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Of Mice and Mechs

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Of Mice and Mechs

Last Updated:
bottles: 30
Treasures: 12
Safes: 1
Masks: 11

Shopping Spree

As soon as the mission starts, you have to collect the materials Bentley needed in order. Their positions are marked in the map so you won't have problems finding them. First, head to the location and eavesdrop on the guards. You need to be standing on the rope above the marked location to trigger the eavesdropping. Once done, head to the tavern and enter through the roof.

Once inside, you have to reach the second floor through the upper ledges since the stairs is guarded. Crawl under the table and jump to the fuel vat across. Make your way to the platform in the end the get the metal once it's clear. After acquiring the metal, exit the tavern.

Go to the marked spot to eavesdrop on the guards. Next, head to the bakery and you'll be in another hacking sequence.

Panzer Hacking

Enter the bakery then smash one of the furnace windows to pass through. Pick the wood from the furnace then leave the area. Head to the clock tower and stand on the marked spot to eavesdrop again then proceed to the Shoemaker's.

Continue upstairs and crawl into the crawlspace or use the rope to get to the other side of the room. Wait for the rotating arm to get near then jump and grab hold of its ring. Jump off to the next side and crawl under the space. Grab the leather and avoid the laser grid to get the leather and complete the job.

Juggling Act

After starting the mission, head to the tower and make your way to the upper “branch”. (There's also a Mask in the lower “branch”). Once you've reached the upper branch, you'll be able to use the Archer costume. Shoot the target across to create a rope bridge. Continue to the main circus tent and climb down the hole.

Once inside, shoot an arrow to the target ahead and continue forth. Go to the lower platform and shoot another arrow past the rings. Time your movement to avoid getting scorched by the fire. Continue following the straightforward path and cross the three giant heads with trumpets.

In the next platform, equip your archer costume and shoot the moving target ahead. Before moving forth, you should be able to reach the Mask in the far platform near your starting point.

Continue then jump on the swings to reach the catapult. Hop on the catapult to the next platform, then shoot the moving target again. The cannon ball may interrupt so time your release and control the trajectory of the arrow. Cross the rope while avoiding the cannon balls, obviously. Make your way to the next archery platform and shoot the next target. You have to cross the rope again while avoiding the cannon balls.

Jump across another set of frog trumpets and grab hold of the rope at the end. Don't jump off yet to the next platform; instead, continue climbing up to find another Mask hidden overhead.

Now jump to the platform and slide down the fire dragon spiral and climb your way to the upper platform. Once there, carefully jump through the fire circle and equip your archer costume. Shoot the rotating target ahead to continue. Make your way to the top to find Sir Galleth.

Cane Swipe

Once the mission starts, get ahead of the black knight and take a photo of his armor up front. Next, take a photo of the cane case.

Then, take out the guards from behind. Remember that after taking out the last guard from the convoy, the other one will turn around and check things out. You must take them out stealthily. After taking out the guards, interact with the cane and play the hacking mini-game. Successfully stealing the cane will complete this job.

Eye in the Sky

You'll be using sir Galleth in this job. After Bentley briefs you about the mission, head to the first tower where you can use your Catapult Crash technique. Take note that you can only reach certain Treasures and Masks in this period by using it.

After breaking the first vertical barrier, make your way to the third ring and peek to the ledge farther to the right to find a Mask.

Make your way to the top of the tower and destroy the first balloon. Head to the second tower and destroy the second balloon. You should be able to see another Mask in the topmost ledge so don't forget to grab it.

Head to the third tower and destroy the last balloon to complete the mission.

Mechanical Menace

Head to the cavern after receiving the briefing from Bentley. Continue through the tunnel until you reach a massive machine. Peek over the edge to the right to find the Mask there.

Climb the machine afterwards. Navigating it is pretty much self-explanatory and straightforward.

Once you've reached the top level, grab hold of the ring to the right side of the dragon heads then make your way to the zipline to the left. After the scene, you'll be controlling Carmelita.

