfer.
ID #368506
Feb 19th 2014 Guest

what happens if a character class changed and got to level 20 and then died in the endgame of PoR? Would he be still be transferred to radiant dawn upgraded??
ID #356689
Jan 8th 2012 Volke
I always found relying on critical hits to be too risky. Mia's HP needs to be half or less to activate Wrath. In Normal/Difficult, if she doesn't land a critical hit, she has to dodge the enemy's attack or she's dead. At some point, Murphy's Law will screw you over.

No, if you want to use Mia in Path of Radiance, the most effective method is to use her as 'finisher'. Her job should be to attack weakened enemies and finish them off. Vantage increases her usefulness at this, as she can lure weakened enemies into attacking her without fear of getting hit beforehand. However, Marcia is much better at this job - she has superior mobility (as well as after movement), better weapons and better Resistance (useful for assassinating long-range Sages and Bishops, and killing Magic users in general).

But really, if you're playing on Easy (Random/Fixed) or Normal (Random only), it doesn't really matter who you use.
ID #104090
Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
Mia was a beast in Path of Radiance, give her wrath and a killing edge and she would take out whole swarms of enemies on her own.
ID #102573
Nov 30th 2011 Volke
Not sure exactly how you're one-shotting everything with Mia in PoR when her Strength caps at, what, 23? Vantage is useful, but in truth I just find Swordmasters to be too fragile in PoR. I only really play through on Difficult or Fixed Growth Normal these days, though.

I agree about Nephenee. As for Mist, I only bother using her in PoR for the Black Knight battle (pretty much only because losing that battle means you have to start the entire chapter all over again or play through an alternative storyline with a worse Dragon character in the final two chapters)

The main issue with Ilyana is her Speed, but that problem can be avoided in both games (unless you're playing with Fixed growths in PoR, in which case avoid her entirely). However, I don't like using her in RD because of how badly Intelligent Systems screwed Thunder magic over.

ID #91613
Nov 21st 2011 Guest
Unfortunately I would have to disagree with all of your opinions about Mia, if given a custom weapon she will one hit everything. Also with Vantage she one hits them before they attack. Typically she has a higher speed than most characters maxing out at 30. (all in PoR)

Now, another character that is a must, in my opinion, is Nephennee. In PoR she is not as good as in RD, where she maxed everything but her magic by 10th level Sentinel. She is also able to destroy the Black Knight in the desert level of RD.

I've found Mist is just really bad in both games. The fact she gets a sword just makes her worse,as she should be a magic wielder.

Ilyana is also a formidable character to use in either game. She levels up really fast as well.

I've had trouble with Soren, although that's because of his defense, so I'd recommend giving all of your dracoshields to him. If not just some. He needs it badly.

Volke has a point about the others, like Oscar and Zihark, getting outclassed so don't use them that much.

Otherwise its kinda who ever you feel like using. I'm finding out that most of the females are OP if leveled correctly in any Fire Emblem...
ID #89065
Jul 25th 2011 Volke
Good point on Haar, but the high percentage of Magic-based attacks in the ToG combined with his poor Resistance are his biggest threat. I like Haar, but every time I play through the game Jill always ends up more useful. Haar is stronger than Jill, true, but what's the point of having all that Strength when you can't double attack enemies. Even in Easy mode, you rarely one-shot enemies aside from the wimpier ones (Mages, Priests, sometimes Myrmidons and Archers).

However, but Jill and Haar are among the best characters in the game. If you read my guide here, you'll know that I've listed both as ToG-worthy.

Yes, Mia is the worst Swordmaster in PoR, and it doesn't help that it's pretty much the worst Beorc class in PoR either (except for maybe Knights/Generals). Therefore, she isn't worth the effort of using in PoR, but she's perfectly fine in RD without the 2 boosts.

Rolf usually turns out to be just as good as Shinon. He just requires far more effort to raise, so it's all a bit pointless in the end, really. I'd say just use Shinon, unless you really want to use Rolf with 2 boosts to most of his bases (Shinon was terrible in PoR and really not worth using).
ID #61029
Jul 20th 2011 Guest
That doesn't make much sense from how I read it. If Haar has a hard time maxing his stats... wouldn't the 2 be useful? Because there are the character's starting stats and the character's max potential stats. The 2 needs clarification on which one it affects.

Secondly, whether or not he can max them aren't important. His utility is. As the guy mention, he takes a hit like a champ. Plus with the Cancel ability (the ability he starts with), paired with Vantage, he can even prevent enemies from attacking him in the first place (not to mention kill them outright).

The difference between Jill and Haar is Speed and Resistance vs. Strength and Defense respectively. Jill outclassing Haar depends on how she levels which is just luck but the odds are in her favor with as many levels she has to catch up.

Mia is the weakest swordsman in the first game but as far as second game endgame goes. She's pretty good. Her stat increases are top notch. My last play through she maxed Strength, Skill, Speed, Defense and Resistance without any help of items by the time I reached the ToG. And I certainly don't care how high her Magic gets. Her dodge rate is insane and when paired with Ike, only a small selection of enemies have even the slightest chance of hitting her (unless she is hit with sleep). Lastly, her Strength maxes at 32, Speed 40 and Skill 40 (40 being the best any Beorc can gain). Plus once you get the second blessed sword from the Black Knight, you gotta choose someone to use it and as far as swordwielders go, Strength rarely ever reaches 40.

The question is about who to work on in the first so you can have the bonuses in the second. Which implies, he is more concern with his second game results and not the first.

Rolf is good in that of all the archer types, his Strength stat has the highest probability to increase. Potentially, he will out damage Shinion. But... Rolf isn't nearly as cool.
ID #59444
Jun 11th 2011 Volke
In regards to the characters that appear in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, there aren't many that are good in both of them. I'd recommend:

Ike, Jill, Boyd, Kieran, Soren, Nephenee. These guys are good in both games, and are also Tower of Guidance-worthy.

Others that are debatable are Oscar, Mist, Rolf, Calill and Zihark. Oscar, Rolf and Zihark were good in Path of Radiance and are decent enough in Radiant Dawn, but are outclassed by other units of the same class. Mist is a decent healer when she promotes, but she takes a lot of effort to raise in Radiant Dawn and for the ToG, you can just use Micaiah with Staves instead. Calill is good in both games, but suffers from poor availability in Radiant Dawn, and unlike Kieran she CANNOT safely solo 3-9 by herself (except on Easy) to help catch up with Ike's team in terms of levels. Depends if you're serious about wielding the Rexflame in the ToG.

Not sure why the guy above me recommended Haar and Mia. Mia was too weak to be useful enough in Path of Radiance, despite being the best Swordmaster in Radiant Dawn. Haar was mediocre in Path of Radiance and easily outclassed by Jill. Plus, his base stats in PoR were quite poor and unlikely to cap, so even if you did get him to level 20 he wouldn't get the 2 bonuses in Radiant Dawn without the aid of stat increasing items.
ID #48387
Jun 6th 2011 Guest
soren, mia, boyd, mist are probably my choice. the rest of them are pretty good already in game. especially Haar. he was a tank on wings in PoR and he's an even better tank on wings in radiant dawn.
ID #47506
Jun 6th 2011 Guest
Who would you recommend to work on the most on PoR for an advantage on Radiant Dawn?
ID #47477
Jan 12th 2011 Jicchi
Yep, you were lied to.

Sorry for the late reply.
ID #25079
Aug 10th 2010 Guest
Why aren't the stats improved after I beat the game the first time? I was told after I beat the game that if I go back to the same difficulty and play all my stats from beating the game, (you know I mean my characters stats and weapons) would be present, was I lied to?
ID #8363
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