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Beginners Hints and Tips

Roblox Adopt Me Walkthrough and Guide by Mark (testuser)
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· Pets
When you start playing Adopt me for the first time you will get a short tutorial that walks you through getting and egg to hatch your first pet. You will then be able to continue and make your own way. Below are our top tips for getting started and making progress.

General Tips

bucks / Money
Money will be earned slowly in the game but there are many extra ways to add to your income. Check the guide page for How to get Bucks.

Find stuff in the Backpack
Items you earn, or collect are stored in your backpack. You will need to access this when you need to activate pets, find food or switch between pets and toys for example. The back pack can be accessed at any time by clicking the symbol in the bottom center of the screen.

You will be given tasks to complete regularly in the game and these will show up as blue of orange symbols at the top of the screen. To find out what to do just click the task symbol and the game will show you where to go to complete it.


Collecting Pets
There are a lot of pets to collect in Adopt Me. The pets come in five rarity categories: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. To get a pet you need to obtain and hatch an egg. You get the eggs from the Nursery.

You can buy different types of eggs plus a random type, the more expensive the egg the higher the chance that you will hatch a rare pet, although it will still only offer small chance. The table shows the overall chances of gaining each type of pet from the available eggs.

Rarity Cracked Egg (350) Pet Egg (500) Royal Egg (1450)
Common 45% 20% 0%
Uncommon 33% 35% 25%
Rare 14.5% 27% 37%
Ultra-Rare 6% 15% 30%
Legendary 1.5% 3% 8%

Once you purchase an egg you need to complete tasks which the game will give you in order to make it hatch. Then you get to see how lucky you have been.

Your new pet will be classed as newborn. From here in order to level it up you will need to make sure your pet is active with you as you complete your game world tasks. This will cause it to increase from Newborn to Junior, Pre-teen, Teen, Post Teen and finally to Full Grown.

For each rarity of pet the number of tasks that you need to do to increase through each level will be higher. So it will take longer to raise a Legendary pet than a common one.

Trading Pets
When you have a few pets you can start to trade with other players, approaching other players will let you enter a trade menu by pressing 'E'. I'd recommend just trading pets of the same rarity, but you can trade pets of different rarities. As a word of warning there are some players who may try to trick you, be very careful what you offer up for sale and don't risk losing your rarer pets without know exactly what you are getting in return. When trading pets we would recommend only trading like for like (ie trade common for common, or rare for rare).

Other Items to collect and trade
In addition to the pets there are a lot of items you can buy or trade in the game. You will find various shops and packages to earn to get you cars, toys, and many other things. The gift packages will get you random items which may let you get high value items cheaply but you can also end up with a lot of the same thing. Looking for other players to trade these to though can then let you get something new.

Your House

You will have your own house to start off in and this is a great start you can complete many basic tasks. As you earn bucks and progress in the game you will want to expand and decorate. To do this you can buy bigger houses to live in and furniture and decorations for your homes.

To buy a new house you need to be inside your current house and press on the "My homes" button on the top of the screen. The most expensive house is the luxury apartments, costing 8000 bucks. But there are many other options. You can own more than one house and switch between them in the same "My Homes" window.

To Decorate your house you need to press the "Edit House" button while inside whichever of your houses you want to update.
The edit option lets you change the colour / texture of the walls and the floor and buy furniture and decorations to place in your home. When buying furniture though take note that you are buying it to place in your current home. You cannot move it to another house later, you will need to go to the other house and buy it again.

Useful furniture/decorations
Some household items are just for show but some also have a purpose and will help you complete task in the game. As such these are important ones to have in you preferred home. Check the list below for what you can use them for.

Pet Water Bowl
Use this with your pet to complete the Thirsty task

Pet Food Bowl
Use this to complete the Hungry task

Sleep here to complete the Tired task.

Play the piano to complete the Bored task

Water Cooler
Use this to complete the Thirsty task

Pizza Dough/Toppings
You can use these items to make a pizza to eat and complete the Hungry task

Money Tree
You can collect bucks/money from this tree up to 100 per day

We hope this guide will help you get started playing Adopt Me. Please let us know if you have any more tips to share in the comment below.

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