This battle is rather simple. You just need to avoid the fireballs, shoot down the homing projectiles, avoid the lasers, kill the little mechanical dragons and avoid the dragon heads' fire breath. As one of the dragon heads breath fire, target the nozzle in their throats to disable them temporarily. Run in front of their noses to destroy their eyes. You have to keep repeating this until you destroy all heads. Job complete.

Dragon Slayer

Short Supply

After the briefing, head to the tavern. Once inside, stomp on the enemies then throw them to the vats to destroy them. Each vat needs to hits to destroy. After destroying the machines, the control will now switch to Sly.

Head to the shoemaker's. Go upstairs and grab to the rope. Change into the archer costume and quickly cross the rope before the laser reaches it. Make your way to the central platform. Next, pick up an arrow nearby and create a rope bridge by shooting the other target. Activate the panel again to have Bentley take care of the hacking.

After hacking successfully, the control will switch over to Sir Galleth. Head to the bakery and enter it. Close the furnace grate to pass through. Find a ring on the wooden column in the middle then use your catapult crash to reach the upper level.

You have to use catapult crash to destroy the pipes above and activate the lasers. Avoid getting damaged by the lasers or run out of time since the system will reset. You have to destroy three pipes, avoiding the lasers as you work your way then escape.

Bakery Crasher

Shell Shocked Heart

Follow the Black Knight and stay out of his sight until he enters the blacksmith shop. You'll control Bentley afterward. Make your way to the roof of the building and enter it from the shaft. Once inside, destroy the first obstacle and disable the lasers ahead by shooting a dart to the control panel.

Continue following the path until you find a large gear. There's a Mask behind the wooden board so blow it open using your bomb to get the mask.

Disable the next set of laser floor traps then head to the terminal. Access it and complete the hacking sequence.

Blacksmith Hacking

After the hacking, continue forth the narrow tunnel and shoot the panel on the ceiling to reprogram the lasers. Cross the moving laser field then follow the path. Find another laser control panel past the moving pistons to the far right walkway. After disabling the lasers, continue until you find another terminal. Hack this terminal to continue

Continue forth but before turning to the right, jump on the rotating gears to the left and destroy the box in the corner to reveal another Mask.

Blacksmith Mask

Return to the main path and shoot the panel to reprogram the lasers. Head to the next room and shoot the panel in the rotating machine to the right to disable the laser field. Destroy the box then follow the path. Shoot the obstacle ahead to disable the floor lasers again then continue. The next two laser panels are behind the moving platform on both sides of the walkway. Continue forth until you discover the Black Knight's real identity.

Hard Target

The mission starts with you controlling Galleth. You have to collect three fire bulbs, all located in those tall vines. You can reach them using Galleth's catapult crash technique. The bulbs are marked in the map so you shouldn't have problems finding them all.

Harvesting Fire Bulbs

After collecting all the fire bulbs, you'll be controlling Sly this time. Head to the carnival and enter the archery shooting game. This is similar to Carmelita's gun shooting mini-game. Moving targets costs more points, especially the fast, flying dragon. Hit non-enemy targets and you'll get a deduction. Just prioritize shooting the moving targets; otherwise, concentrate on taking out as many targets as possible within the time limit.

Archery Contest

Operation: Mouse Trap

Detonate the gate and you'll have to face Penelope alone. You have to switch between Sly's default costume and his archer costume. Penelope's giant iron knight has the same attacks, though the pattern will vary. The huge beam it fires can be blocked by the siege platforms so hide behind them when she attacks. The shockwave on the ground can be easily evaded using double-jumps.

To damage this enemy, you have to take out the shoulder pads first before its core becomes vulnerable for the first time. To do this, you have to go to the marked siege tower, use the archer costume to fire an arrow then steer it to the target. Once the arrow successfully attaches to the target, switch to your default costume and run to the other end of the rope before the laser beam hits and cuts the rope.

Iron Giant

Next, you have to defeat Penelope's serv bot. The controls are simple. To win this battle, you have to avoid the enemy's attack, then go for a counterattack. Attacking aggressively will just allow your opponent to evade your swings and catch you off guard instead. You can also trigger super attacks once prompted to deal more damage.

[video=32_Robot.avi title= Iron Knuckles
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