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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Pack Shot

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

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Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough and Guide

Forty Thieves

bottles: 30
Treasures: 12
Safes: 1
Masks: 11

Lost and Found

After the mission starts, head to the marked door and enter the house. Go to the large room and look to the left. Use your binocucom to highlight the golden pot. Take a photo of it, and the large, strange door as well.

Exit the house then head to any of the marked locations. Use the binocucom to track the footsteps and take a photo of the objects in question. After taking a snapshot of all the necessary items. Track Salem down to the boat docked in the northwestern corner of the map.

Open Sesame

You have to collect three flawless gems. Their locations are marked in the map so you just have to find them in any order you prefer.

Deliver the gems to the pawner and you'll unlock the Thief Costume. Head to the building to the west and open the gate by standing on the lever near the springy cushion. Slow time down to get under the gate.

There's a treasure inside but ignore it for now and just come back for it later. Follow Ms. Decibel and Le Paradox. Don't let any of the guards spot you. Just follow them from the high ground and you'll be able to eavesdrop their conversation nice and easy. Follow them to their location and get past the gate using the Thief Costume's slow time ability. Finally, destroy the gear to remove the trap and head to the tent where the two are talking. Job complete.

Rug Rats

After getting briefed by Bentley, go to the side of the shop and crawl under the vent to enter it. Once inside, grab on the pole and press R2 to use Salim's Climbing Cobra technique. Head to the next room and cut the rope holding the statue to reach the cavern below.

Crawl through the hole and continue to the next room. Make your way to the rope in the end of the cave and climb up. Operate the lever then make your way up, with the help of Salim's Climbing Cobra technique. Once you've reached a guarded platform, scale the ledge once the guard stops looking. Make your way to the right side and use the Climbing Cobra to quickly climb the chains.

Scale the ledge again and carefully get past the guard. After passing, you can sneak inside and take out the guards to collect the Mask.

Scale the next ledge and climb the next set of destructible chains until you reach the last platform . Get past the guard and operate the lever. Quickly jump on the retracting platform and make your way up again using three snake infested poles. Head to the next platforms and avoid the security lights. Continue until you reach the last rope leading to the top floor.

After finding the thief ally, operate the terminal so Bentley can start hacking. Complete the hack successfully to complete the mission.

Up in the Smoke

Control Bentley's RC chopper. Drop the smoke bombs on the markers below. Avoid the homing bombs and boost away when they get too near. Keep doing this as Sly and Salim make their move and find The Lion. Operate the terminal so Bentley can deactivate the hypnotic device.

Copy Cats

As Murray, operate the switch to raise a sunken ship and create a walkway for him. Head towards the swirling blade obstacle for the control to switch to Sly. Go across the stream using the boat then climb up using the rope and scale the wall past the guard. Jump on the lever and use the Slow Time ability of your Thief costume to get past the gate.

After getting past the gate, you have to cross the swirling water by jumping on the floating debris. Be careful of the explosive barrels as well. Make your way to the next ledge and jump on the lever to open the door. Slow time again to get past it.

You have to get past the swirling stream again. Use the Slow Time ability to easily jump from debris to debris. Be careful of the explosive barrels as well. You can use the poles in the middle to recharge your focus meter. Once you reached the other end, climb the destructible chains and step on the lever. Once outside, use the sword to destroy the gears. You'll control Murray next.

As Murray, get past the shark infested waters and kill the guards in the next area. Interact with the switch, then take out the cannons. Once the cannons are dealt with, interact with the switch again to raise the sunken ship. Continue across the walkway until your progress is halted again by the spinning blades.

You'll control Sly once again. Ride the debris and jump to the bow of the ship. You'll find a Mask there.

Make it across to reach the gold-laden shore with sleeping guards. Be careful when stepping on the stack of coins as they'll wobble and crash, alerting the guards. Use the Thief costume's slow time ability to get past these. Next, stealth-kill the guards or avoid their lights to get past the hallway. Destroy the gear to disable the spinning blades preventing Murray to advance.

As Murray, cross the shark-infested water again and head to the next platform. Operate the switch and take out the cannons again, like before. Once clear, operate the switch to raise another sunken ship. The control will return back to Sly. Slow time as you move across the floating debris to avoid getting damaged by the explosive barrels. Make your way to the bow of the ship before it sinks. Remember that slowing time will also slow down the real-time timer.

After reaching The Tiger, operate the terminal to initiate the hacking. The job is completed after successfully hacking and disabling the hypnotic device.

Heavy Metal Meltdown

After the briefing, find the snake pole and use Salim's climbing ability to reach the upper ledge and sneak inside. Once in, Bentley will give you some devices that you need to put in three different locations. They are marked in the map so just explore the area to find them.

In the large room with book stacks, look for a rope that you can grab unto and make your way up. You'll find a Mask on one of the ledges there.

After placing the bugs, you'll now control Bentley. You'll have to find the transmitters you planted then shoot them with darts. The objects you can destroy with your bomb will be marked so you won't have problems navigating the area.

You'll control Salim this time. Make your way to Ms. Decibel's table and plant the bug there without being seen.

All Rolled Up

Carmelita will distract the guards and you'll have to play a rhythm mini-game. Keep at it until the team successfully infiltrates the secret base. Once inside, you'll have to control Bentley's RC car. After getting the guards' attention, lead them to the vent far away from their post.

Once inside the vent, control the RC car past the laser obstacles. Take out the scorpions along the way as well. This is a very straightforward path so you don't have to worry about any detours. Continue until you find the power source. Drive straight through it to disable the laser field. Lead Bentley to the security room and start hacking the terminal.

In the next phase, you have to fight the guards. Use Murray's stomp to grab them and throw them to the large gas guns. Keep doing this until the guns are destroyed.

For the first part of the battle, slow down the time and jump on the green boxes on your way to Ms. Decibel. Evade her attacks until she gets dizzy. After she changes platform, you have to follow her there. You need to walk on the line and evade the incoming bolts. You can slow down time to make it easier for you to progress. As soon as you make it to her, avoid her attacks again until she gets dizzy.

Dancing to the elephant tune

Cut the chains to clear your path and continue your pursuit. Head to the platform with lots of toxic gas and canisters. Peek over the plate where the chain is located to find a Mask.

Boss Battle Mask

Slow time again and jump on the boxes before they get destroyed and until you reach the boss. Circle around her and keep evading her attacks until she becomes vulnerable. Make your way up again on the second music ribbon to reach Ms. Decibel.


In this battle, you just have to abuse the time slow ability to get away from her attacks, especially her projectiles. Keep evading until she gets dizzy from her shockwave attack. Keep hitting her to aggravate her. After this, she'll charge towards you. Slow down time to position yourself in front of the towers to lure Ms. Decibel and damage her. Keep doing this until she gets defeated.


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