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Pokemon Black | Nintendo DS

Only games you are able to go into another region with is GSC or HGSS. There have been rumors about a Rainbow Pass but these Rumors are COMPLETELY FALSE . You can battle the Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia and Catlyin from the Platinum Battle Frontier as an Elite 4 member.

1 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 22nd May 2012 by CharizardMaster3300

Pokemon Black | Nintendo DS

My pokeball makes a irregular noise when I throw it and only wobbles once before I capture the Pokemon.
What is this?


Final Fantasy X-2 | PlayStation 2

How to beat Paragon and Trema Via Infinito Cloister 100
You need these things to beat Paragon and Trema in Chapter 5 Cloister 100 of the Via Infinito.

  • Lady Luck Dressphere Mastered on Yuna
  • Dark Knight Dressphere Mastered on Rikku
  • Alchemist Dressphere Mastered on Paine
  • Valiant Lustre GG
  • 4,000,000 gil or higher
  • Invincible Accessory
  • Crystal Bangle Accessory x2
  • Wall Ring Accessory x3

Now that we have the essentials. We need to setup our Characters. They should look as follows
GG:Valiant Lustre
Dressphere:Lady Luck
Crystal Bangle
Wall Ring

GG:Valiant Lustre
Dressphere:Dark Knight
Wall Ring

GG:Valiant Lustre
(Same as Yuna's Accessories)

First,Save before you fight them. When you go into battle with Paragon,bribe him with Lady Luck using your 4,000,000 gil.If and when he leaves,he should leave some Dark Matters. If he doesn't restart and try again. When he leaves Dark Matters,face Trema. From here, Paine should mix a Potion and a Dark Matter to make a Hero Drink for Rikku. Hero Drink Guards against all attacks. Rikku should use Darkness which does no damage to Rikku due to Hero Drink. Have Yuna Spherechange to a White Mage. Have Yuna cast Shell and Reflect on the Party. Yuna Should be used to support and heal the party from here on. Rikku's main job is to cast Darkness on Trema over and over. Paine should be used to heal Yuna's MP and Heal the Party's HP using Stash. And mixing Rikku another Hero Drink when the last one wears off. Good Luck

1 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: May 16th 2012 by CharizardMaster3300


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team | Nintendo DS

List of Dungeons
Here is a list of Dungeons in Mystery Dungeon. This also includes Beta version Dungeons

  • Tiny Woods
  • Thunderwave Cave
  • Mt.Steel
  • Sinister Woods
  • Silent Chasm
  • Mt.Thunder
  • Great Canyon
  • Lapis Cave
  • Rock Path (one time only)
  • Mt.Blaze
  • Snow Path (one time only)
  • Frosty Forest
  • Mt.Freeze
  • Magma Cavern
  • Sky Tower
  • Uproar Forest
  • Howling Forest
  • Stormy Sea
  • Silver Trench
  • Meteor Cave
  • Fiery Field
  • Lightning Field
  • Northwind Field
  • Mt.Faraway
  • Western Cave
  • Northern Range
  • Pitfall Valley
  • Buried Relic
  • Wish Cave
  • Murky Cave
  • Desert Region
  • Southern Cavern
  • Wyvern Hill
  • Solar Cave
  • Darknight Relic
  • Grand Sea
  • Waterfall Pond
  • Unown Relic
  • Joyous Tower
  • Far-Off Sea
  • Purity Forest
  • Oddity Cave
  • Remains Island
  • Marvelous Sea
  • Fantasy Strait

Here is a list of all the dungeons in the beta version. Please note these Dungeons cannot be accessed in any matter. Not even Hacking or Cheating.

  • Autopilot
  • Dojo Registration

Missions Do exist for Rock Path, Snow Path, and Dojo Registration in the games coding but these are all glitches because you cannot access Rock and Snow Path but once and you cannot access Dojo Registration at all.

1 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: May 15th 2012 by CharizardMaster3300


Pokemon Pearl | Nintendo DS

Ghost Easter Eggs
There are 3 Easter Eggs in the Old Chateau. The first is in the dining room. When you enter,your character will automatically step forward 1 step and you will see the ghost of a butler on the other side of the table floating toward the kitchen. The second Easter egg is in the room second to the last door if you go right in the hallway. You will see a ghost girl floating out of the room to the right of the room your in. The third Easter Egg is in the same room as Easter Egg 2 (the second to last room)
Go up to the's eyes will open. If you go to the back wall of the rooms left or right of the picture it will move it's eyes in your direction.
NOTE Easter Eggs 1 & 2 will only appear once every day. However Easter Egg 3 appears all the time

1 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: May 14th 2012 by CharizardMaster3300


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Kingdom Hearts II | PlayStation 2

Do you mean ultima weapon or Fenrir.If you mean Ultima Weapon get the recipe from the mansion in Twilight Town and Synthsize it.If you mean Fenrir You have to beat Sepherioth at Hollow Bastion in the Dark Depths

1 Thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 30th Apr 2012 by CharizardMaster3300

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team | Nintendo DS

Surf is very easy to find. Its in one of the keyholes in Solar Cave.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team | Nintendo DS

How to recruit Mewtwo and Deoxys
To recruit Mewtwo you must first unlock Southern Cavern where Mewtwo resides.Here is what you have to do.
1. Recruit Ho-Oh to your team
2. Go through Western Cave and Defeat Mewtwo
3. Go back through again and defeat Mewtwo this time he will join your team.
Mewtwo has a 99.9% recruit rate meaning you can recruit him the second time around.
How to recruit Deoxys.
1.Recruit Lugia (Lugia has a 99.9% recruit rate like Mewtwo so go beat him twice to recruit)
2.Go to Meteor Cave and battle Deoxys. (Deoxys has a 0.10% recruit rate it may take awhile so take a friend bow which can be found in a keyhole at Mt.Faraway and Kecleon Shops in Joyous Tower.)


Adventure Quest Worlds | PC

How do you bat the dragon princess I can't damage her


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Pokemon Platinum | Nintendo DS

Um yes there is no way to change your gender without starting a new game


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