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Scarlet Nexus Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Paul

Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Tose, check out our best Scarlet Nexus Tips and Tricks below.

Check the Item Exchange before buying anything

Whenever you enter a Standby Phase, always check the shop’s Item Exchange section before buying anything. Usually, the shop’s inventory gets updated every Standby Phase, and the items for sale can be obtained for free by exchanging the required items. Prioritize exchanging for weapons (and upgraded versions of your current weapons) and plug-ins.

Use the Wishlist feature to know when you have enough materials to exchanging

You can add up to 10 items in your wishlist. The game will notify you once you have enough materials to complete the exchange for the item in your wishlist.

Use the Library to identify enemy drops

The library contains all the necessary details about the Others you have slain so far. This is useful in identifying specific enemies and where you can find them. You can also see the materials they drop.

Don’t be lazy during the Standby Phase!

The Standby Phase is the resting period before you transition to the next story chapter. We recommend not breezing through the standby phase since there are several important things that you can do.

* Consider re-visiting recently-cleared areas to farm for EXP and materials.

* Always check the shop for new items for exchange or sale. Upgrade your party’s weapons, get newer plug-ins, and presents. Don’t go crazy in stocking up on consumables too much especially if you’re not a heavy user.

* Complete all available Bond Episodes. Don’t forget to check your Brain Messages since some bond episodes can be triggered there.

* Visit your home city to accept any available quests/ side missions.

* Give gifts to your teammates in the hideout to increase their bonds.

Know which gifts can increase Bond faster

Each character in the game has preferences. When selecting gifts for them, always look out for the heart icon. A small heart icon means that they like the gift while a larger, red heart means that the gift is their favorite (and will increase their Bond even faster).

Use the Archivist Often!

The archivist serves as the game’s healing point, save point, and shop at the same time. Talking to the archivist fully restores the party’s health. The shop also shares the same inventory anywhere in that current chapter so there’s no fear of missing out on anything. Finally, the archivist is deployed in very convenient locations so you can explore without worries since you’ll have a safe spot to regroup and recover.

You can fast-travel often

The game’s maps are already revealed so you just need to manually find data points and resource readings. You can also switch between individual areas of a location by accessing the World Map, selecting the location you’re in, and choosing the preferred area directly.

No need to report to quest-givers for completed quests

Unlike other games that use a quest system, you don’t need to report back to the NPC who gave you the quest. Once you have completed a quest, simply open your menu, go to the Story tab, then select the Quests tab. Highlight the completed quest then report it as completed. You’ll instantly get the reward(s).

Scarlet Nexus Walkthrough and Guide

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Scarlet Nexus FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

Can I manually turn off/ turn on the Brain Drive?
Unfortunately, you can't. Brain Drive will trigger automatically once the gauge is full and will continue to deplete even when you're outside combat.
How can I prolong my teammate's SAS power duration?
Learn the skill “Brain Crush SAS Restore” to restore the SAS gauge of the power you've used or currently active. This will in turn extend the time the power(s) are active (especially if you have Concurrent SAS Activation). You can also learn the skill “Brain Drive: SAS Gauge Restore” which fully restores all SAS gauges as soon as Brain Drive is activated.
How to increase plug-in capacity?
Each character has three plug-ins but only one is available by default. For Yuito/Kasane, they have to learn the Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 1 & 2 to unlock the other two plug-in slots. For their allies, they have to give them the Plug-in Parallelization Program items as gifts. These can be obtained as a resource reading while exploring or exchanged via Shop.
Can I activate both pyro and electrokinesis at the same time?
You can't activate both powers at the same time since they're both powers that imbue your weapon attacks with fire and electricity respectively. Only one of them can be activated at a time. Other SAS powers doesn't have this restriction.
How can I activate SAS consecutively?
Learn the skill “Concurrent SAS Activation” to be able to activate two SAS powers at once. Learning the second copy of the skill will allow you to activate up to four SAS powers concurrently.
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