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Classes Guide

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Classes Guide

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes Guide

There are four different classes in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint from which to choose from. Each class acts as a starting point that branches to the same skill trees, but feature their own special techniques. Check out our Classes Guide to find out more about them.

The four classes are Assault, Panther, Field Medic, and Sharpshooter and although you have to choose one at the start of the game you will be able to switch between any of the classes at biovouacs. Being able to change classes gives you the flexibility to switch to a class that is more appropriate for the mission ahead.


Listed below are the four classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint along with their class technique, class item, and class proficiencies.

Assault Class

• Class Technique:
True Grit – reduces recoil and adds damage resistance.

• Class Item:
Gas Grenade – Area-of-effect attack that deals damage over time.

• Class Proficiencies:
Extra health and bonuses with assault rifles and shotguns.

Panther Class

• Class Technique:
Cloak & Run – Disappear behind a smokescreen.

• Class Item:
Cloaking Spray – user is undetectable by drones.

• Class Proficiencies:
Bonus stealth, faster movement speed, and suppressors on handguns and submachine guns do not reduce damage.

Field Medic

• Class Technique:
Healing Drone – Heals and revives teammates.

• Class Item:
Medkit – heals injuries.

• Class Proficiencies:
Faster revives, carry bodies faster, and self-revive.


• Class Technique:
Armour Buster – high-penetration bullets with bonus damage and muzzle velocity.

• Class Item:
Sensor Launcher – marks enemies in a large area.

• Class Proficiencies:
Longer breath control while aiming and bonuses with sniper rifles and DMR.

Skill Trees

Listed below are the different skill trees that are available in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the benefit each one gives.


• Close and Personal:
+15% reload speed and +10 to mobility.

• Experience Upgrade:
+20% XP bonus.

• Parachute:
Press the spacebar to deploy your parachute.

• Night Vision:
Activate by pressing the V key.

• Perk Slot:
Equip an extra perk.

• Perk Slot:
Equip an extra perk.


• Pack Mule:
+40% maximum ammo and +10% ammo pick up.

• Pistolero:
+15% reload speed and +20% damage while using a hand cannon.

• Maximum Ammo:
+25%, er, maximum ammo.

• Better Dismantle:
scavenge more parts when dismantling weapons.

Mark Upgrades

• Mark Upgrade:
upgrade weapons to MK.2 in the gunsmith to refine and customise them.

• Mark Upgrade:
upgrade weapons to MK.3 in the gunsmith to refine and customise them.


• Thermal Vision:
hit the V key to activate.

• Intel Grenade:
marks enemies in an area.

• Resources Detection:
adds icons on your mini-map that indicate nearby resources to pick up.

• Recon Mastery:
every enemy marked with your drone reduces your technique cooldown by 10%, and increases your XP gain by 40%.

Drone Upgrades

• Drone Upgrade:
+20% to drone range.

• Drone Upgrade:
+20% to drone speed.

• Drone Upgrade:
+50% to drone cooldown.

• Drone Upgrade:
+50% to drone mark area.

• Drone Visions:
hit the V key to use the drone’s night and thermal vision.


• Rolling Thunder:
+20% to weapon damage and drone damage while using a sniper rifle.

• Gunslinger:
+15% accuracy and handling on every hit.

• Iron Lungs:
+100% breath control while aiming and swimming.

• Ballistic Advantage:
+40 to range and +20 to accuracy.


• Stamina Regen Speed:
+20% to, well, stamina regen speed.

• Rations Lvl.2:
craft advanced rations in the bivouac for better effects and longer durations.

• Tireless:
-20% stamina costs

• Burst Forth:
+10% to movement speed and +75% stamina regen speed.


• Specialised Item Carrier:
+1 item class capacity.

• Inspired:
instantly heal some of your health when your ally snags a kill.

• Technique Accelerant:
-10% technique cooldown.

• Revivalist:
after an ally is downed you’ll pick up +20% movement speed and +40% damage resistance.

Tactics II

• Technique Accelerant:
-10% technique cooldown.

• Specialised Item Carrier:
+1 item class capacity.

• Convoy Upgrade:
get better gear and weapons from convoys.

• Drone Hunter:
after destroying a drone you’ll instantly heal back some of your health.


• Armoury Upgrade:
get better quality weapons when buying them on demand.

• Skell Credits:
better gains from kills and in Ghost War.

• Skell Credits:
better gains from kills and in Ghost War.

• Helicopter Sale:
helicopters become available for purchase in the store.

• Weaponised Vehicles:
heavy and weaponised vehicles become available in the shop.


• Mountaineer:
+75% slide control.

• Water Filter:
fill your water bottle in swamps and saltwater.

• Speed climber:
+20% climb speed.

• Rations LV.3:
craft extreme rations in the bivouac for better effects and longer durations.


• Sixth Sense:
+25m automatic marking – marks all enemies in range, though it can’t be used in Ghost War.

• Syncshot Drone:
remote killer – press the G key to put on the target, hold the same key to activate it.

• Sensor Hack:
+10% damage to drones and +40% drone evasion.

• Slim Shadow:
+50 stealth.


• Explosives MK.2:
upgrades C4, frag grenades, and mines. Also improves damage and area of effect.

• Item Capacity:
+1 item capacity to everything apart from class items and syringes.

• Breach Torch:
a high-temperature tech torch that cuts holes in wire fences.

• Explosives Expert:
+20% to items’ area of effect, +20% explosive damage, and +40% throw damage.

Gadgets II

• Shop Clearance:
consumables are 50% cheaper in Maria’s shop.

• EMP Grenades:
stuns enemy drones.

• Item Capacity:
+1 item capacity to everything apart from class items and syringes.

• Drone Scavenger:
scavenge more parts from destroyed drones.


• Guerrilla:
for every hit with a shotgun you’ll pick up +10% damage resistance and +20% health regen speed.

• Healing Pouch:
+1 syringe capacity.

• Adrenaline:
get some of your health back after scoring a kill in close quarters.

• Rocket Launcher:
get a rocket launcher through crafting or in Maria’s shop.

Assault II

• Healing Pouch:
+1 syringe capacity.

• Feel No Pain:
pick up the relentless perk, which means you can’t reach critical injury levels, along +25% to injury resistance.

• Syringe MK.2:
heal faster and remove some injuries.

• Twig:
-30% damage resistance, -30% health regen delay, and +100% health regen speed.

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