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Turning Japanese

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Turning Japanese

Last Updated:
bottles: 30
Treasures: 12
Safes: 1
Masks: 11

Before the mission starts, you can visit the ThiefNet to purchase some upgrades using the coins you have collected. You can now freely select which character to play in the next mission. Sly also has a job available called Photo Op. Let's select that for now.

Outside, you can freely explore the area for collectibles. Refer to the individual collectible sections in this guide to learn the locations of the each collectible in the game.

Photo Op

Head to the roof of the marked house to start this mission. First, find a nearby boar guard and press R3 to open your Binocucom. Aim for the guard and wait for it to pause to snap a perfect picture. Next, make your way to the imperial prison and do the same.

Next head to the Dragon Gates marked in the map and take a snapshot of it. Head to the Sushi House next and

Finally, head to the Geisha House and snap a photo of its gate. Once El Jefe goes outside, snap a photo of him as well to complete the job.


Head to the marked location to start the mission. Then, you have to collect three armor pieces by stealing them from the roving guards. Use your Binocucom to tag the targets and find them. You have to avoid getting spotted by the specific armor guards since you'll fail the mission if you do.

After getting the complete set of armor, return to the prison and press L2 to wear your disguise. Head to the entrance to enter the prison. Once inside, equip the armor and continue forth until you find Rioichi Cooper. After speaking with him, follow the path until you find two guards. Go where the tortured monkey is and you should see a hole with blue sparkle. Unequip the samurai armor and crawl into the hole to find a Mask.

Backtrack to the main path and remove your armor once you reached another hole with blue sparkle. Crawl inside to reach the mess hall, then crawl again under the table then head outside. You need to get past the first guard without the armor on since the armor doesn't allow you to jump. Continue forth until you reach a narrow passage with swinging axes and fire traps. Equip the armor to avoid getting damaged by the fire and time your movement to avoid getting hit by the axes.

You may have to equip/unequip the armor as necessary to get past the obstacles. Head outside and continue forth again and follow the path until you reach another part of the dungeon again. Walk past the fire trap and zip down using your default costume. Make your way up but don't exit yet. Instead, head to the right so the camera angle changes a bit and allows you to find another hole with blue sparkle. Crawl inside to get the Mask you saw earlier.

Continue to the next area then sneak behind the guard carrying the key and steal it from him. After opening the gate, continue forth until you reach the circular plate. During this sequence, you have to use the armor to soak damage and its shield to repel the fireballs to the dragon statues. Remove the armor and jump across the gaps to reach the next platform and repeat the process again. Continue doing this until you reach Rioichi and free him.

Ancestor Rescue

Sushi House Startup

Head to the marked location and equip the armor. Approach the guards to dismiss them. You'll be controlling Rioichi while inside the restaurant. Destroy the nearby objects to gather the coins then make your way up to the roof of the kiosk. Use Rioichi's focus leap to jump across wide gaps of space.

Scale the wall and avoid the security light, then sneak behind the guard to steal the carving knife. Take out the guard after getting the knife, then destroy more surrounding objects if you want to get more coins. Interact with the door to open it and reach the next area.

Get past the floor trap by using the dragon leap then get the past first guard. Jump to the pipes above and get behind the guard and steal the fillet knife. Take out the guard then open the door.

Head to the next area and get across the floor trap. In the next room, you can stealth-kill the guards so you can freely destroy the objects and get more coins. Climb up the bamboo plant near the large statue in the middle and move along the upper platform to reach the next area. Here, you have to get across the long corridor with floor traps.

After getting past the trap successfully, steal the cleaver and take out the guard. Open the door and before interacting with the main lever, climb the pole to the left and move your camera around to find a Mask in the corner.

Finally, pull the lever to complete the job.

Something Fishy

You start the mission with a hacking mini-game. This time, it's just a normal shooter. Collecting power ups will increase your level, upgrading your projectile speed, provides you with option and spread shot. Getting hit will lower your level so be careful. Collect as many power ups as you can and avoid getting damaged until you reach the boss. Finally, take out the boss to complete the hacking.

