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How to get Bucks

Roblox Adopt Me Walkthrough and Guide by Mark (testuser)
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Bucks are the currency to use in Adopt me which you will need to use to buy many items in the game. Bucks are earned as you play but you there are many things you can do to maximise your income while playing to make sure you can afford all the fun items you want for your world.

Below are our tips to let you gain money quickly and efficiently.

Login Rewards
Every day that you login to play the game you will get a reward. On more days this will be an amount of 'Bucks'. For the first four days, you will get the money and it will increase each day. On the fifth day you will get a random gift instead and then it will go back to giving you bucks. Make sure you log in consistently to get these rewards.

Play as a Baby and Adopt Others
As you play the game you will earn bucks by completing tasks with your pet. But you will and earn bucks if you complete task yourself as a baby. Playing as a back with a pet will allow you to earn double the money for tasks.

In addition to this, if you make a family you can then "adopt" other players who are playing as a baby also. Whenever they complete tasks themselves you will also get money.

Complete daily tasks

Tasks will appear as blue or orange circles at the top of your screen. You will usually find many of these tasks appearing at least once per day. If you are playing as a kid with a pet these tasks should let you earn up to 100 bucks per day.

Dirty - 7 bucks.
Appears first thing in the morning. Place your pet, kid, or yourself into the shower at your home too complete.

Hungry - 6 bucks.
You need to feed your pet, kid, or yourself. The cheapest way to do that is to go to the school and grab an apple from the teacher's desk. You can then feed it to your pet or eat it yourself.

Thirsty - 6 bucks.
You need to give your pet, kid, or yourself something to drink. Your pet can drink from the water bowl at the school, but you need to get drinks for yourself or your kid.

Sleepy - 7 bucks.
Appears in the evening. You need to place your pet, kid, or yourself to sleep in a crib. Your home will have one at the start, but you can find them at a few other locations, such as at the school and the adoption center.

Bored - 12 bucks.
To cure your boredom there are two options. You can go to the playground and try the equipment or just wait around of until the task completes. You can also play a piano in your home.

Pool Party - 12 bucks.
Find the outdoor pool and hang around there. You don't need to do anything, but it can be fun to try the stuff there.

Let's Go Camping - 18 bucks.
This can task can appear at night and is very useful ad you can complete is and also the Sleepy task as well at the same time. Head to the campsite and use the equipment there to make your pet sleep or get some sleep for yourself.

School - 12 bucks.
For this you just need to head over to the school and wait inside for a couple of minutes to complete it. While there you can feed your pet and take a few apples.

Sick - 12 bucks.
This task is a rare one that you will only see occasionally. To complete this you need to go to the doctor's office and talk to the doctor there. You can also get a golden apple at the office there and eat it or feed it to your pet to get healthy.

Get A Money Tree

If you are playing regularly and want to invest for a good future income then a money tree is a good way to go. A money tree will costs you 1450 bucks to buy and place in your house but it will then let you collect up to 100 bucks a day. You get your money back in 15 days and then you are earning free money.

You can buy a money tree from the "Edit House" menu when you are inside your home. Simply place the tree somewhere suitable your house and remember to go and collect from it every day.

Spend Robux

There are 2 options to get bucks in the game through spending your Robux. The first is to invest in the Lemonade Stand or Hotdog Stand

A lemonade stand costs 50 Robux and a BBQ stand costs 95 Robux. You can buy them from the in-game shop you access by pressing the shop icon on the right side of your screen.

You can then set either of the stands at a popular location and set a price for your products. When another player buys from the stand you will get the money. It is not a guaranteed income, this will vary depending on how many customers you are able to get. But if could earn good money in the long run.

Buy Bucks directly for Robux
And of course you can also buy bucks for Robux, this is useful if you really need the cash quickly but hopefully with the methods listed above you can earn enough to let you save your Robux for better purchases.

We hope this guide helps you have fun and earn the cash in Adopt Me. If you have any good tips to add to this please let us know inf the comments below. And if you have any questions please head to the answers page to ask there.

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