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Cheat Codes Guide

The House of the Dead: Remake Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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The House of the Dead: Remake Cheat Codes Guide

The House of the Dead: Remake revives the classic 1996 arcade shooter where you have to eradicate the living dead from Curien Mansion. Take a look at this Cheat Code Guide to find out how you can enter cheats to make your game more manageable.

How to Unlock and Enter Cheats

Similar to many games old and new you can enter cheats into The House of the Dead: Remake by inputting a sequence of button presses using your controller while staring at the main menu. The game will confirm correct code entry by displaying a bright green text prompt indicating that you have successfully activated the code. The code will remain in effect until you either stop or reset the game. However, before you can input a cheat into your game you must earn a certain number of Achievements.

Cheat Codes

Listed below are the various cheats that are available in The House of the Dead: Remake and the number of Achievements that are required to unlock them. Note: The codes below are for the Nintendo Switch, codes for other consoles and PC will be added once they have been released.

Unlock All Secrets Characters (available at the start):
On the Character Select screen, hold down L + R then enter up, down, X, Y, and Z.

Show High Score (available at the start):
From the Pause Screen, hold down L + R then enter X, X, and X.

Infinite Ammo (8 Achievements Required):
Enter L, R, L, R, B, and B.

One-Shot Kills (16 Achievements Required):
Enter Left, Up, Right, Down, B, and B.

Unlock All Weapons (24 Achievements Required):
Enter A, A, B, B, LB, and RB.

Unlimited Credits (32 Achievements Required):
Enter Up, Up, Up, R, and B.

God Mode (40 Achievements Required):
Enter Left, Right, Left, Right, B, and B.

Easy Achievements

There are a list of Achievements in House of the Dead: Remake that are based on your progress and feats performed in the game. Some of these Achievements are easier to obtain than others and since the best cheats require a fair amount of them to be met before they are unlocked it is recommended that you target the easiest ones first. These include killing a scientist, saving a scientist, having a friend join your game in the middle of a campaign, and having them complete a game with you from start to finish. You will earn multiple Achievements at once if you have racked up more than 62,000 points when you finish the game. Below is a list of all the Achievements.

Beat campaign at any difficulty

Blood Bath
Beat campaign at ARCADE difficulty

Beat Chariot at the end of the first chapter.

Beat Hangedman at the end of the second chapter

Beat Hermit at the end of the third chapter.

Beat Magician at the end of the fourth chapter.

Normal ending
Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit not equal to zero

True ending
Complete the game with a total score of over 62,000

Third ending
Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit equal to zero

Discover all three endings.

Save a Scientist.

Save all Scientists through the campaign.

Kill a Scientist

Kill all Scientists at any chapter

Discover all paths available in the game.

Secret Room
Enter the secret room on level 4.

Collect all items in a single campaign

Catch'em All!
Collect all creature entries.

Full Armory
Collect all additional weapons available in the game.

Try this!
Collect your first additional weapon.

Fire off 666 heads!

Devastate the opponent's body as much as possible!

Kill 3 enemies in a row.

Kill 5 enemies in a row.

Kill 666 enemies.

Kill 5 enemies at the same time.

Dance Macabre
Nail down the opponent's head with Pitter

Shoot down enemies projectiles 50 times.

Not this time!
Finish a single chapter without taking any damage.

Finish the whole campaign without taking any damage.

Agent G
Finish the full campaign with your friend!

Finish any chapter with help of Player 2.

Let Player 2 join the game while in a middle of a campaign.

Lose all credits and die.

Who let the dogs out?
Knockback the Kenfis

Knocks up an enemy as high as possible.

No ammo wasted
Finish level without reloading with bullets in the chamber.

Glass cleaner
Don’t destroy any glass panels on level 2

Kill all rats in-game.

Shoot all Hangedman's Devilions.

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