Bentley Shooter

As soon as you control Murray, turn around to find a Mask. Now lift the gate to open it.

Continue to the next gate and open it. Continue until you reach a group of lightning bugs. Hit the nearby plant to attract them and get them out of the way. Get past the floor trap to reach the next gate. Open it and continue to encounter the next group of lightning bugs. Slam the nearby boulder dispenser and throw it at the plant across to light it up.

Continue forth to the fishing spot and use your controller's motion control to capture some fish within the time limit.

Fishing with Bentley

After capturing the required number of fishes, make your way back to the group of bugs you encountered earlier and throw the fish bucket to the cart across. There's a stone dispenser nearby so throw a stone to light up the plant and cross the gap. Make your way to the other group of bugs and carefully aim for the cart across before throwing the fish bucket. Finally, get past those bugs and get the fish bucket then load it to the final cart to complete the job.

Pretty in Pinker

After starting the job, reach the roof of the Geisha House by crossing the rope. Once inside, make your way to the upper left balcony and head inside. Get past the security lights in the hallway until you reach the pond outside.

Cross the pond by performing timed dragon leaps, then you can either take out the guards below or go to the upper level and make it across the room using the ceiling fans. Destroy the box in the corner platform to reveal a Mask.

Continue to the next room and get past the crushing trap and continue until you reach another pond. Cross it quickly then go up to the next corridor. The next floor trap can be crossed by walking in between the lines and jumping as necessary.

Jump to the furnace and carefully make your way around and jump from one furnace to another until you reach the control panel. To successfully hack the system, you have to tilt your controller to make use of its motion sensor. Avoid falling off the grid and collect the charges to increase your time a bit. (You don't have to collect all charges) Successfully reach the end of the circuit to unlock the container housing the Geisha costume.

Motion Cracker
-- Video coming soon --

Make your way to the container to trigger a scene. You'll be in another mini-game with Murray. This is just a simple rhythm game so hit the correct buttons in timing to complete the job.

Geisha Hero

Tiger Tail

Once the mission starts, you'll have to control Bentley's RC cart to follow El Jefe. Remember to boost when there are no guards around and equip your RC's poultry costume to get past without alarming them.

Tailing the tiger.

Spiked Sushi

Head to the first gate and climb the hanging rope to reach the blossom. Remember that you'll need to use dragon leaps to reach it. Hit the plant and interact with it to harvest the seed.

Head to the next blossom only to discover that there's a group of lightning bugs around it. Hit the plant below and quickly climb the nearby rope to reach the blossom. Collect the seed to complete the job.

Altitude Sickness

Pickpocket the skeleton key from the marked guard then use it to unlock roller to the right. Run on it to open the dragon statue mouth then stand in front of it. Equip the samurai armor to deflect the fireball and activate the switch. Do the same thing to the other dragon statue.

After seeing the airship fly, turn around to find another Mask.

Head to the bridge and control Murray in the fight to take out a few guards. The controls will switch over to Riochi under the bridge. This is a very straightforward path so just continue forth until you finally reach the roller under the bridge.

After opening the gate and after Rioichi's cane gets stolen, you'll be controlling Sly again. Cross the flaming bridge by jumping from one point to another. Continue to the large gate but before opening it, turn to the left to find another Mask. Continue to the door and interact with it to open it.

After the scene, you'll have to fight El Jefe. For this battle, make sure to stay away from El Jefe's steady aura or space. You have to equip the samurai armor when El Jefe releases a fire nova then remove it to quickly evade his lightning sword sweeps. To weaken him, you have to deflect his fireball using your samurai armor's shield then while he's stunned, get up close and pummel him with punches.

El Jefe = Big Baby

Follow him to the next platform and you'll discover that his attack patterns will be a bit different. This time, you have to worry about the shock mines he plants around him and the succeeding lightning sword sweep.

El Jefe = shock mines

Follow El Jefe again to the last platform and repeat the same pattern. The only additional attack he gets is a spinning lightning blade. Land the finishing blow to El Jefe to complete the mission.

El Jefe = Cane Style

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